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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 1, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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what you really want they're listening to that right now and they have 5 major thing on life i don't get high in the. weekend we got it. including 233 minutes and failed. to retract the characterizes and i'll try and take off the focus 2 weeks ago and also tell them to tamp down and. more important point is that the official. piece as a whole so it is a separate. which is the be made to be the same days as high so this all was no such tonight is a waste they say they want to call all this as a reason why they saw me that the paycheck because they say this message. it has. * really been looked critically is actually a lot of people so they are calling for all political base phone to call. for
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people to bring it back so the those. in the common folks that it's one thing for me this is why they chose legislation that i can to all to do the right to counsel . ok. the pictures that we're looking at. just just outside been ledge that building and that they had under saddam we'll say just give us an idea of what would normally what the the what time is it now what would normally be going on bad now with all this rising having gone on. you know hearing the homecoming * on the one the call. from a knife and this is essential this is a phone call the system that got. to talk to all 3 local sayto and that makes it a government that is. you know was this time you saw me for was also i located here
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so this is a very important area also called so we can see from the positive to cause a now full path as always comes here to to do that because this is a high dose of how. and this is also the central mississippi where many of the. coast counties has also so as its natural folks say all ok but i wish i had thought of spicy as though there's a phrase in one of the hotel ads i have all the info all photos all right now we hope they. will you say farewell to police saying it's already all anglos which usually will be a v.c. with the whole talking guys as do you say because the multiple testers prodded and psychos. to pass out
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a different word as they've been saying. where we were saying those police vans out on the road as you were speaking for now becoming that in hong kong thank you trying to stay safe. watching that d.w. live from there those are live pictures from hong kong on the story we've been following in this hour riot police in hong kong have been advancing have advanced in fact on protesters who have occupied the territories and that is the share of those pictures. the parliament to building police have been seen trying to disperse the protesters with tear gas. demonstrates is occupied part of its main debating chamber today following government rather in the city they've been votes voicing opposition to a proposed bill that would allow suspects in the territory to be extradited to mainland china they've also been demanding that hong kong chief executive tony lab
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step down. the date is significant as well today is the anniversary of britain hunting back to its former colony to beijing in 1997 the haitian that has been known to annually with pro-democracy protests speaking to a social media department that's i mean that's a protesters that have been waving people back to stay away from the area here with me in the studio sherri chan who is from hong kong must be quite distressing watching those pictures of a place you know and love in such dire circumstances yeah actually from free and it's funny i've been following all these pictures. and you can see a lot of protests they were on the street like every yeah it was very peaceful and then there were there was a small group of people in front of the of the parliament building and they were trying to actually from the afternoon they have been trying to break the thaw already for the whole often over like 67 i was approaching midnight they really.
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like the action and they eventually broke the law they broke the gates and they stormed the 6 or 7 hours and the police did nothing which seems to. yeah there were reports saying that because there were some media media inside the parliament with the police they were saying that the police were just sitting there chilling of looking at their forms and not really looking like they're prepared for the put us us to come in and just before the protestors broke the door they actually retreat they went somewhere else and they're wonderful to us as came into the building it was sort of the empty. a completely different police response so what was that we've seen in the last few weeks we haven't seen we haven't seen any arrests made we saw the deployment of tear gas but no snow squads no diving into the into the into the right says no arrests have been made yet actually over the past few weeks
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the police has been under a lot of pressure because there were many protests come plainly. complaining that they were using a lot of. people who are. doing serious make a serious violence and the. international media they have been talking about this as well so i think this time to put they are really trying to. trying to be a bit more peaceful and to create some very violent images that the international media can see for the latest news that we have this coming to us about the news why the service hokum police have retaken the parliament from an anti government protesters that they say those clearly still quite a lot to be done in the territory tonight quite a lot for the chief executive to think about. yes so far has civilian
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respond to any of these actions and to protest says. she has always being quite live these in the past few weeks when there were 1000000 people coming to the street 2000000 people coming out on the streets she really made her response us and. all these protests have happened. she seemed to be quite careful aim was she what the protests. how much control i mean ok so. just look at the context there so we we have hong kong which has been a semi autonomous part of china clearly china is exerting its influence. who controls carrie lamas if you should getting her direction from version many people name her as the puppet of a.j. and obviously to be able to be in this position i wouldn't say elect a chosen to be the chief executive she has to make some compromise and negotiation
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but if the chinese government very often she would have to listen to what beijing say so. this might be one of the reason why so far she has only postpone this legislation that everyone is opposing but she rejected to a total of of troy. it might be because of pressure from the chinese government is jeffrey my beef about this legislation is that if this was legislation which would allow suspects to be extradited from the territory of hong kong to mainland china this is what has sparked this latest series of demonstrations and riots what was it about what is it about this legislation that so offends people and why was it the carrier this time chose to listen and the least withdraw its of. so the legislation allow hong kong to have a certain regulations not only actually not only with china but with many other countries but. people most itself caused. china because they don't trust the legal
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system in china and they saying that it will be used as a tool for the chinese government to pursue political activist and opponents and so for them this is really if the law pos it will be really an infringement on the freedom of speech in hong kong and that's why. many protesters come out to oppose this. we're talking to thank you for talking us through that so. from a d w you should think. so let me recap the breaking news that we've been following across this hour there's live pictures of from hong kong where riot police have been advancing on protesters who have occupied the territories the territories that legislature those these pictures now are of police near the hong kong parliament building police have been seen trying to disperse protesters with tear gas and batons demonstrators occupied appollo its main debating chamber earlier today
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following mass and government rallies in the city it's now being reported that the police have now taken back control of the building there were voicing opposition that this proposed extradition bill would allow suspects in hong kong to be extradited to mainland china protesters have also been demanding that the territories chief executive kerry last step down today is the other version of britain's handing over its former company to beijing in 1997 occasions that is traditionally a mark to have every year with pro-democracy protests more on that as the situation develops. other news the international atomic energy agency has confirmed that iran has broken the limits on its enriched uranium stockpile said by the 2050 nuclear deal in march the country's 1st major departure from the agreement and so iran limited which meant in exchange for sanctions relief iranian foreign minister
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mohammad javad zarif acknowledged that he's country has now surpassed their grade limits despite warnings from the european time signature is to stick with the deal united states left the accord unilaterally last year and has reimposed sanctions against iran which does or says iran's moves are necessary to defend the countries or farsi. but it's only by illustrating authority that we can put the us in their place during negotiations if such talks are needed. because we will never accept yielding to pressure. but if someone respects us they will have our respect in return the world must talk to us with respect and not threaten iranians who have more on this now with. to raise the trouble who's been following the story closely for us she said before to extensively from iran welcome stories of how significant is this breach well it's a clear violation of the agreement iran signed back in 2015 an agreement that was
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designed to prevent iran from building a nuclear weapon so this is now the 1st step in the process that could eventually lead to iran being able to amass enough and rich the rain to build a nuclear weapon this means that the time this time of republic would need to do so would shrink from about a year to less than that but we have to keep in mind that iran your needs to be enriched a lot more than that to be suitable for a nuclear weapon and also that iran itself says it doesn't even want a nuclear weapon because it's religion forbids that but of course that is something that everybody in the region wants to believe so it sounds like you're saying that this is significant but not necessarily dangerous at this point well i mean of course it is somewhat dangerous with the u.s. warships in the region in the persian gulf in the strait of hormuz so close to where the iranian forces operating that always leaves the danger of a military confrontation even if it's just by accident and what message is iran
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sending with these moves well i mean so far iran has complied with the deal even though the u.s. withdrew more than a year ago and didn't have any benefits from that but the u.s. sanctions really took a toll on the people in iran on the economy people are speaking out about economic warfare inside iran so now iran is stepping across red lines one at a time to make sure that the other signatories of the deal that take up action and try to give iran something in return i mean well there's. a signature is russia and china and of course. various members of the european union and the e.u. itself they're all doing their best to try and save the deal where does this leave us fits well iran says they need to step up their efforts because the fall they haven't really succeeded they try to create mechanisms to circumvent those u.s. sanctions like instincts for example that's for trade with the european union but
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they don't work so far and frankly it's really hard to make them work without washington because washington is so important for the international trade also for the international financial system with the dollar so it's really hard for the europeans to do something without washington and especially if washington at sanctions like every couple of months that makes that harder despite the sanctions despite the warships washington says it does want to reopen negotiations with iran is that likely to happen well the supreme leader just has ruled that out he says washington can't be trusted and only understands force but people closer to president rouhani scum and don't rule them out entirely the thing is donald trump says negotiations would be possible without preconditions and that's something the iranians don't agree to because they say washington would 1st have to return to the existing agreement and from there negotiations could start serious
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a truck with thank you for the. european union leaders are still deadlocked over who should take on the blocks top jobs they've now suspended talks until tuesday france and germany had agreed to support the same candidate for the key post of commission president says dutch social democrat from stimulants but there's been stiff opposition all of the a used top jobs are changing hands this year from the european elections in may. good night's sleep that's what journalists and e.u. leaders are desperate for after talks through the night brought no consensus speaking after the marathon meeting german chancellor angela merkel said technically a candidate could have been chosen by out voting a group of countries but that she said would be unwise decision we should really make an effort to find a compromise before that like this to avoid tensions that could cause problems for many years we're facing threats in many of the challenges and also we should be careful in the way we treat each other.


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