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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2019 7:45pm-8:01pm CEST

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sood find themselves without a dollar. and a prize winning photographer as beautiful get unsettling photos of the op. but we begin with holly musician composer i would call her experimental sound all taste she's played in bands but in more recent years she's been a solo artist although on how the latest album she has recruited to rob the special collaborator and not a human was. all about that in a minute after we hear a taste from the album protel.
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and holly is here with in the studio welcome now you've been dividing your time between california and lynne until recently and i just got your doctorate from stanford university may be the 1st to call you dr. composition congratulations and you've moved sort of permanently hits a bubble and so what's the attraction of. all of course i was drawn to the bathroom is a community here but also there seems to really be a public appetite for critical music and culture oh ok that's totally true now on your latest album protests. there are other musicians you're sort of off but you use other musicians but you have enlisted the help of an ai machine that is fascinated me and that you create is called spoke. why did you want to do this well so i've been a laptop musician for about 10 years. now and so working with machine learning
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really felt like kind of the next step so i started processing my own voice digitally trying to find a way to make laptop performance more embodied and so i always dreamed of having a vocal ensemble where i could process other voices and i thought why not add another in human intelligence to that ensemble so it's both a human and an influence on and how does it would you write the music and then you put it into the machine or and kind of have it change you know does it change it or would oversee change that but do you control the changes well so we really take an approach of seeing spawn as an ensemble member so i'm working with matt dry hurst and jules the place and of course our expanded ensemble and all right music 1st spawn and then spawn will interpret that or perform that and then that will combine with the ensembles voices for finished. playing this music this is also from your latest album broadside and it's
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a trunk cold it's. so you wrote the music is the range i would say fun as a performer or maybe interpreter ok.d. oh but. that's got rid of another course existed before we but now what about videos you bake video. down the years that she but these latest ones are even more intriguing they manipulated by by. well so for internal the video that you
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just saw we used a kind of facial recognition algorithm to help align the faces in kind of the lower ensemble numbers together ok now with do you think generally the boundaries between physical selves and the digital world blurring is this part of what you know. i mean and many ways they already have i really see artificial intelligence or machine learning as as an extension of us or part of us i mean all spahn really knows is what we have taught her so it's all of our kind of collective imagination and our collective labor that goes into the creation of spawn so i really just see us in spawn and finally is is this something you will now rely on in the future is the no going back. i don't think there's ever going back regardless of the topic but yes it's definitely something that i want to continue to pursue ok. thank you very much for being with us keep surprising us with your
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music you. might be interested in the next report that's coming up right now because it's also about electronic music here in berlin there's a lot of it as you know but for now holy hand and thank you very much but lin is renowned for its techno clubs which are considered some of the best in the world if not the best and this for a very long time when the berlin wall came down 30 years ago the burgeoning techno scene found great venues in a band of warehouses and factories which were ideal for us but now with rents going up on the wood gentrification being associate the lot with the city the club culture is in danger. it's a saturday night at christmas one of the most popular techno clubs in berlin and we're the 1st t.v. crew that's ever been allowed to film here normally even taking photos is strictly for board. even before we go in we can feel the intense vibes coming off the dance
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floor and this is. it's almost like an addiction you just do it you always look forward and never back. david cura started working in clubs at 17 for 8 years he's been the manager of please me them one time noodle factory. like most clubs in berlin it started out small and now the venue hosts $150.00 parties a year employs 70 people and brings in more than $2000000.00 euros annually. the waterfront location and garden are particularly popular in summer parties that last all weekend. parties alone don't bring in enough cash the business has to host flea markets and so movies as well to stay alive. american d.j. d.e.v.'s one has been part of the berlin techno scene for about a decade. but he isn't sure how much longer it'll last we meet him at space hall
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his favorite record shop where he comes to look for the latest sound. d.v.s. one is a champion of real underground techno some have called him techno as global conscience and there's a reason why berlin is his 2nd home. with the culture is so. relevant here you know the amount of record stores that are here and the amount of other artists that i can be influenced by and communicate with and even in passing can gain inspiration from you don't have that really anywhere else in the world. but d.e.v.'s one says tourists are watering down the unique character of berlin's parties meanwhile real estate investors are forcing clubs out of town the freedom space and creativity of berlin's techno scene are under threat. some point it's going to the bubble is going to burst and i've already heard about some clubs of
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course facing closures facing problems noise restrictions and will destroy the city at some point. not far from police merely on the other side of the canal new illegal techno clubs have popped up the underground is still alive. but berlin city government says last year 7 clubs shut down and 16 more are at risk including policemen. david cura has long been fighting for the club survival the owner of the property will only give them leases for half a year at a time. that i'd like to see politicians put a stop to the whole thing. the investors and gentrification that are pushing us out that are definitely threatening all of us all the clubs that will either. it's uncertain how much time wavers have left to keep dancing in berlin or whether some day the lights will even go out in the capital
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a free radical techno. i think we're all becoming more aware of what global warming is doing to our planet and nowhere is this more power than in the polar regions where the ice is melting rapidly and raising sea levels photographer olof otto baca has been fascinated by icebergs and glaciers for years and has been documenting their fate in the arctic as they slowly disappear. all of us are becca has been exploring the world of icebergs and places since 2003 he's become an eyewitness to its decline ever since if the temperature were to rise by 5 degrees celsius by the end of the century such images would no longer exist. when you know that there is global warming and you see an iceberg like this and you can see how it is sweating all the ice is wet and shiny and water trickles down everywhere. water drips down into the sea everywhere. then you can see how fast it goes.
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back i was born in 1959 in taba minda on the baltic sea. he works with a large format camera that looks like it dates back to another era he says it's like putting up an easel and painting a picture. only 2 exposures are possible percocet so he sometimes travels with days to find the material if there is a hitch when the film is developed it was all in vain. one of the typical used to be a carpenter then a graphic designer until he got pulled. then he did it for iceland and greenland today many of his photographs hang in major museums the world over. he almost always 2 is alone once 200 kilometers from the nearest village he had
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a serious accident. but i still like being on the boat nonstop for 36 hours because there was nowhere to stop and at 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning i had to drive straight north to the sun. it was just above the horizon and blinded me and the next moment everything was quiet and dark dr wan i woke up again and felt something cold pointy on my chin and i couldn't move i spoke good ones i opened my eyes and realized that i had landed on an iceberg i had concussion of the blood was running down me had broken ribs my boat to drifted off. or and then there was no one around. and i went into the water and followed the boat after 15 minutes i reached the boat i was exhausted because i was stuck that hanging on to the boat and i could not get in with and i put my toe on the profile i felt for the engine and pushed myself up to my feet on the confusion of looking cloud. he
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survived and kept going in greenland so much melt water is generated each year that an area the size of germany would be flooded under one meter of water. the icebergs are melting and or enough water because images testified to that. they are amazing images but slightly disturbing as well so for this edition of ops and culture don't forget to check out the website of g.w. dot com slash culture.
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laundry go international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week shut down the world one person is forcibly displaced nearly every 2 seconds that amounts to over 70000000 people playing to safety often risking their lives trapped or refugees from rescue forbidden that's the topic of country again china. quadriga 90 minutes on d w. it's time to take one step behind and face. time here on just such the up come and fun for the troops. to overcome downtrends and connecticut. comes to it's time for.
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a deed of it is coming up ahead. finds. the 1st climbing less. than an hour as grand moments arrives. to join your ranting on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary tour of the remington returns home on t w don't come to tanks. never has it been the stock. is facing mass extinction. you could say that hope itself is in danger. but there is a glimmer. the biggest companies are uniting to create global. a
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possibility. not only animals will be sent. to. the lions share. of the conservation of. this is d.w.i. from berlin tensions between the united states and around increase further as an oil tanker loaded with reigning in crude is seized of gibraltar spain says the u.s. requests of the action because the tank is suspected of violating the european union sanctions against syria which is where it was headed also on the program. president trump gets the 4th of july celebrations he.


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