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systems. place to live starts aug 14th on t.w. . this is the w. news live from berlin a blistering heat wave in europe and record high temperatures france recording all time highs for a 2nd straight day and germany belgium and the netherlands sweltering as well also coming up. the story of 2 saudi sisters living in hiding in turkey they say they
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were forced to flee after suffering constant beatings by family members their plight is again focusing attention on the kingdom's male guardianship system. and a rise in far right violence here in germany attacks on politicians and migrants have spike politicians admit they need to act decisively to stop the but. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us well millions of people here in europe have been sweltering in this summer's 2nd extreme heat wave an across the continent records are being broken a wall of hot sahara air trapped over north western europe is the cause of these record highs let's take a closer look now germany is at 42.6 degrees. yes celsius the temperatures
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continuing to rise the netherlands 40.4 belgium 40.6 and if you look at france 3rd 42.6 degrees now that represents a shattering of the old record by more than 2 degrees and a moment we'll be talking to a climate scientist who says this could be the new normal but 1st here's a look at some of the effects the hot weather is having. temperatures are rising and transport systems across europe a feeling the heat. are tracks there even hotter than the outside temperature when it's like 40 degrees outside the temperature on the rail will mounts to 10 maybe 15 degrees hotter so we have measured it at $55.00 degrees celsius so that makes it the hottest spot in belgium right now the record breaking temperatures can cause train tracks to expand putting them under strain or at risk of buckling. in
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the in the u.k. trains were delayed or cancelled all down to the heat. the flip side of the disruption the chance to enjoy yourself while trying to keep cool but concerns about what's causing the high temperatures is also on people's minds i'm enjoying it but yes i am worried about the i'm pot so you know climate change and very concerned and trying to do my best there truly is of course it's climate change there's no doubt about that story that goes about saying the ice caps are melting everybody knows that steps are still here. officials say we're seeing some of the hottest temperatures since records began. this is these are the highest recorded temperatures for belgium in history since the beginning of the measurements in 1833 yes. as the weather sets new records across europe climate scientists say such heat
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waves are likely to become the new normal in the coming years. and we expect more summers like this i'm joined by claire fison a research with climate and illiterates which worked with the u.n. on crafting part of the climate accords welcome to show thanks for being with us now now you're linking europe's to heat waves this summer to climate change can you talk a little bit about the data that backs that up. so as you've described we've seen a lot of terrifying he to extremes hit records broken this month but also lost last month in june it was the hottest year on record around the world and france in particular many many hit records were broken and i think many of our viewers will remember the heat wave last year also in europe which all of these can be tied to climate change scientists can clearly show that climate change is making these wess so on the one hand it's making them more frequent more likely to occur and on the other hand is making them more extreme more intense so for example when we look at
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june in france scientists have shown that this was about 4 degrees hotter than it would have been. last century without my main change effects ok no current government efforts to reduce the c o 2 emissions that are linked to climate change are focusing on a number of measures among them air travel and when you look at air travel we have an image now that demonstrates the sharp increase in that it shows all flights that took off on one day this week for the 1st time the number of flights tracked exceeded 225000 in a single day when when you look at these statistics claire these these kind of numbers what are you thinking and and if people around the world were to take fewer flights would that reduce the temperatures here in europe. so i travel is a very carbon intensive form of transport and as you said it's growing more and
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more people are taking flights that is obviously very concerning for the climate and will become a challenge in the future something that we will need to address how to either reduce flights with other forms of transport or find low carbon fuels for flying but we we have to say that this is only one part of the picture at the moment quite a small proportion of global emissions and in the near term what we really need to do is phase out fossil fuels from our power sector so phase out coal and if you supply by about 2030 but if we took fewer floors would that help that would certainly help ok now i'm here in germany green party leaders have just as you recall for immediate efforts to create more green spaces in urban areas could that lead to lower temperatures at least at the micro climate level so at the local level yes that will absolutely helping everyone's experience walking through a park and feeling that the temperature is colder than it would be when surrounded by concrete so i think this will be a really important adaptation measure for cities in the face of heat waves to allow
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people to deal with very high temperatures. clarifies and with climate analytics thanks so much for coming in this morning thank you. now to a plea for help from 2 saudi sisters living in hiding in turkey they say they were forced to flee their country after suffering abuse by family members and the lawlor part of a growing number of saudi women trying to escape the ultraconservative kingdom's repressive male guardianship system it allows men to control virtually every aspect of a woman's life from birth to death. sentence this from istanbul. all that do well and have seen a few stumbles so far like this and changing hotel rooms the 2 are hiding from their families we can't say where they are because they are afraid of being found. 22 persisted 21 her father took them to stumble for
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a holiday they decided to run away to escape years of violence and repression they say or even early memories and they always speak. if they ask something or want something and they say no i can't refuse. when you force me to where. when i was like 10 you saw so i can't say no of course if i say no they will beat me so hot they took the decision to escape us says when her father wanted to marry her off so it was their last chance. and my father told me i have friends of my. he have 2 wife and he want me to be the 3rd one. when i ask him about his age he told me that one of the 50 they don't care about.
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and when i told him it was no he told me you can't say no. at all if you refuse the marriage meaning you are not. toby catman is the only person who always knows which. are in istanbul the u.k. lawyer 1st became aware of the case on twitter he's now supporting the sisters in their efforts to get asylum what are you seeing with the girls karen is it's consistent. the bigger care they keep us to the abuse they suffered is also consistent with what we know about to start arabia so that you get the impression that this is not to young teenagers running away from home. during this one too early i mean this is something about being forced into. and is escape is not an isolated case again and again saudi women try to flee from their families when
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traveling abroad. just earlier this year that i have mohammad made headlines for days the 1000 year old saudi woman barricaded herself in a hotel room in bangkok the united nations finally recognized her status as a refugee and she was granted asylum in canada where she now lives. and hope for a similar outcome the sisters need asylum in a 3rd country as soon as possible says their lawyer we believe that not only the father but the this our authorities have a lot to lose by these girls and girls that will. inevitably follow them in their own quest for freedom. so for that reason we think that there is a very real risk of them being talked to here. and are not facing deportation
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to saudi arabia at the moment turkish authorities have granted them temporary protection they're managing to make ends meet with donations day receive but as long as there's no long term solution they feel. very much under threat. of course i always look at the window when they go. for a year out or some are talking to me like try to hide. we always change our place every couple of days we change it. i'm afraid. i'm a father searching for us i hate sleeping i only just me for 3 hours to 2 hours it's enough for me because i always have night like my father you know where i am if he catch me of course he will kill me.
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do we change the location again. where they will wait and hope they can reach safety before their family finds them. and their report from our turkey correspondent yulia hong d.w. as saudi authorities for response but has yet to receive one now for some of the other stories making the news at this hour the u.n. refugee agency says up to 150 margarines are missing from a boat that capsized in the mediterranean after leaving libya local fishermen and the coast guard rescued some 140 people libya is a major departure point for migrants attempting to reach europe. the u.s. government is to start executing death row inmates for the 1st time since 2003 the justice department said the execution in federal prisons would start in december for 5 men all accused of murdering children and recent years all executions in the
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u.s. have been carried out by states rather than by the federal government. thousands of women have marched in cities across chile to demand reforms through abortion laws they want abortion to be completely legalized and freely available for laws allow the procedure only in cases of rape when a fetus is not viable or when a woman's life is in danger. that a space x. rocket carrying scientific equipment has successfully launched from cape canaveral on route to the international space station the dragon aircraft will deliver supplies to the i.s.o.'s on saturday. well here in germany a recent series of violent attacks is focusing attention on far right extremism last month the fatal shooting of a migrant politician sent shock waves throughout the country and this week there have been 2 more incidents with suspected extreme right wing motives on monday in
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eritrean man was shot and seriously wounded in frankfurt or yesterday a leftist politician in eastern turkey was the target of a bomb attack the violence has left all logical leaders searching for answers these politicians from across germany were invited to berlin by president function to steinmeyer united by a particular cause they've all experienced severe hostility some have even received death threats. because i'm all new knew me but i received anonymous letters saying i should die a miserable death sooner rather than later because after all no one would miss me there was a nail in one of my cars tires and i was driving down the autobahn it was clear the nail had been put there intentionally my car was also smeared with excrement. politician vile to look at i had also received explicit death threats before a right wing extremist allegedly shot him dead at close range in front of his home look i had become a hate figure on the far right because he stood up for refugees hatred of refugees
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and of those who support them the rallying cry at so-called white power music concerts like this one in the town of. white power music is the gateway for many into the neo nazi scene the concerts also earn money to help pay the legal costs of neo nazis facing criminal charges. experts are convinced that right wing networks are formed here. the networks are dangerous because they attack injure and kill people as with walter lippmann they're also dangerous because they create a sense of being threatened in which people no longer feel safe doing their jobs or voicing their opinions. lawyer met dima gorilla represented victims in the trial of members of the right wing terror network the national socialist underground or n.s.u. for years b. out to cheaper and 2 accomplices played active roles in that and a few killing 10 people almost all of the migrants but to this day it's not clear
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how big the n.s.u. actually was although chip was convicted much of what went on in the shadows still hasn't come to light. the n.s.u. was not and is not just a trio it's part of a network most members of his network are at large and they're a threat to many people the militant right wing extremist network combat 18 the number 18 stands for the 1st and 8th letters of the alphabet and the initials of hitler combat 18 has carried out attacks in greece and the u.k. . germany's interior minister says more needs to be done to tackle the problem and he's looking into banning the group. we believe there are as many as 12700 violent right wing extremists these figures are especially alarming considering the great affinity for weapons that the rightwing extremist scene has.
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in. the far right north clients or northern cross network compiled a list of political opponents and even planned to kill them while most of those targeted are unaware those politicians invited by president or at least had an inkling. for a long time many didn't talk about the hostility they faced. and they often weren't taken seriously when they did. above all else we need an awareness throughout society the wii's are not just attacks on individuals but that the roots of democracy are under attack. and germany's head of state may be focused on the issue but his position is largely symbolic ultimately only the government can take action. and joining us now to take a closer look at the far right scene here in germany is our political correspondent kate brady kate good morning to you taking up from where that report ends what is
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has the german government been doing to combat far right violence. well they have been implemented in a number of measures at the top of that list is actually expanding the surveillance of far extremist groups both by the german domestic intelligence agency and by law inform in forstmann agencies and the head of germany's domestic intelligence agency has also said recently that he wants to give more resources and more people power especially to the department which is responsible for research and surveillance of specifically far right extremist groups and of course also in recent years germany has become well known even infamous to some of the efforts it's making to clamp down on online hate speech and of course that has joined but with problems of its own sometimes completely legitimate political commentary has been scooped up into
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those filters but that's one measure and also even just this week the german government was trying once again to have public funding cut from the n.p.t. that's the neo nazi party here in germany and for years now the government has been trying to get that party banned has failed to do so so far and of course that party is still a legitimate political party and is therefore entitled to receive public funding so that's something that the government is trying to work on at the moment to have those financial resources pulled from that neo nazi party. ok what about german civil society and everyday people how have they been responding to these developments and exactly there's any safe while you can go with legislation and so of course there are also several and geos and nonprofit organizations which have been tracking far right extremism and researching far right extremist groups for
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several years now and on occasion they do also work with the government and sometimes similar organizations hold for example counter-demonstrations counter rallies when they know the far right extremist group is going to be holding a demonstration and often these turn out to be the bigger of the 2 groups as well and even on some occasions we've seen locals and german society even applying a bit of humor to them methods just recently a local small town in eastern germany the locals there actually bought up all of the beer ahead of a far right extremist rock rally to make sure that these people didn't have any beer at their events of course we can see here that society is tackling this very serious issue both the serious response and also with some humorous tactics to thanks so much for looking into that for us this morning. this is the news live from berlin still to come on the show spider fighting in the philippines is both
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a betting sport and a popular asked time but now fans are worried that his hobby has become too popular . but 1st european union leaders have rejected a call by britain's new prime minister to reopen talks on britain's departure from the e.u. european commission president john younger told boris johnson in a phone call that no renegotiation was possible in his 1st address to parliament as prime minister johnson called on the e.u. to return to the table or risk leaving without a deal the minister said a forthright boris johnson making his 1st address to parliament as prime minister he repeated his promise to execute brigs it by october 31st under any circumstances . i would prefer to levy a you with a deal i would much prefer. i believe that it is possible even at this late stage
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and i will work out how to make it happen. but certain things need to be clear. the withdrawal agreement negotiated by my predecessor has been 3 times rejected by this house its terms are unacceptable to this parliament and to this country but we all know that european union he says should rethink its refusal to renegotiate remain to us we must turbo charge our preparation a stage you know if they do know we will of course have to leave the u.k. without an agreement under article 50. the u.k. is better prepared for that situation than many believe. the opposition says johnson is setting a dangerous course and has called for a new public vote i knew the country is deeply worried that the new prime minister overestimates himself those recklessly advocate. no jail won't be the ones
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who lose out if the prime minister has confidence in his plan once he's decided what it is he should go back to the people with that plan earlier johnson's cabinet met for the 1st time they've been labeled team leave dominated by hard line breaks it is johnson has set his government on course for a tussle with brussels. and as to the story from the philippines now spider fighting is a popular pastime there it was once mainly a child's game but the growth of betting around spider fighting has now made it popular with adults as well environmentalist's a warning that spider populations in the wild are now under threat as a result clare richardson sent us this. year ago. that i have. seen for some it's a cruel blood sport. for others spider fighting is
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a beloved childhood game and national pastime that's why. we call it. it's a local name spiders begun by. this man keeps hundreds of spiders as pets hand feeding them dice tramp and making sure they get enough exercise. he says spiders are an important part of filipino culture and he's worried they're on their last legs. he cannot you see this kind of creatures will be here 10 more years or older so you spider fighting is best known as a schoolyard game for children they cost roughly a euro each meaning almost anyone can afford to play more recently it's turned into a popular form of gambling. and illegal derbies can mean big money and it will give everybody a sheep exactly to meet the demand spiders are shipped to buyers all over the
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philippines a trade scientists have warned could threaten populations in the wild. it's a trend a spider collectors have seen for themselves but they blame new housing developments for destroying natural habitats and making it harder than ever to find the arachnids. some dave where we go into you know on spiders if our children are going to experience these kinds of you know adventurers right now with 3 me hard for us to find their spots and the place that because. they searched by night when spiders build their webs scientists fear taking spiders out of the wild could spell disaster since they protect crops by eating harmful pests but there's plenty researchers don't know about local populations and in the past hobbyists like these have provided crucial information about different species
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we're going see this one is making a web. my god. it's not just taking. further the hunters know they need something left to catch in the future that's why they've brought back spider exec's to release into the wild. a 3rd to clear most we are going to. the spider more aficionados like him want more research done into spiders and their habitats here as the 1st step toward saving them it's the only way their children will enjoy the same thrill of catching spiders with their friends. it's reminder of our top stories this hour european countries are reporting all time high temperatures for a 2nd straight day as a heat wave thanks to conduct that's kept emergency services busy in a number of areas transportation has been affected. don't forget you can always get
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t.v. news on the go download our app from google play or from the apple store that gives you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications you can also use that app to send us photos and videos. coming up after a short break d.w. business with news about google's parent company alphabet which has posted a big jump and profit says with your hard sell for i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks for being.
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the free hand. that's in the primate capital of the world. uganda is given a forest national park is hidden deep in the jungle. with its ranges ensure the survival of chimps and other creatures. a concept for success in the
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tourism. we'll know. in 60 minutes from v.w. . is going to help managers do no good today nothing would change you know the banks and you know why and so was the language of the bank money. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for minds. it's time to take us to the bank face. time europe just such a deal. and fun for the troops. to overcome downtrends and compare to what. it's time for. and he wus coming up ahead. mines. the world is getting more soon.
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moore's could just abuse a lot of problems. the global 3000 talks with a team of british researchers who take a more optimistic view. the world is not always a good point but it's much much better than it was. just the world really getting better. a global $3000.00 special report. starts august 19th on g.w. . it's a big day it's a big take that it comes to even big. numbers google pound alphabet crush say expectations and triples its profits in the 2nd quarter and amazon has delivered growth to. also show germany's wrecked horses germany records rather its hottest day after up and farmers are bracing for
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a poor harvest. i'm sure when in rome recycle as the romans do the city is testing a new ecology oh.


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