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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2019 6:45pm-7:01pm CEST

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malaysia indonesia is now also shipping container loads of the recyclable rubbish back to western customers. makes a 100000000 dollar pledge to help families and communities affected by aids crash. business business. as well. another trade dispute is heating up this time in asia it's between japan and south korea is rather nasty and has its roots in history seoul is demanding compensation of forced labor us from world war 2 as a reply from today tokyo is restricting exports of materials needed to make semiconductors and computer displays the move is intended to hurt south korea's high tech industry. at the heart of this high tech trade dispute between 2 asian powerhouses are people like lead. he's among a dwindling number of south korean survivors who were forced into labor by japan
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during world war 2. in october of last year south korea's top of course up held an order for japan's need paan steel to pay compensation to forced laborers. that landmark ruling triggered a bitter dispute between the 2 countries about how to deal with further demands from victims of forced labor. as the sparks over history escalation japan retaliated with an unprecedented move on trade announcing it would be restricting exports of highly specialized equipment needed to make semiconductors and computer just play is the measure designed to hurt south korea's high tech industry prompted a furious response from seoul to not only does to parts matter damage the economic relationship between our countries but it's also expected to grossly affect the world trade order and corporations and 3rd party countries. japan's prime minister shinzo out but he denies accusations he is using business as
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a bargaining chip for dealing with his country's history. we did not mix up historical issues with those of trade. the issue of former civilian workers is not and has starkly issue it's about whether to keep that promise between countries under international law. the export restrictions could cause months of delays in production processes pushing south korean tech giants like samsung and l.g. under major pressure. korea has already launched a complaint with the world trade organization and says it's not ruling out retaliating with countermeasures of its own and moves that would expose a further crack in already fragile global trade relationships. i'm from tokyo a surprise surprise singer joins us now as a proud why this hardnosed reaction from tokyo. i
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think it has to do with being the main reflections in japan and i think even willing government is trying to please god that we do and i'm sure. we don't think one of that i think about is the best like i did you just been going so far that they just i thought that he did but. so i think very disagree on that which is that if we if we're looking at korea and the big companies that depended on on exports or imports rather from japan some so for example how will some some get around this production wise. where there are lots of. you know use. for examples of my thinking that it is actually good for you that if and when that that's done it's because this is actually flattish. making a dusty and by honeybees us as in has us and has a stop start but i feel much like it's
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a right with the mines are not that. they can start producing just inside the country and the government has also said that they're going to invest it in dollars to actually you know source. just making up a nut in their own country so. it isn't but i had to say that mixed reactions are mixed concerns that it might be difficult for something to something if i did the for something to do with it but i know that he doesn't understand for me to flattish and then the street. supriya saying thank you very much for. indonesia is set to return $49.00 containers of illegal garbage to a slew of developed countries including germany officials say the ways derived in indonesia are labeled as recyclable plastic but in fact contains toxic substances southeast asian countries have been flooded with rubbish after china cracked down
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on the import of used plastics in 2018 earlier this year malaysia and also the philippines send back hundreds of tons of unwanted plastic garbage to north america. so let's talk about the rubbish problem with our he's a reporter from. environment desk a recent study says that most of the river borne plastic ways that goes into the oceans comes from 10 rivers 9 of which are in africa and asia. is that all imported waste from the west you know a lot of it is actually domestically produced waste from south asia particular southeast asian countries and in fact what's maybe surprising for a lot of people is that the amount of waste that the west exports is not really particular responsible for the pollution in our rivers and erosions what happens i think is that the west produces a lot more rubbish than other countries to keep
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a person. but there also better recycling it and this is one of the issues a lot of the waste generated in the west from plastic he even if it's thrown away into landfills and it's not even recycled these landfills are often sealed their tight containers from which a plastic won't reach out of and in a lot of east asian countries and southeast asian countries that isn't the case it seems to lots of these asian countries who have made good a good deal of money with taking in rubbish from from the west and then doing whatever with it. but now it's all going back and people say has stepped away from from from the business is it not good business then it will i think it's still good business for many companies that are acting but what's happening is that the countries themselves of legislating against this so what happened before with i mean you have this enormous sort of supply of western ways western countries european and north american countries don't want to deal with and they're looking
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for places that are willing to buy it cheaply and then prices and hopefully recycle it the problem is a lot of this isn't very well regulated and so you end up with southeast asian countries i mean that's the you had china importing a lot of waste and recycling it and at the start of last year it decided it didn't want to do that anymore the government put a ban on almost all plastic that it was important and that meant that 1000 east asian countries try to fill that gap in the market now what they're finding is that the amount of rubbish that's kind of incorrectly labelled or mislabeled or in many cases just is poisonous or is being burnt out in the open and damaging the health of systems that's no longer worth it for many. asian societies need to rethink their relationship to plastic waste plastic bags briefly from yeah i think a lot of them are already doing so you can see this with. being put in place on imported plastic but you can also see a rise in sort of investment into plastics recycling infrastructure so they're
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trying to get a grip on this and they're trying to say no to farmers and trying to sort of domestic ways. from our environment as thank you very much for this it's hard for. boeing has announced the creation of a $100000000.00 fund to support the families and communities affected by this deadly aids crashes in indonesia and ethiopia the company now faces a criminal investigation in the u.s. over the old fated passenger jets. these are the kinds of images imprinted in the minds of the families and friends of those who died in the ethiopian airlines crash in march. it was the 2nd deadly accident of a boeing 737 marks attributed to faulty software the 1st in october of last year so a lion air flight downed in indonesia now boeing has pledged 100000000 dollars to support the families and communities of the 346 people who lost their lives
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a statement published on the company's website read we at boeing are sorry for the tragic loss of lives in both of these accidents and these lives lost will continue to weigh heavily on our hearts and on our minds for years to come the families and loved ones of those on board have our deepest sympathies and we hope this initial i reach can help bring them come for us the money less than the list price of a 737 marks is intended to support the education i'm living expenses of those affected by the crashes. it has nothing to do with the scores of lawsuits being brought by the victims' families analysts say those could cost boeing a $1000000000.00. the announcement of the fund which is to be distributed by unspecified local government and nonprofit groups comes as boeing faces criticism for cutting costs by outsourcing software development abroad. earlier this week bloomberg reported that the company had been hiring programmers in india for as
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little as $9.00 an hour to india where the economy is projected to grow at 7 percent in the next fiscal year according to the country's economic survey forecasters warn to lower global growth with expected to increase uncertainty over exports january to march growth was a sluggish 5.8 percent the lowest order in 4 years that's well short of the target 8 percent annual growth needed to fulfill prime minister narendra modi's aim of doubling the indian economy by 2020 for. several major u.s. based technology companies are planning to shift production out of china among them personal computer makers h.p. and dell other others mentioned microsoft google parent alphabet and amazon companies on the altering their plans of moving production to avoid new tariffs but also because they face high operating costs in china. u.s.
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private equity firm colloguing bank put in a $3400000000.00 of a german lighting group also the company formally as siemens subsidiary employs $26000.00 people purchase off a horse at least includes guarantees that office locations and jobs would be maintained also has been struggling struggling to turn a profit and sometimes the final decision about the buyout is expected later today . and that's it from me and the business. formal business news analysis back on stories check out. business. is next right after this quick look at global markets the for.
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when you will. be the 1st americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship listen. i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am placed and laughing with the people think deep into the german culture. you did seem to take this crown the day off to you it's all that. time rachel join me for me to shut up posts. that are shit. you. grow up you know this if you will 5 minutes 4 minutes.
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or so as a power and beauty. has it all. he fits in the pantheon of the great tenets certainly he's one for the ages if you. live up to. scott's tennis. stars july 10th on t.w. . lucky . lucky. lucky. lucky.
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this is due to the news of live from trying to win friends and influence people the nominee for the european union's top job goes lobbying in brussels on the line already has the support of top e.u. officials but she still has to convince a skeptical european parliament whose confirmation she needs to take on the post also on the program president trumpet gets his as he declares his salute to america
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on independence day to be the show of a lifetime but many are opposed.


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