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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 24, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm CEST

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this is g.w. musa live from berlin and boris johnson takes over as britain's new prime minister and in his maiden speech at 10 downing street he insists that he will take the u.k. out of the e.u. with less than 100 days deal or no deal we'll ask our correspondent in london if you can deliver on those promises also coming up
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a dramatic day unfolding on capitol hill robert marler delivers his long awaited testimony on russian interference of the 2016 election and potential ties to the trump campaign the former special counsel says that once more he did not clear president trump of obstructing justice during the program. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program boris johnson has become the new prime minister of the united kingdom after meeting with queen with the queen at buckingham palace shortly afterward johnson gave his 1st speech to the nation outside of 10 downing street he said that he wanted to change the u.k. for the better and said that he quote britain realizes that the buck stops with him now johnson will soon start naming the members of his new cabinet with women and
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minorities expected to feature heavily the topic of gregg's it dominated his speech he promised that the u.k. would leave the european union on october 31st. and so i'm standing before you today to tell you the british people those critics are wrong the doubters the dues does the glooms does they are going to get it rome again the people who bet against britain again to lose their shirts because when the restore trust in our democracy . and we're going to fulfill the repeated promises of parliament to the people and come out of the e.u. a long table the 31st no ifs or buts let's get more now i'm joined here in the studio by derek scally from the irish times and we also have barbara faisal standing by for us at 10 downing street and barbara i'd like to begin with you what a speech this was. it was a speech
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a typical boris johnson speech big qur'an blowing sort of all around the garden back left and right and up and down he's going to fix all the ills that the united kingdom has been suffering from for decades things that every prime minister has promised of course and nobody really all some could halfway deliver but boris johnson now is going to do it this is a man who is so full of self belief that you see even see him almost bursting often so if that is going to sort of take the country forward he is on to a winner however looking to substance what he did promise of course means that he needs a magic money tree in the back here after 10 downing street in the garden because all this is going to cost huge amounts of money and of putting pulling out pulling pushing up the n.h.s. fixing social care more giving more money for education. creating
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a better infrastructure although we're talking about billions on top of the audience and so it's easy to promise this it will be much more difficult to deliver coming to practice it and he said of course yes practical happen will happen in 99 days and yes we can do it of course something concrete in his speech was his promise to the 3200000 european citizens living in the united kingdom that they are welcome here that they could stay that the promise is that treason may have the assurances that he had given them that he sort of reiterate them he will stick to that than of course he said yes i will go to brussels and i will negotiate a new deal and he sort of talked about what he try or what he will be trying to do let's have a listen to that. we will do a new deal a better deal google maps of the opportunities of brics one allowing us to develop a new. exciting partnership with the rest of europe based on free trade and mutual
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support i have every confidence that in 99 days time we will have cracked it but you know what we don't get to wait 99 days because the british people have had enough of waiting trying to come to act to take decisions to give strong leadership and to change this country for the better he says it's going to change the country for the better derek how do you think that his brags that message is likely to be received well i think all over the british newspaper industry people wetting themselves i mean it was one punchline after another one soundbite after another you know the the the divers to do mr is to be. britain generous and tempering gauge with the world i mean i really don't mean to be cynical i honestly believe he means that it's just will they suppress anyone else apart from his own voter base our basically half of the country because it's the other half of the country that doesn't want any of this to convince he's the wrong man this is
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the wrong path for the u.k. so he didn't really reach out to those people to those people who didn't vote for me to those people who think frankly it is a disaster i'm also your prime minister i will know there's nothing to us and he's going to do everything in 1009 days and everyone else will lose their shirts so he's bet everything on red and you know other people are afraid it's going to be black it is certainly a different type of leadership style than we have seen before barbara what are we to make of it. yes this is a different kind of leadership and it is in a way i'm usually it seems you know we because really listening to him to some parts of his speech again it struck me that he sounds boris johnson he sounds like one of those u.s. southern preachers you know preaching to their communities in small chapels talking about the reawakening of christ and all that there is a weird 2 into it which seems so far the absent from british politics so that is new so that he really strives and he gets carried away by his or his own little
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illusions by his own hunch lines and one nerd here among the many journalists in front of downing street figured out that this thing at the sentence he said about who gets against britain is going to lose his shirt that comes from bill clinton so he stole that line so he loves to sort of get drunk on his own rhetoric and to how that is going to go down with the british public once it comes down to nails once he really has to show you something that is another question. what do you think that ireland would have made of the speech there. everyone loves cars when he saw his best and he was on his best in front of 10 downing street i think in our than despite his reputation and he said some unpleasant things about the irish about our prime minister in the past we still have to work them so you know there isn't time or interest or
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a capacity for shopping for us the backstop the withdrawal agreement i mean this is really one of the very very very key and most contentious issues when it comes to exiting the exactly on the close of the time gets the more fearful that the irish get their products won't get to the european market that the northern ireland peace process with collapse that somehow it's all to me sold off as a bargaining chip on their afraid that you know as it gets closer to the end of october the leaders will blink and they're afraid of our strengths and when it's bombast. actually convince them to convince the irish to change their minds of the fear of betrayal there that's a deep seated fear and you know boris johnson doesn't have many friends in brussels but you know he seems to believe he's told he's talking the talk whether he can walk it is another matter and he has a lot of work to do and when it comes to convincing people that he can really deliver that is certainly for sure and barbara we might get some indications as to whether or not he can do that as he begins to announce his cabinet positions later today any initial indications that we have so far. we have
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a few indications and one staunching fact emerged just a little while ago that penny margined who has just this year become a defense minister under trees of may and she was really seen as a good placement is somebody he understands she has a military background so she understands what she's doing as she was a lawyer she is through i would. support a jeremy hunt during the leadership competition so that she sort of stepped down and she's going to go back to the backbench is now parsons and said he is also having to going to have a lot of women in cabinet so far we haven't really seen one because they seem to be very hard to find then not that many female breaks the 2 years who could fill the post of the minister dominic rop the former secretary is now slated to be the next home minister so yes he seems to be pulling out people who really come from that side of the party and that is another point if he doesn't really sort of come out
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with a balanced with a balanced cabinet where both sides of the party the more liberal and the more pro european wing are represented he is going to have a struggle in front of him in parliament because many prominent names many people have served in the trees may know when the back benches and they're just waiting to make his life difficult derek what do you think of what we might see yeah i think we have nothing has really changed except the guardian part number 10 and everything is change the parliament the same the numbers the same he still is minority government i don't really see what i calling stop election where he can liberate himself to do all these wonderful things he's planning to do but are is the rest of your bringing in a way to run for another british general election with untold perhaps more nigel farage more brings the tears you know he's he's he's basically saying optimism is what we've been lacking optimism will see us through you know he seems to replace the national anthem god save the queen with you know always look on the bright side of life but i would point out the last line of that size remember the last laugh maybe on. you saw we got 99 days to see for
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a strong snoozes shirt or rest period and they did said that the buck stops with him so we will see if you will indeed deliver he doesn't have much time to do so we know october 31st that deadline for brags that thank you so much derek scully joining us from the irish times and our correspondent barbara bays all standing outside of 10 downing street on this historic day for the u.k. . well meantime it is a dramatic day on capitol hill a former u.s. special counsel robert mueller has been making his long awaited appearance before the house judiciary committee where he's being given his testimony on russian interference in the 26th you know election in a very frank to chess session much of the questioning was centered around the issue of whether melissa report did in fact clear u.s. president donald trump of allegations of colluding with russia to tamper with the election another key question was whether the probe found that donald trump had
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tried to obstruct justice by lobbying for mother to be fired after miller's report was published in march this year trump claimed publicly that it had found there was quote no collusion no obstruction so let's hear muller's response to questions about those 2 central issues is it true the evidence gathered during your best to goshen did not establish that the president was involved in the underlying crime related to russian election interference as stated in volume one page 7 we found insufficient evidence of. the president's call and culpability. so that would be a yes without a part b. yes yes thank you. and here is the house judiciary chairman pressing muller on whether trump obstructed the probe. which did not include he did not commit obstruction of justice. that is correct and what about total exoneration if you
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actually totally exonerate the president well now in fact your reports expressly states that it does not exonerate the person it does. so let's bring in washington correspondent oliver salat who has been following the testimony for us all over did u.s. president obstruct the d.j. sherry are not. well you just heard chairman jerry speak there and. you heard robert muller respond and he said donald trump was not exonerated that is one thing but he also said that he did not come to a verdict because of a guideline of the department of justice essentially not allowing him to indict a sitting president he also said then later that he could be sued after his presidency now we don't know what the outcome would be of such a trial but the democrats in the committees and across and outside of course they are convinced that there are enough enough examples in the model report that there
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is enough evidence for obstruction off just this one very prominent case and robert muller received lots of questions on that case is the one white house counsel dawn make. donald trump allegedly told him to fire a modeler and then later told him to not talk about that so those are all examples that are discussed here today. in front of running come or cameras in a live television firm that this happened that this was the case and that is exactly what the democrats are after here they are trying to get robert muller in front of the camera and essentially say well it's already written in the mother report but deliver that to a broader audience yeah and you know it was actually quite an effort to get him to testify he is a man known a few words no secret that he didn't want to testify pointing to the fact that it is as you mentioned already in that report so what made him agree to do it now.
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and that's exactly right because he did not want to be politicized and he did it wanted to leave the interpretation of his findings to congress that that was very difficult of course because the president has a certain dominance when it comes to the media coverage he's all over the news his soundbites are played up and down you can see him on twitter every day repeating the president's position which is his complete exoneration of course. then the house democrats decided to subpoena him robert mahler gave in. answering the question questions but also because of other order he received from the department of justice is very strictly sticking to what's inside the mall or records. all over we know that he speaks to the u.s. house judiciary committee 1st later answering intelligence committee questions the opposition democrats hope to gain some fresh insights here do we expect him to say
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anything new or because of that rule that he may not say anything else than what's inside the malo report. 3 we don't expect him to say anything new but that's not a problem most democrats are happy with that one democrat just said one lawmaker said we want him to say what's inside the mall or porter let me just pull this up those are $448.00 pages now this is a very heavy to digest piece of paperwork and it's going to be very difficult for your average american voter to read that of course you can't expect a majority of the americans read that and what they're trying to get here is nothing new out of mahler but they simply want him to explain to answer on certain questions on certain examples in particular on obstruction of justice and deliver that to the american voters out there oliver salad in washington thank you.
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of get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world police in thailand say that 4 people have been killed in an attack on a military outpost in the south of the country unknown assailants on motorcycles through explosives before opening fire attacks are frequent in the region where a muslim separatist insurgency has been raging for 15 years. russian opposition leader alexina volleyed says that he has been arrested in a video on his instagram account the empty corruption campaigner said that he was detained as he left his home in moscow to go for a job you know volleys arrest comes after he called for another mass protest unless authorities lifted their ban on opposition candidates running in moscow's parliament elections. digital technology giants such as google facebook and amazon are expected to be the main targets of a broad anti-trust investigation by the u.s. justice department while no specific companies were mentioned the probe is said to
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be examining whether major online platforms have been abusing their market dominance and hindering competition. prosecutors in germany say that the shooting of an eritrean man may or frankfurt was motivated by racism the man in his twenty's was shot on a drive late on monday the suspect a 55 year old german man later shot himself dead residents of the town have held a vigil to raise awareness about the racist violence. a show of solidarity against racism and xenophobia hundreds gathered in the central german town of vest as. i was horrified because i thought something like that couldn't happen here investors . this is destroying our democracy. it could happen to my daughter who has a different skin color on monday a 26 year old eritrean man was shot here he was a young father described as shy on his way home from an integration course. which
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is what we've done great refuge in integration work with many different cultures here for decades things are her money as there was no indication of an attack. even so the crime was likely motivated by sena phobia indicators for this or the choice of this person targeted as a victim at random but specifically because of his skin color the victim was brought to a hospital and his condition is now stable following emergency surgery employees of a nearby business witnessed the attack. of how the young man in eritrea somehow fled an apparent from the shots. the car then stopped in front of the eritrean and then it turned and fired more shots more shoots up the game the suspect was found dead in his car hours after the attack he is believed to have committed suicide police found several weapons in the suspect's home all of them legal neighbors
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saying he was a member of a gun club that he had lived alone and was very withdrawn so far and there are no indications of him having been in contact with the far right seen. a letter left behind by the suspect statements from people who sold him weapons and tips from other witnesses investigators must now sort through the clues to find out why this crime happened. germany's new defense minister and a great crowd karrenbauer has taken her oath of office in parliament her appointment as defense minister came as a surprise after her predecessor was appointed president of the european commission now a k k as she is widely known is seen as a likely successor to chancellor i go. with her oath and it can come and our became the head of around 180000 german soldiers as germany's new defense minister she swore to lead her ministry for the good of the german people mind the finish i will diligently fulfil my duties and practice fairness towards
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everyone so help me god who can talk on bar has demanded respect for soldiers and promised more money in the long term objective 2 percent of germany's g.d.p. for defense. and then see you there when i am striving for the german government's goal of 2 percent a goal that all of our allies have once again agreed so i am holding fast to it. cut carbon bow is a close confidant of america she has long been treated as merkel's likely successor as a candidate for the chancellor she already has an important position as head of merkel's conservative party until now she had maintained that she did not want a minister ariel post germany's office ition have now accused her of using this new position as a stepping stone on her way to power. the defense ministry will be a springboard to chancellorship. so mrs crump. you want to use the defense ministry
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. do you say you wanted to dedicate yourself completely to the city do you. see do you party chief and defense minister to stressful jobs soon she may also become her party's candidate for chancellor and i can't count on power has taken on a tremendous amount of responsibility and we asked our chief political editor. how an aggressive bars new position fits with her ambition to succeed merkel as germany's next chancellor always seen a lot of ladies protesting too much and a man that she doesn't want to have an influence over who succeeds so that was up to the party to the decide now i'm going to. heir apparent and successor as party leader is closer to the chancery that you see behind me by having joined the cabinet and i've come come by herself of course in recent months protesting that that was not the plan so now we've seen her ever play somebody whose political star
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was clearly sinking here in germany always there for the line became you commission chief and. stepping into her shoes quoting was a laugh underlined today saying we need more europe and vowing once again that germany would stick to its spending plan of getting closer to that 2 percent spending go 1.5 percent by 2024 that of course is in doubt because of the governing coalition here the coalition partner doesn't really want to see that. and that was mahela their sports now in the tour de france cyclist mateljan teen was the fastest from point a guard to gap as he claimed victory in stage 17 the italian rode to the front after an early breakaway of the stage and powered through to finish strongly on the final descent as for the overall leader yulian of the for the didn't finish in the top 5 however the frenchman retains the yellow jersey with 4 stages
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remaining. well one year from today tokyo will welcome the world to the summer olympics organizers are heading into the final phase of preparations with ticket sales already said to be unprecedented but there's been problems from accusations of corruption in the bidding process to concerns about safety at construction sites . as interest builds in tokyo 2020 be a now is to keep preparations on schedule and organize the seemed to be hitting targets one year to go all the excitement is growing here you've seen the unprecedented level of interest in ticket sales with $3200000.00 souls having tickets sold in the 1st phase the venue's also appear to be coming along only 3 remaining complete including the olympic stadium which is just missing its track and field. and or only about 90
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percent of the construction work has been completed and as you can see almost all the building work is done. we're now just working on the facilities inside the stadium. to all this but preparations for these olympics haven't always been smooth sailing a report released in may found that the construction workers for the venue's were working long hours and in dangerous conditions suspicions of corruption have also hung over the tokyo 2020 bit earlier this year the head of japan's a limpid committee stepped down amid allegations of vote buying. and costs are another headache the original budget for the olympics will sit around $7000000000.00 euros that is now expected to skyrocket to more than 4 times that amount and taxpayers will have to foot most of the bill.
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the whole budget now is about $30000000000.00 and huge amounts of public funds flow into huge corporations while the poor are a victim excluded and marginalized with the heat is also a major concern countermeasures however will be put in place organizers are encouraging the use of umbrellas but also offer air conditioning lounges access to water and jet sprays. but all these concerns have not dump and excitement ahead all choky oh 2020. years from now just like your previous olympics concerns will fade once national fever grips the country. and quick reminder of the top stories we're following for you here on news boris johnson has been confirmed as the u.k.'s next prime minister at buckingham palace johnson becomes the 14th prime minister to serve under the current queen he arrived at the palace after his convoy was briefly delayed by climate change
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protesters earlier to receive maybe formally tendered her resignation johnson will give his 1st speech to the nation as prime minister outside 10 downing street he did that just a short while ago and in the united states former special counsel robert muller has been testifying to congress over his probe into the russian interference in the 26 he lection he said that there was insufficient evidence the trump campaign conspired with moscow but he did not exonerate trump of obstructing the investigation i'm sorry kelly and you're watching d w c s n.
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equal india. how can a country's economy grow in harmony with its people and violent. when there are do
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we're supposed to look at the bigger picture. india a country that faces many challenges the facts and people are striving to create a sustainable future. clever projects from europe and. eco india on g.w. . robots are still in the development phase so for what's going to happen when they grow up. we'll schumann's emissions in spring able to peacefully coexist going forward are we on the verge of a remarkable life so for if we just bumble into this totally unprepared with our heads in the sand she seemed to think about what could go wrong then let's face it it's probably going to be the biggest mistake in human history. artificial intelligence is now spreading through our society. looks is this the
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beginning of a good in digital age. will we be subjected to continuous state surveillance. for ai the experts be able to agree on technical guidelines or will this technology create deadly new autonomous weapons systems. in the republic of georgia 14 on d.w. . this is t w news asia coming up on the program china lays out its top defense priorities beijing warns it won't rule out using its military against taiwan or to put down separatists what does this and other policy positions mean for countries in the region plus. gearing up for the games tokyo will kick off the 2020 summer olympics
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exactly one year from today to take a closer look at preparations as the city council cost. and.


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