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i have sarah kelly welcome to news you're watching special coverage of a dramatic day on capitol hill former special counsel robert muller is delivering his long awaited testimony on russian interference in the 28 election he tells us lawmakers that there was inadequate evidence to prove trump officials conspired with moscow but he did not clear the u.s.
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president of obstructing justice during that probe and also coming up on our program to reset may is tendering her resignation as prime minister to the queen as we speak after delivering her final remarks outside of 10 downing street she is asking queen elizabeth to request her successor boris johnson to form a new government you're looking at robert muller there so a clear response from robert weller when republican lawmakers pressed him on the probes core issues of collusion let's bring in our team coverage of this news developing at this hour we have joining us from washington our correspondent oliver salat and we also have here in the studio william grew cuckoo croft who is going to be part of our team coverage but 1st let's hear from robert miller. is it true the evidence gathered during your best to goshen did not establish that the president was involved in the underlying crime related to russian election
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interference as stated in volume one page 7 we fell into fish and didn't. the president called culpability. so that would be a yes without. b. yes yes thank you. and as we mentioned oliver salat is joining us from washington william growth lou croft is here in the studio we have team coverage of this testimony before congress and all of our i'd like to begin with you because we know that robert mueller he is known as as a man of many words as we are seeing playing out actually today he did not want to testify several times he reiterated that his report really says it all what do we make of what he said so far. right he did not want to testify because simply he would not he did not want to be politicized here and in time and time again stressed that he does not want to appear in front of any congressional committee then he will eventually gave in when he will subpoena. by
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the judiciary committee and the intelligence committee were hearing the hearing of the judiciary committee this morning and it's interesting if you take a look full of the democrats this is a make or break moment really with regards to any potential impeachment proceedings for example and sold the initial statement of the chairman of this committee which is jerry in the adler. really like and the 1st set of questions really focused on a very simple quote from donald trump he. repeatedly tweeted that he is completely exonerated and he was then asked robert muller was asked is that correct this tweet is donald trump the u.s. president exonerated and he said simply no he isn't those were not the findings of our report and that is exactly what the democrats are after here they are trying to get robert mahler called firm certain points off this report and get this out to
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a broader public on television and we might just like to ask you a question because you know we're hearing a lot of really big details in this testimony right now but you know for those who haven't been following. this investigation very closely to put it put this into the broader context what are we seeing playing out today in washington well for the democrats' perspective to control this committee and control this hearing they want to remind or really remind americans what this is all about what actually happened a lot of people have not as you've noted read the report of a glance at analyses or just summaries even members of congress haven't even read it so for a lot of people it's their 1st time hearing this also the report is of course investigation it's highly technical. highly complicated so democrats hope to state the facts that are in the report as muller said he's not going to go beyond the facts of the report but they want to say it in a very plain english kind of way that will stick in americans minds that will maybe make some some good sound bites some pithy sound bites that can be replayed in the
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media in the next couple of days that's what democrats are hoping republicans want to shut this down they want to show this investigative investigation lasted 2 years lots of evidence robert muller a very thorough very experienced investigator this is over and done with trump and his supporters say this is a witch hunt it is time for to to end this so that's kind of the back and forth that's going on here and we're hearing it play out it's been going on for more than an hour now on capitol hill i would actually like to listen in now live to that testimony of robert miller have a listen in washington. so i'm actually being told by my producer that we're just getting that feet up right now but you know when can we expect anything new or surprising because the democrats really really wanted this testimony today so far have they been getting what they wanted i mean i think so far the exactly what even democrats have been saying is going to happen has happened which is nothing really new maybe
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a review of the details the details repeated in fact listen to mothers opening statement was pretty much a repeat of his press conference in may almost word for word saying this is the testimony that my testimony is the report the report laid out. that the president is not exonerated of a structure obstruction of justice but also no conclusive evidence that he actually broke a law actually obstructed justice so that's what we're seeing now is just a question of is this really enough to change anybody's opinions most people either are or are leaning towards the democrats leaning towards republicans or don't have an opinion at all so the question really now is is this testimony are these 56 hours of hearings into different committees really going to change anybody's volumes at all ok all over just walk us through what exactly we're seeing playing out because i mean there are 2 hearings indeed as we've heard the house judiciary the house intelligence committees how can we see this play out perhaps differently . right so we're looking at 3 hours of hearings here at the
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judiciary committee followed by another 2 hours in the intelligence committees in the intelligence committee and they were all focus certainly on different topics the committee is particularly looking in the question of struction of just as whether the president of struck to justice or not and there was one particular case that i've heard quite often right now in the questions really trying to focus on that case and that is the former white house counsel dawn meghann and the allegation that all trumped order to him to fire robert and then later ordered him to not speak about it that is laid all very well in that report but again we're talking about a $448.00 pages reported that is public except of course the part that needs to be in the eyes of the democrats explains to the american public to the american voters and that is exactly what they're trying to do here as william just said they're trying to get this on live t.v. and have him firm what's in the report now and that is working all the more or less
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pretty well right now of course robert muller headset and gotten a an order also by the department of justice to not talk about anything else rather than what's already in the report and ultimately i mean what what democrats really want to figure out here is is this impeachable conduct by the u.s. president if we go back to robert miller's words and he reiterated them today he's repeated it before he essentially said that the report did not conclude that the president did not commit obstruction of justice i mean you have to really take a. negative and look at them very carefully rightly and just walk us through what he's trying to articulate there. is a very thorough very down the line investigator a prosecutor this is why he's not very he's all reports show he's not very happy that he's there today because he doesn't want him to be in this political field for his comfort and usually when there's a lot of new p.c. . how much he wants to get out of this hearing but as much as he wants to comply
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with the law and uphold these democratic institutions as his years and years of experience the f.b.i. director have shown so the text is intentionally complicated because it wants to be precise but as far as impeachment goes this is very much a congressional question it's not it's much less of a legal question the the constitution lays out high crimes and misdemeanors what exactly does that mean that could mean any number of things it doesn't have to be a specific law it just has to be enough people in congress both republicans and democrats can define whatever wrongdoing has been done meets the criteria of high crimes and misdemeanors there's a lot of leeway a lot of gray area for congress to exist in to try to file for articles of impeachment right now there's just not the the taste for that in congress and is not the public support for death either ok i'm just going to interrupt you for just a moment i've just heard that johnson is speaking there in london as we know a transfer of power under way today theresa may giving up her office boris johnson
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the next prime minister of the united. to reason may as we know has formally tendered her resignation to the queen ahead of course excess or boris johnson taking over in the final speech outside of 10 downing street may said that the priority should be delivering bread said in a way that works for the whole united kingdom she also wished johnson and his government well may announcing that she would step aside 2 months ago it made fellow conservatives unhappiness with her handling of rags. and joining us now. on the line we have our correspondent who is standing by with
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the latest for us in london and charlotte i'm told that we're actually looking at the car of boris johnson right now we know that he is poised to go in for his own meeting with the queen what's ahead. just arrived at buckingham palace we saw him arriving here surulere them all through the big street leading up to buckingham palace he was. some climate activists tried to stop him they formed a long line and the police had to drag them away to make room for boris johnson's car to actually make it to buckingham palace because he shouldn't be late with that for that meeting for his 1st big official meeting where the queen will traditionally. him as prime minister what we what we what is happening right now here is that boris johnson is meeting the queen behind closed doors of course she is the constitutional head of government head of state here in the united kingdom
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and she will ask him what his policy plans are for the next 2 years to resume a who has met the queen before him who she has tendered terrorise the nation to has also recommended successor boris johnson to take over as the new prime minister and this is now happening so the queen has invited boris johnson to kiss hands this is royal jargon pretty old school but what that means is that she will officially appoint him as prime minister and boris johnson will then after that meeting head over to number 10 downing street what is exactly said in that meeting we will never know we will never learn about it no details will be published but we can expect boris johnson to lay out a few of his policy plans and we can expect this meeting to be quite controversial the queen is politically neutral but she is allowed to offer warnings and advice and. johnson has said in his campaign for the conservative leadership and thereby
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for the premiership that he would consider for a row getting parliament when if you wanted to see a no deal breaks and go through that's political jargon of course but what that means is he would find a way around palm and suspend parliament to get the u.k. out of the european union on october 31st with no deal if it came to that and that is something that the queen of course regards as very controversial so i'd love to be a fly on the wall at that meeting ok so when we have we have some indications at least of what his his his brags a plan might be in terms of policy of course we're waiting to hear those details what more do we know about what he might bring to the table when he meets with the queen today. well 1st and foremost it is going to be about that is what he made his companion about and she said do or die we leave the european union by october 31st that's why he got elected by the membership of the
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conservative party and they are expecting him to follow through no what is planned as you said it we don't know he hasn't said he hasn't had an exact plan yet and he will just have to go to brussels at some point ask them to renegotiate that withdrawal agreement this controversial withdrawal agreement that failed 3 times under which a reason may in parliament and which is the reason that the u.k. is still in the european union boris johnson says he can renegotiate it but if you can't in the end he also said that he would leave without a deal and as economists have said that that could have catastrophic consequences for the european union and especially for the united kingdom so it is going to be a very interesting meeting there with the queen in the end of course he will be appointed prime minister and. to downing street create and i want to tell you this
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is already the 14th prime minister that the queen is seeing during her reign during . decades as queen she took over from her father in 52 when winston churchill was prime minister for a 2nd time the war prime minister she has seen them all. amongst them and now boris johnson her 14th prime minister winston churchill who we know is one of boris johnson's idols as well the queen certainly known for her longevity charlotte and i'm going to stick around for us thank you so much. and we also have now barbara van zyl who is standing by for us in downing street and barbara we heard theresa may speak a short while ago there in downing street this is also quite a big day for her isn't it. it's a big day for her because it was her goodbye to the nation and she sort of emotionally held it together much better than when she announced her is stepping
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down early in the spring because she had plenty of time now to sort of get used to the fact that she tried her best simply was not enough she could get over the line and that was the main thing that she had wanted to do that was what she really had set out at the beginning beginning of her premiership and we all remember her saying that means it in all those other maybe the 2 words that have become his specialty and people like to laugh about tippett but she wouldn't want us in good grace and handed which is a definitely poisoned chalice over to boris johnson because in brussels it means now back to start one and everybody once again once more was feeling and i mean you know now boris johnson he's inheriting those challenges in fact from theresa may but i mean he seems really supreme we confident that he will get a different result from brussels. is this optimism shared by others.
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his optimism is of course shared by the hard line breaks to cheers they are completely war and was hope i mean they they are they walk like 3 steps above the ground you know like walking on air because they think now they've got their man in office and he is going to do it he's going to solemnize britain out of the european union however they all know in the depths of their hearts and boris johnson of course knows this that the problem mentary. is the same that reason may have to contend with nothing has changed if the conservatives have a majority of 2 to call it slim might be already in exasperation it is absolutely unsecured because there are loads of tory rebels in the back benches now we just saw philip hammond the chancellor of the a check a step down little while ago he is going to join parliament on the back benches and he's going to be a friend to boris johnson he is absolutely against it no deal price it and he will
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do his utmost to defeat it so no this is not going to be an easy ride for him and this sort of up with the overblown optimism like we can do this is going to be wonderful it's going to fade i presume in a few weeks so then barbara i mean given that what do you think that we will see over the next few months because october 31st colleen also we have to mention that is the day that britain is scheduled to leave the e.u. . 99 days from now and it seems like is a reasonably long time but it isn't because parliament will rise tomorrow disappear into their summer vacations and they were only returned at the beginning of september so boris johnson is going to meet the other leaders at the g 7 meeting in france in periods at the end of august that is his chum. to somehow get close to
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anglo-american get close to him on the macro and say come on give me you want i want however why should they they've said no to driesum a dozens of times they're just going to say no one more time to boris johnson so his winning personality is not going to was the of the european leaders and he will just have to offer something else he will have to come up with a different strategy to really change the rules in brussels and change the pieces that are on the table over talk with us a little bit more about his style because when you were just sort of touching on it there you know when you look at him he's the type of leader who has also been compared for example to the u.s. president donald trump we saw one hour you know when he was going for the top job there in the u.k. actually cut his hair so that people would stop making those sorts of comparisons you know what can we really expect from him going forward in terms of how people relate to him. when he has taken of course
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a leaf out of trump's book that sort of blatant populism doesn't need to be that because it can gain new voters but this is an entirely different country than the united states people are more educated they are much more skeptical and will for a snow blower a strong stiff known him for decades they've seen him as a t.v. star and so it is a completely different it's a completely different set up he would not be above sort of using some of the dark arts that. donald trump has shown that means that he will he's employing as his main adviser dominic cummings this is the guy who who presided over believe campaign and so he knows how to sort of manipulate data and play with the internet and all the other stuff that has been going on during the live campaign so that is a sign for the other side of the political divide in britain to be very care. indeed and to watch watch very closely what boris johnson is up to of course he is
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not donald trump he is not as drastic he is not as brutal he is not going to make trump ian policy because he is of course not he would not be get away with that barbara based on joining us there in london where as we know today is a big day for the u.k. a transfer of power boris johnson taking over from to resign may currently meeting with the queen the so-called kissing of the hand taking place right now there in the u.k. barbara i know you're going to stick with us we'll come back to you in a little while. but 1st we want to get a check on some other stories making news around the world police in thailand say that 4 people have been killed in an attack on a military outpost in the south of the country unknown assailants on motorcycles through explosives before opening fire attacks are frequent in the region where a muslim separatist insurgency has been raging for 15 years. the russian
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opposition leader alexina vali says that he has been arrested in a video on his instagram account the anti corruption campaigner said that he was detained as he left his home in moscow to go for a job of all these arrests comes after he called for another mass protest unless that already has lifted their ban on opposition candidates running in moscow's parliamentary elections. and then germany's new defense minister on a gretsch karrenbauer has taken her oath of office in parliament her appointment came as a surprise after her predecessor became the next president of the european commission k.k. or she is widely known is seen as a likely successor to chancellor angela merkel. digital technology giants such as google facebook and amazon are expected to be the main targets of a broad anti-trust investigation by the u.s. justice department while no specific companies were mentioned the probe is said to be examining whether major online platforms have been abusing their market
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dominance and him during competition. the polish city of bialystok saw its 1st ever gay pride parade over the weekend but it ended in violence when marchers came under attack from anti-gay thugs now a right wing news magazine is offering its readers and for use own sticker and to gay sentiment appears to be growing in poland with some blaming the conservative and the strongly catholic government. these are painful memories for warsaw based artist. he was in the obvious joke over the weekend simply to speak up for his rights as a gay man. but a vote of knowledge was very depressing it is usually a festival of tolerance for that and then we were suddenly confronted with this aggression and 100. years which. it was called the equality parade for be obvious joke participants wanted to send a message i think is that it's our country too we are also parts of society. the
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party atmosphere was short lived not far away counter-demonstrators prayed in protest over what they see as sin. hooligans from all over poland a came together after a call to action from a football club how should you want to make a stand for our children and our families we don't want to be talked into believing that what's not normal should be considered normal among the better they said a rainbow pride flag on fire and threw firecrackers. they also threw eggs and then later stones. police were deployed in force to keep the 2 sides apart in addition to todd's there were physical assaults leading to multiple arrests poland's prime minister condemned the violence. for sayest never once would feel welcome in poland there is absolutely no place for such hooligan like aggressive behavior as a whole like this adding to the tensions
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a weekly news magazine decided to distribute a sticker for people to display their opposition to the rights issue would you negotiate this does up the whist kind of associations for for not like when the nazis cleansed areas of jews in my hometown big gosh i'm reminded of a pot racial segregation when they will be white only and black only areas it's funny as the sun in church. the stickers message was altered when it went to the printers now it proclaims opposition to l g b t ideology the magazine. editor explained the move. to the protest it's a form of protest about free speech l g b t optimists are allowed to speak out on their views people who hold different views must be allowed to do the same there is an attempt to force political correctness here in poland as the sins of its programs are just good you don't nobody is going to gay clubs and putting up crosses but they have the nerve to hang their rainbow flags in churches only for them to. be so full and
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a culture war is raging over the wedge issue of l g b t rights jaroslav mallette skiis spreading a different sticker one advertising gay friendly zones. and back to one of our main stories because germany's new defense minister on a grant to crown karrenbauer has taken her oath of office of parliament her appointment as defense minister coming as a surprise as we mentioned after her predecessor was appointed president of the european commission she is seen as the likely successor to chancellor merkel here's more. with her oath and it could come callen by our became the head of around 180000 german soldiers as germany's new defense minister she swore to lead her ministry for the good of the german people mind the finish of this i will diligently fulfill my duties and practice fairness towards everyone so help me god who. has demanded respect for soldiers and promised more money in the long term
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objective 2 percent of germany's g.d.p. for defense. and then see you there when i am striving for the german government's goal of 2 percent a goal that all of our allies have once again agreed so i am holding fast to it. cut carbon bow is a close confidant of america she has long been treated as merkel's likely successor as a candidate for the chancellor she already has an important position as head of merkel's conservative party until now she had maintained that she did not want a minister ariel post germany's opposition have now accused her of using this new position as a stepping stone on her way to power but the defense ministry will be a springboard chancellorship. so mrs crump. you want to use a defense ministry. did you say you wanted to dedicate yourself completely to the cd you've. written cd you party cheat and defense minister to stressful
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jobs soon she may also become her party's candidate for chancellor and it could lead to a cut on power has taken on a tremendous amount of responsibility. and earlier we asked our chief political editor there how and about krakow and hours new position fits in with her ambition to succeed merkel as germany's next chance. well we see a lot of ladies protesting too much so she doesn't want to have an influence over 60 that was up to the party to decide now i'm going to come out on the ball on a parent and success party leader is closer to the chancery that you see behind me by having joined the cabinets and they've come kind of by herself of course in recent months protesting that that was not the plan so now we've seen her ever play somebody whose political star was clearly sinking here in germany or that our fund line became e.u.
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commission chief and i. was stepping into her shoes quoting was enough underlined today saying we need more europe and vowing once again that germany would stick to its spending plan of getting closer to that 2 percent spending go 1.5 percent by 2024 that of course is in doubt because of the governing coalition here the coalition partner doesn't really want to see that and that was our chief political editor michelle well back here in europe a heat wave sweeping the continent as predicted to bring record temperatures this week france is taking the brunt of it the capital paris could see the mercury top 40 celsius on thursday now is paris sizzles it was perhaps appropriate that the teenaged climate change campaign on gretta to embark was in town. people in paris trying to keep their cool with the forecasters think that the french capital could see an all time temperature hard this week. exceptionally hot
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weather may be welcomed by some tourists with time to take a dip but swedish climate activist gratitude didn't come to paris for a holiday the teenager was invited to speak at the french national assembly but m.p.'s from across party group concerned about climate change. turn burgas highlighted the problem of global warming by instigating school strikes and the movement has taken off worldwide speaking to the assembly turnbow said the world had to come together to take urgent action. that you cannot so a crisis without treating it as a crisis without seeing the full picture you cannot leave the responsibility to individuals politicians the market or other parts of the world to take this has to include everything and everyone carbon dioxide also turned up the heat on fire right now.


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