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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  July 24, 2019 6:30am-7:01am CEST

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a new audience is consumption you and i consider that and then listen to what the vice president of the european commission what he said today about you know what's coming from london take a listen the world's politics is rife with colorful people these days if you can't deal with it there's not much you could do. my vice would be just to you know to stick to your position and have a reasonable attitude and stick to the position that this is the best deal possible . and i think this is the approach the european leaders will have no i mean that the european union saying that we're not changing our story it's going to reset mayor boris johnson it's the same exactly and and also the european union has been united it has said we have the withdrawal agreement on the table we are sticking to that there is no reason for us to reopen that withdrawal agreement and also from the u.k. side there is no concrete plan either so why should the european union stray from the line that it's taken it will require some serious thinking and some serious
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politics from boris johnson to try to get brussels to move and that's been completely lacking and frankly the leadership and the irony too is that that 3 times rejected plan by theresa may for breaks that it is still not dead her her time as prime minister is over but that plan may come back to this also 2nd could benefit a circle political declaration which is not legally binding i.e. then won't be a bit of room for maneuver there to basically give boris johnson some kind of flowery aims that he can bring back to london but still it came back to the point he still faces palm tree of arithmetic that he's against him so he might ultimately have to come to face the think he doesn't want a general election or even a 2nd referendum because ultimately there's no of the way out of the brakes conundrum let me ask you both about the world beyond today the u.s. president dollar trump he congratulated boris johnson i think he was one of the 1st leaders if not the 1st leader to do so take a listen. we have
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a really good man is going to be the prime minister of the u.k. now for some. tough smart. this is a britain truck they call a top and speak with saying that's a good thing that they like me over there that's what they want. ok barber that when do you britain truong. or do you remember that it may come to be a man liberation soon london the biggest we have a son. he has we have a saw. and what about this notion of boris johnson being a british version of donald trump. now that seems rather clear and present danger about the bigger danger is really that
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he will lead britain to the point where it becomes. donald trump who will i mean if in there was tony blair and george w. bush the british population populations does remember that is really stuck in collective memory and if he goes that way things can go very wrong very quickly for him look at iraq. crisis with iran if he now turns if he doesn't get from these european allies what she wants quickly enough in a military way he might turn to washington and say ok i go was the americans what does that mean that he will adopt is more villager and stance towards iran that he will lose the support and the alliance was paris and berlin and it will be a whole different ball game in foreign policy will he do it nobody you know it is a danger and of course bracks it if he does throw his luck was donald trump and
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says all we really need is a really quick good trade deal with the united states he can probably have it and he might throw british interests overboard so that is really what is behind this and boris johnson seems to be not principled enough to avoid it let me ask both of you before we run out of time we know the. tober 31st a lot can happen between now and then will boris johnson be prime minister on. our job or 31st john you and then are going to not really think he will be because i think by the also him he's majority will have disappeared he will have to face a general election the tea party leader says he made a seat which is sold in the remaining region in london and so therefore 31st what type of british political crisis when most of comes to an end but boris johnson many of them have the last word what do you think. pretty
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similar to what john sajid the british betting shops are now offering odds of $6.00 to $1.00 that far east johnson is going to be out by christmas i sort of might put some money on that all right if you were a betting woman that is. on the story for his tonight in london in all don we're here at the table john's a betting man as well to both of you thank you. in the united states 2 police officers have been fired after reportedly suggesting on facebook that someone should shoot congresswoman alexandria cortez now what you're looking at here is a screenshot of that face book posed which has since been deleted a police officer from louisiana refers to the congresswoman as a vial idiot who needs around you right further i don't mean the kind that she used
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to serve now that is a reference to past job as a bartender where she served up rounds of drinks around in this case rivers to a round of you guessed it ammunition. well today the chief of police in gretna louisiana fired the 2 officers here's part of what he had to say the investigation was conducted. the officer did fully cooperate with the of this to gauge and gave a statement. and was terminated earlier today from the gretna police department. along with that in part of the investigation in our internal affairs found that a 2nd officer. was involved and like the post. and that officer as well has been terminated from the granite police department.
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both of these officers we consider have violated our. policies regarding social media. we have a 0. tolerance policy and. this incident we feel has been an embarrassment to our department you know embarrassments that has cost money to officers their jobs has crossed now into the u.s. capitol in washington d.c. where our very own all over salad is on the story for us tonight good evening to you oliver so what more do we know about this disturbing to say the least case. well that's certainly a new quality of a police officer obviously representing law enforcement in the united states if he takes to his personal facebook account and there are calls for a congresswoman of the united states to be shot and in addition to that it seems
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like the police officer fell for a fake news story that is he posted an article that was falsely quoting congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez saying that soldiers are getting paid too much so the article itself was branded satire and if you put that article into a fat fact checking website here in the us then you would get a result saying that the source of this article is a website that frequently publishes mis information. and so we don't know whether or not the police officer knew that whether you acted deliberately or whether he just fell for that fake news story but eventually he got fired for violating the social media guidelines of his department and together with him a colleague who liked his facebook account combination of news and hate speech and maybe incitement to violence as well not a good indian beer we knew all over this isn't the 1st time that cause you words as
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has faced abuse while we know if this is it. or right and we have to mention that this whole case comes on the heels of an ongoing story and for those who haven't followed it it's president trump's racist tweets against for congresswoman where he insulted them and said that they have to go back to the countries they came from now 3 of them were actually born in the united states and all of them of course have the american citizenship which is a prerequisite of becoming congress mental congresswoman here in the united states but these 4 nonwhites. 5 6 congress women are the ideal opponents for president trying he's really trying hard to make them the faces off the democratic party for being what he says radical socialists in fact there are simply progressive and having ideas like free health care free education but that obviously attacking them
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goes down very well with donald trump supporters over we should point out there is a new opinion poll out since. those tweets. for congresswomen the july poll by n.p.r. p.b.s. and nearest college shows approval rating among registered voters you have reached a new high of 44 percent and again that's an after trump's twitter attacks against those 4 progressive democratic congresswoman including alexandria calls you. so busy before we run out of time let me ask you what do these numbers tell us. well the approval rating is still low in comparison but at the same time it's the highest that this particular poll has ever recorded and that comes after his series of racist tweets so it does seem like he's successful with what he's doing and he's
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actually even admitting that he was asked recently by a reporter you not afraid that a these tweets could be considered racist and he said no not at all because those a lot of people like what i'm saying here and that is now obviously reflected in these recent polls that the more he is inside doing this kind of hate speech the more at least as voter base will parts of his voter base are voting or supporting him and seeing thinking that is right what he's saying there it is really over what is coming 2020. well the trump is playing with fear here and he's done that before and you have just have to look back to the midterm elections for example where he instead of focusing on the booming economy you focused on a caravan track getting closer to the southern border of the united states that he believes is the biggest threat for the united states and we are going to get a similar election campaign in 2020 for sure our rights are very own all over sell
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it on the story for us in washington tonight all over thank you. well the day is always done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at g.w. news or you can follow me at weren't going for t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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economies can't function properly even in times of demand without skilled workers. which dean out of the housing. with food shortages. scarcity is increasingly making things difficult for companies and entire economy what's causing this and what can be done to connect the. made in germany next on d w. how we're consumerism is causing a radical depletion of forests. for 25. years in response to the 1st. visit.
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forests and money. the tragic reality behind the exploitation of jungle conflicts. it seems like the world is getting more. foreigners catastrophe's all sorts of problems. but global 3000 talked to a team of british researchers who take a more optimistic view. the wild. life. how. is the world really getting better. look over $3000.00 special report. starts a look at 19. empty
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shelves long queues for food and everyday items for people in the form a communist eastern germany it was a part of reality an economy cum run out of many things food fuel raw materials but also work as staff city has many faces out topic today the ingredients to keep an economy running and what to do when supply is drying up economics of gas to. and we start with shortages of stuff what can you do if you can't find enough people to work for you these days even god is looking for stuff well at least the organizations doing god's business down here on earth the catholic church is having
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problems filling the ranks of the nuns we went to a convent in western germany that is struggling to stay afloat. this isn't just a place for christian reflection and prayer it's also a business. the team is made up entirely of women. that benedictine nuns and they run. it receives no funding from the catholic. it has to pay its own way and there are all the risks. right now its main problem is a staff shortage. why does the you know we don't have as many young sisters as we would like.
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10 of the 27 nuns here 80 years old and there's only one novice in training nonce don't pay into the state pension fund so they don't qualify for an old age pension . the idea has always been that the younger sisters support the older ones to some extent. now that the ratio of older to younger sisters is so high it's becoming difficult. almost all our older sisters don't get a pension. so we reflect the situation the german pension system as a whole finds itself in one isn't it as. solidarity is the foundation of this monastic community the members support each other. 2 sisters teach theology at universities that pay flows into the communal coffers.


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