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actor kevin spacey was one of the most high profile people to be accused of sexual assault as the me too scandal erupted in hollywood a couple of years ago the allegations against him cost him his lead role in house of cards and then he saw his scenes edited out of the movie all the money in the world and he was replaced by veteran actor christopher plummer now in a dramatic turn the only criminal case so far brought against casey has collapsed after his accuser refused to testify. already it is one of the few criminal cases to be brought after allegations came to light during hollywood's me too sexual assault scandal but now u.s. prosecutors have dropped the case against actor kevin spacey he had been accused of groping an 18 year old man in a bar in 2016 spacy deny the allegations the charges of indecent assault and
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battery would dropped after the case collapsed when the accuser refused to testify about a phone he lost the defense had said the missing phone contained text messages that could have proved the actor's innocence in december last year as news broke that speccy was going to be charged the actor released a video spoken in the style of his character frank underwood from the netflix series house of cards in it he urged people not to judge him in a trial by media before facts were proved in a court of law. i know what you want. you want me back. of course believed everything and i just been waiting with bated breath to hear me confess it all but you wouldn't believe the worst without evidence or you would rush to judgment without facts would you while spacey faced sexual misconduct accusations from several men this was the only one to result in a criminal case but what now for the 2 time oscar winner scour films including the
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usual suspects as the misconduct allegations against spacey mounted his acting career came to a sudden halt and he was dropped from house of cards but whether spacey will return to acting is another issue while the criminal case may have been dismissed the court of public opinion may be less willing to forget. my colleague david levitt has mole this is an interesting situation david the only cold case against spacey as now being dropped so can he put all this behind him that well the short answer robyn is no because this plaintiff in this case that's been dropped is just one of more than 2 dozen men who have brought allegations of sexual misconduct against him and it's not just up to the court of public opinion there are still investigations going on in britain so we may see you see criminal charges brought against him yet ok but these accusations started in october 27th at almost the
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same time as the harvey weinstein why has it taken so long for any legal action well part of it is the statute of limitations on sexual crimes in the u.s. and in many countries a lot of these allegations are just too old to prosecute now and another aspect though is that this kind of case is really hard to try because it really relies on credibility of witness testimonies and like in this case when you don't have the main witness testifying the case basically dissolves in this case the plaintiff william little had said spacey got him drunk put his hand down little's pants for several minutes which little says that he recorded on his cell phone now all these issues came up with that cell phone little's mother admitted in court that she had deleted some images from his cell phone that were of the plaintiff smoking marijuana and so on things she said had nothing to do with the case but there were questions that maybe something else might have been deleted from that phone and in
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the end william little didn't testify because he was afraid that he might incriminate himself so the the prosecution's case basically dissolved ok what does this mean for space she's acting career well in light of this news a lot of space the fans on twitter have been saying bring him back it's such a waste of talent not to have him spacey for his part. also seems to think that he's coming back i think it may be possible but right now in this post me 2 climate it's hard to imagine i mean things have changed so much if you think back a few years ago to woody allen and the sexual abuse allegations against him the prevailing attitude then was well we don't really know let's give him the benefit of the doubt let's let him continue making his movies and now we've done a $180.00 to this point where it's with kevin spacey and with jeffrey tambor from the amazon series transparent the attitude is this person is toxic get them off this we don't need
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a court conviction ok this case is done harvey weinstein is finally going to be tried this september what can we expect weinstein is pleading not guilty on charges of rape of one woman and sexual assault against another he just got a new legal team last week his new lawyer donna rosato is an outspoken critic of me too she says that women need to be responsible for their own actions to which one of the accusers lawyers said well when will weinstein be held responsible for his actions weinstein is currently out on a $1000000.00 bail he may be acquitted but hollywood has something clear signal that he's not making any more movies ok david as always thank you for your insights would be interesting to see if kevin spacey does return to our screens and the times. post-war america the johnson publishing company was almost single handedly responsible for promoting black culture and the african american identity in their magazines like ebony now the artist to gary is being given free
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reign to plunder their extensive archive of over 4000000 images and has conceived and co-curator than exhibition is currently on show here in berlin massing gropius museum. beautiful provocative. the exhibition the black image corporation puts the estates of african-american identity on display the photos from the middle of the last century were taken by pulitzer prize winner monisha slate and we're now in fashion photographer isaac sutton both of whom worked for johnson publishing photos of exquisite high end bridal gowns the celebrities like jacqueline kennedy the dresses with designs by and large the 1st internationally acclaimed african american fashion designer stories about people like you were told in the 1st glossy magazines written for. the magazine's provided representation and. as well as expanding.
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of the united states. also the way that ebony and jet celebrated blackness and it was really something that the black community was excited to look at because it was a celebration of so many different iterations of what cutie could mean. out of the white space the opulent legacy of the johnson publishing company including footage of the original editorial rooms is also under splay conceptual artist he asked to gates and his tenko curated the interactive exhibition. and i'm a big fan of the fact that you can also build an intimate relationship with the work and that was also important for p.s. to gates. so you can go to the cabinet here like you do is home and think about what you're going to put out next you can be your own curator and more than that the visitor and that's important to us. there are more than 100 photos to put up
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close away move about and get to know and visitors can leave their own selection for others to encounter. you can also thumb through original copies of ebony and jet. the black image corporation is an unusual photo exhibition that invites to citizens to browse and marvel at images that help define. black america. folk dancing now like you've never seen before normally you expect traditional costumes dances to hold hands in a circle and maybe an occasional funny slap this area and troop of 4 men called friction i like to do a bit of slapping tube of that incredible high speed was dancing frenetically in fact they've been labeled the fastest dances in the world.
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really 1937 handclaps and 4 taps in 2 minutes that's a new world record nobody's faster with their fast paced mix of tap and hungry and folk dance fresh has taken audiences from new york city to beijing by storm how did go up and the others manage it. success or for being a powerful profession now is not is not how you doing thing it's an attitude. which includes plenty of self discipline and at least 3 hours of practice a day and as many as 10 in the run up to performance. that used to work more on developing their muscles but now. they concentrate on speed and endurance. the supervising tempo and all that slapping her the bit. you know. her
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majesty the queen is about the 2nd the same. just. off the stage and she. do when your. hands and and he said yes. first got together in 2009. to perform both alone and together with other groups with musicians or with anyone else who experiments with rhythms. all 4 grew up in rule hungary they joined folk dance groups early on and they still studied the traditional dance styles from the one gary and heartache the dance normally their performed in a more leisurely pace. energetic
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quartet is constantly working on new ideals in their shows they use the projections their mission is to bring one gary in traditions to a younger audience. their perfectionists that push themselves to their physical limits on stage and on the set of their new promotional video. they call to beat the image of the muscular man and they enjoy the enthusiastic reaction. to what they observe one iron rule no dancing at play. nicol events preacher won't let anyone misuse their love of tradition for any political agenda they just want to dance and set new records and they are certainly not lacking in energy and enthusiasm.
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are thinking of ending with some funny sloppy myself but i'll leave it to the professionals but say it for arts and culture thanks very much for watching and join us at the same time tomorrow if you can bob i shall not.
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this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight u.s. president donald trump trying to distance himself from the racist chance he presided over just 24 hours ago step in that. i disagree with. supporters at the rally chanted that send her back when he repeated his attack on fort the democratic congresswoman that he was branded as unpatriotic also coming up tonight japan in shock as the death toll of the arson attack on an animation studio rises to.


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