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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 24, 2019 2:00am-2:03am CEST

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no proof of whoever exists. every 10 minutes. this is. $10000000.00 people in the world the stakes have no nationality and a total made up of dollars and such that everyone has the right. to everyone has the right to say. boris johnson has been chosen as britain's next prime minister after winning a vote for conservative party leader the former london mayor and foreign minister defeated rival john the hunt taking around 2 thirds of party members ballots he promised to deliver praxis by an october 31st deadline. the swedish based operator of the british flag tanker seized by iran last week in the strait of hormuz says it is still waiting for permission to visit the ship's 23 crew members
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none of the stain imperils crew are british citizens they are mostly indian and filipino but also include russian and lafayette nationals. marc esper has been sworn in as u.s. secretary of defense the ceremony took place just hours after the u.s. senate confirmed the army veteran on a strong bipartisan vote of $90.00 to $8.00 the pentagon had been without a permanent top official for a record 7 months. power is slowly being restored across venezuela after a massive blackout plunge millions of people into darkness president nicolas maduro has blamed a cyber attack on a hydroelectric plant venezuela's energy minister said power has been restored to the capital caracas and at least 5 of the $23.00 states. this is the last night to resubmit a will be able to call 10 downing street ho she's moving out tomorrow to make way
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for the man known as bourse boris johnson became head of the conservative party today in britain to morrow he'll become head of government the new prime minister tonight as boris johnson prepares to make the biggest move of his life the crises testing the country unlike any since 1945 well those problems they aren't going anywhere i'm. this is the day. first on some. of the things that. we know the mantra of the campaign that is just. deliver great sin unite the country and defeat. his message just perhaps. you know i think it's.


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