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w. . this is g.w. news why but from berlin tonight the trillion tree plan can and save the planet from global warming a team of swiss sciences that says one trillion new trees could be enough to absorb c o 2 emissions that are fueling the climate crisis the trees will cover a landmass the size of the united states researchers say there's enough room but is there enough political will also coming up in a divine administration loved both sides of the political divide to celebrate the nation's independence day but the un's human rights chief says there's little to
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rejoice that allegations of abuse is an extra judicial killings by security forces plus a young woman with big ambitions she's crazy about mechanical engineering and she wants to build it so that the flooding stops will meet her at the pan african robotics competition in guyana. i'm burned off to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome tonight we begin on a positive note amid the gloomy predictions about the climate crisis a team of swiss scientists says that the solution is easier than we think we simply they say we simply have to plant lots of trees a trillion of them over the. in
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a study published in the journal science the researchers say this would. help reduce carbon emissions. the best remedy for the climate nature that's what researchers at technology institute are saying by their calculations planting trees is the most efficient way to beat the climate crisis they say it is possible to halt global warming petabytes of $1.00 degrees celsius and that 2 thirds of c o 2 emissions const by human activity could be absorbed by reforestation as soon as we start the 4th of or stories start to be effectively started back in the ecosystem ok but you know that to reach the total amount of course is going to take several decades the earth is covered with $2800000000.00 hectares of forest researchers say $900000000.00 additional hector's could be planted that's about a 3rd of what already exists space for the new trees could be found mainly
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in russia but there is also enough room to plant trees and other industrialized countries according to researchers they've been looking for natural solutions and to restore destroyed ecosystems. they intentionally left out cities and farmland few. really grid. systems which should respect diversity so we do not like advice people to plant flooring species or exotic species or species that grew faster and maybe a create a bit of carbon faster we were just the natural regeneration reforestation that's not the only solution but it may buy us time to change our habits. let's bring in the scientists that we just saw in that report john francoise best known of the swiss federal institute of technology in zurich it's good to have you on the program ok we're talking about a trillion new trees i mean that that is a lot of trees is there really enough space on the planet where conditions where
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there is space and where the conditions are are just right to grow trees. well this is what we did in our study basically it's the 1st time that's we manage already to to to quantify to that of these quanta that these quantitative approach scares me to know what can be done on the planet and the thing is that mother which is predicting where we can put back some trees in the natural environment in the natural ecosystem is only based basically on the climate that i want to put i think that's now and i think that that's basically just on this combination of that viable zx that we observed in natural conditions way both to seed i cocaine and natural condition with those variables we can have that amount of trees and this is based on that we're able to extrapolate to all the condition all over the world where we can have some trees just based on those are not our conditions and is is there a certain type of tree that is better for helping to fight climate change or can we
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plant you know any kind of jury. no i think it's a good question because it allows me to make an important point i think it's the idea here that defending is that we need to restore did not try to cause the stand which means that we do not like support the idea of planting. pine trees like everyone around the globe like what we support as an idea is to constrict restore look at a natural ecosystem so we need to respect look at species in order to preserve the look at a battery of diversity because maybe as you know i like all the forest ecosystem shelter about 80 percent of the biodiversity that you can find on land and we can manage to put they that by their city under the free store their local species so it's very important to respect those look at conditions you know i think it's interesting that this plan is getting the public attention that it's getting right now we heard this week that the president of brazil is planning to accelerate the
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cutting down of more of the rain forest the amazon rain forest so my question to you and society is do you think that there is political will to plant a trillion trees. yeah us about problems 1st like underline the problem of deforestation which is of course like we talk here about restoration bias a bit of time in the fight against climate change but of course if we continue to differ as a side of it it's all for nothing so that's the 1st thing and then yeah it's i think that we have more like a common agreement between scientists about the source of climate change since more than 30 years now and since one to 30 years now you have international reporters try to push but it takes to take some decision and we still lack of those decisions so of course i'm not completely up to me but we need to continue to fight and here what we hope is that's like oh a paper basically we provide in our paper so we provide a tool and this tool can be used by anyone it can be used by citizen it can be used
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by n.g.o.s it can be used by one agencies so anyone basically can take over and can get new arguments and maybe to pull the government to take actions and you know this is something that is easy for people to do anyone can plant a tree but let's let's assume that we did this we have a trillion new trees does that mean that we can continue to drive our cars you know run the air conditioning use fossil fuels that have created this problem to begin with. now exactly this is what i was saying just before it's basically a story of a thing and bias about 20 years so basically it gives us 20 years to change the way we're living on the planet you know to reach a way of living on a planet which is cabin metro which was like no impact on the environment so it's just buying us time if we continue to do like the business as well as the same kind of economy the same kind of way of living of course this is just like just posing
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playing the problem so it's just a bit transmitting the problem to younger people again you know people you have a trillion trees can buy is 2 decades that's not a bad deal i would say john francoise best known for the swiss federal institute of technology mr president we appreciate your time tonight thank you thank you. pro-government rallies have been reported in venezuela as the country marks its independence day a large crowd of government anti-government demonstrators also rally in the capital caracas led by self declared president one many protesters were calling for an end to alleged torture in the country that after a report by the united nations human head of human rights accusing security forces of abuses and extra judicial killings but it's where the government says that the u.n. report is biased. are joining us now from our latin america desk is jennifer cumming no guns jennifer good evening to use of. the the u.n.
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report it's accusing in its way regime of murder torture repression i mean there's a long list year. what's the reality here about the situation. well the report vindicates what observers n.g.o.s and that in the media has already been announced for months and basically what this is is a special forces that maduro has the ploy to get to the poorest areas of caracas and what they do is they come house to house they knock on and they basically take members of the family away male members of their family and they as it has been alleged they had they killed them and so this is something that they have done to crack down this sent in venezuela's poorest areas because these are the areas where the government has traditionally been strong and if they lose these areas they know that that would probably spell the end and so for the opposition this is this is something that's very satisfying to finally have confirmation from the u.n.
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the highest human rights organ that that this is true that this is happening so so this this is great for venice on opposition and it could help galvanize the realities their cause but for the government it for the government it's very damning but the report also shows that that there are humanitarian crisis is happening a blames the mother a government for the humanitarian crisis so it is a very very very comprehensive and detailed situate explanation of what's happening on the ground and. that it will make a difference in the situation on the ground because it seems that. seems that there has lost the momentum that she had as you know several months ago. yes this is exactly the question the problem for the opposition is that they're on their 6 months now of this push that they honestly thought was only going to last one or 2 months they were hoping that the government would fall and it just hasn't and the
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question is how much of the population has seen this report it has information about this report it's difficult venezuela has suffers from a lot of media crackdown and it has a lot of censorship and the question is beyond the opposition who who knows about this and that's that is what we don't we just don't know but maybe find it maybe we find out today if if this is able to give the opposition new blood all right jennifer communicants from our latin american jennifer thank you very much. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world iran has threatened to seize a british ship in retaliation for the capture of an iranian take her by british forces on thursday. boarded the vessel off the coast of gibraltar over suspicions that it was breaking european sanctions by taking oil and fuel to syria the greek prime minister elect says the press is holding his final rally ahead of the country's general election this coming sunday the left wing leader called for the
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snap vote after a drubbing in european parliamentary election polls suggest he faces a defeat by the e.u. center right opposition thousands of women whose children were part of hong kong's protest movement well they've staged a demonstration to show their solidarity with their kids they oppose a bill that would allow people to be extradited to mainland china to stand trial students have rejected an offer by hong kong's chief executive to hold private talks. malta has agreed to accept dozens of migrants rescued by a charity ship in the mediterranean in return italy will take dozens of other migrants who are currently sheltering in malta the move ends a standoff between the charity mediterranea and italy's populist interior minister he had refused to allow the charity's boat which had migrants aboard to dock in italy african union mediators say that opposition leaders and sudan's ruling
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generals have finally reached a power sharing agreement now under the deal a joint military civilian council will rule the country for the next 3 years sudan has been shaken by protests since the ousting of longtime president omar al bashir back in april opposition leaders say the new deal is a victory for their. celebrations in the capital her tomb as a political stand off deescalate in a gesture of peace sudan's ruling military freed more than $200.00 rebel fighters who are part of the country's opposition a step towards reconciliation one rebel leader praised their release. in the images that it shows clearly that the army and the armed forces are our partners and not our enemy. when shore with the cooperation and
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understanding we will meet the demands of the sudanese people the status of that those demands are for civilian rule it's been the heart of the conflict which began after the military ousted long time leader omar al bashir activists called for a transition to a civilian government an impasse ensued and then bloodshed in june security forces opened fire on a protest camp in the capital leaving more than $100.00 dead but after a month the warring sides were at the table again in power sharing talks mediated by the african union and ethiopia after 2 days a breakthrough was announced. i like your comment you mention this in the 2 parties have agreed to share the sovereign council equally between the military and civilian for the period of at least 3 years. with the they have also agreed on an independent civilian government under the
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leadership of the prime minister didn't love the idea that in. in a further sign of healing they also agree to launch a national independent investigation into the deaths of the sudanese 3 were killed in the fight for democracy. oh have you ever tried building a robot lloyd's not easy for everyone but there is a teenager in guyana who wants to build a robot that will prevent flooding we're now genevieve us into darko has taken her invention to the pan african robotics competition where she's competing with 200 others from 18 african countries use funding from char brings us her robotics store for children packed into one small room they say used to be genevieve's bedroom before she moved to boarding school now she's in a brief visit oh not much has changed suitcases still serve as close it's that
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chair in dire need of repair but books there's always been lots of books here though additionally very small. piece of news is not easy but. i think. there's so. much encouragement. to do you know you have. so. you know led things pushing back genevieve science she says it explains everything in the rural one day she wants to become a mechanical engineer. in a community. not long ago she joined a club at school that's building robots for her mother that's meant more expenses
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for trips to compete with other schools and for materials to. work. in something is a. very real have to create to create it to mine. but today regardless of how much money has cost genevieve feels just like any child coming here she's thrilled to be at the 1st pan-african robotics competition in ghana what is it don't ask me about question because it took weeks for this group here to put this together for one main purpose which is what is the way flooding. the participants are from across the entire continent many of them are young women this team is from but mean they want to reduce congestion in big african cities by repairing the nonfunctioning traffic lights by artificial intelligence finding
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solutions to everyday problems genevieve steam is competing today but winning is not the priority she says it's about learning from other groups and their ideas so that one day her knowledge can help improve the lives of her family and of others in her community. from machines to movie near more. to revive me and mars once thriving movie industry believe it or not there are under way the country cinema that has a long and rich history but decades of military rule suppressed creativity it imposed censorship and it left me in more isolated from the outside world well with the country slowly opening up a new wave of directors is hoping to reboot me and mars golden era of film. lost temples bury jewels and a lot of action the film the mystery of burma was
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a box office hit and me and my last year. our car when is the man behind it not so long ago he was an i.t. technician working in singapore. now he's turned his passion for film into a job hoping to reinvent the way myanmar makes movies the visual and audio it's very different from what we can see most of the time in the movie it's totally different but look over there it's really different that's why the people of the for. me amar was a leading light in regional cinema until the military junta took over in 1962 the country opened up again in 2011 but critics say bad habits remain movies rely on the same overused story lines and peddle lazy stereotypes on race and gender industry insiders say film goers are hungry for fresh ideas. the
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condition of man must film industry is similar to that of a country. after 100 years neither is in good condition. old habits it seems die hard at this year's academy awards version of the oscars the new. generation filmmakers left empty handed. director nadji was among those who missed out on a prize his adaptation of a novel set in the 1940 s. had won him lots of fans in the horror film crazy mission. the problem was that ordinary new generation those kind of thing and. that. is kind of divided. so you know we need more people who can walk together. b.m.r.
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is also luring some foreign filmmakers can gang was used as the backdrop for some scenes of the hong kong movie shot this year the next goal to get the country's movies picked up overseas and a share in a new golden era for the industry in myanmar. also includes biggest race the tour de france gets underway tomorrow not in the home of fine wine cheese and baguettes but across the border in belgium the 1st stage is always a massive event in this year's grand depart marks the 50th anniversary of a breakthrough performance by a belgian that many consider to be the greatest cyclist of all time but expensive belgium is probably most famous internationally for its beer fries and of course chocolate that combo might not scream top level athleticism but it's not stopping some of the world's fifty's sportsman from sweeping into the capital brussels will
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host the gone to the opening stage of the tour de france for the 1st time since 958 the city has been transformed for the big start honoring belgian sporting history while putting the country back on the map as a cycling power is the primary goal for organizers we want to be the country of bicycle again that's why it's so important for us to have the most important complete ition concerning bicycle here in brussels because over the next the 2 is belgium beginning has special resonance marking the 50th anniversary of national hero eddie mix his 1st tour de france win in 969 max who's 52 to france victories top a lengthy list of titles is still revered by locals to film it's also when any mets won his 1st tour de france i was 12 years old so it's great that we're doing the ground here in brussels it's nice. when things get rolling the condé of power will
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add another exciting chapter to belgium cycling history books which mix helped to write. all right on to tennis now last year's men's finalist kevin anderson was the big loser on day 5 of wimbledon he was knocked out in the 3rd round by giteau peja defending champion novak djokovic she had to fight hard to overcome hubert her catch in 4 sets the serbian is in the other half of the draw from rivals rafael nadal and roger federer and so it looks to have a clear path to the final in the women's draw all former world number one carling opposed the aki is out after a punishing loss to china's jon and 15 year old since ation you see her right there corey guff of the united states continued her fairy tale run with a comeback win over alone ahead saw meanwhile allison van 8 funk and greet him in the 1st openly gay couple to play doubles at wimbledon they were knocked oh this
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time aren't as big a soccer now the women's soccer world cup it ends this weekend with holders the united states taking on the netherlands in the final it has been widely acclaimed as the best women's tournament ever in terms of performances and global interest when alfie for wants to increase the number of teams and double the prize money at the next women's world cup. the easy supports is a sold out stadium the semifinals of the women's world cup went exactly as fee for households as in the opinion of president jenny infantino did the whole thing this women's world cup in fronts as being. phenomenal as being incredible as being emotional as being passion has been fantastic as being great has been. the best women's world cup ever. wasted no time in announcing features big plans for the future he hopes to expand the women's tournament to 32 teams and
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double the prize money also tabled plans for lucrative new women's competitions sports politics means women's football is becoming big business. politics is a hot topic too in the u.s. camp in protest against donald trump several players have suggested they may refuse an invitation to the white house if they retain their trophy. i think we'll make that decision after we finish sunday's game i think there isn't a lot of talk prematurely about the white house dinner. but 1st we have to do business the u.s. head into sunday's showpiece as clear favorites european champions the netherlands would have paid to have a little in their 1st ever world cup final but they will put up a real fight the on site of the 2 semifinals and host to sunday's final is already flooded with much to feed for his delight. all right from the pitch maybe to the play we could say
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a completely different kind of sport altogether farmers in pakistan have competed in a traditional bull race in the village of bilawal that's about 70 kilometers from the capital islamabad you can see the farmer now this involves pairs of bulls dragging a hammer behind them and kicking up clouds of dust as they hurdle down the track farmers and landowners from around the region they bring their fast as animals to entertain the crowds of spectators who are eager to catch a glimpse of the action and i think that's where the saying comes from eat my dust . here's a reminder the top story that we're following for you a team of swiss scientists has concluded that the best way to beat the climate crisis is to plant trees all over the world to absorb c o 2 emissions researchers say there's enough space on earth for a trillion. new trees and sudan has been celebrating an apparent breakthrough in its political crisis protesters have agreed to join the ruling generals in a transition to civilian rule over the next 3 years opposition leaders are hailing
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the new deal as a victory for their movement so. you're watching the w.'s live from berlin after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day tonight we're going to look at migrants and the misery in the mediterranean we'll be right back.
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every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word has been equal. rico is in germany to learn german. why not with him simple online on your mobile and free to set the w z learning course nikos fi german meaning see.
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i think is everything challenging 1st i think a muslim. school much different culture between here and there still challenging for him. to service i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. and i got my license to work as a swimming instructor who. are now our 2 children 100 adults just one of us toughest. what's your story take part cherish on info migrants dot net. and. you know this you know 5 minutes more minutes yeah. nice ass in our community. has it all.
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the face in the pantheon of the great tennis circuit he's one for the ages. because 10 or 15 years starts july 10th on d w. new video has emerged showing the moment of impact an air strike hitting a building housing hundreds of like roads in libya more than 50 people were killed tonight the u.n. says there are reports that libyan guards shot at the migrants as they tried to flee the attack and here in europe the bickering continues over the fate of migrants rescued from the misery.


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