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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  July 16, 2019 4:45pm-5:00pm CEST

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let's do business who's in charge when it comes to drilling in the world's largest enclosed see the mediterranean ever since trillions of cubic meters of natural gas were found off cyprus a dispute over ownership has been bubbling away between cyprus turkey and greece they all claim drilling rights spat is worth billions of euros geologists say the deposit could hold as much as 3 and a half trillion cubic meters of fossil fuels a windfall for energy industries here in europe the area off the south west coast is especially contentious the european union says only cyprus has the right to drill there but turkey is also state the claim sending several ships to hunt for gas the e.u. has responded with sanctions which calls worthless. a warm welcome for turkey's top diplomat he's in north macedonia on a state visit. but the e.u.'s recent decision to slap turkey was sanctions over on
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korea's ongoing gas conflict with cyprus cast a long shadow over the meeting and the turkish foreign minister said his government would respond. why do. we have 3 ships there or that god willing we will send a 4th ship to the eastern mediterranean as soon as possible. the presence of the turkish ships and what cyprus considers its exclusive waters 1st prompted the cypriot government to raise the alarm with the e.u. last week. on monday eve foreign ministers meeting in brussels agreed to cut 145800000 euros in aid to turkey next year. and it's very clear that we stand behind cyprus this makes sense since we never recognize the turkish occupation of northern cyprus is normal for ciphers to want to define its own natural resources or to be conducive to. the e.u. also suspended negotiations over an aviation deal and cancelled several senior political meetings experts estimate the seabed off cyprus holds more than
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200000000000 cubic meters of natural gas deposits turkey insist its exploration of the area is legal. is the extra speed is also highly political japan coping exports to south korea that have bottle for making chips and semiconductors the likes of samsung now scrambling to find new supplies is could seriously disrupt global supply chains both leaders of japan and south korea busy playing to their own supporters it's images like these that form the backdrop to the trade dispute between the 2 asian powerhouses hundreds of thousands of koreans were forced to work for japanese companies when japan ruled the korean peninsula more than 70 years ago. last year south korean courts order the number of japanese companies to compensate the aging victims but firms like nippon steel and mitsubishi said the matter was settled under a bilateral treaty in 1965 back then japan paid the equivalent of $300000000.00 in
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compensation that's the equivalent of $2400000000.00 in today's money japan's government says the export restrictions on materials vital to south korea and high tech companies like samsung have nothing to do with the dispute. going on you know i'm sure we have made it clear that our move to carry out export controls appropriately is for national security purposes tight also it's not a counter measure for these court rulings therefore what south korean president moon said yesterday again does not apply to what we are doing either with or state you should meet it weaknesses. japan says it has restricted exports of hydrogen fluoride and other materials because south korea does not only use them to produce smartphones but also ships them to north korea where the chemical could be used to make weapons and accusations south korea denies. you know what it is
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a grave challenge against our government to purchase follow the u.n. security council resolutions and devoted all efforts to bring peace to the korean peninsula within the limits of sanction is a forgery. and south korea hasn't ruled over tallying poll shows 67 percent of south koreans are willing to boycott japanese products like beer and cars. china's latest growth figures have investors waiting to see how they will affect the global growth quarterly results for the world's 2nd largest economy expanded by 6.2 percent the worst performance in decades its trade dispute with the us is hurting industries are also fears a history of unregulated lending could trigger a debt crisis slowing chinese growth is also a source of concern for german companies especially the car makers folks wagon generates a 3rd of its profits there the chinese market accounts for 12 percent of diamonds
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sales 14 percent of b.m.w. and 10 percent of the industrial conglomerate siemens for the slowdown could really put on the brakes globally let's go over to frank for our financial correspondent daniel corpuz standing by daniel i've spoken to many analysts who said we're just going to have to get used to even lower numbers and that that's the trajectory what do you reckon. obana g.d.p. growth off a 6.2 percent that's what traders are telling me here is actually still strong in many countries here in europe they would like to have growth numbers like that but we have to remember china is still considered as an emerging market and these markets need a very fast growing economy well will have to get toward when we talk about 2 scenarios 1st if china runs out of liquidity and is not able to get more loans we have to remember that china has an enormous amount of debt and 2nd if the chinese
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government decides to stop their stimulus program was taxed. that's for example in order to give the economy a boost in this scenario experts believe that china g.d.p. would be only at the level of about 3 percent ok so quite a lot of caution and a wait and see approach i guess to that stimulus but in the meantime the germans sound even gloomier about the outlook. yeah exactly what i would even say that investors here at the market are seeing all of this negative they don't care if the g.d.p. figures in china are down are 6.2 or i don't know 6.9 percent because they believe that these numbers are mostly political motivate us and they are always released extremely fast but of course for certain industries this occurrence situation is not easy at all you were talking about car makers here from germany let me share for example with you what what p. is a is going through from france right now their sales numbers dropped in china or in the in the last month by 60 percent so they are even more worried ok so some real
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numbers there to get really worried about then of course with the analysis from frankfurt thank you very much. a new space race is on and this time he plays are involved not just more nations trying to launch into outer space land on the moon or colonise mas but also private companies investors are throwing about a lot of cash and a traditional german competitor in the sector is raking in the profits. this is a retro reflector especially ground lens made of course glass this class is so pure that you could see through 100 meter thick book as if it were a window. prisms like this or found an instrument that the apollo astronauts took to the moon 50 years ago. even today it allows us to measure the precise distance between the earth and the moon. and.
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with so much media coverage the moon landing was a prestige project for anyone who had anything to do with it with our company here a us became known for its involvement we received requests especially on the follow up missions because we've been there and provided material that really lasts that long. courts class has been produced here for more than a 100 years the family owned company is proficiency in various manufacturing processes even developed in patented it's own to give the courts specific properties among other things for use in space. the 1st robot to land on a comet had quartz glass from the german company. so too does the european space observatory that's mapping the milky way.
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there are more and more satellites facing bigger and bigger challenges ordinary glass won't do so people come to our company to find out if we have solutions then develop the products together with our customers. unlike conventional us the high purity material cannot be recycled by melting no mistakes can be allowed to happen during production and processing the light must be able to spread equally well throughout the glass this is checked here with a microscope millimeter by millimeter in space the court's glass is exposed to extreme radiation as well as temperature fluctuations of several 100 degrees it has to work reliably repairs are not possible. and that's why so many tests are performed in the space program they give us manufacturers as much information about the material as possible situations that were previously impossible to test at our factory. but there is not that much money
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to be made from space travel instead the knowledge gained here opens up new uses for quartz glass on the earth such as in particle accelerators this block is soon headed for the u.s. there it will be cut up and ground into reflectors for the next generation of g.p.s. satellites. and finally before we go it was meant to spock global shopping spree knots transatlantic protests amazon's annual prime day event 2 days of online discounts stuff instead of taken to the streets here in germany demanding higher wages and warehouse workers have also walked out in the united states they want better working conditions and more job security hours on says it is improving conditions point to a recent pay hike it also says that it is fair unions say the retail giant's discounts to customers come at the expense of its own employees salaries.
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guys are in business with it.
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. is a state of the news live from atlanta john is also to follow the law and makes a final pitch for the european union's top job if we are unite on the insight no body will do you fight us from the outset. there was a big commission president also outlines a position on a range of divisive issues like climate migration and back sets.


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