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huawei technology. also us japan comes under fire for hunting whales again not japanese food is changing their minds overwhelming. this is business asia on. welcome to the u.s. and china talking again representatives of the 2 countries spoke on the phone tuesday night that's according to chinese news agency shin watch it's about time because weak industrial numbers out of china have renewed fears that demand for chinese goods is beginning to fall off thanks to the trade conflict with us the producer prices index important there on the top of the industrial sector a sector that measures the cost of goods at the factory gate came in a 0 in june that's hard for 4 point drop from the previous month the weakest result in the last 3 years and that's also bad news from the car industry sales have been falling for 12 consecutive months. that's very business
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correspondent andrea hang from singapore where is this the 1st results of the trade conflict. well the trade conflict is only house responsible for what's happening in china with these numbers now there are 2 other 2 that 2 other push factors number one inflation now china has imposed some cooling measures to those producer prices that you mentioned but no there is no there's a worry that there's a bit of there's a bit lacking of an inflation especially with food inflation and that could lead to a deflation instead number 2 or oil prices oil and natural gas prices fell 1.8 percent year on year in the same period and that is going to ultimately affect producer prices and upstream. or are we already seeing other effects in the rest of asia. well in asia death 2 things that are happening right now the 1st lot will get more global demand overall is forcing suppliers to
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look for other production bases elsewhere but equally in places like vietnam india and thailand where production costs are generally lower the 2nd thing that's happening is domestic demand within china itself is also driving prices down and it's also affecting the export export market from japan korea and south korea as well as. taiwan now these 2 problems combined are going to and have already hit treat help such as singapore and hong kong where go already with postings lower numbers in the shipment movements as well and this is also due to that we could be mindful both within china outside of china as well as for american goods with the tit for tat tariff that are going on and very briefly this trade conflict has been going on for some time now what if it doesn't get resolved very very soon. i think by and large asia will emerge
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a window into this trade dispute but not unscathed countries like vietnam have a very strong chance of winning and coming out all right on the other end but other countries such as such as singapore and hong kong for example stand to lose a little bit more with the terrorists between us and china affecting shipments worldwide. singapore thank you very much for those notices. well that's one of the most controversial questions of this ongoing trade conflict between china and the u.s. to use on not to use equipment from what way to build mobile 5 g. in communications infrastructure the u.s. says it's a security risk and its allies not to use it now the tiny principality of monaco is the 1st european country to introduce next generation 5 g. technology exclusively made with weiwei. nearly one in 3 residents in the sovereign city state on the french riviera is
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a millionaire and the rich demand fast internet with super fast wireless access 5 g. mobile networks offer a much greater danger transfer speeds. because monaco telecom signed a deal with weiwei last september to make it the 1st european country fully covered by 5 g. . officials attending the launch hailed its technological prowess he will cost you more data you carry the more efficient your network needs to be even 5 g. is revolutionizing the network universe because it needs less electrical and radio electrical power i can carry a lot more data than. a firefighter said 5 g. would make emergency services more efficient. sensors will allow us to guide firefighters so they can reach a disaster location faster these sensors will tell us about a temperature rise or visibility dip so we can reach a location faster we should do is eat it if you did. as monaco telecoms biggest supplier vice president gore paying said the monaco would help
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showcase while ways tech despite its small size but europe is struggling over while way washington believe way is linked to the chinese military and has raised espionage concerns the u.s. has lobbied its close allies to reject weiwei. ordinary consumers though like 5 g. speeds and many european governments including germany have defied washington and will use walk away at least in part. not just monaco's tycoons who want speedy networks. one tiny country to the next the gulf emirate of qatar has had a couple of years now to find creative ways of getting around an embargo by its neighbors the state has always relied on imports but its diplomatic isolation us forced its to become even more self-sufficient europe and china are willing to help . factory farming made in qatar the widest who are is proudly presents his poultry empire the process from egg to package chicken takes just 30
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days. 1.2000000 birds are packed in here in clinically clean rooms cool to 28 degrees celsius using technology from germany and italy not much is left to chance here. the former bookseller now makes 100000000 euros in sales but he's setting his sights higher still. have a little muscles and large we want to be playing i to i with the developed nations . you've seen the modern technology we use here with you and it will help us to ultimately catch up with the others. and there's a spirit of optimism in cutter. now that you did a couple of. the capital doha 2 years after the start of the air land and sea blockade the embargo was imposed by cutters neighbors saudi arabia the united arab
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emirates behind and egypt they accused the gas rich emirate of supporting terrorism but the move was also seen as an attempt to force a competitor to its knees the qatari emir called for self-sufficiency ramped up to mystic food production so that alternative supply routes and would foreign investment now the stock market has recovered exports are up the economy is growing . but it wasn't easy for everyone with the blockade recycling company elite lost its markets overnight cutter's biggest paper recycling business was close to ruin. and its owner eco entrepreneur abdulla others who id face the end of a dream. the 24 year old restructured the company and cut costs. he collected waste paper from schools and ministries and recycled it using chinese machines and cheap electricity. now his paper
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products sell in oman bangladesh and china 4 times as much as before the embargo. so wake up call and it's time to tell everyone that you need to depend on yourself and do something for your country and don't. wait for someone else to do something for you. a wider oku ari's poultry farm is running like clockwork every day 25000 chickens are slaughtered packaged and sold compared to 5000 before the blockade and the business is set to expand in the near future. its owner acknowledges that he has benefited from the blockade as has the tiny emirate as a whole for alcoa ari at least there's no turning back now. japan is again being attacked for its decision to leave the international whaling commission and resume commercial whaling in its territorial waters at the same time
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the whale watching business is beginning to gain traction in the japanese region of evil. off the coast of japan a whale watching boat plows through choppy waters chasing a pot of orcas. jump and roll through the waves much to the delight of tourists on board. the popular whale watching destination is attracting increasing numbers of tourists both from japan and abroad. for them and it was amazing to see so many killer whales jumping. down. 20 years ago the whale watching industry in japan attracted less than half the tourists it does now. in new would also the number of well watchers has been growing. every year there are more than the year before a week there are 4 whale watching boats operating these days and all of them have
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more tourists than last year we did. it's mostly the younger generations that would rather watch the whales than see them killed for commercial purposes or. to give a little around the world are totally against japan's whaling rouse who is the only place we can see whales get together so closely i hope japan will reconsider resuming commercial whaling. the captain of the ship doubts the demand for whale meat will ever pick up again restaurants and hotels purposely avoid putting it on the menu for fear it will turn tourists particularly whale watchers away. well the owner of a hotel in japan has just forked out $10000.00 euros for a bunch of grapes but in the winning bid at the company's 1st great auction this year. bunch met strict criteria for size and silver content the in owner
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says the grapes will land on his guests dinner plates but they. won't come cheap. that's all from me and the business. check out our website. slash a business for more news stories and analysis i'll stay tuned for the news.
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to. play. a little heart this is a good news lie firm brolin the guilt c. of murder and sentenced to life in prison or german court delivers its verdict on this iraqi man to his asylum request was rejected judges convict him of killing a 14 year old girl an excuse that fueled a national debate about migration and violent crimes also coming up uncle americal
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is seen shaking in public for the 3rd time within a month for anyone concerns over the german chancellor is help also.


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