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player lol. lol. oh. this is a w news live from berlin turkey to take delivery of a russian defense system despite washington's objection to the 1st shipment of the ask for 100 system arrives at an air base near the turkish capital ankara the u.s. warns its nato ally died of sanctions for buying russian also on the program. syrian refugees in lebanon are forced to demolish their own homes as lebanese authorities the clara number a friend p g camps illegal. saddam's military counsel claims to have boiled an
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attempted coup and rounded up the plotters only days after reaching a power sharing agreement with pro-democracy activists and for lennon revealed the latest treasure out of the world famous museum island the spice the complicated and expensive challenges caused by its position the new extension opens its doors to a mere 20 years after it was originally commissioned. welcome to the program. turkey has received the 1st shipment of a russian s 400 missile defense system this by the threat of sanctions from the united states and the concerns of its nato allies the white house has threatened turkey with quote real and negative consequences while nato has warned ankara the russian system could reveal sensitive details about the alliance as defenses.
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turkish t.v. broadcast this footage of a russian air force cargo plane at an airbase in ankara delivering parts of a russian s 400 missile defense system but turkish foreign minister confirmed deliveries had begun. and if we say this each time this is a done deal the process continues. russian sources say as $400.00 anti-aircraft system could reach targets at an altitude of up to 30 kilometers and has a range of 400 kilometers turkey is a member of the western nato alliance the u.s. has warned it will not allow turkey to participate in the f. 35 joint strike fighter program if it acquires the s 400 the us has also threatened other sanctions. first was he also was what we've heard so far from the white house is that sanctions would target individuals or specific arms manufacturers i feel the most important thing about these sanctions is the symbolic effect could have
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far reaching consequences if a fragile turkish economy institution top. russian media say deliveries of the s 400 system will be completed by the end of the summer this purchase of russian equipment is said to intensify tensions between turkey and its nato partners earlier i spoke to our correspondent in istanbul during jones and asked him to explain why turkey is so keen to buy this missile defense system. well firstly turkey argues it's an independent sovereign country and it can buy whatever it wants from whoever it wants signed but on top of that turkish officials also stress turkey's in a very tough neighborhood it borders or grand iraq and syria so there is a need for us to sophisticated missile system and it said it 1st turned to the united states to buy its patriot missile system but that was blocked by the then u.s. president barack obama and the congress to turkey said we have to turn to moscow
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and the 400 russian system is widely considered as one of the best in the world although i have spoken to a former senior military officer who makes a point he said that turkey a nato member says that this missile system is incompatible with all of turkey's our nato military systems and he said that their defense is particularly dependent on interoperability so there is big question mark what other factors are driving this another key factor is tokyo deepening relationship with russia 2 countries have been markedly improving ties president reject type one has built up a very close relationship with the russian president vladimir putin and this is 400 missile deal he's seen a solidifying those deepening type and adding to only further concerns among take turkey's nato allies turkey is of course and nato member as you just said just how much damage has this contentious done to their relations with a bloc as a whole and the u.s. may be in particular. well nato has issued
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a statement voicing concern over the delivery of these missiles stressing concerns over compatibility and what it says are the consequences of this deal but beyond that it's not just a compatibility issue the russian missile system has a very advanced some powerful radar system and the fear among nato allies is that their defense systems could be compromised by this powerful system up by talking to turkey into nato systems and the u.s. have said one of the reasons is that this deal goes through that they will not allow the sending of its latest military jet fighter jet which is heavily reliant on stealth technology which he says the russian system could compromise on top of that turkey has been frozen out of the consortium building this jet if this deal goes through but on top of but also it is seen that the most boring factor is further sanctions from congress over this they could devastate turkey's economy but turkey is looking to its turkish president's relationship with the u.s.
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president donald trump to so stop any of those sanctions being introduced it remains to be seen whether trump will invest heavy political capital standing up to congress over this missile deal daryn jones and it's our wolf thank you very much to lebanon now where authorities have declared some of the camps housing more than 1000000 syrian refugees illegal residents in the affected cameras have been forced to demolish their own homes lebanon has taken in more syrian refugees than any other country relative to its population now many of them on the move again. it's back breaking work in scorching heat. and his neighbors demolished the roofs under which they've lived for 6 years the refugees from syria have to tear down their huts using only their hands and a few simple tools. the trash and i'm very angry with i've lived here since
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2013 and within a span of 2 weeks they've decided that everything has to be demolished it's very hard for us i have diabetes and i asked my sissy all 113 huts in this refugee camp near us all are set to be destroyed a decision made by the lebanese government to stone buildings are deemed illegal and must now be removed as quickly as possible. soldiers come by and tell us to hurry up that many of the refugees have illnesses or suffer from depression some have lost their legs we have nothing here in the city. were fled bombings in the syrian city of homs with his wife and 3 children here the 60 year old grandfather and his family found refuge a room a kitchen a toilet and a roof over their heads the family was grateful but is now all the more shocked following the demolition order. yet in my whole being in the light we are just
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crushed by the news that they want us out we were safe here but what should we do now is just as hard as when we had to leave syria last in the middle that i can never get my own. cell has been hit hard by the influx of refugees the quiet border town took in 120000 syrians 3 times its own population the rundown electricity and water supply is close to collapse the local schools only have space for 3000 pupils but there are 12000 children many locals worry about their jobs but that. they had all the syrians up in the many businesses that they competed with out and i lost my job as a result. i was a majority are because disposal schools and clinics already didn't function properly before the war these problems have grown with the arrival of the refugees . well. he says he understands
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these concerns and is willing to implement the expensive eviction order but he calls it manipulative and aimed at forcing the refugees back to their homes. this increases the pressure on the city council the refugees the ide organizations but it doesn't fix any of the problems at all. so far none of the refugees have left they fear persecution in syria but life in this camp will only get harder for them now. and his family have been told to move into a tent made of toppled and plastic electricity and running water have not been connected yet it off as little shelter from the summer heat and the busily cold winter. now to some of the other stories making news around the world police in afghanistan say a child suicide bomber blew himself up at a wedding killing at least 5 people and injuring 11 others the dead include
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a commander of a pro-government militia so far no one has claimed responsibility the taleban deny they were involved. german carmaker volkswagen has announced plans to invest billions of dollars in driving and electric cars they're expanding their cooperation with ford and will become equal owners of a company specializing in antonymous driving vehicles. u.s. r. and b. singer r. kelly has been arrested on federal sex crimes charges the u.s. attorney's office in chicago cheers him and i'm. of his entourage of involving women and underage girls in a legal sexual activity and then covering it up kelly's lawyer denies the charges. are watching d.w. news still to come for lin unveils the latest treasure on its world famous museum island the extension took 20 years to design and build on its waterlogged and pose
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them complicated and expensive challenges. but 1st sudan's ruling military council claims to have foiled an attempted coup by members of the army and intelligence services said to have taken place late on thursday during the final negotiations of the power sharing deal agreed between the council and civilian pro-democracy activists senior general jamal omar ibrahim says at least 16 rebel soldiers have been rounded up and that the coup attempt was an effort to hinder the transition to democracy sudan has seen massive protests and bloody crackdowns by the military says the former dictator omar al bashir was toppled in april. let's bring in now pfizer a reporter based in khartoum mr silly do we actually know by now if there was a plot. actually the police who then they don't really. believe in what the media council used to say this is
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a theory or the force. military coup or attempt that was announced by the military council and the feeling here to me that whenever the military council want to share their history inthe that they are really. the shooters of the people and they continue to be safe. in the military council to green power so they create these attempts from time to time they said this is the 3rd or the 4th at the end there wasn't any tribe there was no name as usual so i don't think that we will trust what the teams he had announced last night the timing seems crucial here news about the attempted coup just days after the military council has come to an agreement over how to rule the country what can you tell us about this deal. actually the deal is bundling for the last 4 or 5 years they have reached the agreement announced on the 5th of july then when you come to. the. new
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conditions to be added to the agreement so it took them about $56.00 days until last night they announced that they have reached the last vision and the last draft of the agreement in the 2 parties if they have just. some remarks or observe visions on the draft to be signed on saturday the. time then they they knew it was expected maybe because of people used to say that the devil in the in the details agreement was ready to 15 days or 10 days ago but they always have problems and have differences on the details now it is ready and it should be it was announce it to be signed was saturday thank you very much i thought that if and . for lin's famous museum island has a new addition a stunning entrance gallery that strong the attention of architecture critics
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around the world german chancellor i'm going to attend the official inauguration of the jane see one gallery this morning 20 years after it was 1st commissioned designed by the berlin office of british architect david chipperfield the entrance gallery connects to the surrounding buildings situated on the river today in the historic center of berlin museum island is already home to 5 world class museums and galleries combined they treat visitors to masterpieces of history art and architecture 3 and a half 1000000 people visit every year the new entrants gallery combining ancient and modern is expected to attract even more to the city's cultural collections. ready all eyes are on architect david chipperfield and the new james seaman gallery designed by his berlin office ready ready it's the entrance to a unique ensemble of museums containing some of the world's most important cultural treasures the linz museum island chipperfield architects has been working on the
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most to plan for renovating and modernizing the ensemble for 20 years the main function of the building is to be an orientation for visitors. that come to the me that this collection of buildings known as the museum i've been. in the city point of view this is a new sort of urban corner this was a very in a way incomplete. corner. and therefore. this building in the way that i designed it i think is an offer a generous offer. as a piece of city as much as being in a place to buy tickets and go to the bathroom. there's much more than a ticket office. there's also a $300.00 seat auditorium. random museum shop clad in french one that would. from the central hub visit his can walk
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underground to some of the other museum buildings. that. we will be able to write into the noise museum. in the future you also be able to go left into the park so. this will become part of a route. which allows you. to come. into this level go through the program and come back out even on the part of the surf there is a sort of go. into change. connection to building process. it was full of challenges this original foundation pile stands as a reminder of why construction costs soared we were. there for many months near the years immersed in water. to build the foundations and water work
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was the most complicated. the 1st show in the galleries temporary exhibition space will commemorate the building's namesake jewish berlin patron and art collector james cmon. the new gateway to berlin's cultural acropolis is a core component of a master plan for the island devised by david chipperfield and approved by the city in 1909. the main purpose of the new gallery is surfacing and connecting but it also gives the ensemble a central focus the james cmon gallery a dazzling new attraction on the united go world heritage site museum island. and here in the studio with me is alex undershirts a partner in david chipperfield architect berlin office and the man behind this design welcome to the show museum island is a unesco world heritage site where famous buildings from the 19th and the early
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20th century where does one as an architect start when designing a building to sit alongside them well at the beginning of the signing prose we always try to find all what is the some bottled water. the right question which the architecture shoot and that was not easy in the case of the train seem on . the. it took us a while to understand what is this about and it became clear it's calm be a simplistic old against new controversy or something like that but it's about completing the museum island as a place as an idea of. of berlin and and this also meant that the building or the reason for the building column the only its purpose which was all the function which discreetly fulfilled but the architecture form is rather not driven by the function but by celebrating
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public space elevating the population space on the level of the completing the museum island as a free space of that. for 3. 1000000 before. that in the beginning museum island is as the name suggests an island surrounded by water we heard it briefly in the report that posed a series of challenges can you tell us a bit about oh indeed there is this thing there's a bottle which is called the. stems from ice age and it's. very difficult to build on that's a little bit like venice but even worse. we had the experience we had to experience that the 1st company who did the foundations was completely
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unable to do it and we lost 3 years with this and had to walk back on the water what they did wrong so that was a very low point in the construction of. the building and we are very happy that it's coming out of the water to get out and there it stands and it's been dubbed a temple what material do you use for such a prestigious building. i'm not completely sure whether it's a temple it test temple like items for example it shows its structure the spaces created by the structure of the building so what you see is a load bearing it has no cleansing so it's a very. certain degree anachronistic way of building today we've built some scaffolding and then we collect it and then the building looks as it should look this is this is opposite those very same columns of concrete they are
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low bearing the structure they form the space and the in situ concrete inside. the same. and gives the building. a physical presence which you hopefully sense if you have physically the present so you should go there. and and this this is sort of calm to counterbalance with some very rich material planting material like french walnut the nia berry all made or for example translucent marble thank you very much and it's an advanced design director david schaper field architect here and thank you. so far it's no intent is not joke or it has moved through to the men's final at wimbledon after a commanding display against roberto goot a number one team broke a spanish opponent twice in the opening that and although both teams that
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a good battled back to win the 2nd joke of edge then took control to field victory the defending champion will meet the winner of the clash between roger federer and rafael nadal. and football barcelona appear to have made the biggest signing of the summer so far confirming the arrival of french forward the moment world cup winner casement is set to join the spanish champions in a transfer worth 100 $20000000.00 euros after they paid his buyout clause to former club madrid however atletico claimed the deal is not valid in a statement posted on their website the club say barcelona will have to pay $200000000.00 euros due to a clause in greece months contract. to the africa cup of nations and the semifinal why not is complete following 2 exciting matches on thursday. beat ivory coast 43 on penalties to set up a semi functions and the semifinal why not is complete following 2 exciting matches
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on thursday geria beat ivory coast 43 on penalties to set up a semifinal clash with nigeria area last claimed the trophy back in 1900 meanwhile tunisia put an end to madagascar as fairytale run this was medic oscar's 1st ever africa cup of nations as for tunisia they will now meet senegal in the other semifinal. a 3. in siberia has become the latest craze for those chasing the perfect instagram image dubbed the novosibirsk. for its tropical appearance but you may want to think twice before picking your bathing suit and your flip flops your important is here to tell us why what's going on there also as you said this lake is near novosibirsk russia the pictures of it have started very exclusively populating that location's instagram page and here we have this beautiful vivid glue lake doesn't it look lovely the thing is it's not
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this is actually a manmade toxic waste dump of the lake was built specifically for use by a thermal power plant which is nearby to where this is and they dump their ashes by the lake and the water's gorgeous blue is actually because of huge deposits of calcium salts and metal oxides and that's talk sick but instagram earth continue to flock there regardless of course you got to do it for the gram right this is even despite warnings from the russian energy company that owns this thermal plant nearby that says skin contact with the water can result in allergic reactions and if you're walking along the ash which a lot of instagram's have doing so it's like walking on a military firing range despite all this people are continuing to visit we have photos of what exactly is being posted there everything from wedding photos women lying in bikini's on the ash dump visitors riding inflatable unicorns on this toxic
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water which has a ph level that's higher than 8 so they don't drink that but people have actually drank it naturally saying that it tastes like chalk or sometimes it tastes sweet there was one instagram who stood in the water and posted saying the next day her feet had turned red and they it for 2 days after that this is just the latest iteration of people doing rather dangerous things for social media we had people. dying falling out of windows trying to take selfies trampling on nature trying to get just you know that perfect shot. and yet to be seen if the warnings that this russian emirate energy company put out will have any impact and also the power stations management has tried to close off a bunch of roads around the area to prevent people flooding in and yet people are still coming despite all these warnings they usually find a way my ass waiter thank you very much. and before we go a quick reminder of the top stories we're following for you turkey has taken
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delivery of a russian defense system risking u.s. sanctions the 1st shipment of parts for the s 400 the them has arrived at an air base near the turkish capital ankara in defiance of concerns expressed by the u.s. and turkey's other nato allies. and saddam's military council claims to have foiled a coup by small factions in the army just days ago the military agreed a power sharing deal with civilian pro-democracy activists ending months of protests just. you're watching t w news up next in news asia a fungus from china is more precious than gold we look at why it's becoming harder and harder to find. and india takes a shot at going where no man has gone before the moon's unexplored south pole. don't forget you can always get the w.
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news on the go just down on our app from google play or from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the d.w. app to attend your photos and video. thank you now for news asia with farish bannerjee after the break i'm nicole really for me and everybody here and berlin thanks for joining us. back. to.
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back. to. the foods. i'm going. to. the mountains. to the victims. of a bridge i'm not laughing out of the jam but a fun family but most end up in whip it out and meet
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a german thinks deep into german culture looking at the stereotypes question here think this case of a country that i now live in. kiev need it's a ridiculous gram a day out to you thus it's all that a bomb no i'm rachel join me for me if you haven't fronted up you post. the quiet melody resounds want to lighten the mood. ready and did some repeat reasoning to women in. the mind and the music. we took from 1st bond 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. early the interest guy for much of any. you mean capital i love berlin discover the multicultural metropolis your attack series defended manhattan to smoke like st
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something. i love even once shown once again certainly looks like the folks waste like me to try to save 15 nations 50 stories and 50 very personal tips on berlin's very best features. book now plentifully every week on g.w. . this is the doppler news a shop coming up on the program india prepares for its next move a mission to launder over all the old saw 1st could cement its status as a major speech spot but isn't just for the bragging rights we discuss india has plans for space also on the program. the doctors that could have been several japanese better.


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