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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 12, 2019 3:00am-3:02am CEST

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so it's like me just like this 15 nations 50 story and 50 very personal tips on berlin's very best. clinical and everyone on t.w. . she said dan's ruling military council says it is for elder coup attempt state t.v. reported that 12 officers and 4 soldiers were arrested general accused members of the security services of taking part last week the army and pro-democracy protesters agreed to share power until elections. the u.s. is planning naval escorts for shipping in the gulf the move comes after armed iranian boats threatened a british tank in the strait of hormuz the pentagon is putting together
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a coalition to protect vessels britain and france both patrol waters in the region . the u.s. city of new orleans has been deluged by flooding in heavy rains as a tropical storm churns off the coast in the gulf of mexico storm barry is set to become the 1st hurricane of the season it's likely to be the severest test of the city's defenses since the catastrophic hurricane katrina in 20 opined. hopes of an eminent cuts in u.s. interest rates have propelled share prices in new york to new record highs the main dow jones industrial average closed above 27000 for the 1st time the federal reserve it's expected to cut rates later this month.
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frog's gets down to brass tacks and says it's time for attack it's the 1st country to hit the likes of google apple facebook and amazon with a higher taxes but the u.s. is threatening to hit back. an international warnings against facebook's cryptocurrency project are mounting flippy over before it starts. chinese tourists are discovered the high seas and the twisting around for ever bigger through ships. this is d.w. business i'm joined now the milan in berlin welcome in a world 1st france has passed a law taxing the world's tech giants and in so doing provoked an angry response from the you.


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