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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 23, 2019 3:00am-3:03am CEST

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for 25. years. as it. forests and money. the tragic reality behind the explosion. starts july 24th on the job. britain has said it is joining with european allies to form a maritime protection mission in the strait of hormuz foreign secretary jeremy hunt announced the mission on monday but gave no further details the move comes after a run sees a u.k. flag oil tanker in the strait on friday. tehran says it has identified and captured 17 iranian nationals it claims are working as spies for the american cia and iranian state television has reported
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that some of those taken to custody have already been sentenced to death at. hong kong's beijing backed leader kerry lamb has condemned a night of violence that left people in the chinese territory in shock. a 7 straight weekend of anti-government protests descended into violence police fired rubber bullets at protesters headed for the office of china's communist party and suspected members of criminal gangs attacked demonstrators in a subway station. on the streets of the capital san juan to vent their anger at the refusal of governor ricardo to resign reseller has been under pressure to step down after the publication of sexist and homophobic text messages exchanged by him and his team. had already promised to not run for reelection next year.
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or is bore china's answer to u.s. tech stocks index nasdaq is off to a stellar start with surging stock prices creating several new billionaires but analysts warn that the star market may yet come barreling down to earth. also coming up norway says it wants its sovereign wealth fund to become green but environmentalists say that's just lip service either way the funds investments have become a seated topic of debate. and robots and alcohol makes we take you to an unusual bar in prague to find out. this is the business i'm on in berlin thanks for joining us it's the latest step in china's ongoing bid for tech superpower status the newly created tech exchange called star market had a debut of ask.


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