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this is the doubly newsline from a guilty verdict and a life sentence in a murder trial but public in germany this iraqi failed asylum seeker has been convicted of killing a 14 year old girl in a case that fueled a heated national debate about migration and violent crime also on the program. germany's chancellor seen shaking in public again this 3rd about renewing concerns for. journalists and editors meet for
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a global conference on media freedom we take you to mexico right journalists of risk their lives revealing the activities of drug lords and human traffickers. i'm for welcome to the program. a court in germany house sentenced on iraqi migrant to life in prison for the rape and murder of a 14 year old girl the case prompted a public outcry because allie bashar was supposed to have been deported after his asylum application was rejected instead he was allowed to stay in germany and went on to kill. life imprisonment for 22 year old ali bashar the toughest sentence allowed under german law that judge said he had shown me the compassion or re morse in may 2018 bashar raped and murdered susannah if 2 weeks went by before any trace
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of her was found police discovered susannah spotted next to a railway track in a hole covered with dirt and branches after they received a tip from another migrant who had been living with bashar the rejected asylum seeker and his family fled to northern iraq but he was arrested and handed over to german authorities he confessed to killing santa but denied raping her. during the trial susannah's father said he was shocked by bashar unrepentant misfortune istic remarks so where others. too close and with no 2 for him a good girl is a girl who doesn't go out alone who cooks and cleans who base the man and has no desires of her own and that is exactly what he practiced here. but no advances does. that right wing populist have seized on the case saying it shows the government's migration policy has had disastrous consequences authorities had
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denied siloam and he was supposed to been deported long ago. the seriousness of his crime means he's unlikely to be released early bashar also faces another trial this time on charges of raping an 11 year old girl. was that more than did abuse chief political correspondent melinda crowe who's been following this story welcome melinda despite this life sentence people are still concerned and saying that it's too lenient why. one of the harshest sentences that a german court can hand down life sentences don't necessarily mean here in germany that a convict spends the entire rest of his life in prison and that's because the country's constitution places a very strong focus on human rights and many criminologists view such life long sentences as problematic in terms of human rights but the fact is that in cases of
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exceptional severity where the crime has been especially heinous a court can say that it is basically excluding any possibility of early parole as is often given after about 15 years of life sentence thereby ensuring that the convicted person does remain in prison for longer and that's the case here this court said we exclude the possibility of early parole thereby handing down what is in fact a very strong sentence and i think that most commentators definitely do see it that way though this is a killing that sparked quite a heated debate here in germany about the country's asylum system and its failure to do ports rejected asylum seekers so presumably there has been much political fallout. well in fact there was a great deal of discussion at the time that the case began that the crime was committed with germany's largest tabloid for example running a headline that said if he had been deported she would still be alive showing
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pictures of bashar and his victim far right groups picked up on the debate and in fact the government then did engage in a very rigorous examination of its entire migration system but especially of the provisions that concern deportation of migrants who have applied for asylum and been refused as was the case with ali the shy and his family the procedures have been tightened up since then and if you look at public opinion the young on the far right in fact many many german citizens no longer would put migration and deportation issues at the top of their concerns the far right nonetheless does still very much instrumental eyes this topic. on the wider issue there's been a growing number of serious about criminality amongst asylum seekers here in germany what the fuck say. here the evidence is somewhat
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contradictory or let's say complicated and you may remember that about a year ago president donald trump weighed in on this with a tweet saying that crime rates in germany had rasta clean increased since the influx of migrants that is simply not true crime rates in germany has been falling ever since the early 1990 s. as the chancellor in fact pointed out in response to mr trump nonetheless there are some studies that show that there has been an uptick in violent crime in some regions and that some of that uptick may be associated with migrants the main reason for that is amongst the migrants were many many young unaccompanied men young men account for a much higher proportion of crime in general than other groups of the population so the fact that the migrant population includes a number a disproportionate number of young men is one reason that in some regions we have
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seen that slight increase in violent crime. political correspondent melinda crane thank you. renewed fears for the health of germany's chancellor after she was seen shaking again it's the 3rd time in the past month that i'm going to medical has been seen in public in this condition is like just a cons happen is the chance to start with finland's visiting prime minister on tuesday and while watching military honors to mark his arrival. from the dublin political correspondent. welcome what more can you tell us. well what was already said she had these incidents before it was always in situations like that where she had to stand still the 1st time it occurred when the ukrainian president selenski was in berlin at that time it was a very hot day in berlin so her self said afterwards that she drank 3 glasses of
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water and felt fine afterwards and that she was obviously dehydrated and that that time that was very understandable for everyone but then weeks later she had a similar incident and that was inside it was cool and so that was the moment when people started to speculate and worry a little bit because one always has to bear in mind and has a reputation for being in very good physical condition she has hardly ever missed a day due to illness and so this 3rd incident now today is somewhat irritating for many here in germany so what is the chance of saying well she held this press conference she seemed perfectly fine and she was laughing and she also said that she had met the finish prime minister just a couple of days ago ago at the longest e.u. summit ever so just to give you an idea of her schedule lately and then she was asked in this press conference directly on on the shaking and maybe we can just
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listen what she said to the. time fine i said recently that i've been dealing with this since the last military honors with presidents in n.c. this is obviously not completed but i've made progress and i would have to live with this for a while but i feel very good and there's no need to worry about me. it is the absolute. yes so this is the message of anglo-american i'm fine there's no need to worry but obviously there are people who do worry about her so clearly this is a personal issue for the chancellor but she is the child's the political implications around vacations yes i mean one has to say that in germany there's a culture of of great respect in dealing with personal matters health matters like this and we haven't heard a politician for example demanding more information on these incidents and it might as well be that she just goes on holiday now later in the summer she will go on holiday relax and come back and everything's fine i mean we know that she has
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already said that this will be her last term in office and so far she hadn't had to skip any of her appointment she held her schedule as planned every day even during those those little incidents so maybe she just returns and everything's fine from holiday if not those questions will remain on her state of the front of us thank you. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world britain's ambassador to the united states kim derrick has resigned days after his confidential members branding president strums administration as inept leaked resignation comes after the president hit back and calling him a compass for british prime minister to resign a foolish when she backs the diplomat. a top french diplomat says talks with senior officials in the iranian capital in an effort to salvage the
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unraveling 2015 nuclear deal this comes a year after the united states withdrew from the deal in days after iran announced that it had breached limits and reaching your radium. germany's defense minister also found the line he's in brussels on a charm offensive trying to win has to support her to become a european commission president she was nominated by e.u. leaders but needs to be confirmed by an absolute majority ammi plays she's encountering resistance of frustration that e.u. heads of government ignore the leadership bits and candidates from the main. blocs as a whole strident over the top jobs. maps hoffmann. brussels bureau chief he joins us from the european parliament welcome knocks how do you write the lines chances was it is $376.00 votes in the european parliament and like you said she's been on a trip now for about
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a week meeting with all the important people and especially with the political groups the easy one of course was her own group the conservative european peoples party but today was the hard part she met with the social democrats and you can still see the sign behind me that's where we just heard the press conference of the group leader and it seems that the social democrats especially the german social democrats are not convinced one of those from the s.p.d. so a german maintained he will not vote for his country woman. in spite of the fact that this would be the 1st german commission president so a lot of opposition here but the whole group so the group as a whole has not made up its mind yet they want to decide whom to vote for so for or against. next week so what does she need to do what does she need to promise to bring them onside. the difficulty is that she needs to promise different things to different groups because they have different agendas but she needs at least 3
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groups of the conservatives the social democrats and the liberals who have the majority that i mentioned earlier for the social democrats it was very important to know what would happen to their spits in kind to their lead canada plans to months will he become the 1st vice president of the european commission apparently he will but there are other topics as well just to give you an example how split those groups are for example on the article 7 procedure against eastern european countries like poland who are not respecting the rule of law in the eyes of the european commission so apparently wasn't too tough on the polish in one political group because she needs their votes but here the social democrats want her to be very tough regarding this article 7 procedures so apparently what she's trying to do is be rather vague on those questions to get as many people on board as she can. and if they say no if he she isn't charming enough what happens
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that. well there goes summer holiday if this happens because it means that we are back to square the 0 that means that has a state government the leaders of the european union would have to come back together and make another proposal because the thing is and only gets one vote so the european parliament doesn't have the chance to express again its disagreement with how things went down with the whole procedure and then in the 2nd round say ok all right we've expressed our discontent but will vote for her in the 2nd round only one chance right there and if she doesn't she just get that majority then we'll have to work with a completely different candidate later on and most likely would take a while to figure out who would be. mass hoffman in brussels thank you. the united kingdom now had the 2 remaining candidates to become conservative party leader and therefore prime minister and faced each other in a t.v. debate for the 1st time the biggest disagreement between parties johnson and jeremy
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hunt came over their approaches to britain's departure from the european union is to johnson a former foreign secretary is expected to win the balance of party members. whoever wins whoever wins will face a break that deadline of just over 3 months as a tough negotiator germy hunt had previously accused johnson of being a coward for not meeting him in a t.v. debate earlier when the 2 finally fronted up hunter came out swinging the current foreign secretary asked johnson if you would promise to resign as prime minister if britain didn't leave the european union by the 31st of october johnson said doing that now would simply big gift to e.u. negotiators. deliver a deal i think it's very very important not to envisage any circumstances in which we would fail to come out of the e.u. on october 31st i don't want to hold out to the e.u. the prospect that they might encourage my resignation by refusing to agree
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a deal once accused johnson of being motivated by personal ambition i asked for a straight question and he said very clearly before that it was leaving on october 31st to do or die and i think it's do or die for the country but not a prime minister who put his own neck on the line and that is not leadership the candidates would then asked if they were prepared to bypass british parliament if it rejected leaving the e.u. without a deal and parliament i think would be a rather curious thing to do if this is about taking back control for parliament to actually shut it down so my answer to that is no how about you force well i'm not going to take anything off the table any more that i'm going to take no deal or no on off the table because then cain perhaps the toughest question and the lightest moment of the evening. what one quality do you may start my in your opponent as a future prime minister. i think. i value the i
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vy great you advise ability to change his mind all i can and campaign for brits it now hans response i really admire boris his ability to answer the question. so there's this great supremacy you ask him a question he puts a smile on your face and you forget what the question was the final question now is if this debate changed any of the voters' minds or if it's too late many of the 160000 tory party members eligible to vote a thought to have already done so post. the washing d.w. news live from berlin still to come they see we choking in delhi caribbean beach is affecting not just swimmers but also local wildlife why is it happening to find out . about the 1st global conference for media freedom has begun in london it's part of an international
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campaign to highlight the importance of a free press reporters without borders as described 2018 as the deadliest on record for journalists with 1009 i mean the most dangerous countries of afghanistan 15 reporters with children that jobs last year a syria so 11 journalists killed and mexico the deadliest place to be a journalist outside conflict zone 10 reporters lost their lives there last year the devil has been to mexico to meet a reporter who risked her life every time she goes to work. let's. do a scene apart i got a call a desperate voicing we found bodies again the reporter knows the woman who called her she belongs to a group of mothers looking for their missing children now it's become a search for bodies. to see records life that we will see as nothing on them or hello where no one was a leo's with the searches of. this they were told that there might be secret mass
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graves here they have discovered one little case we are these women's loved ones have disappeared here we can see the bones are wessels playmobil said what was most likely though the money has been reporting on the searching mothers for years and the vast majority of cases it turns out that their children were abducted and killed by the sea drug cartel. by covering the story to put herself in jeopardy she regularly receives death threats. a few years ago the threats almost became reality. was kidnaped i.e.s. that i was going to be almost my life was in danger i knew they'd either kill me or let me go but i had already seen our faces. let's get back there so i was sure they would kill me about that you know they get this yeah one of them said it was time and made this gesture. called don't have it i want another one asked me if i had
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a last wish. there would be more this year god bless you. for joining the care and turning my daughters into orphans was there in the gussie's i was there in the us i let god like your password and may you be well get they really did look i mean rick i asked him bouyeri and. the words moved the kidnappers to let her go. see yes and i mean once you're on the cartels list they can kill you at any time with or without a bodyguard. that's just a few days later a colleague of hers was kidnapped she knew him and had researched the drug scene with him as well 2 weeks later his body was found in black plastic bags. stanley is constantly aware of the danger she faces every day. her sister loud and
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daughter always worried about her isn't. there. i'm sad because i know that something can happen to her that are. because i know that she's not safe when she's working. still both are very proud of. him but she's always given 100 percent and 100 percent extra. but report was produced by deduce that matter who joins me now welcome you know so what is behind this this increasing number of murder journalists in mexico well mexico is indeed the deadliest country for journalists outside a war zone so since 2006 there were $143.00 journalists killed and mexico just last
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month actually in june. was killed right on her doorstep she was shot dead 2 gunmen and you have to understand the context in mexico is that local politics and organized crime are very much intertwined so local politicians many of them are actually bribed by the drug cartel and also parts of elements of the police too so as a journalist if you cover you know topics like organized crime the truck trade or politics you really easy you know displease these actors and you really easy get on the death list of these cartels ok and elsewhere how is the situation for journalists developing well according to reporters without borders there is increased fear and increased violence that journalists all around the world are actually facing and also the number of countries where you know that it was perfectly fine for journalists to work where there was maximum security and everything's fine these
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countries actually declining now and also at the same time you have authoritarian regimes like saudi arabia for example where there is no press freedom but also the situation is getting worse for journalists or everybody remembers the gruesome murder of her talk she lost. and the saudi consulate in istanbul. that was a pretty clear message to journalists in the whole region well beyond the borders of saudi arabia and that we're talking about just a thorough syrian regime's war zones and developing countries where journalists are in danger you know we're also talking about europe for example saw the country is that i was just talking about the number of countries which are declining where press freedom is actually declining and there are many countries in europe so i'm just an aiming for example 2 years ago. was killed last year and slovakia she was not and also in germany the situation is getting worse for journalists so with the rise of the far right and the right wing extremism and also
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partly because of right wing you know politicians were harassing media in front of their crowds the danger for journalists has increased so they are actually german journalists and journalists in germany who are physically attacked who are you know threatened massively. thank you so the. scientists sounding the alarm about the growth of intercontinental levels of algae in the world's oceans a huge masses just been located off the coast of south america sometimes it's toxic and kills wildlife like the dolphins and turtles seaweed is another form of algae and it's starting to take a toll on the tourism industry. the caribbean and the gulf of mexico are tourism magnets boasting some sandy beaches and crystal clear water but this picture is being disrupted by an unwelcome visitor like here at the beach in tulu
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mexico which now looks like this sargasso muta come a brown algae which spreads rapidly is upsetting the sensitive ecosystem the seaweed can reach a length of up to 16 meters growing up to 10 centimeters a day and it does more than upset the local tourism industry according to a recent university of south florida study algae growth has reached an intercontinental level since 2011 the sprawling plant has spread to more and more parts of the atlantic ocean last year a 20000000 ton carpet of alkies stretched all the way from africa to central america but what has caused this explosive spread this idea is the one aspect is the rising temperatures of the oceans are so global warming supports the growth in the 2nd aspect is an abundance of nutrients these al he can double their mass within 11 days and if they have access to enough nutrients up due to the deforestation of the amazon jungle huge amounts of nutrient rich soil washed away
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into the oceans. several luxury resorts spend hundreds of thousands of euros each year cleaning their beaches once the algae reaches land it decomposes creating a pungent odor. stephen and in every year it's different but there seems to be more as the years go by so when i was cleaning it out puts a huge strain on local authorities and it's only going to be honest this stuff affects all activity on the beach you're expecting to find a clean sandy beach. but instead find it covered in and. what's worse is the effect on marine life sea turtles for example cannot make it to the beach through the thick calgary meaning they can no longer lay their eggs they're a serious threat to an already endangered species. but his reminder our top story at this hour an iraqi asylum seeker has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the
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right and blood of a 14 year old it just makes me cases feel the key to public debate about migration and violent crime. up next here on de w.a. africa out of sydney jess efforts to hold back the debt i'll be back at the top of the hour after a day. teco
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africa. the correct way to prune coffee pushes. the movement includes you are both the hub you got for this if you see. an outdoor training session at the climate academy in kenya. the fairtrade foundation is showing farmers how to work economically despite the effects of climate change. the. next.
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call on the road with our superheroes my mission is clear blue kushti good antony coast clearly should explore germany. they dive in and take everything out there's a lot going on in. germany tried and tested. tricking you. into w. . with him how to be done it goes on because when the highest high you know if i had known that the boat would be about small i never would have gone on a trip to cuba i would not have put myself and my parents on my danger to the boat of the game of the open a beautifully would. love one function to have that one little to give them i had
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serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to lose. there but let's i'm going to. want to know their story the migrants terrified and reliable information for migrants. hello and welcome to this new edition of eco our fico the environment magazine brought to you by channels television and dice of allah and question it's even south africa apt analogy if we have the big scoggins in lucky.


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