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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 25, 2019 3:30pm-3:45pm CEST

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this is d w news asia coming up deadly bombings across afghanistan attacks launched in 3 provinces leaves more than 50 dead including children what does this mean for ongoing peace talks plus i am just looking for my family. to look at how china is still trying to intimidate muslim minorities who fled the country. and attack of fear racking spider fighting is a filipino pastime popular on the gambling circuit but some fans are worried their
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supply of brawlers could die out. i'm melissa chan welcome to news asia thank you for joining us we start with a bloody 12 hours in afghanistan more than a 50 people have been killed from late wednesday into thursday across 3 provinces a roadside bomb in the eastern province of nagar a taliban attack in northern takar on a security facility and in the capital of kabul 3 bombings of which one the taliban claimed responsibility they said it was their suicide bomber who blew up a bus carrying government workers so does the violence impact ongoing peace talks we asked journalist. based in kabul you have to remember you. no
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a peace negotiation chicks will sides so get told one has never actually said themselves that he would stop the fighting while the peace negotiations are going on this is something that they've asserted ever since 2013 when their office and we opened and we also have to remember that the government is also continuing to you know stage night raids drone strikes air strikes which have also let civilian casualties force the difference is the government is not part of these talks so it can't necessarily be held accountable to the same sorts of expectations that all along. we take a closer look next at what's happening to weekers and other ethnic minorities in china's far west the government has targeted them particularly the leaders just this week and china's latest white paper on national defense beijing said this region known as she is the hub of a separatist movement. is home to roughly 11000000 weekers that's about half of the population there china has never managed to integrate this population we complain
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of discrimination while chinese officials suspect weaker is of harboring separatist sentiments and in recent years china has started interning them the u.n. estimates that the government is holding some 1000000 weekers and other ethnic minorities beijing says they are actually vocational centers to educate people influenced by religious extremism it denies accusations of torture taking place there but the migration frankly the scape of ethnic minorities from shing gem suggests otherwise many have ended up in neighboring kazakhstan and say they continue to live in fear beyond the chinese border. as a mother of 3 i've altered is doing her best to take care of her family in kazakstan. but this family is incomplete her mother is detained in one of the so-called book asia no education centers in the chinese region. of those any back
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has resettled abroad she doesn't feel free all safe at all. and under my father and other relatives told me not to ask any questions about my mother to not try to find her but to think about our situation and the difficulties we are in or it will turn out badly for us in the future. many of those who are to skate to countries like ours extern have similar stories to share. back east wife is also in detention quality gets to speak to her sometimes but he says any help he's offering seems to cause her more trouble. my wife has been interrogated several times they asked the where the money i sent came from said was it from a terrorist and said you'll be reeducated they put such pressure on her now even if i want to send the money she won't accept it. the alleged internment camps in china
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target mostly ethnic week but ethnic hazards and other muslim minorities are also affected and even for those who have managed to escape she junk life hasn't improved much activists say refugees are being routinely harassed to the point of desperation. for chinese authorities have told the ethnic jang not to speak about it they told them if they gave an interview to journalists they'd find them in kazakhstan or put their relatives in camps in china. some say the alleged intimidation breaches as far away as new zealand show are doing up to poor it's an ethnic we go who lives in oakland 10 years have passed since the former cameraman fled china and he's worried about his brother's whereabouts i asked my mom as so many times is he she cried so many times but she didn't say anything and
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now he has also lost contact with his mother i am just looking for my family my mom i told you she is a 78 years she will see she has blood pressure or something like that. or she has a life or death. in new zealand and other countries members of ethnic communities say they can see an end to this suffering. for more on the climate of fear for those living outside china we spoke to in euro terkel a week or american activist based out of washington d.c. i asked him what he's been hearing about new arrivals about what's been happening back home. the this stories that we're hearing is still very disturbing to say the
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least that the chinese government has created this open air prison like environment for those leaders who are not in the camps their every movement that they make in the society been monitored the chinese police have been. monitoring families. and forcing them to go through a daily reeducation and. various a government offices and government entities this is a site has been turned into a police state controlled heavily controlled open in prison it's very oppressive the government still continuing because it has not been a. either domestic or external force force the government to stop their behaviors it seems like a lot of overseas weekers and also like in the video report ethnic cossacks really have their hands tied behind their backs and they feel like they can't say anything
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for fear of the impact it would have on friends and families back in china what are people in the diaspora doing to try to raise awareness of the camps in china. the risks of speaking out we're telling sharon stories are very very big as it's shown and various cases recently too at least to us trillian the dems. told the audience through a t.v. interview that they have been very his didn't share stories even in one instance one australian that week or who were detained in one of those camps did not feel comfortable safe to go out and shared stories this has been the case with many week has around the world any weaker that you talk to can tell you that there are threats down the members or friends or someone they know have been taken in the
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camps but they're not in the position to. come up and tell the stories even in the united states there are several weeks in academia and business have been directly appeal in the united states government without speaking to media representatives because of the potential retaliation against them from the chinese government and also so in some instances they weaker we are family members brought up to talk to the family members overseas and using the family members to pressure their forum base their children or relatives to stay quiet that was we get american activist check out speaking to us from washington to the philippines now and the popular betting sport of spider fighting enthusiasts worry this filipino culture is in decline some point the finger at
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a runaway spider train field by internet sales others say humans are encroaching on spider habitats in the wild. they're going mad and i don't have. that's the winner. for some it's a cruel blood sport for others spider fighting is a beloved childhood game and national pastime that's why. we call it. it was a local name spiders begun by. this man keeps hundreds of spiders as pets and feeding them dice trimpe and making sure they get enough exercise he says riders are an important part of filipino culture and he's worried they're on their last legs. we can do you see this kind of creatures will be here to more years also show you the spider fighting is best known as a schoolyard game for children they cost roughly
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a euro each meaning almost anyone can afford to play more recently it's turned into a popular form of gambling. and illegal derbies can mean big money. ever. ship exactly to meet the demand spiders are shipped to buyers all over the philippines a trade scientists have warned could threaten populations in the wild. it's a trend spider collectors have seen for themselves. but they blame new housing developments for destroying natural habitats and making it harder than ever to find the arachnids. some day where we go into you know on spiders if our children were going to experience these kinds of you know adventures right now would be 3 me hard for us to find the spots and the place that because. they searched by night when spiders build their webs scientists fear taking spiders
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out of the wild could spell disaster since they protect crops by eating harmful pests but there's plenty researchers don't know about local populations and in the past hobbyists like these have provided crucial information about different species we're going see this one is making a way of. my god it's not just taking the the hunters know they need something left to catch in the future that's why they've brought back spider execs to release into the wilds. of $33.00 los we are going to. find them more aficionados like him want more research done into spiders and their habitats here as the 1st step toward saving them it's the only way their children will enjoy the same thrill of catching spiders with
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their friends. that's it for now we leave you with pictures from south korea host of the world swimming championships if i. see her 1st day of school in the jungle. first clueless of the female doris crane the moment arrives to. join the ring a tank on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary the story on the ring in tame returns home on d w dot com among its things. sex
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makers. raring to free. if there is any erotic benefits remember you have to find it between the lines. to literature a 100 german plus traits. of the flock . desperate times require desperate measures tumbling profits and the ongoing scandal surrounding the former chairman carlos gold have prompted miss on to announce massive cuts to jobs and production capacity. also coming up all eyes are an anchor on the new turkish central bank chief today to cut interest rates for the 1st time since 2016 by a whopping 4.25 percentage points. and china and malaysia resume
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work on a multi-billion dollar stretch of the belgian road project at a reduced price. but time to do business i want to get jones and well and good to have you with us was starting with news from japanese carmaker. the company says it will slash well over 12000 jobs and cut production capacity by 10 percent in the next 3 years the news comes as news on announces a 95 percent drop in 1st quarter profits. if you work for a new sun you've about one in 10 chance of getting this the scale of the cuts of reflection of just how much trouble this car maker is the end. of the world. because it was in terms of human resources.


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