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this is deja news live from the showdown in the gulf britain says a royal navy frigate just driven off iranian boats trying to intercept a british oil tanker iran denies there was a confrontation also on the program. french lawmakers most prestigious all services tax of washington believes the top american tech jobs so could the u.s. be getting a full another trade war this time with friends. to mount up the center of
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a euthanasia battle in france so could the u.s. be getting a full another trait war this time with friends. to mount up the center of a euthanasia battle in france has passed away vigils have been held for that became a vegetative state since a cop crash 10 years ago his plight defied his family on the french mission. i'm phil gale welcome to the program. britain says 3 iranian boats attempted to intercept a british oil tanker near the persian gulf but driven off by a royal navy frigate iran has denied its vessels tried to stop the tanker in the strait of hormuz saying it's boats were carrying out routine duties. the strait of hormuz one of the world's busiest shipping routes through which
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a 3rd of the world seaborne oil must pass iran's navy is an active presence. the strait is only about 40 kilometers wide at its narrowest point iran has long used its coastline to project an implicit threat to the world's oil supplies in this latest incident britain says this frigate turned away iranian speedboats that threatened its oil tanker. ron has blamed tensions on the gulf and britain which just days ago seized an iranian oil tanker in. claiming it was violating sanctions by delivering oil to syria. we say to the british that your action is preposterous wrong and it's a mistake. and we will harm you as you get in on the s.c.
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we should all try to make shipping secure at the international level. tell britain you are an initiator of insecurity and you will understand the repercussions later now you have become desperate and when your tanker wants to move around in our region it has to be escorted by your destroyers because you are afraid your own yamana bush is in. britain called for calm a government spokesperson said we are concerned by this action and continue to urge the iranian authorities to deescalate the situation in the region. escalation is the great fear the latest incident comes as iran has started enriching uranium beyond the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal it's signed with international powers diplomats are scrambling to keep that deal from unraveling completely while the tension in the gulf simmers. let's take you to the british capital.
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the british government saying. well of course this is an incident that the u.k. government takes very seriously even though they've tried to downplay it this morning in their reactions but the strait of hormuz the gulf region it is the most the world so world's most important oil and gas shipping lane and any detention off the ship in international waters would be could be seen as an act of war and it didn't come to that detention but apparently what happened is that a british vessel in international waters was approached by 3 iranian vessels the british tried to make those vessels the rainy and vessels back off and according to u.s. government officials who had a surveillance aircraft in the air there they said that the british naval ship that was already escorting that british vessel was pointing guns at the iranians and at
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that point after trying to also explain to them that they needed to bag off finally the iranian vessel it's backed off in the end but of course a serious incident that is very much discussed here in london today in the u.k. government and there's a presumption that today's incident is of retaliation for britain's seizure last week. right there could be a link between these 2 incidents so what happened there was that the u.k. u.k. navy marines seized an iranian vessel in front of the coast of gibraltar u.k. territory and u.k. authorities say they ceased that vessel because that iranian super tanker was carrying oil to syria that would be against european rules the europeans have sanctions in place against the assad regime and that is why the u.k.
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authorities believe they were in the right here when they seized that tanker iranian officials after that incident have said that british that they feel they see that as an act of piracy and that they want a price to be paid so we can very well say that this appears to be an act of revenge retaliation for all of the boats in london thank you. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world germany's domestic intelligence agency says it is stepping up observation of the identity tarion movement which campaigns against mass migration and is one the agency says the group believed to have around $600.00 members in germany is now officially classified as an extreme right movement. it's been a huge blaze at a gas fired power station just outside moscow at least 6 people have been injured firefighters have now put out the fire whose flames reached up to 50 meters.
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russian media say the cause may have been an explosion. vox vaults beetle has rolled off the production line in mexico the car built to a rebound design from the late 1990 s. brings an end to a series that began in 1938 your original but it was a production for 65 years. and france has defied pressure from the united states to pass a law taxing many of the world's biggest internet companies the changes voted through by the french parliament faced a heavy criticism in the u.s. the white house says they unfairly target american companies facebook apple google and amazon are among the 30 companies affected french finance minister bruno the man says the 3 percent tax could raise off a 1000000000 euros a year president trump has ordered an investigation. yes look at this closer with
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a business reporter tilted welcome so which companies what sorts of companies are likely to be affected by these digital services tax well i mean we're talking about the most major tech companies that have business and actually earn their profits within friends i mean according to legislation it's companies that earn a size one of the profits within the country friends and also have a combined revenues of both just over 25000000 of course this is an only going to be hitting large american tech companies but that really is who this legislation is focusing on i mean the law is even being referred to as the google apple facebook amazon laws so it's quite clear who they're planning to get in their tax crosshairs and just just just to be clear these are going to be already paying tax well i mean that's the issue right now with yes they are pain tax they are paying tax within europe and around the world as well not just the united states however they have been able to profit in making incredible profits in the last several years and not paid their fair tax burden many of the companies admits the themselves that they're
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not actually pain a large percentage of their tax the french interior ministry said that the actually these american tech companies are paying 14 percent less tax than their french counterparts and this is something that you know we've heard time and time again these huge american companies are taking their profits and making the mobile so they could make an incredible profits in one's country but they move those profits to a different country with a lower tax rate which allows them to at times actually pay an almost negative rate of tax which means they're really not paying their fair share around the world so that's that's the intention behind it i'm presuming that france is not the only country to do this well i mean they are the 1st but they're not the only country looking into it there's a handful of other european countries who are attempting to box through some a legislature and actually if you're looking at a global context i mean even the g. 20 is looking at developing new types of uniform tax legislation there are regulations rather that they could use the taxes american companies and you know at the end of the day. many of them of the own the companies themselves are saying
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there needs to be tax reform i mean google has said it would welcome a worldwide framework based on the proposals that are being debated right now in the g. 20 and even the head of apple tim cook said his company would be willing to pay more tax if the legislation if the rules would actually see for that i mean they're saying of course they're avoiding tax right now tim cook i said the specifically but that's because that's how the system is designed to work if the system was designed to make them pay more taxes they would do it. or until to thank you so much thank you. and from a man at the center of a bitter legal battle over whether he should be allowed to die has passed away in hospitals doctors in france removed life support more than a week ago against his parents wishes he had been in a vegetative state after being involved in a car crash his case is divided his family and the french nation.
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they held a vigil for him pro-life supporters who followed the fight through the courts to save his life now they are mourning the death of a bath. the death penalty was abolished in france and we can say whatever we want to about that we abolished the death penalty for the guilty but it remains for the innocent and. innocent. who is nearly killed in a road accident in 2008 he lay in hospital for more than a decade his family split over what to do. his parents and 2 of his 8 siblings fultz to keep him alive. his wife and the rest of his immediate family fought to allow him to die. by going to vincent was in a vegetative state. he didn't want to live like that. you know out of respect for
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him it was necessary to stop keeping him alive in the state. now he has finally been able to leave us i hope he rests in peace. supporters of his parents say doctors who removed life support systems last week broke the hippocratic oath with some even speaking of murder. let's take a look at some of the masses the issues arising out of this with the news i think comes ethics correspondent martin gaff welcome us and why did this story attract so much attention mostly because it was a better bit bitter battle between different parts of the family and mean euthanasia sensually would holding life support it's legal in friends as it's legal in most of europe actually. the fact is that the parents who are against these continuity of life support and medical help essentially went to court and went
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through different instances to try to stop this and on the way they of course gathered in amounts quite a bit of school board particularly from the more conservative sort of part of the political fringe spectrum and the wife who was actually in favor of these continues with board to follow and also you know. people supporting her position from the other side of the political spectrum namely the progressives and more people farther to the lift and usually the united nations got involved and the catholic church as well both institutions were involved the united nations essentially try to further look into this this case i mean asked for the french government and french courts to give it time to look into the case i mean the case has been going on for now over they kate and the french court said that they were not obligated to actually stop the process of stopping life support so yes there were obviously a lot of institutions involved but the fact is that this was still a legal decision that corresponded to
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a legal figure that is in the french books and presumably the catholic stance was this should not happen the man should be the withdrawal of. newton should not be allowed yeah i mean the couple of church position in abortion as in life support is essentially that we should continue life and we should preserve life to all the grease balls who will the position that i think this debate has been defined around it's not so much a question of fly. i don't go that is to say life simply but quality of life and i think that by and large we understand that when we're looking at the massive case of people that are in very very serious situations and where there east no sort of outlook for recuperation or for improvement the question that is usually yes it's not whether extending life itself of value but what kind of life is the one that we want to extend so this case of course must go on massive repartition through europe because a distaste there are a lot of people that are essentially involved in very similar similar battles in
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very different countries and so where did that did this move the needle it's all in terms of the arguments did just both sides just trench i think that both sides are essentially entrenched so those who actually are for you know essential euthanasia in one form or another remain so and those who are against remain so for example are only within religious communities which do not have sort of a learning tradition of revising positions what has probably also happened is that bringing a case that is really of a tragic case i mean somebody who was in a vegetative state for a decade bringing peace to the tension of i think the middle of the road people that are undecided or that have not been contemplating that you sure bro really does help to sort of essentially open at least a discussion. doublers ethics comes from the bottom go back through all of them. this is news still to come that dream lives of madagascar. as the national team
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prepares for the quarterfinals of the africa cup of nations will join the. european union is to put climate change at the top of its agenda for the next 6 months finland has just assumed the blocks 6 months rotating presidency of the finnish prime minister believes the e.u. should provide global leadership on this issue until it says it's important to take the demands of europe's young people seriously. 16 year old. spent many fridays travelling 2 hours each way to protest at the finnish parliament holding signs pleading for climate action the climate itself wasn't too cooperative as he stood there through the winter it's really horrible in front of the it's always been the end it will be raining some snow or snow or ice and most of the politicians just go by and don't even look at us. or say hello
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and some even come to us but says it was all worth it as prime minister has declared solving the climate crisis should be europe's next heroic act at the very least it's the top priority for the finnish e.u. presidency has credited the youth climate strikers for inspiration got to thank him in person and vice versa i really. have a listen to their young evolution and i need to listen more yeah that's why for back up appointed green politician picked a harvester as foreign minister to press the message in the foreign policy arena already overflowing with wars nuclear threats and humanitarian disasters harvester knows it will be difficult. and it's a climate i stand virally but it's the ecology the silence around the table you can hear the silence in
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a way that it's so surprising but harvesters says it's the activists to whom he feels responsible they are pushing us and they actually think the power. base is enough but i think it's good we need the civil society as opposed to politicians helsinki is determined not to be a hypocrite it's maximizing sustainability minimizing everything else meetings will all be held in the capital there will be no bottled water mostly plant based meals and e.u. bureaucrats travelling to finish meetings will receive a unique gift half a 1000000 euros worth of air emission offsets spent on projects in developing countries and yet lycee head of the presidency secretariat says the finnish way is not to lecture but to lead by example we want to be practical and what we promise we want to keep. says whatever finland achieves is great but
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it's so much more is needed he'll be protesting outside the e.u. meetings rain or shine or sleet or snow. at least 7 people are dead and scores injured after a powerful storm hit the north of greece the violent storm in how could you keep talking trees and power lines amongst the dead or a couple who were killed when strong winds flipped their motor home one person a fisherman is still missing the storm followed very hot weather in greece with temperatures reaching 37 degrees celsius over the last 2 days freak weather has also hit italy where 18 people were injured when a storm pelted the town with massive hail stones. the east coast of italy during an aerial bombardment of ice. came down here and bowls the size of oranges. further inland streets were awash people took refuge in doorways and whited 10 to 15 minutes until the deluge of
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passed all along the a dramatic coast people were surprised by the sudden onset of the stall. an enormous cloud arrived there was an incredible downpour with wind rain a really big storm. the wave of bad weather also broke windows in windshields in the resort town of milan about it team about 200 century old pine trees were knocked down by a tornado. one woman was taken to hospital in a serious condition. the storm came at a bad time for tourists currently on the coast and it was devastating for many tourist operators there. was a ghost story than in all the things i patiently built up over the years have been ruined in just 2 minutes everything out of. the heavy rain came after weeks of sweltering heat in italy and one day after authorities issued
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a yellow alert for rain and high winds and the north of the country. madagascar is in the grip of football fever after the national team defeated 3 time champions nigeria to top their group in the africa cup of nations they now face to music in the quarterfinals it's a huge deal for the island nation. that celebration as if they were already well champions so it will fans on the streets of the capital singing for their national team not against to have won 3 matches in a row and now they're just 2 wins away from the championship game. it's one of the all time fairytale stories in africa cup of nations history and the whole nation is behind them. 24 year old to the. suit is a huge fan he's been playing football most of his life but suddenly everything
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feels very different place to be the team's success is so inspiring if they can be the successful it's proof that everyone can achieve their dreams. lots of children have now started playing football on the street it's fantastic every time madagascar when it makes me want to play more. i just want to play every day every day. madagascar doesn't even have a professional league football helps people forget the challenges of everyday life about 3 quarters of the population live under the poverty line here but the national football team's success is giving them a sense of hope babies are born during the africa cup of being named the team's nickname the official circle jerseys are almost all sold out and the market traders are enjoying the profits yes we are really selling a lot of jerseys probably about 1200 every day. even foreigners want them go but. i don't listen to the rest on remanent sue is
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certain madagascar will win the africa cup but even if they don't the burress success has made a big impact on malagasy society. their success has really brought people closer together foreigners in malagasy are mingling more because we all watch the games together. it's a chance for the whole world to get to know barack askers. this is about more than just sports some success the madagascar there is hope this will make the world sit up and take note of what the country is all about. meanwhile the u.s. women's football team enjoy the new york ticker tape parade as the country celebrated their 4th world cup victory after reading the netherlands the team was praised for pushing themselves on the field in the issue of equal pay in sport. a
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heroine's welcome for the champions of the world after the historic title defense in a moment that was always going to be about more than just football. as evidenced by trump 2020 flags hanging above the crowd the larger part of which was here to dote on their darling megan rapinoe who had tussled with the president in recent weeks. it's our responsibility to make this world a better place i think this team does. an incredible job of taking up on our shoulders and understanding the position that we have in the platform that we have in this world yes we play sports yes we play soccer yes or a few male athletes over so much more than. statements like that one of a large part of the reason that rypien 0 has become such an icon for her adoring fans. i mean honestly i did great night in looking out
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after she came out and see the ball and she made a statement not just with her words were with her power to i'm just really impressed by her i think she did a great rep. peano's bridgette refusal to meet president trump and the teams on going fight for parity of prize money with the american men have won her and her teammates plenty of admirers many hope that this team can provide an inspiration for the next generation we are so proud of this u.s. women's team they are so outspoken and they're so brave they're also just on believable soccer players and experiencing it with my girls is really wonderful wearing the world champions crown is no novelty for the usa but this time they hope to build a legacy that will out last day current moment in the sun. his reminder top stories at this hour britain says are voile navy frigate has driven off the in boats to try
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to intercept at that huge oil tanker in the gulf iran denies that any confrontation took place. at the center of a right to die battle in france has died vigils have been held for von salama bad who'd been in a vegetative state since a car crash 10 years ago his plight divided his family and the nation. finland's prime minister house announces he's putting climate action at the top of the european union's agenda finland has just taken over the infamous rotating 6 month presidency. the full. face is d.w. up next to news asia the youngest known victim of the philippines war on drugs 3 year old oh my so old peter was killed and the police operation there her family
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and friends are asking a lot of things. will take you to a museum dedicated to the creatures that feed off cubans and on a. nice of those stories i'm mobile bearish about a j i b w news asia is the next to hope in fact at the top of the hour and of course there's always a website that's the w dot com have a good. cook
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. believe. me. the quiet melody resounds michael white of the mood. and it soon repeat resonate within its soul.
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the mind and the music. beethoven 1st bond 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. how. has. his quite as simple as it seems. to understand the world better we need to take a closer to the. experience knowledge so moved to dish that. on the w. h. m skillet of a war that's hard and in the end is a meat you're not allowed to stay here any more we will send you that. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were liars thieves what's your story.
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ready and what numbers of women especially of victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying always to understand this new culture. for you are not of in a turn other guests you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for a while information. this is. coming up on the program 3 years old and shot dead by police. is the youngest don't victim president detectives war on drugs but now with the u.n. decided to investigate the philippines for the campaign will her family get justice
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also coming up. sexually harassed sent to prison indonesian. record of how paul says new tools and knowledge has to spend time in jail for it plus.


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