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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 24, 2019 8:00am-8:30am CEST

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it would be that if you learn how people in places ringback where teams who are you cannot go. in for anything so ultimately you are in office i want to be responsible for german harms in both. all right executive director of transparency international kenya samuel kim a thank you as europe seeks to tackle the issue of migration it is increasingly focusing its attention on the countries of pisa hell region these include mauritania look in the fossil mali they share and chad they call themselves the g 5 so help they face immense challenges of poverty and wrist the european union is pumping financial support into the g 5 so hell with money going into security and education. that. doesn't think mathematics as boring 5 he's happy that his school is still holding classes the
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pupils here at the i now feel lucky that it is important for. more and more schools are closing in book enough hours or for fear of unrest according to visiting experts from the european union. we are on location with a used chief diplomat feed a recount of the renie her job is to travel to crisis zones and get a clear picture of the situation on the ground. the children's song may be cheerful but mother ringing knows that her show is being put on just for her visit this school is receiving funding for the chief diplomat it's not about feel good politics instead it's a strategic position in the fight against terrorism to prevent the radicalization of young children. it's for the security of europe because if children are at school and out in the streets they are well educated they are aware of the risks of
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getting involved in activities that are not proper for their lives and for their communities. living book enough we fly to mali. this is just one of the e.u. foreign affairs she used countless trips to africa representing europe and africa is a round the clock job there is no time to rest with constant briefings on the current security situation mali is one of her most difficult missions. the conflicts in northern mali are among west africa bloodiest through ethnic feuds and territorial fights the country is in a state of on wrist a joint intervention troops from the g 5 so have states is supposed to quell the terror in mali the e.u. is helping with training but implementation is difficult. the problem with terrorism is when a state gives up entire regions as long as terrorists are far away from the population then it's just a problem for the but if the terrorists operate in
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a populated region that is completely neglected by the state then it becomes a long term security problem long. mollies suffers from a lack of basic infrastructure schools and hospitals are often hard to reach many people here believe they have only 2 choices either join a terror organization or flee to the e.u. wants to prevent both and is interested in stabilizing the situation within the country that begins by connecting with citizens and this is why we've come to the center of the country far away from the capital to talk with the authorities here in the civil society the community leaders to understand exactly on the ground which are the main problems and which are the most acute needs in this moment that we can support in a specific manner if the government in bamako remains skeptical help has been slow to materialize the relationship with the e.u.
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is frosty also because european politicians speak out about rights the e.u. wants to reassure people but law and order has to be applied across the board even to those at the top we will invest more is a support of the justice system there is a need for the population to feel confidence and trust the authorities that they are sure that there is no impunity and that any base behavior of the police or security or defense forces is also investigated the e.u. believes better education will result in less terrorism and less migration europe is placing its hopes in the younger generation it wants to win the trust of those africans who are young today and empower tomorrow. cheap and certainly cheerful the only car made in madagascar currently cars became famous 30 years ago when the firm designed
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a special popeil for sean paul the seconds visit to madagascar now as the country prepares to welcome quote francis in september kuranda again ready to go down that road again. this distinctive car is hard to miss practical and homegrown many drivers in madagascar a proud to be behind the wheel of a current g. car. the mark of this car is made in mother gaskill by mother gushy people we buy products to support my gushy businesses whose car is easy to maintain because it has a persian we're engine which means it's not difficult to find parts because we can buy them in many shops. although the engines are imported the shaft seized and electronics are all made here in madagascar costing around 15000 euros the car is specially tailored to local
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driving conditions. it's very easy to push it's a 4 by 4. very straight so the driver doesn't get too. high windows office security all of it has been conceived to be functional at the start nobody had free even our suppliers thought it was crazy they said making cars in africa people who had no qualifications was completely impossible. some 60 people work at the currency factory making around 3 cars a month joyleen out as one of 6 women working here being a mechanic is a dream come true. for me i'm proud. as a woman to do the same work as a man i love my job especially when i see the. proud but i'm the one who made it. i'm happy when i see my work on the streets of america.
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30 years ago a currency popemobile was created especially for jumping the 2nd visit to madagascar the company is ready to do the same when pope francis visits this september. and then is it put out from africa as always you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page where you just as you know what you think of the stories we cover stories we should be covering temporist. letter we were wrong when we were. in the percent of americans at some point in our experience hardship. i'm not thinking. well i guess sometimes i am but nothing that. i think seems
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interject. a culture of looking at the stereotype question but do you think it's new for the country but i don't blame. you yet you did seem to take it as grandma yeah you tell us it's cold out there no i might show joins me from egypt on the w. post. we were in hanover at the dome a tax trade fair which features state of the york flooring concepts the exhibitors at the proof of 1000000000 offer top quality products and claim that they meet strict environmental standards. one stand belongs to the bows of each company the wood for bows of each has products comes from the primeval forests of the amazon region. the company assures consumers who are concerned about the
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environment that they can buy its products with confidence i thank. those of which has earned a seal of approval from the forest stewardship council or if a see a nonprofit organization that promotes responsible management of the world's forests. but can logging in rain forests ever really be environmentally sustainable . trunk mold is a german government expert on the sourcing and purchasing of tropical timber. the most inside of all when german consumers buy tropical wood products that are certified by the f a c they are making a contribution to the preservation of the rainforests and by supporting sound timber management policies mr that's a friend of us so it's out of all this. but can buying products that have the f.s.e. seal it really stop the excessive exploitation of primeval forest. the
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most vivid company harvests wood in the forests of peru to make flooring products. this is the order longer forest a pristine paradise in the amazon basin. we want to find out where bows of each and f.o.c. certified company harvest timber for its wood floors are and this local manager says the f.s.e. has imposed strict guidelines on harvesting. in an area the size of a football field only one tree may be removed in 20 years. this process is called selective cutting. this is the tree they're going to cut down today. there
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are 3 out of the tree over there back there the one in the middle the white one. which is about. 20 meters high. maybe even if you make the border looming it's about 60 years old and has been producing seeds for 50 years off to trunk is particularly straightforward and so we get a lot of what you have. selective cutting is considered a sustainable procedure the f.s.e. has given its seal of approval to the bows of each company for several years now. i thank. those of each believes it's taking a responsible approach and the german government claims that the f. a c.
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is helping to preserve the rain forest fire. but is that really true to find out more we travel to vancouver canada for an f. a c. conference. the organization's motto is forests for all forever. will be a 1st sea has invited 1st nations peoples who live in the rain forests of southwestern british columbia to perform as conserving forests is also about the estimated 100000000 people worldwide who call these areas home. were at risk from all sorts of conflicts kim carstensen is director general of the f.s.a. . and i'm so thrilled to be here with you. it's a conferences like this one to 3 future of the world's forests is largely
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determined the f.s.e. has members in 85 countries. those who live in the forests members of the w w f and greenpeace and industry representatives all share responsibility for preserving our forests but while some want to protect nature others here want to cut down trees and f.n.c. promotional video and there is the tree. and the forest where the tree grows. and the morning who cares for nearly and. there is the man who listens to the theory and to make sure indifference to sounds because. we ask him carstensen what his organization stands for. f. a c. is about responsible forest management that means that this is a forest management that ensures that the forces stay on that but that would also be the next year and the year after and for the next generation so if a tree is very much about maintaining for this carbon maintaining force quality and
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to make sure that the forest is that also for the next generations. to ensure this forest management policies are regularly reviewed f.s.e. conferences 3 groups are allowed to vote. for us dwellers environmentalists and the timber industry green. as usual in politics much of the policy work is done out in the lobby. indigenous forest inhabitants fight to preserve their habitat environmentalists aim to save primeval forest and industry wants to cut down as many trees as it can well keeping the f.s.e. seal of approval. image matters to multinational companies and f s c approval helps them look good. when it comes to forest certification. fs see is the most rigorous and accepted system on the market right now.
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in theory all 3 groups have equal voting rights. but greenpeace international a founding member of the f.s.e. claims that environmentalists are being pushed around by the timber industry. and as we'll see later during this film shoot greenpeace took drastic action. at the conference in vancouver the f.s.e. claimed that under its leadership the world's forests are in good hands what is the german government say about that. you can consumers alone should not have to bear all the responsibility for preserving the forests it's good for us we have to make sure that the companies that make wood and wood base products don't source wood from primeval forest in a non sustainable way that could destroy these would have been used to go to school and foster trust and. we've come to london to meet one of the sharpest critics of the f.s.e. simon council was a co-founder of the organization but soon quit over policy disputes he believes
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that the f.s.e. gives the timber companies too much power the timber industry itself has brought in as one of the key stakeholders of this body and part of the decision making process which we felt was strongly felt was flawed because the whole system was to be there to inspect and since regulate the tendering this resource shouldn't really have been involved. council says the timber industry influence prevents the f.s.e. from making truly independent analyses. we want to find out whether that's true. we return to timber land license or concession to the bows of each company in peru . how do they make sure that f.s.e. guidelines are followed. if this is all you would offer proof of origin. we use these markings to keep track of what this one's from block for. line 33. number 20.
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these markings are on every tree that ends up in the sawmill. wood from f.s.e. approved selective cutting is marked in red the f.s.e. calls this controlled wood. lumber from other suppliers that don't have the f.s.e. seal is marked in blue. in theory the red and blue stacks should stay separated as they are here but sometimes they get mixed together by mistake. control is one of the big controversies inside if for some it's always been a big controversy the good news i think is that we have to strengthen the control board standard and i think everybody agrees now that there is a level of control. but what exactly does level of control mean. we travel to the peruvian capital lima to meet an expert on the country's timber
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industry. who works for the environmental investigation agency or an advocacy group she's just finished a report that indicates that many timber companies falsified documents on the origins of trees as shown by government investigations. well there in these reports i don't see these are there for several years before the show the largest number so . that's ok because they're the largest years right so that's that's not a surprise but here is that the most is the keep showing large numbers of you know papers. and then from there now 490 papers of the use that where some both here at least 62 are illegal documented by official i mean by the government when it by people from 8 kids i compiled and that's what we
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do. because we think we want to think that we do something and so i actually feel very frustrated a wallet and to see you know being able to believe or to the rufford's not in my country. the wood from the peruvian forests is transported to the river ports of call kalka. the tree trunks are tied together there are hundreds and probably thousands of logs here waiting to be shipped to lima for processing. a local boat captain has some disturbing news. i think is that. all these logs have been cut down illegally. and everyone around here knows that. but is known as the hub of the illegal timber trade in peru it's from here that illegally sourced logs gets shipped to timber companies and the e.i.a. says many will go to pose of it. local insiders tell us where in the forest illegal
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logging is currently taking place. we plan to fly over those areas to capture aerial footage. we head toward the 1st location. after about an hour we see a recently logged area it's been clear cut. up a blue tent stands in the corner of the bald patch in the middle of the jungle. a little while later we spot something that looks like a transport dock. tree trunks line the water's edge they were probably brought here from the forest. it doesn't seem as if the f.e.c. has managed to stop illegal logging here in peru. regarding both of it which we are aware of the. reports we are aware of on phones for both the us will throw to stuff
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look into some of these cases to our knowledge none of that material were sufficient certified reference to our knowledge then maybe it's from issues with it but it's not officially certified therefore we still interested in the company because if the company is involved and again achieved one way or the other then that's of course most of an issue for us. back in lima we've come to blows of bitches love processing complex this is where the wood is prepared for export. company c.e.o. drug abuse of it shows us prime lumber that's 100 percent f. a c. certified. although he also says logs do come in from none f.s.e. suppliers. so that means the liver had problems with. globes we've never heard of problems and we see the problems getting worse we just try to b.s. here and boil. boil how do you know bunch of older introversion age those of
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us just here. you suppose whatever you asked should be a scary thought. so it's also a situation you have to be able to prove if you can separate no one with a sci fi. you know that. any word on you. so the f.s.e. checks on the origin of the word but seems to ignore the fact it was a bitch has traded in timber that may have forged origin documents. so how credible is the f s c seal of approval we asked simon council in london one would think if you're buying a product with an f.s.b. label that would be a quite simple message to the the would inside this product is all from an acceptable source that has been actually inspected by the audit is and guarantee
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to be from an acceptable source if i see 100 percent in which the label product contains only f s e certified timber is actually just a very small part of the picture and the others are from what i call euphemistically controlled wood and controlled wood is that which. hasn't actually been controlled so instead of order it is on behalf of f.s.e. going into the forest to inspect the logging operations it's basically done from a desk somewhere else in born or in london ok so we have some examples of f.e.c. certified products here let's have a look at these labels. this paper fs see paper from responsible sources but importantly you see this word mix on here this particular product itself may have no f s e certified material in it so in that
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sense this label is misleading to the consumer in letting us believe that it is from responsible sources it may not be at all. so you hear this product f.s.e. mix toilet paper. interesting here a box of. is. the mix again some of the some of these offenses certified from acceptable sources and some of them not impossible to know from the office the label yeah so what does f.a.c.s. director general have to say about the organization certification system. there's no other system that works better than the system of certification there's no other system that is able to get together stakeholders and from an organization and social groups trade unions and the companies who are managing the forest to agree what do we mean by responsible forest management what are the standards that we
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want to set for how we define this no other system does that we in addition have quality controls we have ordered set happen if the company is the treasurer. and if they see certification team is meeting at this hotel in vaughan part of their work today will involve checking to see whether timber companies active in the world's great forests are complying with the organisation's guidelines. we want to find out how the certification process works and file requests to accompany 10 different verifications. but the f.s.e. turns down our requests so we continue with our research. in the congo basin forests european timber companies have permits that allows them to cut down trees in given areas with f. a c. certification. in the capital brazzaville we're meeting a man who's been approving those permits for years. we've agreed to protect his identity. and we're not going to specifically name the companies that he's going to
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talk about. i want to withdraw the certificate from a certain company but when i met with the boss of that company he got so angry i left the hotel immediately. that night i feared for my life when i told my boss about the meeting he also got angry and said i was no longer to inspect that for his concession the timber companies pay money to keep their certification checkers are independent in theory but not really. because in practice we go to a site do a check and afterward nothing changes the companies go back to cutting down many more trees than they're allowed to do. in such a situation you see it was lovely to see success rooted. i think we've seen a situation where it's absolutely possible to take action related to the certified operations in the congo basin one example would be that we disassociate it from
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interim a co 4 years ago and they are now back in again because they improve their performance and all of that and this is sort of in the past but we could disassociate and it didn't create problems of that nature i don't. we've come to the northern jungles of the republic of congo to meet some of the local residents. they belong to a group of semi-nomadic hunter gatherers called the bug. in this area or sell in some of her friends girl manioc and other crops from which they are in a living. the congo based company a subsidiary of the swiss company into hole co has purchased a permit to cut down trees here. the backup people say it is making their lives difficult because companies security guards have imposed strict controls on the amount of crops they can grow within each of those concessions. the evil forest concession covers an area of about 11000 square kilometers massive logs get transported out by trucks the company says it takes
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a selective approach to cutting down the trees. the photos says this selective cutting complies with f. a c. guidelines. and the f.s.e. says the logging roads don't harm the local environment. matthew hansen is a geographer at the university of maryland in the us he uses nasa satellite maps to keep track of how logging affects various regions around the world. well assuming into. the republic of congo and all of a sudden you do see the logging road so you've seen these before. and so we can zoom in to a sort of f.s.e. certified concession as evil concession the logging roads or beautifully maintained . gorgeous you can see the the extractions of the trees
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themselves off the side of the logging road so this is very. very clear that we're getting actually logging signal in parts of these concessions not everywhere the different colors represent the different years of the cut so this was early in the 2000 this was a couple years ago this was little 2016 it is amazing because you're bringing this human footprint and when we're there we see the forest elephants you see the chimpanzees and the gorillas it's like you've opened up this. primeval forest and all of a sudden you can drive you know 100 kilometers an hour straight down here to where nobody took you a few weeks to walk i think that there's a cascade of effects here that are changing what was a natural forest eco system with with low population levels of subsistence farmers and fisher people. and so now you have something pretty irreversible.
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developed of people tell us they're not even allowed to hunt anymore because the company has to protect the animals so it won't lose its f.s.e. label. denies these claims. that the vodka used to kill monkeys and gazelles for food but now they say they often don't have enough to eat. today they're again preparing a meal from crushed because sava leaves. what. no word that this woman is upset about the situation she says people can't hunt and there are no jobs. there aren't any schools for the children and their prospects for the future are blue. she says the timber companies should leave the area. the bulk of people see it for won't let them earn a living we asked the company about this and it denied the accusations. the f.s.e. continues to defend the logging practices of the 2 largest timber companies now
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operating in congo. the interpol co subsidiary and c.r.b. . have been true both cia to control i've seen the way that interchange peoples are given separate school training because they're not going to be part of the ordinary schools by the other into the other groups of the population so i've seen all of these things and i certainly know that indigenous peoples on being respected and that they are given access to modern facilities that they never ever had before. this is part of the land covered by c.r.b. is permit near polka in northern congo. there do seem to be modern facilities here but these are mainly benefiting c.r.b. employees and less so the bulk of people who live in the huge forest concession where this bucko woman carries her child as she walks through the streets asking for money as others in her situation she seems in the period the bucha have lived
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in harmony with nature for several 1000 years and now their lives have been disrupted by timber companies that have been approved by the f.s.e. and the forests to see what they might become we travel to brazil where large tracts of ancient forest have been replaced by eucalyptus plantations. these students are studying whether such monocultures meet the criteria for sustainable forest management. there professor claimants lesh of ski teaches political ecology at the university of minas sure ice. this plantation was one of the 1st monocultures in brazil to receive the f.s.e. seal of approval. he says that eucalyptus crops are popular because they're inexpensive to maintain and can be harvested in just 10 years so this is the. but the monoculture crops also dry out the
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soil and don't provide a habitat for wildlife. so how did this plantation qualify for f a c approval. because when concepcion this sort of land use was once classified as non-sustainable the environmental issues we even said it's extremely harmful pretty much the only thing worse than this type of monoculture would be to pave over the whole land. we asked matthew hansen to describe the spread of monocultures in brazil. and we zoom in to the area around you know up all this in the coast of this eco system that's called the boche atlantica you can see dramatic expansion when we see these blues these are new plantations and we see the pinks those are all the plantations that were cleared and regroup and f.s.e. certified monocultures so i mean it's a contradiction in terms right if it literally was founded to combat an old record monoculture is now monocultures or certified this is this is. is
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a logical fallacy doesn't make sense. so that i don't agree with that i do agree that you got you have to have your. your pole paper timber land uses somewhere because we all use these products and and. i don't think it's a hard argument to make that they did this at this time in our history they shouldn't be replacing natural force. this is atlantic forest on the east coast of brazil the level of biodiversity here used to be even higher than that of the amazon region today more than 90 percent of the atlantic rain forest has been destroyed. only the precious hillsides remain largely untouched. just a small proportion of this rain forest is actually under protection and even here illegal logging goes on. the pulp mill varicella was convicted of illegal
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deforestation in 2008 to day it has f.e.c. certification. but in the village of parities 0 local residents had been arguing with varicella about its land use policy. the land used to belong to the catholic church which then gave it to the people. but then various cells started replacing the villagers being crops with eucalyptus plants right. here you can see the new crops growing right behind the residence houses. the eucalyptus plants suck up a lot of water leaving little for local people's crops. there are so has made a lot of these people angry they gather to tell us of their experience. this man shows us some of various sells promotional materials which claim that the company pays close attention to the rights of the rural population.
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but that doesn't appear to be the case here. yet more normal from a thoughtful lot of the people who parodies or say that very cell has driven them off their land. and their frustration is apparent i think it is that elephant was never told a movie that was beautiful some residents claimed that the local police even showed up and force them to leave their homes. like you know they came over at about 8 in the evening the police have close ties to bars so they didn't have a court order to bitch and notice my wife and our one year old child were sleep at the time. i you know i think you should go to the police were brutal they used machetes to hack our home to pieces the children weren't even allowed to eat 1st we were just told to get out we were made to flee as if we were criminals in their. own group has now gone to court to try to get their land back until there is
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a conviction varicella will keep its f.s.e. seal that votes and is a very very complicated issue there's a court case ongoing as long as the corkage ongoing and various other sort of legally holding the land there's no problem with their certificate obviously once the court case has been decided and depending on what the outcome will be then of course we expect an arsenal to follow the outcome of the court. professor the ship's struggles with this decision by the f.s.e. . he says this case says varicella occupying local farmers land encourage diesel. says i but it's just incredible that the people here have to fight for land and food against a company that makes toilet paper for europe. is i just can't get my head around that no matter how big picture i think this makes me really sad.
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perhaps parodies 0 is an exception we drive through the large plantation toward the coast where another village has been affected by various sells land use policy. professor leisure ski has heard there is a dispute in that indigenous reserve to. as foreigners we have written permission to enter the reserve. when we arrive the residents are headed for a meeting to talk about varicella. we wait outside until the meeting has finished. and the tribal leaders then greet us they say varicella has taken their land and is now using it to grow eucalyptus plants. he tries to find out what sort of agreement the villagers worked out with farah
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cell doors according to f.s.e. guidelines companies have to negotiate with local residents before they take action . no sabia no did that happen here. you know you know few days you will and there was a hearing but one of the chiefs got up and said that garcelle was doing everything right. he's from an area with tourism and the company paid him to say that. it upfront that's illegal. that's a serious accusation and we wanted to talk to varicella about it. the company's certification experts 1st promised us an interview but then cancelled it. here varicella is refusing to grant our additional request for a meeting. according to the f.s.b. reports this dispute has been settled but indigenous groups say they feel very cell has stolen their land. doesn't see through they feel that the eucalyptus plantation is wiping them out. it was difficult for me to hear them say that. one of the
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tribal leaders said that the company is ruining the local environment and wiping them out or collude to strip the old british. eucalyptus crops have almost completely replaced the rain forest in this region. this has changed the face of the landscape. paper products made from trees that were cut down here we'll have the f. a c. seal for sustainable forest management. and varicella has created jobs here. in the flesh and you have to calculate how many jobs have been created perfect or. and then weigh that against the number of people who've been deprived of their livelihood and in this case the numbers are way out of balance. if we create about 2000 jobs over hundreds of thousands of hectares and at the same time 50000 families lose their farmland and that's just not right for you to leave school and
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blog about state action follows where is that if a company that has been checked every single yashin think up certified in 2008 we have had several investigations into the claims that came from difference they called us and the certification as far as we can see is still completely valid and there's a lot of good things to say. so the f. a c. is satisfied but what about the complaints from the villagers. have been involved in a number of the formal complaints against questionable certificates on the sea system none of those have succeeded in fact i'm not aware that any single complaint through the office the system has ever worked. this drone has just taken off at a large private evil forest on the white sea in european russia. greenpeace employees villain the cheek and thomas henningsen want to shoot some video of clear cut logging in the devinsky forest the last remaining section of intact forest landscape here then the forest is home to plants and animals facing the threat of
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extinction with we're. this forest is an ecological treasure trove with a wide variety of sensitive species. in this sub arctic climate the trees grow very slowly that's why the trunks are so thin. there are many rare mosses lichens and insects in this ancient native forest. but here too a lot of trees have been cut down by companies that have the f.s.e. see little provable. you know it's not as if you have a c. was a good idea at 1st you're in russia but now it's causing a lot of damage 1st timber companies are hiding behind the up a c.c. hill because there are no ecologically sustainable operations here and companies that know that are a lot being even more including in the primary will forest with the sea seal
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victims even if. the timber companies are allowed to clear up to $35.00 hectares in one go. do you feel when you see such that you have to see a clear cut 10 years after you did you ever see how it actually grows back i get actually have forest again this area is not dead this area actually maybe not with exactly the same values actually grows back into forest that is managed and found you have all 4 people and 4 nature. of the car stuck in that area was clear cut just 5 or 6 years ago and it's going to take centuries before it looks like a real forest again this is going to see i. f.s.e. certified areas in russia taken together are larger than denmark. the trees are also being cut down to supply western consumers. the plight of these spruce logs
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look there but the rings tell us that there are 60 to 70 years old. they're too small or used for wood products so they turn these logs into poultry for paper or peter goelz or most of it is used to make disposable products like toilet paper or tissues or packaging. food for the population of the forest that one studio is being turned into paper products and then tossed away poppier into treasure for a cost move from competitors one. tree. to the story. one simple action can have a profound impact look for products with the f.s.e. logo and help protect the health of our forests for all forever.
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our f.s.e. certified forests really in good shape this team of scientists is trying to find out. why these the research group is led by a german biologist and conservationist. the scientists have determined that the environmental damage is not confined to the loss of trees. heavy logging equipment is also compacting the soil here. that means that water can no longer drain away making it very difficult for new trees to grow. this is the 1st scientific study to assess the impact of f.s.e. certified logging since the organization was founded in 1903. that the researchers start by measuring trees in a non-certified area they also determine the age of the trees if a forest has a lot of old trees it's considered healthy. the team also measures the temperature
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on extremely hot or cold days a healthy forest will moderate the temperature beneath its tree canopy a damaged forest cannot this data will then be compared with the results from f.s.e. certified areas to determine how much the organization helps forests the f.s.e. says it's waiting for the results. we're very interested in the results of the study professor and we have invited him to come here and present that to us because we look like tonight as we always want to learn from from british. this is the university of our. where professor a.b.c. is presenting the preliminary results of his team's research. the study was commissioned by the w w f a founding member of the f.s.e. . says that f.s.e. guidelines don't have much impact on how the forest is used. this issue says the
8:47 am
change in station side of the forest use these just go to all of us over the last. few the presentation unsettles the timber industry representatives present. after gave his talk one of the logging companies withdrew its permission for us to film on their land. some managers fear the study could damage the russian timber industry we asked matthew hanson for his opinion. for if we go over to the ark i guess region you can see very clearly the clear cuts and we have to see the landscape. the idea that. sustainable logging is represented through large scale clear cuts is difficult to understand and it's that perversion that really bothers me both as a citizen and as a scientist where. if there is
8:48 am
a program to do sustainable logging but in fact the facts of the ground say it's actually in opposition to sustainability. it's it's has worst effects than being forthright to begin with so if you're for transparent people know what they're buying and they sign up for that but if you're lying to leading them and they think that they're doing this a stable thing with your product and in fact they're not this is of course a worse worst case i think it's true that the timber consuming public has been betrayed by the f. a c. and b. we've been led to believe that these labels enable us to purchase these timber products with a clear conscience but actually we now know that these products can contain wood from sustainable sources from tropical rain forest from indigenous peoples lands even from forest you operations that are completely illegal. in the f.o.c. was created in 1903 the conservationists goal was to stop clear cutting and save
8:49 am
the primeval forest that gold is not being reached. which is why in march 28th seen greenpeace announced it would not renew its membership in the sea. views and also missed sea we left because the f.s.e. unfortunately does not ensure that primeval forest are protected from logging and wouldn't come holds good with people's food is just. to move. towards forests if you're proposing a boycott against any chamber from the against any timber from the congo basin i think you're at the same time telling these countries that their forests should have no value or that they should have any benefit from the forest i think that's completely the wrong way. so the plantations will continue to expand and over the
8:50 am
past 25 years the f.c.c. has failed to stop timber companies from destroying large tracts of forest land around the world. the impact of all that logging has been dramatic. i think that we're now probably at the stage where we have to revert back to that idea the regulation by governments is what we need of it on fuel we consume far too many disposable paper and wood products we have to reduce recycle and reuse and this is. it seems we need legislation to save the primeval forests they cannot be protected with a simple seal. who knew. the . total surveillance.
8:51 am
every face in scandal and identified user behavior on the internet is monitored. undesirable actions are punished. china is on a path toward becoming a digital dictatorship with total control over its citizens and a girl china need no dark corner of the clothes are in a 90 minutes on d w. what secrets lie behind the smallest. find out in an immersive experience and explore fascinating world cultural heritage sites the end of. the d w world heritage 36050 up mount. robots are still in the development phase. but it's going to happen when the growth will humans and
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machines be able to peacefully co-exist or are we on the verge of a robot collapse. artificial intelligence is now spreading throughout our society. they are looking for to be able to agree on ethical guidelines for willis technology create deadly new autonomous weapon systems. all robot collapse starts aug 14th on t.w. . this is the w. news live from berlin
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a big day for britain and its incoming prime minister after being elected leader of the conservative party by a 2 thirds majority boris johnson will be invited by the queen to form a new government as prime minister today also coming up. in washington the former special counsel robert muller prepares to give 5 hours of testimony before congressional committees today but will he go beyond the already known public findings of his russia trump report. and europe bracing for its 2nd record heat wave especially france paris can see its hottest day on record that the mercury sets a soar above 40 degrees celsius. i'm brian thomas thanks for joining us britain will have
8:54 am
a new prime minister by the end of the day boris johnson will be moving into number 10 downing street at a crucial juncture for the nation as a prepares to leave the u. he may be leading a probe wrecks a government but he has a razor thin majority in parliament we'll get the latest from london and brussels after this report. boris johnson is elected as the leader of the said i was i the victory came as no surprise. a run away favorite to parse johnson ended up with almost twice as many votes as his nearest rival jeremy hunt. after a boisterous campaign his acceptance speech struck a conciliatory note i see you've been friendly you've been good natured you've been a fault of that cylinder ideas all of which i propose to steal oh we'll. and above all i want to thank going lida it's
8:55 am
a reason may be extraordinary service to this policy and to this country it was the country johnson and harrods is mind in deep political crisis his most important task by far will be delivering on what his predecessors could not a country we're going to get great sit down on october 3rd it was going to take advantage of all the opportunities that it will bring in a new spirit of can do and we are once again going to believe in ourselves and what we could achieve unlike some slumbering joint we're going to rise from paying off the guy ropes are so tight and negativity. the applause may be lounging but johnson was struggling to get brussels to agree to his base of plans at home his party is divided and his majority in parliament why fists in the new prime minister also divides public opinion i don't think he's a good leader and i don't think he's going to get out of that by how we know i think that's just a fantasy and i think he's going to be like a headless chicken running around race munster because he doesn't have the ability
8:56 am
to actually negotiate with these and pasty let alone the here a much price license because i think we need a visionary leader we don't need to detail that's what the civil service is we need we need you know there's thousands of them hiding around the corner in all the streets out here but what we need to sufficiently we need someone who's going to say what they promise he's going to do which is to leave the public so the 1st for us. finding a way out of the break that quagmire and staying in power may be more difficult than johnson can is to admit. let's go straight to downing street now we're. standing by for us good morning salata how's the news being received where you are this morning as people prepare for boris johnson to become the new occupant in those. behind you. well friends and fans
8:57 am
of boris johnson of course are ecstatic about the news that he will move into number 10 downing street today they were praising after. victory speech his optimism and his energy thinking about the standstill of the past months and that there is finally new energy in downing street to see things through to get things moving here in the u.k. we've also heard from critics of course they are saying boris johnson and way too colorful figure he is unfocused not detail oriented enough and he is generally unfit to be prime minister. especially from the opposition parties not from within the party so far overall i think the public there have been new polls and his favor ability is low. office but of course it comes with his character he's a very divisive figure here in great britain what we can say for sure it is going to be a huge day for boris johnson himself he's been working towards getting into the
8:58 am
sacred halls behind me his whole life and he is looking forward to finally receive the keys to number 10 ok before he does that he'll be meeting with the queen today can you walk us through what will be happening in the hours ahead. well it's a very exciting turn over a very quick turn over that we will see today to resume a of course bidding her for farewells here in downing street in parliament and afterwards to the queen she will hold a quick farewell speech and then move over to buckingham palace to resign officially and meet the queen there the queen of course being the constitutional head of state she's seen many many prime ministers resigning and going into office over the past 2 years a decade that she's been holding that post the screen of course and then we will see a very quick turnover at buckingham palace boris johnson basically shaking hands with
8:59 am
theresa may be going to the queen taking over his official post as prime minister and then we will see him moving into number 10 so in number 10 the turnover needs to be very quickly 50 percent of those employees civil servants they stay on it's a matter of stability of course and continuity and then boris johnson has appointed his own stuff of course they will he will be greeted with applause and then he will have to get to work because there are many many issues on the agenda we're expecting later today a major cabinet announcements from his side at the question they are of course being well he appoint very much pro breaks to tears and has. said through and we're also expecting phone calls from world leaders for example from donald trump who yesterday already praised boris johnson as britain's trump saying he'll be great in office i'm not sure if boris johnson is very appreciative of comments like that but it's definitely interesting how this partnership between the u.s.
9:00 am
president and the u.k. prime minister is going to develop over the next weeks ok you mentioned he has a log on his plate of course as he takes office later today what is going to be some of his top priority. well there is the iran crisis on the one hand of course a major priority he needs to deal with that immediately he needs to get that u.k. ship that is in iranian hands freed that's one thing but on the other hand it will dominate the agenda and that is why he got voted into number 10 because he promised that he will deliver on that until. next deadline to leave the european union boris johnson said do a die come what may we will the big question here is how will he do that he hasn't presented a plan he says he wants to renegotiate with the european union or just leave with no deal at the end of october and it's going to be very interesting if he has
9:01 am
enough members of parliament behind him and his own party to see that through. number 10. and we'll go to brussels in a moment to find out what the european union thinks about boris johnson's victory 1st let's get some international reaction. now from the smart. this is a britain truck they call up and speak with saying that's a good thing that they like me over there that's what they want to. be what they need help get it done for us is good he's going to do a good job there are many different difficult issues to tackle together we have challenging times ahead of us i think it is very important to build up a strong and a good working relation because we have the duty to deliver something which is good for people in europe and in the united kingdom so i'm looking forward to working
9:02 am
with him to deal with i'm looking forward to working with him as soon as possible not only on the european issues and the continuation of the negotiations obviously linked to brics it but also on the international issues that make up our daily lives and on which we are closely coordinated particularly with the british and the germans whether that's the situation in iran or international security issues in this united. ok let's get the view from brussels now with good abuse bent riegert good morning about the newly appointed european commission president urs along on the line we just heard from her she's somewhat ominously warned that there are challenging times ahead when it comes to bracks that is there any room in brussels for compromise with the new british prime minister. but i think there's nothing mysterious in the words of it was enough on the line of course these are challenging times only $100.00 days left until next
9:03 am
a good kicking if nothing happens and michele dunne year the e.u. she's negotiating already said that the risk drawn agreement cannot be read you go she added as opposed to it's an obviously the mons the only thing the european union can do is to alter the political declaration that comes with this agreement and this declaration is about the future relationship of the e.u. in great britain this is not set in stone that something can be done but the bistro agreement is actually only an agreement to give britain more time a 2 year transition period to hand out a new relationship and now everybody's waiting here in brussels to see what boards don't actually has on its plate what is his plan ok well we already know that boris johnson throughout his career as a journalist as a former foreign minister has been highly critical of the european union as brussels prepared for a tougher town robust approach on bracks from london. can
9:04 am
a clown get tough this is a question here he's perceived as as a law as somebody very critical of the u.s. and somebody who's who's doing a show where he's not serious in the in the eyes of many politicians here in the in brussels so. one wants to see if he can get serious and do the u.s. actually and about the toughness there is no real leverage for him what can he say he has to leave the e.u. as it stands now is the only thing you can. threaten with is a no deal breck's it but this none orderly breaks it but homme britain more than it would harm europe so what is his leverage ok bantering it for us in brussels thanks so much for that. it's to the united states now where former special counsel robert mueller is due to appear before 2 separate congressional committees today will spend 5 hours answering questions about his investigation which looked into whether president trump's campaign colluded with russia and the presidential election 2016
9:05 am
more is of course famously known as a man of few words the sphinx of washington he's called and it's unclear if a committee members will find out much more than is already in the public domain. and the summer's biggest blockbuster might not be coming to a theater near you but the committee rooms on capitol hill robert muller is to testify before the house judiciary and intelligence committees republicans want to shut the door on the investigation democrats who control the hearings hope new details of donald trump's conduct could lead to impeachment or hurt his reelection efforts both the progress through respond to the crimes why and other wrongdoing of president no one not even the president is above the law mother a former f.b.i. director was in charge of the most extensive and most watched special investigation involving a u.s. president since watergate brought down richard nixon 40 years ago. the 2 volume
9:06 am
nearly $500.00 page report was completed in march a redacted version was made public in april it showed substantial evidence of russian meddling in the us election $34.00 people were indicted and several convicted including some close to trump in his campaign administration and private life there the facts end and the spin begins the investigation did not establish a conclusive link between the trim campaign and foreign interference i'm having to take you to. no collusion no obstruction well not quite in a may press conference muller made his only public comments about the investigation they threw a lot of gray into trump's preferred black and white take. if we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so we did not however make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime the constitution empowers congress to do it justice department policy
9:07 am
blocks charge try and remove a president from office democrats remain split over impeachment muller has said his verbal testimony today will go no further than the written report so like any big blockbuster the hearings could be this summer smash hit or a total flop let's look now at some of the other stories making the news today russia and china say they've carried out their 1st joint air patrols over disputed islands between japan and south korea this prompted japan to scramble jets fired just as south korea to fire warning shots both countries accused chinese russian planes of violating their airspace beijing and moscow insists they flew over neutral walks. mark esper has been sworn in as the new us secretary of defense ceremony taking place just hours after the senate confirmed the army veteran on a strong bipartisan vote of $98.00 the pentagon has been without
9:08 am
a permanent top official for a record 7 months. the operator of the british flag tanker says he is still waiting for permission to visit the ship's crew after iran sees that vessel last week in the strait of hormuz none of the stanton pierrot's 23 crew members are british citizens or mostly indian and filipino nationals but also include russian and latvians as well. well here in europe a heat wave sweeping the continent does predicted to bring record temperatures this week thermometers across the continent already pushing higher with the highest temperatures for addicted on thursday at the epicenter of this heat wave across the continent there is paris now the capital of france could see the mercury rising above 40 degrees celsius on thursday which would be a new record for the city residents are doing their best to try to keep cool with water water and then some more water and as europe bakes under yet another heat
9:09 am
wave it's the 2nd the summer climate change was back in the spotlight in paris. people in powers trying to keep their cool with the full cost is think that the french capital could see an all time temperature high this week. the exceptionally hot weather may be welcomed by some tourists with time to take a dip but swedish climate activist gratitude bug didn't come to paris for a holiday the teenager was invited to speak at the french national assembly by m.p.'s from across a party group concerned about climate change. turn berger's highlighted the problem of global warming by instigating school strikes and the movement has taken off worldwide speaking to the assembly turnbow said the world had to come together to take urgent action. that you cannot so a crisis without treating it as
9:10 am
a crisis without seeing the full picture you cannot leave the responsibility to individuals politicians the markets or other parts of the world to take this has to include everything and everyone carbon dioxide but also turned up the heat on far right members of the french parliament who chose to boycott his speech and how do you do it without sounding some people have chosen not to come here today some people have chosen not to listen to us. and that is fine we are after all just children. you don't have to listen to us. but you do have to listen to the united science the scientists and that is all we are ask just unite behind the science away from paris in the southern city of bordeaux the
9:11 am
temperature has already reached a record breaking 41.2 degrees celsius the united nations says the conditions across france were already critical before the heatwave developed. much of hans is warning that the heat wave will. the drought. hasn't rained in many parts of france since the end of the last heatwave the end at the end of june start of july. a number of places in france have set new records the lowest amount of rainfall since records started scientists are cautious when drawing connections between weather patterns and climate science but they're increasingly confident that manmade climate change is driving up the length and intensity of heat waves meaning gratitude and bugs words perhaps more poignant than ever. here in germany the country's new defense minister is set to take her oath of office in a ceremony during a special session of parliament today on
9:12 am
a great comic con bauer is already laying out her priorities she wants more money for the armed forces and that's a position that's not going down well with her cd use partners in the coalition government. a solemn swearing in ceremony for the newest recruits to germany's armed forces when they started a few weeks ago was enough on the line with still their chief now their commander is conservative c.d.u. leader come on bella. shinseki think it's very good i think it's good that women too can show what they can do the. science she seems to me to be a very stable minister. and isn't i think she does a really good job and i have complete confidence in her. but not everyone was so positive when the new defense minister took a stance on a topic that is widely unpopular in germany increasing the country's defense
9:13 am
spending germany is not on track to meet the nato wide goal to spend 2 percent of g.d.p. on defense in a newspaper interview comcast and always said she now plans on changing that. we have made a clear commitment to nato is 2 percent target it is clear that the 2 percent will not be achieved overnight but it is equally clear that we have to strive towards that. that's why she plans to demand more money for the bundeswehr and budget talks at the end of the year that has annoyed her party's center left at t.d. coalition partners perhaps by design to. call its own so this is about saying as the c.d.u. leader now i call the shots in the coalition and the other point is that the blunders van needs funding and it is not really coming by the budget that's completely independent of whether the 2 percent is achieved or not why put centcom and order a new there are things that were promised to nato to stand by units done by at craft and ships and that will cost more money than is already planned in advantage
9:14 am
i get close to the momentum holds out on your plot just but money alone does not buy happiness something her predecessor was in a fund a lie and also understood many of the bundeswehr its problems involve procurement difficulties unsuitable materials and slow moving systems perseverance is needed some doubt whether comm come on down will have the staying power. he told her is slow because daniel had to since the troops it's been a bit skeptical because they're afraid that this is just a springboard for the future chancellor to get counsel than that the defense ministry is too complex and too important and the expectations especially of germany's allies towards the country are too high for this to be seen as just an intermediate step but he'll have to provide a lot more different person. on a client come may have wanted to buy a good start with the troubled one despair but whether she'll manage to secure a bigger defense budget remains in the air. this is did have news live from berlin
9:15 am
still to come on the show with just one year to go until the tokyo olympic games organizers say its sales are unprecedented but it is not all smooth sailing in japan as for the slide down. but 1st israel has drawn criticism from germany and other e.u. countries after the israeli army destroyed palestinian homes in east jerusalem and a joint statement cosigned by france britain and spain berlin says it is deeply concerned about the demolitions israeli authorities say the buildings were a security risk. in east jerusalem today is the day after and all that is left are piles of rubble eateries abouta here is stunned. this is politics it's not about security i just want to settle here. on monday israeli soldiers demolished 4 palestinian houses and more are said to follow this follows
9:16 am
a ruling by israeli's highest court which took years to decide the court ruled the building stood too close to israel's security fence. minister gilad aired on tweeted that the houses endangered israel security terrorists could use them as a base from which to attack. palestinians are protesting the ruling they say international law allows them to build here and the palestinian authority legally approved the construction of the e.u. has also condemned the demolitions calling them largely illegal. we expect the easterly authorities to meet the fault at the execution of the ongoing demolitions but israel plans to continue the destruction justifying its actions by its own court ruling. while one year from today tokyo will be welcoming the world to the summer olympics organizers are heading into the final phase of preparations with ticket sales already said to be unprecedented tokyo was seen as
9:17 am
a safe choice after the decision to award the 2016 games to rio but there are still better number of problems from accusations of corruption in the bidding process to concerns about safety at construction sites. as interest builds in tokyo 2020 be a now is to keep preparations on schedule and organize the seem to be hitting targets one year to go all the excitement is growing here you've seen the unprecedented level of interest in ticket sales with $3200000.00 souls having been sold in the 1st phase the venue's also appear to be coming along only 3 remaining complete including the olympic stadium which is just missing its track and field. or all need about 90 percent of the construction work has been completed and as you can see almost all the building
9:18 am
work is done. we're now just working on the facilities inside the stadium. of all this but preparations for these olympics haven't always been smooth sailing a report released in may found that the construction workers for the venue's were working long hours and in dangerous conditions suspicions of corruption have also hung over the tokyo 2020 bit earlier this year the head of japan's a limpid committee stepped down amid allegations of vote buying. and costs are another headache the original budget for the olympics will sit around $7000000000.00 euros that is now expected to skyrocket to more than 4 times that amount and taxpayers will have to foot most of the bill. the whole budget now is about $30000000000.00 and huge amounts of public funds flow into huge corporations while the poor are a victim excluded and marginalized. the heat is also
9:19 am
a major concern countermeasures however will be put in place organizers are encouraging the use of umbrellas also on air conditioning lounges access to water sprays. but all these concerns have not dump and excitement ahead of tokyo 2020. years from now just like a previous olympics concerns will fade once national fever grips the country. of our top stories this hour boris johnson will become british prime minister today following his election as leader of the governing conservative party was locked up with a large majority. thanks so much .
9:20 am
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in the world really getting better close 3000 special report. starts august 19th. you thought you heard all the bad news from deutsche bank well think again germany's biggest lender now is the 2nd quarter losses of 3000000000 euros a massive job cuts all failed much. off all those 4 barq's radio gallic in.


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