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you silk road as get you get all this news and information around the clock on our website that's t w dot com more world use up the top of the album without a good. school in the jungle. the 1st clue most of them in the door is grand the moment arrives. join your rank and turn on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary a little tour of an orang utan returns home on the d w don't come to tanks.
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china's legendary silk road was one of the wonders of the ancient world now this trade route is being brought back to life. the new silk road is a vast undertaking and a demonstration of power and the might. hundreds of billions of euros are flowing into new infrastructure right away lines harbors streets bridges and tunnels in 65 different countries it's a project the likes of which the world has never seen. it's a powerful vision and for many an inspiring one. for some it represents opportunity for others misery. that china is reaching toward the west along the new silk road we retraced 2 or 3 routes traveling from china to germany from the city of shenzhen to the city of to support. we traveled
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thousands of kilometers overland to central asia. and resale thousands of kilometers across the oceans of southeast asia following the major overseas trade route. we have traveled great distances but europe is still far away. and. we retrace the route of the caravans heading west crossing remote passes in the t. on shan mountains. it's a journey into the past along the ancient silk road. a route that today is marked by hope and opportunity and by burdensome debts and dependence on china.
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and. the route followed by the ancient traders and their caravans was filled with danger. there are arrival at tosh gave them a temporary respite. here they found food and shelter and were able to exchange goods and information about the journey ahead. of. the markets of kyrgyzstan still bare traces of this history. of. baku back back to iraq is a nomad a day ago he left his yurt near song called lake. early this morning here arrived at the market in cos core. political school of the coast this is the main trading season many come here from afar to make their purchases and then they bring the honor most to kazakhstan as well to cause us to leave the. uk lubeck enjoys the
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bustle of the market after the silence of his home near the lake. that. he's planning to buy a horse. and he knows exactly what he's looking for. a lot of. similar stuff you have to stroke them they like that to see if it stays calm when i stroke it and then i know it'll do what i ask you to do is it is a little tough. but the purchase will have to wait a cool back has invested in the promises of the new silk road and that's pushed him to the financial brink. much the same as has happened to the country of kyrgyzstan . he invites us to visit his home to find out more. the wide expanse is all wild and untamed to untangle the government believes to improve
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infrastructure it's gone deeply into debt with chinese companies. in the early evening back and his grandchildren round up the herd. the family has bought 3 new yorks with their savings. but. they're intended for tourists who wanted venture and a taste of the simple life. but the mission we're not afraid of anything. she alone has already improved here in the last 8 years and that our standard of living is much higher now. wouldn't. the if we do. the family hopes that money and affluence will come from the tourists who booked overnight stays here and the chinese who have promised to invest on
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a grand scale. i believe the silk road still exists. because the those values still exist so that's a fact. every country can profit from cradle long silk road as is. but what if these hopes are not fulfilled in the search for a better life things of great value might also be lost. at the world no mad games tradition still holds sway golden boy mark and his master norbeck are local celebrities norbeck raised the falcon and says it's like a son to him but nor back needs the falcon every bit as much as the falcon. when i removed the hood. spray and flies to capture it.
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into it. that's true or that it might 1st seem norbeck let's talk in or is blind. norbeck took gold at the 28000 world nomad games his brother on back knows who they have to thank for it. we were hoping for 3rd place and everyone was shocked when we took gold. nor back has promised to show his nephew some of the tricks of the trade. that. the family is proud of their showing at the nomad games. but they also wonder whether they'll be able to maintain their culture and traditions. you know that's all we don't need go we need clean water the mountains earth us nature. so far our people haven't seen any good come of the chinese investment that's why we're taking to the streets that's why there's been
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arson. give us a call. on april 11th 2018 there was a violent protest over a gold mine built in cause i'm on with chinese investment. in doing it again give me about a 1000 people were here and they lost their patience. they don't listen to anyone. they burned the building to the ground and they're to get lost. i mean this is what's left of the gold rush i mean some village elders are willing to speak with us. they brought documents to show what the chinese mining company has been planning what sparked the weeks of protest against. the old soviet era mine was believed to contain some 40 tons of gold. the chinese wanted to take it over but local say they had no permits. from 50 of them is consistency is it because it's
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our land kyrgyzstan and why should we give our land to a bunch of chinese with no permits it is leading to skin break. up to 7 tons of gold might lie beneath this field full of mining waste the soviets mind using toxic sodium cyanide. could that account for the cases of cancer in the village and what were the chinese planning the village elders say the cure is authorities answer none of these questions. the government didn't investigate all the illnesses here they just want chinese money they don't care about us that that. everyone from the chinese to the kyrgyz government wants a share of the golden cause i'm on. in the end the chinese left. this time. but the flow of goods is awakening hopes
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along the new silk road the chinese initiative wants to vastly increase the amount of freight transported by rail. they're planning many new cargo relay junctions to transfer containers to the gauge of the russian made traffic. along the maritime silk road we find ourselves at another junction thousands of kilometers from china the country has now going to access to another deep sea port some 40 percent of the world's oil passes through here for china the port of call dar is another base in its string of pearls. such on how good morning in chinese the teacher. started in china a stroke of good fortune because that's come in handy here in quite dark after wants to help others here reap the same benefits without
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a lot of. when i was sighted i didn't have this opportunity to learn in my hometown learn chinese but they have so. we have. our children really can speak good chinese they have good business to do with their. this school has facilities that many others in the country can only dream of all financed with money from beijing china is investing in the young people off pakistan. for after teaching is only a sideline he's actually an engineer and he has plenty of work to keep him busy china and pakistan are building for the future each in their own way.
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is the force on the side the chinese on the fight is done for the concept is to get . in the box. but you're working for that side of that big bluff go thought about this. and. thought you were building a road to china. one day i'll be able to drive home on it you. know silk road will bring us together we're friends and that you might help but. the chinese may be friends but they're under guard on the construction sites and elsewhere in the city . is a conflict zone where violence and terrorism are rife foreigners are especially at risk many locals regard them as invaders and not investors. so we
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stand here is a very. target states don't take place of course on the floor so we go the 2 or 3 chinese engineers died in that attack jango our jong as a businessman and he knows that a lot at stake here for both countries. people cannot move freely. that their few flee the big good the 2nd to achieve will be affected power on the other side please understand that the army and the army are responsible person this. gen boy was sent here to turn quite dark into a transit hub china has signed a 40 year lease on the fort but its conditions are being kept largely out of public view we are not permitted to film on site where dark has clear strategic value as a gateway to the arabian sea but it's unclear whether china's interest is only an
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economic one some believe it might also have military significance for beijing. or you. break through the i don't know what do they are scared of. you know china. is really pissed about this country. i think it is. and you see we can help in the history of our times and countries. the chinese presence is impossible to overlook and more on the way the china communications construction company is planning more projects here the construction giant has big plans in what i. and i think 5000 people are going to come chinese people going to come but for this
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project i think maybe 802 like this it will work i'm for this. it's going to be like a little china town it just definitely is china. ya ya grew up in quite dark after studying in karachi he returned home for him the arrival of the china. spells an opportunity is it is it a clue that the state of the morning but that is what it speaks definitely you're walking in a new quad to your morning toward our future and there's a future god you're part of it. definitely on there you know following a member of this. this optimistic outlook can't be taken for granted in guatemala but for other people here peace and prosperity seem but a dream they fear they've been forgotten and will keep falling further behind.
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and they feel deep resentment of those who are proclaiming the arrival of a new golden future. in the world live but the chinese only care about their own interests they want to make a lot of money here they don't care about what happens to the poor to us maybe one day i know why yeah money arsenical good. they're taking everything. road our doesn't belong to us anymore they've taken the ocean from us the land there's nothing left men like us have no work no think. the arrival of the chinese seems to affirm for splits the region some stand to benefit others to lose everything. we resume our journey
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98 percent of all goods on the new silk road are transported by ship the advantages of the maritime route weigh the risks just as they did centuries ago. ships sent out. from sewer to distant shores turning a man into a trading empire ship building also has a long history here but the wooden dowel but so vanishing the last hour shipyard insua is run by the alligator me family they're keeping the traditional life down to the dance detail. of the boil so to cotton seals the gaps between clanks collets family have been building downs for generations.
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it's in our blood and we passed it on to our children this god willing we'll continue doing this work for a long time. they build without a plan creating the entire ship from memory and the work is done by hand as it's always been. the reputation of a ship builders is keeping the tradition alive times are changing machines have replaced sales but for us seafaring in trade is still an important traditional. if a. man has a rich history and thanks stop oil the country is wealthy today but all reserves are finite what will happen after they're gone we continue through the desert pressing forward through the heat and sand.
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finally we reach water in the very modern a shipyard where at the drive dock in do come. ships are repaired here and readied for the next voyage the former fishing village has become a major hub on the new silk road. truly you get many different tell you see a band from europe shipped from a critic and from issue as it. went from a good location i think it. was a lot for that and had to leave its nearby. or. maybe even see. him is now an economic free zone which offers incentives to investors from all over the world including china. it's. his job to bring in the chinese investors he says the chinese have
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a vision and energy. china is the out of it levers and also very active. fairly fast sometimes you'll feel them the out of fairness know what then. but in the diet they put a beard they're broke ground. and then they have a beard they're at the one you got to be able to walk. after that they want to stop just to see that here there isn't much to be seen yet but the china oman industrial park is shantel to go up here manufacturing facilities pipelines only fields and a hospital out of thin air. at least there you 3 but frankly it's a real fire yet very ambitious. stuff just
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now working on. a cluster of containers in the middle of nowhere this is just the beginning inside 2 men share a space of 12 square meters. they're far from home but earning good money. wages here are quite a bit higher than in china. so are they happy here. the blue on we chinese are industrious people want to see that that's not the case when it comes to our foreign workers to look out there was that it. will be on their a bit lazy. to sell them to the hoover the only clue. workers from all over the region have come to work you know mom used to low wages or home there are a pliable workforce. but. when you come from from bangladesh
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and you going to your doctor and you know. i've. got some. folks from pakistan my you know this. the man almost seem to be marching information they'll work under the brutal desert sun to bring china's plan to fruition but most of them have never heard of the new silk road they're working to feed their families back at home. the grand visions they leave to the chinese. here are very important to understand the. players you know at this year's chinese government's push the chinese companies that enterprises go on top of the county florida why is all the one belt one road one culture also known as the new
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silk road demand sacrifices from the chinese to we work here half a year we have the one week asia we can call to our well family but we also you know why did our family bring our family to here but here no place. maybe after a while we come bring all refining the funniest so here. they are seeking their fortunes here in the desert and adding another link to china's new silk road. some are calling the city of stone. it was also a stop along the route of the ancient silk road. after the harsh terrain of the tian shan mountains summer cond welcomed the caravans with one of the wealthiest
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civilizations of central asia. and one of the most. people in. the madrassas of samar conde are still overflowing with gold and ornate decorations. we're meeting one of these becky stands backers of the new silk road. by becky austin off speaks excellent german and will be our translator and tour guide. tonight he's serving coffee life the traditional feast. deserves. the silk road didn't only transport ideas it also disseminated ideas and recipes for prof speak when people from spain come to his beck is fan are served trough they say oh this is spanish by you know. how you're not sure. plus is traditionally
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eaten with the fingers not so easy for a left hander. traditionally we eat our food with our right hand as i should have known. everywhere and some are conned there are signs of how far west we ventured. the influence of ancient persia is also visible everywhere. 7 breakfast and was once the center of an empire. in the 12th and 13th centuries culture and scholarship flourished here. timor also known as tom alain was a great patron of art and culture and a brutal tyrant. his tomb is still an object of veneration. boy back has taken us to the bazaar of the kata a place filled with hidden treasures from old sock on. he
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picks up a small dusty binder almost at random. in the dining room to your holding history in your hand as a 1000 years old 900 years old as 700 years old 200 years old. the coins come from far and wide china persia greece there are a testament to the travel and trade that shaped the region over the centuries. so this is out of the for them this is just old plunder for me it's history it's each item tells a beautiful story from the days of the old silk road. just used this is one of the oldest books according to our modern day calendar is from the 17th century it was. always i find it very sad when these books are bought by tourists and end up in europe somewhere they should stay here we need to build museums for the. most when the scene organising. we continue onward these cotton fields
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white gold. stand has long been accused of using forced labor in the cotton harvest they say that's no longer the case but taking pictures here is still prohibited. we wonder how carefully factory owners are monitoring compliance with labor laws. this new factory processes wall cotton into thread the managers come from china the high tech equipment from germany. built and run by the chinese with high tech equipment made in germany from companies recently bought out by the chinese only the workers and the cotton are from here. already away. 3 we invested here because the cost for water electricity gas and wages is much lower in becky stan that in china. the room tiriel company is
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also a lot less expensive him. i usually say to me you. china is buying high tech equipment from germany and cheap labor from stan. china is also benefiting from tax breaks. but what about the end product. one in geo spec german forum for human rights claims that abuses are ongoing. the cotton is from the star it's only from around here fortunately or where do you buy it from. joy or what george from the state trade center and that is that government sets the price you want your use. the chinese don't want to know more. the gone goes to factories to be manufactured into products made in china. consumers won't be told where the cotton came from. perhaps that's always been the case on the silk road. the value of the goods is what counts not where or how it was made.
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we continue onward to the bosphorus asia m's and europe begins. the afternoon sun baits istanbul in a golden light. the rider on pommel has said that istanbul is marked by a special melancholy a kind of hazy memory of last renter coupled with decay. 7 the last capital of the ottoman empire was a jewel on the ancient silk road the caravans arrived here filled with treasures that ended up in the city's palaces and bazaars.
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candied fruit. exotic fragrances. all of that and more can still be found they've been stengel spice market. lulay isn't interested in that right now. she's a natural optimist but today is putting a dent in that. she runs a shop in the asian market nearby. business isn't going well after a few hours a customer buy something she ordered from china. since the start of the economic crisis and the collapse of the turkish lira everything's changed. on holiday i used to have customers lining up to get in and lines at the cash register people would hurry to pay they'd get here early to be a 1st in the door those were the days now days hours can go by without
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a customer sounds and. cool. you lay still has a boat from the days when business was booming to women but perhaps she's been in istanbul long enough to have acquired some of the city's melancholy its memory of better days. chinese who come to the city today are brimming with optimism their vision of the future extends well past istanbul and into the heart of europe. they're not interested in souvenirs they're planning a high speed rail corridor through the balkans that will help open the door to chinese goods and influence. that we're on the outskirts of belgrade but it almost feels like china. employees of the china railway company are standing at attention
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. very little for the state owned company this is the flagship project even though they've been avoiding publicity. why are they building a new high speed rail link between belgrade and budapest. we chinese have a great deal of experience when it comes to modernizing old rail lines you will observe local rules and standards here as well as e.u. regulations that's the normal process we follow on any construction project that onto public opinion what. it's apparent that who young john is choosing his words carefully. and this construction site is one of the most unusual we've encountered on our journey. a single excavator is clearing the old railway track bed in front of a watching crowd of chinese. but perhaps today is giving
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a mistaken impression. this construction site is supposed to be china's gateway to the heart of europe. we continue onward to hungary. our train isn't a high speed link yet. why is china moving toward europe what will it mean for its citizens and why is the railway project so expensive. we have an appointment with someone who has been studying the project for quite some time. more than a 1000000000 euro for such a long stretch seems rather high doesn't it son gerry unflat lose the suit there's new money to build it and the tools are needed for jesus it's a very very simple as the river i mean from the engineering point of view says indeed super expensive the new belief and religion over his own in. the projects model is
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a familiar one chinese banks are making loans in chinese companies are doing the building others will be left with the bill therefore the order is just a little unduly slightly than the old just a bonus or on the side of the child listening to you repeat from the sons of time that this is a win win situation it's actually means the china least was. this elusive. these concerns don't seem to worry hungary's government while europe appears mired in self doubt admiration for the chinese system is growing the chinese way of business may be ruthless and anti-democratic but it gets results quickly this model is now making inroads in europe travelling along the new silk road. we now passed through the suez canal to reach europe by the maritime route many cities in europe a vying to become the next gateway for the new silk road say in the south of france
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stands a good chance. that. we arrive at a village near the port a chinese village built out of containers on the edge of ma say. i. ma say international fashion center is a center for textile wholesalers who deal in fashions made in asia. madame chong is a wholesaler who occupies one of the containers she sends her wares to shops across france while the country may be famous for. she's doing a booming business we've got a lot of that stuff. yet really come up and real. maybe think today's made
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in china from the big companies to the luxor relabels it's all made there and sent here nothing's made in france and you know. we work hard and we're proud of that the entire world knows that the chinese are industrious and hard workers and our quality is improving all the time. if they still work the chinese aren't clock watches. europe is hungry for fashionable clothing at low prices china is thirsty for expensive wine. i don't make the work i enjoy the one. big a big part of a big part of working in wine is you do need the business aspect that's very
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important for decision making but also it's it is an art it is an appreciation of lifestyle and if you can never forget that or else it becomes a little too. late you lose the magic. the magic of wine brought how it kwok to border 10000 kilometers from home to video out here belongs to him as does the wind he's the youngest child of an entrepreneur based in hong kong the family has been snapping up wineries in southwestern france for years that latest acquisition is chateau bedded foam bed ca and a state that includes almost 14 head tenants of vines. it's magnificent we've noticed this properties as 2010 every time we try to buy we looked. you know it's only a phone and now where it's our turn since 2015 we thought one almost every year
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that in 670 of at this moment we want to we need to. restore and clean up the existing properties we have that will be our number one goal and what i think building our brand as well once that's done i think i think all is possible we're willing to consider consider a more offers and. if we go to the markets it's a center of commerce and of local concert when it comes to the topic of the chinese presence in bordeaux many here have strong opinions. oh ok. you know additional waffle it's turbo it will be trying to remember. where you are shut toe are wine. for the what would you say in germany are favored by the brandenburg gate a few people know if you don't. approve of. de
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dooper do use son came here 12 years ago france is now home but she doesn't feel like she completely belongs here. still she takes that in her stride off it is a bomb that's enough money do you not let it go it's understandable the french don't know us we're strangers the chinese have a warm heart but we're a bit reserved. chinese people tend to stick to their own kind i'm different i'm married to a frenchman and speak the language that makes it easier watch it it's off their longer. playing the pat down. 5 how plough. for a husband fabrice tries his hand at some chinese. but don't ends up translating. the group are students of any knology the science of wine and wine making.
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they're here to learn about french wine making china is importing knowledge not just wine. during the chinese market has grown more diverse over the years for example china is a key importer of sweet white wines which we make here out of our late harvest. our sales figures for these products our story and the chinese market is clearly the driving force behind that. local material to says. this is new here i care a lot about this business and the wine is perfect not just sweet but with an interesting aroma perfect for chinese who are just learning to enjoy wine that's not it because if i should have. a couple have bridged the gap between china and france personally and professionally so who's the driving force behind the business
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side of things. a chinese proverb says men are in charge of the big things women handle the details but 90 percent of my personal details. so there you have it. at times the new silk road ends up in rather unexpected places. after thousands of kilometers over land and sea we finally end up induce. a city in germany's industrial heartland that has seen its fortunes decline now it's on the map again do spork is home to europe's largest inland port thanks to china it's fast becoming europe's main logistics hub. and china is also acquire. stakes in german companies. the harbor c.e.o.
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there with stock sees both risks and opportunities. down the zine does on the wall and it's not right that our companies can acquire more than a 50 percent share in chinese companies but the chinese can purchase 100 percent of european companies. so i'm critical or worried that in the end it's a political question with us especially for europe dick was on the dole position put it to. the new silk road has made promises of prosperity and growth to many people. but china's ambitions and the speed at which it is moving forward also pose risks that doubts will be ignored traditions will be cast aside and that many will simply be left behind. the new silk road is a project with global ambitions and its impact will be felt around the wilds.
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what's it like to work as a harvest hand on italy's vegetable plantation. so this guy lives more than this modern slavery doesn't mean changes what's happening here is absolutely solace in on sunny would know he was one of them he was exploiting enslaved but today he's determined to fight to end slavery in italy. am 30 minutes w. folks. so the summer of cups is almost finished the
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women's world cup the cup of america and the gold cup last. week take stock of the highlights. a missed opportunity. for the future i. take. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word published in the. code is in germany to learn german why not play with him simple online on your mobile and free stuff from w z learning course nikos fake german made me see.
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this is deja news live from hong kong's need to carry lamb ses the territory's controversial extradition bill is day and the island's chief executive had hoped the announcement would be enough to end the mass price dispatched activists all getting ready to return to the streets also coming out of the italian island off lampedusa has become the frontline in.


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