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he took part in the greatest adventure in history. the hebrew the legend was simply a human being. was the warm strong starts july 20th on p.w. . it's time for the tech titans to pay off the french adopt a pioneering tax on the internet giants saying there's no escape for the border police the last dot of light is. a smooth aerial overtaking maneuver the trade war rages followed sets coast to overtake boeing. and cruising for a bruising mass tourism to new frontiers has locals worried about their way of life and pristine. i mean physical and let's do business it's
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a while 1st and the world is watching and you showdown between europe and the united states the french passing a law taxing the global tech giants provoking anger from the u.s. the white house says it unfairly targets american companies at his threat paris with punitive trade measures big technology companies like google amazon and facebook operating in france will soon be paying more tax france's senate has approved a 3 percent tax on tech companies doing business there the aim is to plug a taxation gap that allowed some internet heavyweights to avoid tax in countries where they make their profits and to book their income in low tax countries like ireland it's estimated the levy could net france 400000000 euros this year and 650000000 next year before the vote french finance minister blew spoke out against the growing power of big check. we can all see
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the emergence of economic giants with monopolistic attributes who not only want to control a maximum amount of data and make money which is data but also to go further than that by in the absence of rules avoiding taxes and putting into place instruments that could tomorrow become a sovereign currency. deployed dumont point would have formed in minutes one. but even before the legislation was through us president donald trump had ordered an investigation the us warned that if the law passed it would activate section 301 of the u.s. trade act that authorizes retaliation against a foreign government whose trade policies or practices deemed unjustified unreasonable or discriminatory or that they restrict u.s. commerce france is the 1st major economy to impose a tax on big tech but other e.u. countries including austria britain spain and italy have also announced plans for
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digital taxes. joins us from the german city of constance isn't this also what trump actually wanted a tax on revenues as opposed to profits. absolutely and my president trump himself criticizing multinational enterprises that they are earning money but they don't pay taxes so this situation france has taken serious steps concerning a challenge not only appearing in europe but also in the u.s. is the right direction. donald trump claims for example there is a massive trade deficit with europe when it comes to manufacturing the truth is if you look into statistics on the service side it is the u.s. who makes a lot of profits with the big 5 companies like google facebook and europe but barely these companies pay taxes in europe so it is important to solve this taxation problem the question is whether a nation specific regulation is sustainable and here cooperation is important
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you know why why just friends why isn't the whole of the e.u. getting behind this. i mean this is this is a general problem at the moment ideally we would have a negotiation not only within europe but also in between the transatlantic relations but taxation when it comes to taxation in particular you have very country specific historical establish rules it is a complicated issue that france decided to trigger it is because otherwise you nobody starting but it is very important and i believe donald trump and the u.s. will. come to the table and try to solve this at least between the u.s. and europe in the next month. we will see that we'll see just how complicated though is this whole trade getting france versus the u.s. the u.s. threatening the german concept of for example south korea japan while the u.s. wants everyone to join it's at the end of the day against china. you know this is
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a very important issue at the moment you know there is always a strong rhetoric coming from the u.s. in the person of donald trump but we have the world the traits trading system has changed we have global value chains companies can shift profits from one country to the other and then we have china as a very specific big global player with a state owned companies where competition is not really an issue so the europeans and the u.s. have to cooperate stronger in light of the state owned companies from china taxation is only one issue just to mention other issues like individual freedom security of data it is not very constructive sustainable if europe if the u.s. takes steps individually having china with a completely different trading system and not basically compatible in the long run with the competition oriented trading system and we haven't even mentioned china's
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tech behemoths weiwei. absolutely i mean there's it when it comes to security reasons i mean it's not only donald trump i just want to mention it was the german minister for economic affairs we just introduced in germany a new legislation in case of security reasons germany has now the right the german minister has arrived to prohibit mergers the requisitions from china in germany so there are very similar concerns an interest in europe and the us and it is not very helpful when leading politicians in the us and europe make strong statements given the necessity to cooperate particularly across the transatlantic. thank you thank you very much. bus is on course to overtake boeing this year the european plane maker has already made more deliveries in the 1st off things to keen interest from china and its function korea and china which is just what a 20 new a 350 s.
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from the aerospace giant in a deal with some 6000000000 euros it's the latest sign that airbus is expanding its food hold in the chinese market where local carriers are expressing more interest in european made planes thanks in part to the continuing trade tensions with the u.s. . so he delaney joins us now from frankfurt to talk about this rivalry the rivalries in the skies of us hasn't really had to do anything in this case though it's just sitting back and watching boeing fall apart all right so airbus is really seeing the stars align right now also you mentioned the deliveries for the 1st half of the here and you airbus is really benefiting from the problems that boeing is having in its own business they've had this $737.00 it's sort of its main plane grounded since march so they're benefiting from that
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but also trade tensions between the u.s. and china so this is actually the 2nd order that airbus has gotten from china this year of a announced this really mammoth. deal worth about 30000000000 euros in march so they're sort of seeing china you. use these orders as a way to send a political message to the us you know china is the most important. market right now and so they're really getting they're really seeing an advantage. coming through through these training goshi asians so if you go any further in frankfurt thank you. the british travel group thomas cook is in a bad stalls with chinese investors about a rescue deal the agreement could be worth over 800000000 euros would see thomas cook's biggest stakeholder china's full sun take control of its true business the cash injection would give the struggling company enough money to trade through to the end of 2020 its chief executive calls the proposals pragmatic but admits they
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are the outcome that it wanted. one of the most instagram of all places in the world of the mountains and fjords of no white and once those photos are on insta the hordes of tourists followed now entire cruise ships are advancing on the pristine waters of the scandinavian paradise locals and. this is a dream for many travelers a cruise through the norwegian fjords but the sheer number of people pursuing that dream has and there's trade time worried his family has lived here and flown east of barragan for generations in his son have a farm with some 55 cows. nearby bottles of water when i was a child there were 5 or 6 ships in the fuehrer in the summer time $65.00 now it is it's $165.00 this is an explosive development that's no longer under control people
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learn has just a few 100 residents but gets up to a 1000000 visitors every year and although each of the ships that dock here disgorge is around 2000 people a month at the height of the tourist season the visitors come all the way up here to the pastures. must add to this mass tourism like we're experiencing today and flomax is no longer compatible with nature joe common element to this summer day in june was relatively quiet the high season hadn't kicked off yet 20 years ago the town built a pier for large cruise ships hoping to attract more tourist revenue. the state flown railway up into the mountains would have shut down but for the tourists. and the boats taking visitors out on to the fjord are booked out. this ferry is electric. but show no glen from the harbor authority says the limits of growth
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have been reached. will have to be able to see something we need to be able to organize that just a look at our infrastructure shows we can't accommodate many more tourists. another problem is pollution the ships engines run constantly to produce onboard electricity while idling in the few ord each of the huge boats produces more emissions than $10000.00 diesel cars. farmer on their straight time is not entirely opposed to the cruise ships but he says there have to be fewer of them he has a simple proposal mean more haul cluelessly it only needs some cruise ship 3 days we need a chance to breathe through yes there are many other visitors who don't come by ship and they should be able to see the fuehrer it like it is without these colossus that dominate everything so it's
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a leg up in the uk. but the big ship operators have already booked their routes for the next 2 years so flown will be crowded for the local people there's just one consolation in the evening when the big ships leave the bay things quiet down and revealed a few ord in all its natural beauty. beautiful stay that white be careful what you wish i was doing business with.
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luck. it's time to take the 1st some. time and you're up to such. and fine for the troops move. to over come on trains and connecticut law it's time for. a new ws coming up ahead. minds. what
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secrets lie behind these men. find out in an immersive experience and explore a fascinating cultural heritage sites. w. world heritage 360 get the. mosques. baby simba is annoying to once again as the future lion king this time in the breathtaking computer animation. welcome to arts and culture where we're giving you a look at disney's newest remake in all its eye a blistering detail can the new lion king live up to fans' expectations also coming up artist activists say eat transforms a paris landmark with his biodegradable paintings that impacts the viewer not the
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planet. and her beats have got the electronic music capitol berlin for robbing lebanese d.j. norden job it talks about the healing power of art techno. but 1st disney's film production chief calls it a new form of filmmaking somewhere between c.g.i. and the live action but new lion king comes 25 years after the original cartoon became an instant classic and that's long enough for disney to feel that it's time for an upgrade the new movie had cinemas next week it tells the exact same story with a very new look and with voices of stars including beyonce seth rogen and donald glover also known as rapper childish gambino here's a little peek. simba rules again the line pain is back.


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