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w. . this is deep. and she wants to be the european union's next leader and she convinced the powers that be in brussels germany's. position lawmakers today campaigning to win their backing for her nomination to become the european commission president. is not a sure thing we'll go to brussels and ask also coming up it has happened again i'm going to lose scene trembling in public for the 3rd time within a month and it is fueling concerns over the german chancellor help.
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i'm off it's good to have you with us she wants the top job in the european union and she is campaigning now at full throttle germany's defense minister ursula fund a lion is on a charm offensive in brussels in her quest to become european union commission president on her agenda fighting climate change and improving cooperation among europe's army. would you walk through town through the reason it's fun to lyons 1st public appearance as nominee for the e.u. commission presidency the european union's top job her priority is to speak with any peace 1st to clarify her standing and gauge the mood she's meeting with european social democrats who are critical of fund a lion
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a conservative. and i didn't feel she was specific on some issues but on other areas she stayed quite vague so that was definitely not the end of our discussions . fund elia needs 374 parliamentary votes to get the job it's not clear how much support she'll get from social democrats greens and business friendly policies she can rely on the 182 votes from her own group the e.p. p. and possibly the european conservatives and reformists or e.c. our critics are hinting their decision on her stance on climate policy rescues of migrants at sea and the parliament's rights of initiative. that won it i'm convinced she's a passionate european but in some of her statements she was still quite unclear she'll have to deliver more by next week and not. fund a lie and has little time to engage in further talks the outcome of the secret ballot is hard to predict. and for more on this now i'm joined by our correspondent
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mark zandi in brussels tonight going to you max we know that ursula for the lions she was not the 1st she wasn't even the 2nd choice for the job so the question is can she win over those skeptical any piece. well brant what i can tell you at this is that she has been trying very hard she has been touring the groups for the last 2 days as we just heard in the report and she also showed that she's trying to emphasize that she is a true european responding to those n.e.p. questions in english german and french but it's not certain at this point not at all that she will get a majority in parliament the majority is that that she needs to get the job. because many are unhappy with having to vote on a surprise candidate plus the european greens an ounce this evening that they were as a whole group not going to vote for her against her because she was too vague or didn't
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go far enough on issues like a rule of law and climate yeah i mean that's that's a big blow to her chances it taught me a little bit about the biggest concerns that the members of the european parliament have concerning her nomination. while some argue that she's not experienced enough on her european level other any piece say they simply do not know her well enough they don't know what she stands for on a european level and then many are unhappy with how the candidate process was killed in the european council because every essentially every party had their lead candidate who was campaigning who was running for this office and was enough on the line was never one of them the very important point to make there and i'm wondering what happens if she does not win this nomination if she does not become president of the commission. if it wasn't on the line by the end of this week or perhaps by
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the beginning of next week. senses that she doesn't have enough votes enough any peace to back her then she can try to drag out the process with the help of political groups like the c.r. that support her in the parliament and she can perhaps try to drag out the process and then the vote would not take place next week but after summer break in september but then there is only this one chance problem it can only vote on was enough on the line once and if she doesn't get these votes then the heads of state the european council will have to stick their heads together have to come together for another summit and come up with a new name and as we know from experience this could take some time that is indeed the case on the story for us tonight in brussels max thank you very much. well there are new worries tonight about the health of america all that after the german chancellor was seen yet again trembling in public it is the 3rd time that she has
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been seen on camera in this condition in the past month this latest incident occurred as the chancellor stood outside with finland's visiting prime minister they were watching military honors to welcome his arrival and you can see her clenching her fist trying to control history. or this bring in our political correspondent now in monroe shots for more on this so. people are asking more and more questions is 3 times now and they're asking is she suffering from a medical condition well there's something going got going on there and we say i don't have the answer as to what exactly it is this that this is a sad occurrence months ago though it was a case during a q. crane and president say less kids visit that i get america shook in front of the camera for the 1st time then a few days later again she couldn't blame that on the heat this time as she had done the 1st time around she had another trending episode and now we know we've
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heard from a source close to the government that the 3rd shaking could actually be done to do psychological pressure that she would have not so trumbo after the 1st set up in our society yet maybe let's listen what i'm going to america has to say about her condition. would help i'm fine i've recently said that i'm working through what happened during the military honors for the visit by the ukrainian president this process is clearly not finished yet but there is progress and i have to live with this for a while but i'm very well and you don't need to worry about me. ok so she says she's working through something and we don't need to worry i mean is that answer going to do suffice for the public well you know here in germany there isn't a culture of can i say voyeurism into the hands of officials and no so germans are
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very reluctant to pack into the personal lives of their leaders and that's very much respected here in germany re so that the press is being quiet about this condition and apparently that's explanation does suffice for the time being of course it brings up the question as to whether or not and america is so fit as a chance that all bets are apparent if this 1st explanation when she says that she's doing fine and that as she can go through our schedule as usual as she has proven so vosh apparent at this explanation that's a good point she has not canceled any appointments so far all right our political correspondent emanuel charles thank you thank you a court here in germany who sentenced in iraqi man to life in prison for the rape and murder of a 14 year old girl the case prompted a public outcry because the suspect should have been deported after his asylum application was rejected instead he was allowed to stay in germany and that is when
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he became a murderer. life imprisonment for 22 year old ali bashar that's the toughest sentence allowed under german law the judge said he had shown not a compassion nor remorse for suzanne his mother this made it even harder. i live right on the one hand i'm grateful for the verdict he can't do anything to any girl or anyone else anymore but on the other hand it still doesn't bring my daughter back. in may last year but shah rate and murdered suzanne are 2 weeks past before any trace of her body was found acting on a tip from another migrant who had been living with bashar police discovered susanna's corpse next to a railway track in a hole covered with dirt and branches the rejected asylum seeker and his family fled to northern iraq but he was arrested there and handed over to german
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authorities he confessed to killing susanna but denied raping her. susanna's father said he was shocked by the show's unrepentant massage mystic remarks as were others at the trial this is. the perpetrator showed no remorse empathy or understanding that he could have done something wrong couldn't it that this was really a crime. and as the presiding judge also put it as if the perpetrator trying to blame others inflame the group was promiscuous and her death was her own fault and that he is not guilty and on some up to mortal interest to hope kind of short far right groups have seized on the case saying it shows the government's migration policy has had disastrous consequences of thora he said tonight bashir requested asylum and that he was supposed to have been deported long ago because of the severity of his crimes the court has ruled he will not qualify for early release from prison howdy bashaw faces another trial on charges of raping an 11 year old
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girl. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world an airstrike on the syrian hospital in the rebel stronghold of it love has killed 6 people and put the hospital out of order that's according to the white helmets activists were fighting in syria's northwest has ground on while the government negotiates with the united nations over a possible peace process ukraine has installed a giant metal dome over a destroyed nuclear reactor at chernobyl the structure is meant to contain radioactive dust from the reactor whose explosion back in 1906 was the world's deadliest piece talking nuclear disaster officials say it will still be 24000 years before it is safe to live close to the site. a free kill storm hit the eastern coast of italy on wednesday 18 people were injured as hell storms the size of oranges and heavy rain held in the area and flooded the streets
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of this the city. a scar a local hospital said that most injuries were cuts and bruises to the head. well scientists are sounding the alarm about the growth of algae in the world's oceans a huge mass has just been located off the coast of south america well sometimes algae as talks again kills wildlife such as dolphins and turtles seaweed is another form of algae and it is starting to take a toll on tourism in the caribbean and the gulf of mexico are tourism magnets posting some sandy beaches and crystal clear water but this picture is being disrupted by an unwelcome visitor like here at the beach in tulu mexico which now looks like this saga some me to come a brown algae which spreads rapidly is upsetting the sensitive ecosystem the
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seaweed can reach a length of up to 16 meters growing up to 10 centimeters a day and it does more than upset the local tourism industry according to a recent university of south florida study algae growth has reached an intercontinental level since 2011 the sprawling plan to spread to more and more parts of the atlantic ocean last year a $20000000.00 ton carpet of alkies stretched all the way from africa to central america but what has caused this explosive spread this idea is the one aspect is the rising temperatures of the oceans are so global warming supports the growth in the 2nd aspect is an abundance of nutrients. can double the mess within 11 days if they have access to enough nutrients up due to the deforestation of the amazon jungle huge amounts of nutrient rich soil washed away into the oceans you bill. several luxury resorts spend hundreds of thousands of euros each year
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cleaning their beaches once the algae reaches land it decomposes creating a pungent odor. even in that every year it's different but this seems to be more alkie as the years go by when i'm cleaning it puts a huge strain on local authorities and it's only going to be honest this stuff affects all activity on the beach you're expecting to find a clean sandy beach. but instead find it covered in and. what's worse is the effect on marine life sea turtles for example cannot make it to the beach through the thick algae meaning they can no longer lay the eggs there a serious threat to an already endangered species. well here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you 1st off on the lion has it sold to win backing for her nomination to the european union commission presidency she met opposition lawmakers in brussels today and she said that if she's elected she will focus on fighting climate change and improving european defense cooperation.
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