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this is the dublin years live from but they're not guilty verdict and a life sentence in a murder trial but will it come public anger here in germany this failed iraqi asylum seeker has been convicted of killing a 14 year old girl in a case that fueled a heated national debate about migration and violent crime also on the program with . journalist sound editors meet for the global conference for media freedom we take
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you to one of the deadliest places on earth to be a journalist to mexico we have reports of stress that lives to reveal the activities of drug lords and human traffickers. the chinese acting corruption activist who has officially to disclose their wealth is reported to have been arrested and charged with promoting terrorism. i'm phil gal welcome to the program. according germany has sentenced an iraqi migrant to life in prison for the rape and murder of a 14 year old girl the case prompted a public outcry because of the bashara was supposed to have been deported after his asylum application was rejected instead he was allowed to stay in germany and went on to kill. life imprisonment for 22 year old bashar the toughest sentence
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allowed under german law the judge said he had shown neither compassion nor re morse in may 2018 bashar raped and murdered susannah if 2 weeks went by before any trace of her was found police discovered the santa spidey next to a railway track in a hole covered with dirt and branches after they received a tip from another migrant who had been living with bashar the rejected asylum seeker and his family fled to northern iraq but he was arrested and handed over to german authorities he confessed to killing susanna but denied raping her. during the trial to son his father said he was shocked by bashar unrepentant with such a mistake remarks so were others. to quote unquote this new term for him a good girl is a girl who doesn't go out alone who cooks and cleans who base the men and has no desires of her own and that is exactly what he practiced here. but no
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dances does. that right wing populist have seized on the case saying it shows the government's migration policy has had disastrous consequences authorities had denied bashar siloam and he was supposed to been deported long ago. the seriousness of his crime means he's unlikely to be released early. also faces another trial this time on charges of raping an 11 year old girl. german chancellor angela merkel has been seen shaking again the 3rd time she's been the c.e.o. camera in this condition in the last month his latest occurrence to happen to us or she stood outside with finance visiting prime minister until a in a watching military honors to mark his arrival. let's get more from the don't lose chief political correspondent a moment crane welcome blender and what more can you tell us. well in fact as you
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said this is the 3rd such episode within a little over 3 weeks all of them occurring in similar circumstances the chancellor . receiving a foreign leader watching military honors having to stand still and then beginning to shake apparently uncontrollably for a couple of minutes the 1st time it occurred it was attributed by the chancellor herself to heat it was a very hot day here in berlin she then drank glass of water and said she felt fine after that the 2nd time that it occurred was not a hot day here in berlin and at that time her government spokesman put it down to possibly a psychological element that under similar circumstances to the 1st episode she was trying to suppress any such attack and then that very concern about about a recurrence might have provoked wide and possibly similar circumstances here
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she herself has said. lately that she's convinced these episodes will stop as suddenly as they started and are simply a passing phenomenon the fact is the chancellor has an amazingly tough schedule the 2nd attack occurred right before she flew to osaka japan for the g. 20 meetings from which she returned for all night sessions in brussels to try to find a new e.u. commission so she faces a lot of challenges but she has done so of course through all the many years that she has been governing she's known for having an iron constitution which is all the more reason that these episodes are provoking a lot of questions. this is personal so the chancellor but also political implications well yes the 2nd attack of course provoked a lot of concern just before she flew to those g 20 mean. because she is one of the
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most powerful leaders in the world certainly the most influential longstanding leader here in europe i myself as political correspondent when i travel abroad now i regularly get questions about these episodes of shaking and questions about what effect that could have on how long she does remain at the helm as you know she said she does plan to stand down in 2021 her designated successor the head of the crew conservative party has said that the chancellor's health is stable and fine but of course these questions remain and there is a strong wish on the part of many people for perhaps somewhat greater transparency going forward. among the crying thank you. now it's a little got some of the other stories making news around the world top french diplomats is how talks with senior officials in the iranian capital tehran in an
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effort to salvage the novel 2015 nuclear deal comes a year after the united states withdrew from the deal in days after iran announced that it had breached limits on enriching uranium. former u.s. presidential candidate ross perot has died aged 89 he made a strong showing as an independent candidate in 1992 winning 19 percent of the vote the founder of a computer company e.d.s. was also noted for rescuing 2 of his employees from iran in a commando raid in 1979 wife i'm sure the us a pop star became enough council to concert in saudi arabia she wants to send a signal to women's lives in the kingdom for the show i got the islamic republic of the roughest sexually provocative stuff. germany's the defense reserves are found the lion is in brussels on a charm offensive trying to win over lawmakers to support her bid to become
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european commission president she was nominated by e.u. leaders are but still needs to be confirmed by an absolute majority of any place and she may encounter resistance over frustration that you had to have government ignored the lead counted or spits in cotton candy down from the main parliamentary blocs as they horse traded over the top jobs. maps hoffman is the w.'s brussels bureau chief he joins us from the european parliament welcome max how do you rate the lines chances. well she's 376 votes in the european parliament and like you said she's been on a trip now for about a week meeting with all the important people and especially with the political groups the easy one of course was her own group the conservative european peoples party but today was the hard part she met with the social democrats and you can still see the sign behind me that's where we just heard the press conference of the
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group leader and it seems that the social democrats especially the german social democrats are not convinced one of those from the s.p.d. so what german maintained he will not vote for his country woman. in spite of the fact that this would be the 1st german commission president so a lot of opposition here but the whole group so the group as a whole has not made up its mind yet they want to decide whom to vote for so for or against. next week so what does she need to do what does she need to promise to bring them onside. the difficulty is that she needs to promise different things to different groups because they have different agendas but she needs at least 3 groups of the conservatives the social democrats and the liberals who have the majority that i mentioned earlier for the social democrats it was very important to know what would happen to their spits in kind of to their lead candidate plans to moments will he become the 1st vice president of the european commission apparently
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he will but there are other topics of well just to give you an example how split those groups are for example on the article 7 procedure against eastern european countries like poland who are not respecting the rule of law in the eyes of the european commission so apparently wasn't too tough on the polish in one political group because she needs their votes but here the social democrats want her to be very tough regarding this article 7 procedures so apparently what she's trying to do is be rather vague on those questions to get as many people on board as she can. and if they say no if she isn't charming enough what happens that . well there goes summer holiday if this happens because it means that we are back to square the 0 that means that has the state government the leaders of the european union have to come back together and make another proposal because the
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thing is. only gets one vote so the european parliament doesn't have the chance to express again it's disagreement with how things went down with the whole procedure and then in the 2nd round say ok all right we've expressed our discontent but will vote for her in the 2nd only one chance right there and if she doesn't she doesn't get that majority then will have to work with a completely different candidate later on and most likely would take a while to figure out who that would be. max hoffman in brussels thank you. and the 1st global conference for media freedom has begun in london as part of an international campaign to highlight the importance of media freedom its role in calling governments to account and in protecting universal human rights reporters without borders is described last year as the deadliest on record for journalists 99 were killed among the most dangerous countries afghanistan 15 reporters were killed just doing their jobs last year syria so 11 journalists
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killed in 2018 and mexico is the deadliest place to be a journalist outside a conflict zone 10 reporters will not advance last year d.w. has been to mexico to meet a journalist who risked her life every time she goes to work. let's. do a scene apart i got a call a desperate voice saying we found bodies again the reporter knows the woman who called her she belongs to a group of mothers looking for their missing children now it's become a search for bodies. records life that we will be as nothing on them or hello we're in one as a leo's with the searches of. this they were told that there might be secret mass graves here they have discovered one little guess we have these women's love ones have disappeared here we can see the bones about wessels playmobil set about was
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most likely. all the money has been reporting on the searching mothers for years in the vast majority of cases it turns out that their children were abducted and killed by the cineworld drug cartel. good by covering the story to put herself in jeopardy she regularly receives death threats. a few years ago the threats almost became reality. was kidnapped are years that i was going to be almost my life was in danger i knew they'd either kill me or let me go but i had already seen their faces. it was good practice so i was sure they would kill me about that or know that you know this yeah one of them said it was time and made this gesture. although maybe i want another one asked me if i had a last wish. they would be more than. god bless you.
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for joining the care and turning my daughters into orphans was there in the diocese of the us there in the us i let god like your password and may you be well get they will read the book i mean like i asked him for a boy and. the words moved the kidnappers to let her go. you say yes and i mean once you're on the cartels list they can kill you at any time with or without a bodyguard as escort that's just a few days later a colleague of hers was kidnapped she knew him and had researched the drug scene with him as well 2 weeks later his body was found in black plastic bags. to see nice family is constantly aware of the danger she faces every day. her sister loud and daughter are always worried about her isn't. there. i'm sad because i know that something can happen to her that are.
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solely because i know that she's not safe when she's working grow up you. still see both are very proud of. yes yes but she's always given 100 percent and 100 percent extra. it was indeed a 1000000000 years life from that still to come india's one horned rhino was a threat not only by poachers but also by monsoon rains as the waters of the problem portrait of river rise and i must become sitting ducks find out how the national park rangers work to protect the. chinese anticorruption activist who campaigned for officials to disclose their wealth is reported to have been arrested and charged with promoting terrorism chose arrest last week in
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beijing comes as china clamps down on communist party critics the prompted his arrest is unclear it's unusual for chinese human rights activists to be accused of terrorism is the jack's wife says she fears it means her husband will receive a heavy prison sentence. get the latest from the beijing correspondent a matter of bullinger welcome back here so what do we know what do we know about john boucher. jungers one of the group of people who have be have been. i'm so. sorry sorry sorry. he's been one of several activists who have come out around 20122014 when they when they criticized made mainly governance issues this.
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a lot of them have been detained in 2014 as has junk himself and. he was released in 2016 he basically took on official corruption he unfolded a banner that demanded officials to disclose their income that was what brought him to jail the 1st time this time he was arrested 6 weeks ago just before june 4th anniversary of the chen unman inst incident and has since been disappeared promoting terrorism clearly a serious charge what sort of sentence is he likely to face. when his wife said today that she fears that this indicates to us long prison safe sentence it's quite unusual for dissidents to be charged with terrorism that's
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something that has happened to the muslims in western china it has been widely used there he has been charged with terrorist propaganda it's unclear. how long this prison term might be because all these offenses these offenses linked to 2. to 2 speech they are there really. they don't have very clear terms there's a lot of arbitrary a lot of spectrum for the for the court that they can follow but what's clear is that it's some kind of an escalation because it has not happened before to this kind of dissidents to be charged with such a crime. beijing thank you. now to great britain where the 2 remaining candidates to become conservative party leader and therefore prime minister have faced each other in a t.v.
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debate for the 1st time the biggest disagreement between boris johnson and jeremy hunt came over their approaches to britain's departure from the european union mr johnson the former foreign secretary is expected to win the balance of party members if he does he'll have a brags that deadline to meet of just over 3 months as a tough negotiator jeremy hunt had previously accused barsa johnson of being a coward for not meeting him in a t.v. debate earlier when the 2 finally fronted up hunter came out swinging the current foreign secretary asked johnson if you would promise to resign as prime minister if britain didn't leave the european union by the 31st of october johnson said doing that now would simply be a gift to e.u. negotiators. deliver a deal i think it's very very important not to envisage any circumstances in which we would fail to come out of the e.u. october 31st i don't want to hold out to the e.u. the prospect that they might encourage my resignation by refusing to agree
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a deal once accused johnson of being motivated by personal ambition i asked for a straight question and he said very clearly before that it was leaving on october 31st to do or die did i think it's do or die for the country but not a prime minister who put his own neck on the line and that is not leadership the candidates were then asked if they were prepared to bypass british parliament if it rejected leaving the e.u. without a deal and parliament i think would be a rather curious thing to do if this is about taking back control for parliament to actually shut it down so my answer to that is no how about you force well i'm not going to take anything off the table any more that i'm going to take no deal or no on off the table because then cain bats the toughest question and the lightest moment of the evening. what one quality do you most of my in your opponent as a future prime minister. i think. i value the i
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value greatly admired his ability to change his mind all i ask and campaign for bret's it now hans response i really admire boris his ability to answer the question. this is great supremacy you ask him a question he puts a smile on your face and you forget what the question was the final question now is if this debate changed any of the voters' minds or if it's too late many of the 160000 tory party members eligible to vote a thought to have already done so post. on the sport will start with tennis at wimbledon where the women semifinal line up is complete with some familiar names in the last 4 on tuesday serena williams beat fellow american alison risking 3 heart forward sets williams is going for her 8th wimbledon title meanwhile the number 7 seed simona halep of remaining made short work of china's sure asia the man 70
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finalists will be determined in today's matches. in football perry sandra mad have announced their forward neymar can leave the club if they get a suitable offer seen here earlier this year neymar failed to turn up for pre-season training on monday he joined p.s.g. from barcelona in a world record transfer 2 years ago but has expressed his wish to return to spain. u.s. women's football team and their captain meccan rypien 0 are in for a big party in new york in the coming hours it's a homecoming for the world cup champions who beat the now runs on sunday in the final organizers have prepared tons of shredded paper to surface confetti but the ticker tape parade through lower manhattan. carrying the most prestigious trophy in women's football just as it did with the last one in 2050. that were india where the monsoon has arrived in the north east bringing increased
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danger to 100 rhinos in the castle brown got national park once common across the region the numbers of around 2400 now live on the protective reserve but even there they are sitting ducks when it comes when the water starts to rise. a rare spot on earth where the one horned rhino still. today they mingle with other majestic beasts feasting upon the lush grass unaware of the dangers drawing near with months in season. flooding forces these animals to higher ground along the park's southern edge and closer to humans. villages throughout the region. we have many other human activities for school. so we have a little started. school activities but these markers show just how high the waters
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can rise with the overflow from the nearby brahmaputra river. some years it's total submersion but there's another danger these rangers guard against as they patrol the reserve an area nearly the same size as hong kong . the most trying to escape the flood and they come out of the jungle areas under. their prime targets for poachers. during monsoon season the grass can grow head high perfect cover for poachers seeking the ultimate prize. rhino horns that touch up 213-0000 euros apiece on the black market such a windfall often pushes the poor into poaching 5 years ago poachers called more
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than 2 dozen rhinos but that number fell to just 6 last year authorities credit a sharp boost in the number of rangers on patrol now 700 strong. and this year a new special rhino protection force is being deployed recruited from nearby communities. their mission to stand watch over one of india's most vulnerable national treasures. there's a you tube sensation snowball the sofa crusted cockatoo is making scientific history researchers say videos of the birds swoops dipset head movements show for the 1st time about another species spontaneously to humored music behavioral scientists say snowball has developed for team distinct moves without the coaching training for
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the birds really do want. to. remind the top stories of this iraqi asylum seeker has been sentenced to death that's excuse me has been sentenced to life in prison for the write down murder of a 14 year old girl in germany cases fuel to heat in public debates about migration 5. didn't london searching for ways to improve security for journalists around the world forces routinely find themselves in the firing line not always in war zones. but chinese anticorruption activists shout about who asserts officials to disclose their wealth in $42.00 been arrested
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and charged with promoting terrorism out of his arrest is unclear. the business rags made in germany looking at carbon dioxide as. i'm a result. of the top of the hour i'm good to. the body. the be. the book. the
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book. the be. the book. the book. come time against money. turn into the music. and c o 2
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can tell me into a hostile. it's a problem if it's close. it's ok. it's high time to reduce c o 2 to me. in germany. pico africa. the correct way to prune coffee pushes. the movement influence you are both ways to help make up for the d.c. . no door training session at the climate academies in kenya. the fairtrade foundation is showing farmers how to work economically despite the effects of climate change. 60 minutes w. .
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welcome to the girl max you tube channel. goldmine of stories. with exclusive insights. and a must see concerning our times culture to ensure a. place to be for curious minds. to read yourself networkers. so subscribe and don't miss out. the invisible enemy in our atmosphere carbon dioxide displayed in the simulation in red scientists show it's concentrated in the northern hemisphere. the world is
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getting warm a young europeans a calling out companies for their contribution to the world's pollution problems does.


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