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this is d.w. news mind it from berlin tonight a showdown in the gulf britain says that's what it was iran says that's what it wasn't britain says a royal navy frigate has driven off arabian boats trying to intercept a british oil tanker iran denies that there was any confrontation also coming up tonight a powerful storm devastates greece's northern coastal areas leaving 7 people dead and dozens injured. plus making internet companies pay more france becomes the 1st european country to slap
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a tax on tech and washington does not like it saying american companies will be unfairly targeted the white house is threatening to impose retaliatory tariffs on french goods and it's a museum to take the whole family to maybe japan's parasite museum offers a glimpse into the world of human and animal parasite. i bring to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome tonight britain says that 3 iranian boats attempted to intercept a british oil tanker near the persian gulf it says they were driven off by a royal navy frigate iran has denied that its vessels trying to stop the tanker in the strait of hormuz it says it's boats were simply carrying out routine duties.
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the strait of hormuz one of the world's busiest shipping lanes through which a 3rd of the world's seaborne oil passes. iran's navy is an active presence here the narrowest point in the strait is only 40 kilometers wide the british ministry of defense said the incident took place near the island of abu mussab it says this for get turned away raining speedboats stuff were threatening the british oil tanker the u.k.'s foreign minister has responded by calling for calm obviously very concerning developments but also very proud of the royal navy and the role that they played in keeping british assets british shipping safe we'll continue to monitor the situation very very carefully the fear is that this latest incident will escalation becomes days after british authorities seized an iranian tanker off gibraltar claiming it was violating sanctions by delivering oil to syria
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. earlier this week iran also started enriching uranium beyond the limits set down the 2050 nuclear deal it signed with international powers iran says the confrontation never happened it's foreign minister mohammed serif has called the british accusations worthless iran's farce news agency quote sorry for saying they are seeking to cover up their weaknesses with such claims as tensions in the gulf simmer diplomats are scrambling to keep the nuclear deal from on ruffling completely. i join me now here at the big table as marcus com he's from the german is jude for international and security figures it's good to see you again marcus let's talk to you we've been observing growing tensions here in the gulf for weeks now it is the situation between iran and iran were iran in the u.k. is that what's escalating or is it iran in the west that we're seeing escalate now
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i would see the west and around as a major player is escalating already and we've seen a continuous escalation for the last couple of weeks it's a strategy as a magic wall for. their raining on the threshold of the night below t. they deny it to be involved another time. to plant the bombs 2 weeks ago so all they intend to spread the instability and insecurity here and try to target u.s. interests or western interests and you know they claim that the reports by the royal navy or an example of fake news for example we heard today from the foreign secretary in the u.k. mr han calling for diem escalation but the ukase potential new prime minister boris johnson i'm sure you've heard of him he chose a slightly more aggressive stance today take a listen well i think it's very important that all vessels u.k.
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flag or otherwise are able to use international waters in the in the persian gulf and elsewhere with the with perfect security and of course. to be elected i would be taking immediate advice about what extra steps we might need to protect u.k. vessels. extra steps so what is he trying to signal here are we looking at britain's next prime minister saying he's ready to escalate the situation with iran and dumping so he might be considering measures like protecting by international falls of tank of and bess holds and jeff. role in the persian gulf as within it was a us war exactly as we have seen in the ads and $70980.00 s. during the iraq iran war which was pretty effective cost a lot of money it costs them own effort however it was. very effective tool to protect international malta ways but it would go run counter to the us interests in
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the persian persian gulf because you the current president has wrongly compay in arguing that he would withdraw all of this right the united states and at least in military terms on the other a persian gulf when you look at the u.k. it is it seems to be stuck in a very uncomfortable position you know it's got the tensions right now over these tankers with iran at the same time it's a member of one of the signatories to the nuclear deal with iran is trying to save that deal with iran how much longer do you think london can afford to play both sides i don't think that it can afford any longer to play both sides and that's i mean we have seen iran sending signals to the west and maybe the in the not the same from the united kingdom to run around and trying to put pressure on the remaining signatories in particular who through my remaining european signatories throughout u.k. france and germany and now it runs exactly the opposite interesting thing is if it
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works but to be honest and i really hate to say i think the deal is smallest and. walkers kind of as always we appreciate you coming in to give us your insights thank you thank you. in greece at least 7 people have died after a powerful storm battered the north of the country it brought down trees and power lines and it followed days of intense heat in the country with temperatures soaring up to 37 degrees celsius. catastrophe the greats gave us the word that describes best what befell they country last night. it was a terrifying evening as a huge storm front swept through with winds churning and over 100 kilometers per hour and haggled pounding h 2 pots of the country spain to gene costs line.
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but never put it in the would you not even canon is make that much noise. with i didn't have clothes on but then i came out to get the kids and does the rain fell it was like rocks were hitting my back to them to the floor in the morning after that night. this holiday resort. is in ruins. to remind you tourist died he lost not in beachside which was torn to pieces. nina is still on the table or a mind to have been the song slow it was. for years i met everyone inside was screaming it was chaos a friend of my brother was wintertime head to toe because the bar fell on him those girls flying through the air from the windows somebody is. at 1000 kilometers away
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this time on italy's ace coast super cells from the same intense front pool through to nearly 20 people injured as the sea surged into pesky home to one of the biggest ports on the i dread dixie. beautiful italy is now back to italy as emergency services clean up after the summit deluge. well scientists say extreme weather events like those in italy and greece will become more frequent because of global warming and that has the european union putting climate change at the top of its agenda finland will lead as it just assumed the e.u.'s 6 month rotating presidency the finnish prime minister says it's important to take the demands of europe's youth seriously and he says fighting climate change should be a top priority everywhere. 16 year old spent many fridays travelling 2 hours each way to protest at the finnish parliament
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holding signs pleading for climate action the climate itself wasn't too cooperative as he stood there through the winter it's really horrible in front of the it's all a waste of in the end it will be raining so snow or snow or ice and most of politicians just go by and don't even look at us. or say hello and some even come to us but says it was all worth it as prime minister until in now has declared solving the climate crisis should be europe's next heroic act at the very least it's the top priority for the finnish e.u. presidency has credited the youth climate strikers for inspiration got to thank him in person and vice versa i really. have a listen to young people i have listened and i need to listen more yeah but. for backup appointed green politician pick
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a harvester as foreign minister to press the message in the foreign policy arena already overflowing with wars nuclear threats and humanitarian disasters harvester knows it will be difficult. and it's a climate. that the silence around the table you can hear the silence in the way that it's so surprising but harvesters says it's the activists to whom he feels responsible. and they actually think the power. base is enough but i think it's good we need the civil society as opposed to politicians helsinki is determined not to be a hypocrite it's maximizing sustainability minimizing everything else meetings will all be held in the capital there will be no bottled water mostly plant based meals . and each you bureaucrats traveling to finish meetings will receive a unique gift half
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a 1000000 euros worth of air emission offsets spent on projects in developing countries and yet lycee head of the presidency secretariat says the finnish way is not to lecture but to lead by example we want to be practical and what we promise we want to keep. says whatever finland achieves is great but it's so much more is needed he'll be protesting outside the e.u. meetings rain or shine or sleet or snow. but here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the u.s. coastal city of new orleans has been inundated with rain and floods as a tropical storm churns in the gulf of mexico the storm is expected to make landfall within 48 hours or forecasters warn it could strengthen into a hurricane 2 car bombs exploded thursday in benghazi killing 4 people and wounding 33 others it happened as several libyan national army officers gathered for the
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funeral of a high ranking general libya has 2 competing governments and the struggle for control has escalated into more violence in recent months germany's domestic intelligence agency says it is stepping up observation of the far right i did to terry and movement the agency says that the group believed to have about $600.00 members here in germany is now officially classified as quote an extreme right movement authorities consider the movement to be hostile to immigrants and refugees . there's been a huge blaze at a gas fired power station just outside of moscow at least one person is dead 13 others injured firefighters have now put out the blaze if flames reached up to 50 meters russian media say that the calls may have been an explosion. you're watching the w. news wives from berlin still to come they are on your skin and in your bed and they
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also have their own museum tonight a peek inside the museum dedicated to are you ready there are a song just. in france it is the latest battle over who has the right to decide who gets to live and who gets to die a french man at the center of a bitter legal battle over whether he should be allowed to die has passed away at the hospital doctors removed vincent lamberti life support to more than a week ago against his parents wishes he'd been in a vegetative state for 10 years after being involved in a car crash his case had divided his family and it had divided france. they held a vigil for him pro-life suppose has he followed the fight through the coolest to save his life now is in mourning the death of a bath. the death penalty was abolished
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in france and we can say whatever we want about that we have published the death penalty for the guilty but it remains for the innocent and. innocent even some ability knew someone. who is nearly killed in a road accident in 2008 he lay in hospital for more than a decade his family split over what to do. his parents and 2 of his 8 siblings fultz to keep him a life. his wife and the rest of his immediate family full to allow him to die. by going to vincent was in a vegetative state. he didn't want to live like that. out of respect for him it was necessary to stop keeping him alive in the stage. now he has finally been
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able to leave us i hope he rests in peace. supporters of his parents say doctors who removed life support systems last week broke the hippocratic oath with some even speaking of. well france has defied pressure from the united states and passed a law taxing many of the world's biggest internet companies the changes which were voted through by france's parliament and faced heavy criticism from the white house u.s. president trump has ordered an investigation saying that the attacks unfairly targets american tech companies big technology companies like google amazon and facebook operating in france will soon be paying more tax france's senate has approved a 3 percent tax on tech companies doing business there the aim is to plug a taxation gap that's allowed some internet heavyweights to avoid tax in countries where they make their profits and to book their income in low tax countries like
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ireland it's estimated the levy could net france 400000000 euros this year and 650000000 next year before the vote french finance minister spoke out against the growing power of big check. start. before we can all see the emergence of economic giants with monopolistic attributes who not only want to control a maximum amount of data and make money with this data but also to go further than that by in the absence of rules avoiding taxes and putting into place instruments that could tomorrow become a sovereign currency. cloyd dumont home were formed when it's won. but even before the legislation was through us president donald trump had ordered an investigation the us warned that if the law passed it would activate section 301 of the u.s. trade act that authorizes retaliation against
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a foreign government whose trade policies or practices deemed unjustified unreasonable or discriminatory or that they restrict u.s. commerce france is the 1st major economy to impose a tax on big tech but other e.u. countries including austria britain spain and italy have also announced plans for digital taxes. for details here from b.w. business now the talk more about this new tech tax do we know why did france go it alone here you would think that this type of tax would come at the european union level well it has to be said that the european union did try to introduce digital taxation standards that would apply across the block but that fell down due to opposition from countries like ireland which does depend on favorable tax regimes to attract a big company and we also can't forget that france is facing its own kind of situation domestically it's under pressure to show policies that are tougher on the
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wealthy amidst this bigger wave of economic disenchantment going on there so it's going out not alone but perhaps as the 1st country to do so which is a definite risk for france it's kind of painted a target on its back in this way it's hoping to. for action on the multilateral level it had said that it would scrap this tax if international standards are agreed on the o.e.c.d. level of the o.e.c.d. of course being this a club of rich countries that's also hoping that the countries that said they would impose similar measures like italy spain the u.k. austria that they hurry up and do so if this turns into a fight with the u.s. and france could definitely use some allies so it comes at a time when we have these trade terror of conflicts going on with the u.s. with with europe the u.s. with china and now we've got the united states looking at this tech tax and saying we may have to retaliate what can the u.s. do indeed now we've already heard that they are launching that probe to see whether american tech companies are being unfairly disadvantaged by this new law and it's
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interesting to see if they're using the same legal basis that underpins the trade war between the u.s. and china the famous section 31 of the trade act now france for its part has said that. if they're going to see that of course they don't want to see retaliatory measures from the u.s. they've argued that taxation is a sovereign matter and it's called on the u.s. to settle this dispute with france in a matter be fitting their relationship as allies but of course this is also coming at a time that you said where the u.s. is also considering other tariffs on other parts of the european industry save the auto industry and this would open up a further another beer in the battlefield as you intimated this earlier there really aren't any tech solutions standards when we're talking about the internet economy right so france is is just going it alone i mean you can always were pioneers here because there are no standards anywhere indeed well there is
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a widespread consensus that something has to be done cross border attacks station that the way it is now it hasn't just kept up with the times that these companies don't pay taxes where their profits are which is everywhere. and instead pay taxes where they're headquartered that's happening because the system allows them to do so and the european commission has recognized for example of that average traditional businesses in the e.u. face a 23 percent tax rate versus an 8 or 9 percent tax rate for these tech companies some get away with paying nothing at all and you know that's all coming at a time where they're raking in so much money out of a loan be 60000000000 dollars last year that so many agree something has to be done and something will be done it's just that france has been the 1st to get us from the door and have a feeling we haven't heard the last of this that's for sure jamil as always thank you. sports news now in cycling dylan touring has claimed his 1st ever victory at the tour de france winning stage 6 the belgian rider road to
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victory after a grueling climb from house to luck lunch to bill theon despite finishing 2nd italy's julio soni snatched the yellow jersey off france is purely on. this just ahead of the longest stage in this year's competition which takes place on friday to disney's male sareen away games have reached the final of wilton's women's tournament after beating barbara streak of 7 time champion williams won the match in straight sets we will face simona halep for the trophy after she beat elena 6163 how up is the 1st romanian woman to reach the woman final and to the men's tournament now it's going to be a big show when the chapter in one of sport's biggest rivalries will play out on friday roger federer and rafael nadal will meet in the semifinal it's the 1st time the 2 most successful male players of all time have met at wimbledon since 2008 and
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with both of these gentlemen now well into their thirty's it could be one of their west encounters at a grand slam. rafa nadal is match up with his great rival will be the 4th time he has met the stressed master at wimbledon. this recent loss to nadal on perrie's in clay last month but grass is of course a different matter this response to has won wimbledon 8 times he also holds a slight $21.00 edge over nadal on grass surface says. the mutual respect is built on more than a decade of direct competition federer has 2 more grand slam titles than the spaniard but nadal has a significantly better head to head record the left hander with a 9 match lead when using the last 10 meetings as a guide the scale is even. arguably the sport's greatest ever
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rivalry at the start 40 of roger versus rafa off as a pace in the wimbledon final and. the fact that federer is now 37 years old means this clash is one to relish i art if you're traveling to japan and if you're gross and threshold is high i want you to put this on your must see list it is the world's 1st ever parasite museum and well the folks at the museum just outside of tokyo they are proud of their collection they say it really gets under your skin. it's the stuff of nightmares busy. busy busy busy hungry creatures lurking inside feeding busy upon your flesh. busy busy busy busy and this museum shows you just how parasites do it. busy busy busy busy busy busy could mean you know kids you meet up with that are still haunted fear not that many people have
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actually seen a parasite that injects humans as you we have various human and animal parasites and people most likely view them as really interesting creatures. that's why they come here to see them. in the can of the sea but the. photo ops are also part of the drop. this world of creepy crawlies isn't instagram or spirit ice and now a must see stop for foreign tourists. over 300 parasites are on display here selected from over 60000 preserve samples like this parasite infected whale kidney. there donated from personal collections around the world harvested from both humans and animals. fits the white parasites go inside
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a creature and live their lives that it's really interesting to us it's like they take over us. and don't forget to take one home. $30.00 can buy you the most popular item in the gift shop. a t. shirt of the longest keep warm in the world. constant reminder of the creatures out there out to get you. pretty parasites here's a reminder of the top story that we're following for you britain says a royal navy frigate as driven off iranian boats that trying to intercept a british oil tanker in the gulf iran has denied that any confrontation that took place france has introduced
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a new tax on the world's biggest tech companies to find pressure from washington the white house says that the types of fairly targets the u.s. companies in its threaten to impose tariffs on french products in retaliation. you're watching d.w. news live from berlin after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day and to see you in just a moment.
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after. grappling subjects. expressed some feelings i am not very fond of yet but i would love to be considered an artist one day looking for new perspectives on the one hand and not with the way planes break rukia canada doing things differently. come to the place where we reflect on society.
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march 21 taunting w. . her 1st day of school in the jungle. first the clueless and. then doris crane the moment arrives. join during a tank on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. story on the reputation returns home on d w dot com tang's. birth home to millions of species a home worth saving. here's what those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and to innovate. projects around the world like to use the term climate used green energy solutions and
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reforestation. be coming to interactive content teaching next generation about environmental protection and been determined to build something for the next generation global ideas the ultimate environment series on t w. last week the british royal navy seized an iranian ship off gibraltar iran threatened to retaliate and that is what happened almost happened yesterday that's according to the royal navy tehran insists that nothing happened tonight the u.k. is trying to deescalate can it limit tensions with iran before this becomes more than a tit for tat over tankers i'm bored golf in berlin this is the day.


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