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this is d.w. news live from berlin stern of words for europe on its duty to care for refugees the united nations tells brussels it needs to do do more to stop migrants from drowning in the mediterranean the u.n. wants the e.u. to resume rescue missions and seat despite resistance from some member states also coming up new orleans braces for tropical storm barry residents of the u.s. city are being advised to stock up on supplies and prepare to take shelter as the storm bears down on the gulf coast. plus serena williams steps on the grass of
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wimbledon in the final later today but there's more at stake than just another grand slam title we'll take a look at the latest record and sometimes. i'm calm assman thanks for joining us to united nations agencies are urging europe to take more responsibility for migrants in the mediterranean the un's refugee agency and the international organization for migration have called on the european union nations to relaunch rescue missions that saved people from drowning earlier this year the e.u. suspended its main naval operation that carried out these rescues critics say that is having deadly consequences. bodies of drowned migrants have brought to the chinese in shore 82 people went missing when the boat sank on july 1st
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most have since been or tray from the water dead the migrants started their journey in war torn libya and drifted into ginny's in waters before sinking one of the few survivors remembers have that calls for help went unanswered. have not and i don't doubt that he and i get older you know pins in pick us up in the water on the. it was sinking. but they did not answer our call. on the. operations of the european union effort to curb migrant flows across the mediterranean stopped rescuing shipwrecked people in march and italy's populace government has shut ports to private rescue ships the country's interior minister says his policy has been a success. i mean you know i mean prevention is better than the cure and therefore we're down from 80000 the rivals in this period in 27 seen just 17000 last year
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just 3000 this year so you know that all of that i mean. the private rescue organizations have been challenging south in these hard line approach. there was arrested after she illegally docked the sea watch 3 italian island of lampedusa with 40 rescued migrants on board and the long term hope that you will change its policy and that will be a safe possibility for people refugees in particular to cross station so that some rescue will not be needed anymore. in the short term however we hope that the criminalization of rescuers will stop so that those who want to help the people in need able to do so without any fear of 1st time and channel. e.u. rescue operations were halted because the block was on they were to agree on how to distribute migrants amongst the member states so for now the private rescue groups
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i ships like to say watch 3 of the best to save migrants lives it's a. in that report we heard italian interior minister matteo salvini discussing how many migrants have arrived in italy in recent years let's take a look now at the numbers across europe fewer people are arriving in europe by sea compared with the peak of the migration crisis in 2015 even so nearly 30000 people arrived in the 1st half of this year now these here are the 3 main sea routes to get to europe via greece via spain and finally through italy and malta the number of people traveling from turkey to greece has also been falling but it's still the most common route by sea and increasing number of migrants are making the journey from morocco to spain but it's still not considered a mass migration route and relatively few migrants are traveling from libya to
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italy and malta just over 4000 people but for those who try it this is the most dangerous route more than 400 people have drowned this here for more on this we are joined now by mateo villa he's a research fellow and migration specialist at the italian institute for international political studies in milan now operation sofia that's the e.u.'s mission in the mediterranean it's still active but it no longer undertakes these sea rescues what exactly was behind that decision. yeah i mean do you have to you know bring down all rescues but actually it's gone on much more. than we thought for instance the yusufiyah was meant to the trafficking business as muddling business so destroying boats but clearly given the. duty to rescue people then you should have rescued people and he brought actually sure to italy
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marked out another country 35000 people in that team clearly into crossfire of you know the police going back to reading my short suit what happened yet it's being discontinued at sea on it goes on. here but you know the decision march this year but the truth is sophia has not done rescue. training necessary when it came. to power in italy last year the rescue said be done by any ship in the operations of fear so there's been quite a consensus throughout europe there given the current situation in italy. even before there was put into police actions it's like we have a few problems with us and we apologize for that but let's go back now to 2014 since then see missions by the e.u. by italy and by n.g.o.s they rescued tens of thousands of migrants really saving
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a lot of lives however italian interior minister matteo salvini says not making these rescues is actually saving lives and how do you square those 2 argument. i mean it's it's hard to say it's true that. not at sea or not or with the to do rescues it doesn't appear to change much in terms of the research of of it see india and its number of people to the 20 names you resign it seems to me. it's going up to 88 percent but it doesn't mean it doesn't mean that just and rescue operation is being discontinued because. up to 8 percent before it was 2 percent so it seems to be to time systematically but there's no precise good relation between engineers or t.v.'s and this i mean sunnis not dead wrong there it's true that all research risk operations are actually brought down there is good death and. there it's not just n.g.o.s and private rescuers it's also probably
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rescues that are sort of rescues that have been discontinued just brought up the risk of dead sea. from the italian institute for international political studies thank you very much. turning now to the u.s. where undocumented immigrants are bracing for deportation raids this weekend president donald trump has confirmed that red are all immigration agents will target thousands of the estimated 1000000 people with removal orders critics say that may include those living u.s. years and families who have not yet had a court here trump said the raids will focus mainly on criminals. here's what the president himself had to say. hundreds of people know about a major operation the word gets out it gets out it starts on sunday and they're going to take people out are they going to bring a back to their countries or they're going to take criminals out put him in prison
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or put him in prison in the countries they came from were focused on criminals but we get they came in illegally they have to go out. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world at least 26 people are dead after al shabaab militants stormed a hotel in somalia among the dead or a politician foreigners and journalists security forces in kismayo say they ended the siege and killed the militants the group has been trying to topple the government for more than a decade police in new zealand say that a buyback of automatic weapons has begun successfully gun owners in the city of christ church handed in more than 200 firearms automatic and semi automatic weapons were banned in the wake of deadly attacks on 2 mosques in christchurch in march. activists in hong kong are holding fresh protests in the town and near the border with mainland china they're demonstrating against the activities of traders from
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mainland china who operate in the area the rally follows weeks of protests in hong kong against policies seem to favor china's central government. in the united states new orleans is bracing for a massive downpour as tropical storm barry begins lashing the coast barry has been moving slowly towards the easy ana and weather forecasters say this means it's likely to dump more water more than 30000 people have lost power in the states and authorities are urging people to make preparations. hoping for the best preparing for the worst with tropical storm barry on its way louisiana residents are filling sandbags to shore up their homes authorities have warned of severe flooding saying the storm's impact could be extreme. we do expect that this storm will be slow moving what that means is that there is a possibility is as it's moving slow that we're going to get heavy rainfall for up
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to 48 hours it could be 48 hours potential rainfall consistent rainfall over the city of new orleans people in this city know the dangers back in 2005 new orleans was devastated by hurricane katrina more than a 1000 people were killed in louisiana alone. this time the storm will hit when the mississippi river is already at flood level people have been warned to stock up and stay at home over the weekend tourists are also taking steps to stay safe we'll make sure we're on the 2nd. season is going to really. just be you see the market you're. going to be right here for. parts of new orleans have already been flooded since wednesday with tropical storm
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barry set to make landfall on saturday residents here know the worst is still to come. in tennis at wimbledon and the women's final late light final later today serina williams will take on the scene mona serino will be looking for her 8th victory at wimbledon but she has another even greater milestone in mind one more tournaments title would bring her level as the most successful player of all time. i was on the cast of making tennis history i already a legend and considered one of the greats of the sport the 37 year old has the chance to stand alone as the greatest woman to ever play the game i am i love what i do ignore i wake up every morning and i get to be fit and i get to play sport and i get to play in front of crowds like at
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wimbledon not everyone can do that you know it's like if you really just kind of break it down and i have a great job and i love what i do and i'm still pretty good for what i do i guess so . but she faces a very unpredictable opponent in someone to have that kind of herself chasing her very 1st wimbledon title i you know it's an amazing feeling and really excited even though so nervous because of this it's one of the best moments of my life so i'm trying just to enjoy as much as possible and could be happy that they could go through the 5. millions can take comfort in numbers she's won 9 of the previous 10 meetings but this isn't just serino versus how that it's arena versus history. she's within touching distance of equalling moggridge quartz record 24 major winds a record that has stood for 46 years one victory will do the job but she struggled
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to overcome that last hurdle since 2017 using a nasty as u.s. open and wimbledon finals i. needs to muslims to stand alone as the greatest but she'll be turning $38.00 in september and that means time is running out i already one of the all time greats there was take a look at the top story that we're following for you at this hour the united nations has told brussels it needs to do more to stop migrants from drowning in the . the u.n. wants the e.u. to resume rescue missions it seems despite resistance from some member states. and don't forget you can always get news on the go just download our app from google play or from the app store and that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for breaking news you can also use that d w app to send us your photos and your face.
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