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free prize. ready the night watch by rembrandt is right now being restored under the watchful eye of well anyone who wishes to see the painstaking restoration process the painting is a 400 years old and it was lost restored after a knife attack on it in 1975 that restoration has started to discolor a bit and the rights museum in absence has decided it is such an important painting that the public should be allowed to see it as its current renovation proceeds. operation night watch cutting qurna is allowed to get right up close to the rembrandt painting the chemist is in charge of a team of 20 researchers restoring the nightwatch is the chance of a lifetime. who is afraid of many other one was kind of pigments did he use 400 years ago with and how has the condition changed i'm certain that it will gain a lot of information from these investigations and that will be able to dive deeply
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into the analysis of this artwork the painting is famous for several things its size measuring 16 square metres and weighing 170 kilograms the way rembrandt created the perception of motion in what traditionally would have been a static military group portrait and the use of light and shadow it's well known that the master painted himself into the scene but what secrets might the work behind. that there's america the 1st step is using this macro x. ray fluorescence analysis to scan everything bit by bit and analyzing the layers from the vanished on the canvas it tells us something about the way rembrandt worked on paper bag that's of vital importance because the plan is to clean the painting repair damage and make this a bill details that had previously been hidden. the work was successfully hidden from the nazis during the 2nd world war it's been vandalized 3 times including being stabbed to 13 times with
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a kitchen knife in 1905 that. the last time the painting was restored behind closed doors back then this time the work is visible to the public the 20 researchers are working in a purpose built 60 square meter glass cube in the middle of the museum set up by a specialist company from france. the we must restore it now and it's fantastic that we can do that publicly the nightwatch deserves to be treated with the utmost care if we were to simply take it down from the wall and restore it in a studio and we have to rush the word term optional. it's all planned to take more than a year the visitors don't mind this is absolutely spectacular to see how much work the museum has put into it in terms like renovating and preserving the best out of this painting this is an interesting experience especially because we're related to the man in the white clothes he's our great uncle from 12 generations back or so as
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we found out from studying our family tree oh and yeah there's some of them come in in force and also before and there may be other surprises in store over the next months from now cutting qurna is concentrating on unlocking the chemical secrets of rembrandt's color spectrum. now germany is celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of ted or from tom he was a journalist part and author most probably best known for effie breeched just one of many novels featuring strong female characters fontana is also known here in germany as the pioneer of travel guide publishing many volumes about his journeys through parts of the state of brandenburg which surrounds my colleague adrian kennedy has been tracing his steps. at the end here at the french cemetery in berlin light the mortal remains of. the great
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writer is buried alongside his dear wife in media. traveled through his beloved brandenburg mostly by train and coach i've got myself settled up with an e-book to follow the front cycle path trails our journey takes away from berlin and to. the town in which the writer was born. i have a bunch appointment with a man who knows all about sports. and drank. this isn't just the food that form turner could. be the food that you have proven. yes i searched for all the books. wrote he worked in a letter to his wife that he has a cold. that's. ok very good try. enjoy thank you.
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i was born here his father ran this pharmacy the present pharmacist nicole conrad to seize it as a great responsibility to continue the tradition. the main front. an exhibition is at the noise. there's a whole group dedicated to the novel effete priest one of a number of works by phone with strong female leads here i have a close encounter with a male penis and the fun tarnas. is an authentic running from the time we can be 100 percent sure that it has a fun time as fingerprints on it if you could a forensic scientist in here he would definitely prove that this stood in front on his home. a little bit.
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of work. journey brought be nearer. to the landscape he loved. and i learned that fun is absolutely. relevant so day. our intrepid fontana reporters here would be no kennedy plenty of eating and drinking in your journey this was that how you got closer to the great man well yes i think it's well established that from time i did like to eat and drink he said himself he was not a fan of half portions so that was part of the process of getting inside fontana just taking one for the team but of course i did ask people along the way what fun tanya has to say to people around the world in the 21st century many people see him
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as a kind of proto feminist because he wrote many novels with strong female characters who broke with tradition think is a bit of a push to say he was a feminist but he was a man who was very interested in women in their emotions in their feelings and in the why. they were constricted by society an interest in women that was very rare that simon which is by no means universal to do a pioneer in other ways as well in the sort of travel guide yes my journey took me to many places that he describes in a 5 ball you work that gives a detailed picture of brandenburg a region of journey not spectacular as the routes but with lots of to offer free 1000 plus likes for example this travel journal was one of his early successes but not to publish till he was in his early forty's for the time of course initially started a career as
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a pharmacist and only full time till its chair in his thirty's and i believe actually concerning novels he could be an inspiration for late starters i'm absolutely because the major novels he didn't start to much later in life indeed a few brace which we talked about. which was a kind of german madame bovary and put germany back on the european at the time he didn't write in so his seventies and. news well you had this hope for me yeah as you were you say said this is a good start. you also had a musical encounter as well tapas bar that's why much of the soundtrack to the journey comes from a wonderful funtown album from the band taught in. i met up with club found reinhard rep turned singer katherine frank in out repeating rep set fontana's
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exquisite poems to music and i think we can take a listen to one track called john maynard on. the. be sure. this song tells the tale of a heroic american steamboat captain who saves all the passengers but dies himself one of many poems that fontana wrote about a u.s. and british daring to he was posted in london he travelled in scotland he was even a prisoner as a spy in france at one point in his journalistic career obviously led a very eventful life to a progressive man and another progress of manager kennedy thank you very much i'm
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off to write my 1st novel it did you got a bit of talk about. staying with a literary theory the swiss or the new counts bear force has just been awarded the most important german literary prize by the german academy of language and literature. would most probably be as well known today as go to all schiller if he hadn't died aged just 23 and the prize awarded in his name has sometimes seen as a precursor for the nobel prize for literature good to garson heinrich birth to such instances so watch out for lucas bear force is more about it. so the state of the world to listen is everything that is happening or not happening right now is there's no other way to say it discussed. he says criticisms of the rich west are research sharp and unsparing he says writers have
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to get involved and he does in his books essays and plays such as the guys or the elephant mind it's a play about the obsession with power and helmut kohl the former german chancellor is never mentioned by neat it's a provocative reckoning. deference. it is a wonderful human virtue which is unfortunately completely inappropriate in aren't just his 1st novel $100.00 days is about the genocide in rwanda and in koala he addresses his brother suicide the academy found his worth prize where the due to the way b.f. was constantly experiments with the drama and novel formats constantly on either one hand he finds new and unique solutions using a very precise and visually strong language which is nonetheless completely transparent to the reader and i'm on the other hand he allows people to remain any of matter and then mention. just this year is the prize will be handed over to
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the provocative new customer flows at a ceremony in november. that brings us the end of awesome culture for today don't forget the website d.w. dot com slash culture where there's more on all today's topics but also lots of cultural news from all around the world also on facebook at culture so.
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that hope itself is in danger. but there is a glimpse. because companies are uniting to create global. possibility. not only animals will be safe at home to. the lion's share of the conservation of. the european union is calling on iran to reverse its move to increase uranium enrichment to iran says it's refining the declared material to a level banned by its 2015 deal with world powers the us withdrew from the agreement last year but european leaders a scrambling to save the deal.


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