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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2019 8:30am-8:46am CEST

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my choice is this card because. you're wearing transmitted to streams. and. south korea runs through allies the united states for help with its export route with japan but us president trump is much better friends with japan's leadership. irish farmers have got a real beef with the trade deal between the e.u. and south america. and the sweet show how trucks can be made so much more environmentally friendly. let's do
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business south korea is seeking help with the united states in its trade route with japan the japanese government has imposed export restrictions on some south korean bound products after so-called tokyo to compensate forced laborers from the 2nd world war speaking to u.s. secretary of state mike compost south korea's foreign minister said the trade codes were undesirable and would hurt tech firms around the world some of the materials affected a key to making memory chips and smartphone despite. chelsea delaney joins us from frankfurt bureau to talk about this chelsea is the trade realm escalates what's the likelihood of a major slowdown in global supply chains. right so we're really looking at you know global disruptions here. you know these these chemicals these products that japan is restricting exports of they're crucial to basically all of our high tech devices
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now so you know one of these that's used in. t.v. just plays to japan is responsible for 90 percent of the supply so you know we're looking at disruptions for cheap suppliers like samsung as cave but also you know potential ripple effects to american companies apple you know lenovo laptop makers dell so there are really a lot of there's a lot of potential for this to you know raise prices for there to be delays and disruptions so the american take joins could be affected apple the chinese take titans what about european players well i think it's a little bit different for europe you know europe doesn't have the same dominance in tack and products like this you know there are a couple of european companies that could be affected you know names like nokia
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or ericsson but you know it's not clear at this point how exposed they are to south korea's chips. but you know i think the concern that people are thinking about now in terms of europe is you know we have this whole big plan for 5 g. rollout and how does this impact you know 5 g. and how does impact companies like vodafone that are relying on high tech products to build out of 5 g. network exactly would be great to have. chelsea thank you very much for boyd from frankfurt for us. donald trump has ordered an investigation into france's planned tax on technology companies is could open the door to new tariffs or other trade restrictions from washington french finance minister who led mass said in march that a 3 percent tax on the french revenue of some of the large internet companies could
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yield as much as half a 1000000000 euros a year the companies are mostly american but also chinese german spanish and british. in dublin hundreds of irish b. farmers have marched on parliament they say an e.u. trade deal with south america will go up their industry the pact is 20 years in the making but has provoked a backlash that imperils its ratification by the blocs 28 member states. virus farmers turned out on mess outside parliament to put the boot in they fear that the e.u. mercosur deal will destroy their industries. the big problem we have us farmers is the double speak with in the e.u. . they have restrictions on farmers environmental restrictions on farmers all around europe how we have to farm in an environmental way. and then suddenly they will do a deal with a country that absolutely floats stuff. part of the deal in polls opening e.u.
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markets so in 100-9000 tons of south american beef every year. we're not ever takes a step takes one are talking about bringing down the price of beef by flock in the markets with cheap markets like pretty much what you want in ireland in other european countries like france farmers are the predominant voice against the yuma consumer agreement in particular its controversial agricultural quotas however brussels says the pact with the south american bloc will save european companies over $4000000000.00 euros in tariffs every year. ryanair is wired about its 2020 some a flight schedule if but when doesn't soon deliver the 737 max aircraft that audit the low budget airline can only take delivery of a handful of planes of month due to the complexity of the delivery process that's why ryanair may have to scale back its growth plans if the 77 next deliveries have
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not resumed by november boeing has halted delivery of the model as it addresses safety concerns of the 2 fatal crash its. federal reserve chairman jerome powell has boosted expectations for the 1st u.s. interest rate cut in a decade it could be implemented this month in testimony to congress powell pointed to a broad global weakness clouding the u.s. economic outlook and made uncertainty. about the fallout from transcript trade conflict with china and other nations president trump has been pushing bell to cut rates and has repeatedly said he has the power to fire the fed chief if he doesn't comply. chinese auto sales a reeling from the slowing economy and the us china trade round close to 8 percent last month as bae is hold off making big purchases germany's b.m.w. and porsche managed to buck the trend and trump's tariff for it hasn't yet become
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reality for foreign cars but the dow would trench continue started last year after decades of growing sales it's bad timing for the e.u. automatic factors that are investing heavily in electric vehicles. of a 2 hour time they corresponded so. so so is the trade war all the fact that the chinese economy was already slowing down at 40 yeah the trade war highlights the nomic downturn and the lack of investment confidence really a fact the main car buyers that is the middle income group in china's most cities and if we look at the reason why they thought buying cars and interesting factor comes up experts found that that the client in china's sells maybe due to the rise in housing prices in the small cities so the middle income group they save only enough to buy houses 1st and postpone their car purchase plan and more if we
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look at g.d.p. and per capita car sales in top 25 car markets we can fire that china sells number as ever to a higher due to its rapid economic growth and now it's only slowly coming back to normal again so households are feeling the pinch can can global automakers no longer rely on the world's biggest car market for the basically the lion's share of their profits in many cases. it really depends on which car makers you're talking about if we look at the whole chinese car market sells is going down but overall domestic and imported luxury car market increased by 13 percent and the ultra luxury brands like badly ferrari and lamborghini even increased by 37 percent so the rich are buying more cars as for the common brand they really have to find a niche market that for them to for example selling at u.v.
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or economical car types to 1st time buyer and more personalized models to people who already have cars as they think are b.m.w. and porsche or as i mentioned it's all about status in china what about the cars because they spark a revenue boost. to understand this we have to talk about china's new stricker emission rule of law launched on july 1st china now requires most vehicles to meet that standard and we know now 5 percent of china's cars i eat cars and beijing plans for a car to make up 20 percent of its old vehicles by 2025 so it seemed to be a big market and very good business but we have to understand that 95 percent of the car market are controlled by a national car makers foreign car makers has not been able to make inroads in the united the market so thank you very much for giving us the lowdown on those low
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cost so thank you very much of images like these snakes one of massive trucks might not be what you think of when you think of protecting the environment researchers in sweden beg to differ they're working on a new system that will help loam whole truck is slash the c o 2 emissions but the the in use help to do that. the main problem with electric drive trucks is that their range is just far too low researchers near stockholm might have an answer they've developed the world's 1st test road for rail based electric trucks. the truck gets its electricity from this trial in future this electricity would come from renewable sources it's a cost effective and simple system for to. the truck can also disconnect from the rail and run on battery in a normal electric truck the battery would usually weigh tons for long distances with the swedish system it's small and lightweight but while scandinavia is making
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huge leaps in electro move. germany is still a stronghold of diesel. of all trucks registered in germany in 2017 well over 99 percent were diesel vehicles only a 30th of one percent were electric. goffin bergen sweden is also paving the way electric trucks are now used there to collect the city's trash sweden wants to reduce that c o 2 emissions by 20 percent by 2035 levy to be as we want to be one of the 1st to fossil fuel free industrialized countries in the world so we're focusing on the transport sector to show that it can work we can tell the rest of the world look all of this is possible. it's one thing for sweden to convert its motorways between stockholm gough and bergen mon the but to roll the system out across europe there would need to be a common standard for electric trucks. to get on a fantastic to have
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a standard ours system across europe but the e.u. would have a big part to play brussels has yet to make concrete strict targets for electra mobility sweden says it wants to ban combustion engines in new vehicles by 2030. i said business with it.
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takes us away. with a little blunder from the many stories that make the dream so special. for a true friend. while i can't. thank you for the phone online. the quiet melody resounds michael lighten the mood.
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resonate within it's. the mind and the music. tovan 1st bond 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. hello and welcome to a special edition of arts and culture i'm robyn merrill and special as i'm thrilled to have in the studio with me the world famous british architect david chipperfield who is here to talk about his latest project this is the james got away which is juju open on saturday to the public here in berlin it's a very special new buildings surrounded by 5 museums on what is called museum island and it's there to bring all of them together quite
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a difficult task i have to say but i think a gentleman who's not averse to difficult times david chipperfield welcome 1st of all can you tell us a little bit about james cmon that the galleries named often james cmon james simon was a. very important. entrepreneur and textile business very successful and he became a very generous for entrepreneurs to dave enormous amount of money to good causes and especially to museums. he had a big collection and he famously financed the egyptian expedition the discovery of the armonica collection and the star that is the is now for t.-t. which is in the noise museum ok we'll talk more in a minute but let's 1st have a closer look at your brand.


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