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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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this is it every news line for berlin show down in the gulf britain says a royal navy frigate has driven off iranian boats trying to intercept a british oil tanker but iran denies that there was any confrontation also coming up on the show a tower for storm devastates greece's northern coastal areas leaving 7 dead and dozens injured plus a french lawmakers vote for a digital services tax that washington says unfairly targets an american tech giant
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could the u.s. speak here enough for another trade war this time with france. great to have you along everyone well we begin with those rising tensions in the strait of hormuz where britain says 3 iranian boats attempted to intercept a british oil tanker near the persian gulf but were driven off by a royal navy frigate iran has a night that its vessels tried to stop the tanker in the strait of hormuz saying it's boats were carrying out were teen duties. the strait of hormuz one of the world's busiest shipping lanes through which a 3rd of the world seaborne oil passes. iran's navy is an active presence here. the narrowest point in the strait is only 40 kilometers wide the british ministry
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of defense said the incident took place near the island of abu mussab. it says this frigate turned away rain in speedboat stuff were threatening the british oil tanker the u.k.'s foreign minister has responded by calling for calm obviously very concerning developments but also very proud of the royal navy and the role that they played in keeping british assets british shipping safe we are continuing to monitor the situation very very carefully the fear is that this latest incident will escalation becomes days after british authorities seized an iranian tanker off gibraltar claiming it was violating sanctions by delivering oil to syria earlier this week iran also started enriching uranium beyond the limits set down the 2050 nuclear deal it signed with international powers iran says the confrontation never happened its foreign minister mohammed serif has called the british accusations worthless iran's farce news agency quote sorry for saying they
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are seeking to cover up their weaknesses with such claims as tensions in the gulf summer diplomats are scrambling to keep the nuclear deal from on ruffling completely. well earlier i spoke to mideast analyst simon maven at the university of lancaster in the u.k. and i began by asking him how significant the tit for tat succession of incidents really is it can be read in a number of different ways it can be seen as just a small step a step from rhetoric to action or it can be seen as a quite significant change in pace moving away from words to actually putting these words into action and i think a lot of this depends on what iran does next whether it leaves this is a worn off incident or whether it decides that it wants to do more and really take a stand against the u.k. against the u.s. and other international act so for now i think it's just
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a small step is just moving from woods to one act but if it comes into more action if it doesn't more of this then i think it's quite a seismic change in pace are the police and her brother says that they have arrest that the captain and the chief officer of the detained iranian a supertanker at the same time a british security source says we're not going to accompany every frigate that is in the strait of hormuz what i'm wondering is are all parties just testing the waters but they don't want to go into confrontation and just checking how far they can go. yeah i think it's a case of trying to figure out what the new rules of this new game were know traditionally that the shipping would go on and iran wouldn't necessarily go and do anything like this it would threaten it but it wouldn't actually do it but right now given that iran has done this it's a case of figuring out what's what it might do next and wants votes they split the
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u.k. and the u.s. could potentially do to prevent it from happening so there's a great deal of uncertainty everyone's trying to figure out what the other side wants what the other side's endgame is and that is a delicate and quite a precarious situation to be in because it raises the specter of something bad happening of something negative happening that people misinterpreting things now let's talk more about that because of course the u.s. maximum pressure approach has iran in a stranglehold and despite efforts by european nations the iran nuclear deal is by all accounts on life support if if that at all taking into consideration soaring tensions between the west and iran is a military confrontation in your assessment inevitable or can a deal still be struck. i don't think it's inevitable i think that the scope for a bail i think best scope for all sides to to deescalate things to find a way out but it takes willingness it takes creativity and it takes patience i
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don't think any of the parties involved want a direct military confrontation certainly not the iranians and i would argue certainly not the americans we know donald trump has said repeatedly he doesn't want to get drawn into another conflict in the middle east in spite of that he sent more more u.s. troops u.k. certainly doesn't want to get more and broiled a nest so i think given that given that none of these actors will really benefit from a conflict it's just a case of figuring out ways of getting out of this situation with all sites saving face and all sites feeling secure in the best possible light and that will take creativity it will take creative diplomacy as a way of escape invests this incredibly worrying situation salmon maven from the university of lancaster in the u.k. thank you so very much. let's get you up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. at least one person has been killed in a huge blaze at a gas fired power station near moscow several more were injured and firefighters
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have now put out the fire those flames reached up to 50 meters the fire reportedly broke out in a natural gas pipeline. in bosnia herzegovina thousands have marked the anniversary of the 7 it's a massacre the worst mass killing in europe since world war 2 back in july of 1995 bosnian serb troops murdered more than 8000 bosnian muslim men and boys and international courts have brown at the massacre a genocide. in eastern sicily massive wildfires have sent beachgoer scrambling into the water there have been no immediate reports of casualties and several blazes have broken out around sicily in recent days spurred in part by high temperatures and hot winds from northern africa. and extreme weather as well in greece where at least 7 people have died after a powerful storm battered the north of the country violent weather in the how key dicky also injured scores more in toppled trees and power lines
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a storm followed intense heat in greece with temperatures soaring to some 37 degrees celsius before the weather broke with disastrous consequences. the catastrophe the greeks gave us the word the describes best what befell they country last night. but it was a terrifying evening as a huge storm front swept through with winds churning at over 100 kilometers per hour and hail pounding eastern parts of the country spain did gene costs line. you know put it but maybe not even cannons make that much noise i didn't have clothes on when i came out to get the kids and it's the ryan fell it was like rocks were hitting my doc. this is what the head of the familiar with the few moments of
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them did. the morning after that night. this holiday resort. is in ruins. to remind you tourists died he lost not in a beachside which was torn to pieces. dinner is still on the table or a mind to how sudden the song slow it was. on the 40 years of marriage when inside was screaming it was chaos a friend of my brother was window from head to toe because the bar fell on him those girls flying through the air from the windows of my yes. a 1000 kilometers away these time on italy's east coast super cells from the same intense front pool for 2. nearly 20 people were injured as the sea surged into pescado home to one of the biggest ports on the i dreaded say. beautiful italy is now battered
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italy with the militancy services cleaning up after the summit deluge. we turn our attention now to france because that country has defied pressure from the united states and passed a bill taxing many of the world's biggest internet companies well the changes voted through by the french parliament have face heavy criticism in the united states the white house says they unfairly target american companies facebook apple google and amazon are among the 30 companies affected french finance minister bruno and america says the 3 percent tax could raise half a 1000000000 euros a year presidents don't focus has now said he ordered an investigation. so are we on the cusp of a nother trade war to talk more on this rao is genoud to allow for a business always good to see you jim now when i 1st want to know why did france decide to go it alone why didn't get the rest of the e.u.
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to support this measure well it has to be said that they tried if they would try to get standards that would apply to the entire block but it failed in this undertaking due to opposition from countries like ireland which you know offers they are favorable tax regimes to these companies for the express purpose of attracting them to ireland so going out it alone is of course a risk for france it's the 1st test the waters it's a drawing us anger upon itself in this way so it's hoping like with this single signal to spur more coordination on the multilateral level it said that it would drop this tax if standards are agreed on the o.e.c.d. leveled out of course is the club of the world's richest countries now feeling that it can only hope that at least on the national level governments that have said they were looking into this like like italy like spain like the u.k. they hurry up with their own processes if this turns into a full blown fight with the us that it's definitely going to need some allies what
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can the u.s. do to retaliate well 1st of all they've already said that they're launching that probe. and 2 other american tech companies will be unfairly targeted by this law and interestingly they're using the same legal justifications that they used when they launched a probe into chinese technological processes and we know that that devolved into the trade war we're now seeing and the u.s. has said that with this particular process with france it is prepared to launch punitive trade measures if it sees fit now france of course has called on washington to settle this matter in a matter be fitting its relationship as allies that the taxation is a sovereign matter that should be left up to france it can only hope that the u.s. will listen but what this of course this raul does do it is sparks a debate about how to tax the internet economy something that a lot of countries and governments and policymakers are struggling with do you foresee in the immediate future other governments may be trying to introduce
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similar measures while there is a widespread consensus of. the taxation the models for these kinds of companies just aren't able to keep up they've been very good at not paying taxes where they make their profits which is everywhere in the world but just where they're headquartered meanwhile they're making so much money apple alone made close to $60000000000.00 in profits last year the european commission has said business is in the traditional businesses they face a taxation rate of about 23 per cent when you get to internet tax giants internet giants their tax 8 to 9 percent so there's widespread acknowledgement that has to be addressed right that's not sustainable in the long term are it's an album allow always good to get your view on things thank you. sports news now in cycling. has claimed his 1st ever victory at the 2 old afonso winning stage 6 the belgian writer road to victory after a grueling climb from more news to luck. well that despite finishing 2nd italy's
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julio chikane had snatched the yellow jersey off france's julian feat while this just ahead of the longest stage in this year's competition which takes place on friday. and in tennis serino williams has reached the final of wimbledon's a women's tournament after beating barbara striker over the 7 time champion there williams won the match in straight sets and williams will now face a similar to how look for the trophy after she beat alina spitz leena excuse me in the straight sets a 6163 and up is the 1st romanian woman to reach the wimbledon final you're watching the joey news we solve a lot more to tell you about here's what's coming out. how a south africa's vital mining industry is reeling from global trade wars with production falling dramatically month by month.
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that story and a whole lot more coming up next with your heart alfred's in a business africa i'm a rock n roll and on behalf of all of us here thank you for spending in this part of your day with us i hope to see you again tomorrow evening. india. how can a country's economy grow harmony its people parliament. when there are due course look at the bigger picture. india a country that faces challenges. and people are striving to assisting future. clipper projects from europe and to. eco pedia on.


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