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you suffocating program tonight from the c.z. tower i would say down to the africa join us on facebook and w. africa. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word alleged in the. rico is in germany to learn german why not go with him simple online on your mobile and free. d w z learning course nikos free german made easy. this is the africa coming up on the program so. it's for old and i'm tempted to cool rebel soldiers have been rounded up officials and how to see you power sharing deal with program across the groups will be signed this weekend also coming up. designed to meet this specific needs of african countries. is being tested in
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downtown beijing protect the environment and create local jobs. she is young and super talented this nigerian artist is reinvention the art of drawing she's using it to express the challenges in her country. you're welcome to the show after 7 months of protest a mouse that president and more than 100 lives lost the military on pro-democracy coalition i suspect that the signed a power sharing deal tense negotiations looked to be in jeopardy after reports of an attempted coup late on the state senior general. a member of the ruling military council says more than a dozen rebel soldiers have been rounded up and that. coup attempt was an effort to
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hinder the transition to democracy sudan has seen bloody crackdowns by the military since the toppling of former dictator. in april. i am joined now by adam bahar is the knees human rights activist base here in berlin welcome again to dr vella just like that we spoke in and now the military says there was a coup attempt what does this mean for this transition time in sudan it's only mean one things that they try somehow to show they are important enough to be there for that if not this one's will be politically in colors but unfortunately for the people who insisted on for us it not mean so much in just a moment mean just new way of lying or playing with the power because this is a step a time when they talk about. kind of seem to exist and this is not realistic and don't believe there was a poor devil or sure i don't believe that because also if you see just to to to make some
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a little bit clearer what do you talk about it in now the importance to what is are now they say this is their time it is happening and unfortunately just you cannot be believing in the same time they don't tell you that who is. sitting in and which was 1000 of these plays in terms of you and they don't catch anyone but now they talk about catching all the time people who try to do is the you've been in touch with people on the ground what exactly are you seeing. for people for example i talked today with someone i showed on one of my sources there and he told me that it's also not believable what is going on for them with this kind of way of putting but as your. people who is negotiate with them and also building but our industry to say that we are important we have to be there i see now there's been a deal negotiated between the chances and military council and of course they're put as leaders is this deal that could lead the country to. part of them aggressive
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we hope but unfortunately we have to see it from 2 different view different view of the view of the protests and the people whose industry it. dawned really trust was going on because they have had enough of lying from the transition military and the other side of political view we have to see if it is maybe we can bring something to and that was we hold because if it is a position to have the right jobs all minister to do really just the military have just 5 sit ins about isn't really that maybe we'll bring something to sudan that's what we hope just why it is a little bit confusing now but for point of view of politically it would bring something to ok. this is a nice activist many thanks for the time. now the european union's foreign policy chief warned the international community not to let terror groups flourish in the sile for the recovery me me the comments to
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revisit the region where she held security talks the. 130000000 euros to help fight violent extremist groups such as stylish green spoke to d.w. news. called us the international community to be at their site. in the same lot of respects and so because it's also in our self-interest if this area of the word. states. becomes less present in parts of territory this could be an easy place where terrorists from. could move after the territorial defeat of the action in syria and we definitely do not want to give. another place where they can build their territorial. electric better for the environment under market for them is booming experts
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predict that by 24 to 35 percent of global new car sales will be electric in ghana the compact electric pickup van is being tested to meet the specific needs of african countries. the 1st prototype of the a car was presented at a ceremony in ghana 2 years ago. the king of the ashanti people received the german developers of the electrically powered truck. then the pickup was put through its paces to see if its robust enough to cope with the challenges of ghana's roads. there are now 4 prototypes of the a car it's expected to launch 1st in germany and other european countries before it's introduced in african countries including ghana kenya south africa and namibia . a car is made up mainly of simple sheet metal
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parts. that has just 600 components excluding screws and rivets. a purely muzzy could be said of course a basic part such as battery electric engine and so on need to be delivered with the elements made of steel and metal can be manufactured locally the point is that you don't need a lot of know how to assemble it and it will be easy to get the hang of the production process if the idea was born 6 years ago. you can think of a few of the designers were still at university studying automotive and aerospace technology when they 1st came up with the idea of an electric car custom designed for african roads as an alternative to diesel and gasoline vehicles you can do with. the biggest obstacle to reducing e.-v. ical in africa is the limited availability of electricity from the outset we factored in the energy supply experience has shown us that even if there's access
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to a power grid the supply is unstable for that reason we collaborate with primary suppliers of regenerative energy such as solar and hydropower. the plan is to mount solar modules on the roof. from the start we were looking at the effort. market where mobility is not a luxury people and goods need to get from a to b. it's a basic need and when i worked in an orphanage in africa when i was a student a neighbor had a pineapple plantation he'd harvest the fruit on the farm but he had no way of taking it to market and selling it so he had no income. and the. series production is set to launch in southern germany in early 2020 the 1st models to come off the production line will be introduced in europe. around a year later a car will be launched in africa here in ghana it will cost the equivalent of $10000.00 euros a lot cheaper than a used car from europe or the u.s. . now most people do it to
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procrastinate one nigerian artist stand scribbling into one amazing art form. self-taught visual artist stumbled upon the idea 4 years ago now she uses her art to give voice to the challenges nigerians face my name is i am. visual artist. what begins as a kid can be so frantic and squiggly lines tines into something beautiful. anyone can scribble. but all are in the. can make the messy mesmerizing. or your 1st thoughts treasure or news i just picked up if. i can find me it is. i was frustrated and i guess that internet on the
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internet i say feast. and i will go from there so i thought was a beauty in. the near future that he was in bed before it expressed myself in the past 2 years she has produced more than 100 works from portraits to everyday scenes often allegories of frustration or on social challenges like regular power outages at the hands of neat the national electricity company. so i decided to fill one of the lines of building the store where i do so because i mean this is the way some people fly a stimulus to the other side so you're not out of them she should know more like an average you would scream you know. some of her pieces take a few minutes while others take months buyers pay at least 113 use for a drawing recently she's begun working with digital tools to raise awareness and make her work more accessible. i also make scripts. i
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did so. i was basically just fine so i was playing with what i used an exhaust pipe for me and then an order months working instead i also do do do it's just. form. who. discovered the art form during an artist's what shot and has since begun mentoring up and coming artists herself helping others to find beauty in the monday. now that is what i call talent. now to sports the men have been separated from the boys 4 teams remain in the africa cup of nations senegal will plead to nisha while jerry is with nigeria and at some final stage will it be an all west african or north african final or will the west the north bottle it out we were know after the games on sunday the fans have been behind the teams even in defeat us was the case of
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madagascar lead there to dream by the fairy tale that their supporters still call them heroes. side of god well as i did i'm so happy because we've come a long way i think they will win the cup in 2021 we're not giving up hope we will always support our team i. am very moved because we malagasy people have always been underestimated even though we lost 3 nil we still made it to the quarterfinals i. set a goal is the only remaining team that has never won the competition but their fans believe that this is the time. that's a very good son a police team that continues to fight like a lion we're counting on the team. and also look at we are proud of what can you say he did is the one who and the situation brett did the same again he is
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a truck up our lions leave us in that because it is they have sure and the only real lions as that's what was expected of them the real man real players the showed on the field and that. comes with for those games i always leave me the best team in the west that's it for now from d.w. news africa you can catch all our stories on our web site on face book page have a great weekend i phone up. how. it's 50 years since the moon landing. and the adventure continues today scientists are still trying to determine where the celestial body came from. and astronauts are training practiced.
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soon to receive a visitor from berlin. it's 50 years since the moon landing. a celestial body and its power of attraction. ready and the. cosmic journey through space time. busy 30 minutes on d w. slid. carefully
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