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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  July 5, 2019 3:02am-3:16am CEST

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national day celebrations. fuming farmers of the european union celebrating its biggest trade deal yet but opposition against the agreement with south americas america's sore nations is growing particularly in europe's quick tempered agricultural can you also coming up the u.s. state of california becomes the 1st to rule that companies cannot tell their employees which hairstyle is appropriate and let an online fashion growth do the shopping for your german startup can have you looking sharp just one phone call. on chris colbert welcome to the program it is the largest trade deal ever struck by the european union naturally there were
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a big round of applause in brussels this week when the e.u. announced its agreement with south americas nations brazil argentina uruguay and paro but could the deal be a headache for europe in the coming months or even a failure a vocal opposition suggests ratifying the deal won't be easy. after the celebration comes the backlash french farmers are among those coming out against the methods or agreement brussels says it will bring their products to new markets while saving $4000000000.00 euros in customs but many worry about the effects on their local market. and the markets hang by a very fragile balance we add a little more volume prices will collapse and if prices collapse there is no life for us. he's not alone similar concerns are coming out of ireland poland and germany a focal point is the e.u. concession to south american beef producers $99000.00 tons at a lower tariff of 7 and a half percent european beef producers say their market is already tight and
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they'll now have to compete against low cost producers. in the eyes of the german farmers association the e.u. is favoring car makers above everyone else. other critics point to brazil where president has slashed regulations since taking office this year new markets for south american products could mean more environmental damage and lower food standards they say trade officials in brussels say the deal abides by the paris climate agreement and speaks to emissions labor standards and even deforestation they say food inspection controls are already in place others warn against the knee jerk reaction when somebody put the chinese we are not protectionist the reality of our country is not protectionism. i asked those who are against any trade agreement to explain to me how they will dress eat travel let's say the deal still has a long way to go before entering full force it needs approval by e.u. governments the european parliament and 40 national parliaments if the opposition
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continues any could be a possible point to failure. economic indicator show many african nations on a good path growth is still solid across many parts of the continent and investment from abroad is rising according to fresh un figures but the trade war between the 2 biggest economies in the world the united states and china is also reverberating through many african economies and has experts worried. than african proverb says the grass suffers when elephants fight in africa many are now worried the trade war between china and the u.s. could affect the continent smaller and poorer countries hardest of all africa is heavily dependent on global trade and in particular on raw materials exports prices for resources like oil sink when china's economy loses steam and its demand for crude oil. that's especially true for north africa gross domestic product growth
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collapsed during last raw material slump in 2014 and after recovering it's back in the doldrums again east africa offers a complete contrast it's the fastest growing region on the continent and growth remains stable at 6 percent this year. countries like kenya and ethiopia are driving the boom both of managed to diversify their economies set up manufacturing bases and establish their own banking structures economists say that makes them more robust especially when crisis strikes. and now to some of the other business stories making the news. european central bank member only lane says the economic slowdown in the eurozone is no longer temporary and that the bank must develop policy alternatives if the slump gets any worse slow economic growth has lasted over a year and has been aggravated by trade to see
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a former georgia bank managing director who face criminal charges that he helped manipulate global euro bore interest rates has been cleared by in london jury and was the 7th benchmark manipulation case brought by the u.k. serious fraud office the year ruling brings say close a string of prosecutions drawn from a 7 year criminal investigation into allegations that bankers rigged to key interest rate benchmarks for profit. the indian government has predicted the economy will grow by 7 percent over the next fiscal year that represents a slight improvement on the year 2018 to $19.00 when g.d.p. growth hit 5 a 5 year low of 6.8 percent forecasters are expecting investment rates in india to pick up following improvements in consumer demand and bank lending. the u.s. state of california has passed a landmark bill banning discrimination against natural hairstyles at work and in
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schools the ban aims to protect people with dreadlocks braids twists and locks for years u.s. courts had argued hair can be changed meaning anti-discrimination laws could not be applied the belt backers see they are changing the course of history. because of hair like this from now on employers and schools will no longer be free to discriminate on the basis of natural hair style. black people. who have always been discriminated against because of travelogues braids afros and they have a kind of style that you can name. that's not a fashion statement for us like that sorry that i am like you're discriminating against me because of my identity lawmakers say it was this video of a high school wrestler having his dreadlocks cutoff before a match last year that sparked outcry and highlighted the discrimination black
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people face over the issue the owner says for too long african-americans have been forced to treat their hair to fit in. if my hair is is filthy really that's what i look like and shouldn't have to put on so once 3 years it's not even my year to speak so that makes no sense i'm going to go down the street and buy some here in so in my head and look like somebody else come on just let me get a job no california is the 1st state to streatham no discrepancies in equality laws redefining what's acceptable in the classroom and in the workplace. when it comes to finding your right outfit we all know your belt should go with the shoes but you hate to rummage through stores or websites to find a whole sample that works well then this berlin based startup could be for you a personal online shopping service to women founders have made it their mission to
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have formerly ill dressed men looking sharp. you're bush insists she's no fashion expert. on do those shoes match this shirt. but 7 years ago she took heart and founded her online fashion service out fishery which helps people choose their clothes. and because i'm not too lazy kelly women founders are seen as somewhat exotic i had no idea of that before hand from the beginning we were constantly being asked what it's like to be a female falling quite honestly i thought the question was simply awful because i didn't want to be of women found out i wanted to be a founder it took a while for me to grasp that it also offers me the chance to be a role model to say to other young women just do it have faith in yourselves. outfitter has already dressed a 1000000 customers and employees 450 people most in berlin but unusually this
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primarily women run company focuses entirely on men. behavior and profit because we simply saw greater demand with the men in as far as in most shops the men's department is out the back door down in the cellar and so there was simply a giant market potential for us with women of course it's much more competitive if you competitive over 200 fashion counsellors advise outfitters customers on the telephone they asked detailed questions about what colors and styles the client is looking for if they don't actually tell a client what they're sending him or her ever returns are rare. today he says and it's kind of intuitive you know i've spoken with the customer and he sounded a little bit shy but then said maybe he would fancy it so i think to myself ok let's people would and i put in a right or a pink polo neck short. period bush is only in her mid thirty's and she started to
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accomplish much more she plans to expand across europe beginning in france she's finding it easier to get the qualified workers she needs for that. all women we've got a huge advantage when it comes to recruiting women whatever that we get fabulous applications from women will really want to get ahead of the album fun and to also see it as a further advantage for themselves to have a woman in charge the. british did today as part of its expansion strategy outfitter is also going into offline retailing it's just opened a studio next to its stylists office where men can now get personal clothing counseling on location but only by appointment very discreetly and a long way away from aladdin packed out shopping malls. you know there's also a. description upping sounds like
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a black. program if you want more check out a d w dot com slash business or follow us on facebook or twitter i'm chris corbett in for me and the entire business team thanks for watching and here's a quick look at how global markets are trading at the stock so you're back tomorrow .
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i am. it's been 50 years since the moon landing. she was the 1st man to walk on the moon. as a small boy she dreamed of the stars. as a pilot she flew anything no matter how dangerous. shirts are going up. as an astronaut she took part in the greatest adventure in history.
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a legend or simply a human being. was neil armstrong starts july 20th on t.w. . you know. he did do
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