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this is from. into the city taking over the spray painting. protests. also on the program. for the 1st time its foreign minister to classic his country has exceeded.
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the list fails for great who forget that despite talking through discussions over the post of the commission president. i'm still welcome to the program. protests as a broken into hell calls legislature on the anniversary of the territories returned to chinese rule all counts government has accused them of deploying extreme violence and police have threatened to clear the building using what they call appropriate force but demonstrators a steadfast in their anger over plans legislation that would allow extraditions to china 22 years ago today britain returned to control the former colony to mainland china under a deal that would ensure democratic rights for the city's people but many now feel those rights of being rolled back. weeks of anger explode into
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destructive of violence the group of protesters smashed their way into the legislative council building the center of hong kong's government the. only way. i arrived police faced off with thousands of protesters on the streets using batons to beat back trouts hong kong has been plunged into unprecedented political chaos after weeks of mass demonstrations against a bill that would make it easier for people to be extradited to mainland china many protesters say they feel let down by the authorities. say already we have tried a peaceful way to voice our demands but the government turned a deaf ear on us therefore i think we need to adopt any necessary means on the east circumstances and we are god therefore we have to realize. we are cutting off the phone with us if we get out when we found this breaking the law how we have
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my guy out we joined the rally this afternoon we urge the government to completely scrap the extradition bill which would harm hong kong. 2 monday's violence comes as hong kong mark of 22nd anniversary of its handover from britain to china which came with a guarantee that hong kong's free. adamant autonomy would be maintained the protesters feel the extradition bill is the latest step to its china gradually taking away those freedoms hong kong's leader carried with the extradition bill on hold after protests in mid june yet she is resisting calls to step down. i pods things i don't like when he on the flop hong kong people should take good care of this place and cherish the values they have long nurtured although they may have different opinions and take different positions and i got some some sun some.
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protesters however carried arms consider 80 words on only be a drop in the ocean as they prepare for more action. more from phoebe kong who rose up the line from the protests welcoming favor where are you what's going on. i know my way planes are out walking hi i'd like to say we. have to clear they don't need a whole boot i need to know. how these protests are an on going to have it up and upload your flag on the podium there was a simple fact that a high 10000 has been through before like 97 and many of them
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9 have actually left the building now because. right now it's all they have that had a deception how can i say always in the. most ok with. you because they don't want to get her side of who we. know was already they were clear. it's getting in some period of time so like now we can see vocalist and focuses saying i did and. as we speak we're looking at pictures now live from the scene that phoebe you mentioned the police saying that they will play in the building shortly can you see preparations being made. it's. all people don't like adults yet corning cool off someway forsyte.
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only sources say i gather right in here by the like a site it's become. like several people. take to the mike and say some type things have a baby. stroller there they're fossilised to assist you yes so i haven't started the operation yet so all we latencies was definitely to go it happens in something else maybe that's what game tonight. and we'll just break into the ledge this is his chain but once the spray can plunder was it a spontaneous action. and i was saying this is not ok well play is actually says i'm actually to these
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protesters saying get outside of that a fake account so i started to lost the only people as they had the chili peppers and all calls. so they say that those are those protesters who won they want to actually see the movement so they haven't bothered to say about the concert actions so this is not something we're told a lot of moms here to find so i think out many of them say this test is out of the race that while they are taking action so as the police put back to clear the building people must be asking themselves how the police came to allow the protesters to break in in the 1st place. this is a pastor that many others don't like and also those passes all isn't policy which
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is what i want to know because many see says these are kind of tactics to to all track these protesters to a letter and also means to be like to say to tell my wife and then at the police look have a reason to to use force to clear all the courts have this outside a legislative council and on the main road and all this actually does something like happened to go similarly all to fall which are 2 weeks ago where the police fired tear gas so white people all day and it's always here again and the vulnerable especially use the same tactics to chasing other he was out and a very clear reason. as you've been speaking we're looking at pictures of police moving forward actually throwing and firing tear gas on protesters the hong kong chief executive. said that these protests show the government doesn't need to
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listen to people do people expect to do that. myself i want we have today is no. they're not happy with the war on terror and oh what i'm simply because carol and you know all of the non and this is not something like the 1st day but we know you've been home on friday so. i think i am baby you know the elephant in the room and he's not in the problem which are filled with phone actually respond to be nonpolitical for not saying anything about how. a likely. now that's pretty pretty we're looking at pictures of police to do
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now appear to be moving in banks been following the 2 guys and they've just mounted a charge and police have faced criticism in the past for being overly violent. yeah. totally false al is having the sort of i spy not only in the courthouse as i also there are many alabaster in various sectors in home calls that they say you know successful to what the pope has said by exploiting the football as an adult and to take as a cause and this is not something out of the apostle no 2 to want to protest a state so so obviously that one of the very important amount of the. pope
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has said it was too hostile he didn't hesitate to retract the definition also i think and to me it is that's ok in today's practice for you know by the police and all the time does and how did he i'll step on couple it false. that does that that do appear to be thousands of people on the streets and a sight police are now to knoppix be moving in but only if today tens of thousands marched peacefully when does the violence stops and do you know why. i think it is god that said. well why did you want to have a mentor someone to talk to the people have to pay so and the valley says that if
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they fall i ringback. are going to pay smaller gets out posthaste as they say i want you to have more like kind of hold action to pass what i got so they seem to be safe here outside of that if i could help so sorry for last night and then say they. say so in some demonstrations to topaz i came to the site myself imo it is morning and then yeah and then what's next if it's what you can see played by noon day out of a. face to have such a sort of politer kind of song the lack of faith sound so so we can see they are after reading the action step by step and because plug them in a piece so loudly all that they not enough to touch what i got so that is the reason why they use some so called out of silence as to who will make the voice heard. and all disagree well as were local now at these pictures we see lots of
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young people out on the streets faiths how much to pull it's full of these processes that amongst the older generation of holocaust was. 6 years. it's. i mean the anti exodus from the old coast has its have so widespread support so some different sexes and all come calling people and different age actually and. make him see fit it's not young says that it's only young to supporting good deeds and also some elbow to fall asleep and see the younger people they are taking a more radical way because i got hundreds so that is a difference between. the 25th to rip the code has since passed but as the end they
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said calling for the same thing so that they can see it only doesn't. stand when i think they're concerned by defending. the hong kong chief executive right carry law she's the one that processes have been calling for to resign she must under she must be under a lot of pressure from china at the moment. yeah . yeah. * yeah definitely the cut out from that on kind of pencil government because there's this one not that they go oh so i'm glad things * are what kind of oprah's back to doing are you know who and you know in other words you have maybe you know what perhaps there was job. in
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going to punish you for this so it was you know a lot of the on the left by the who did even worse than what we saw in that. yes it is definitely one of them on the how hot they felt that the recently departed from it. stay with us let me just repeat to the audience you're watching being w. news you're looking at live pictures from hong kong the moment pro-democracy demonstrators have breached the legislative building ban now inside what we're looking at outside the police who appear to have started to clear the area many people will be asking themselves why the police allowed it to get to this stage the in the 1st place i reporter is that and phebe perhaps we could take a step back and talk about why these protests began in this old stasi when the
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chief executive tried to introduce a piece of legislation allowing extradition to china why would why would why have there been such vociferously protests. it's. yeah this is a pope pope paul cook for by charity kind of his parents in salary actually saw most ago so i think this proposal was to check to expedite not only home quotas and such also that belonging to the phones is because he. said that he was on the sort of on call back to my life trying to sort of i guess here also all the other things that he says a few years that. there was a lack of human life and they install a language china so it comes out i'm going to extradite them back to china that
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they will be put at least so that is their biggest concern about this film and. many prominent secretary annotations have voiced that they cater to some of the very prominent legal i suppose initially and also many phone council a. all we can see also that you and i'm next to the government also boys they're concerned over the affectionate children because this is one of the only affecting the local cases also for those islam and so they said so that's why we have called the national and. i'm hong kong just again for more background to the point about these demonstrations is that hong kong occupies something of a special position within china this is the one country 2 systems.
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over. for i beg your pardon can you. the one country 2 systems which seems to be at the heart of all this problem. many protests because they also voice their recruits but it's over. the implementation of one country 2 systems because. when you're trying to tell yourself an older many people they know they don't believe they. see it handles all the autonomy i'll call the guarantee. the one country
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because there's been a commitment by the chinese and the british government so we can see. freedom every kind of freedom a whole call being devoted also to feel is we've got a baby we have some falling down with. like all the nice activities because in contrary to kind of content outside. and political parties then their political stance and some of it closing off at the lawmakers they have to qualify like their lawmakers so this is something really you clearly home people that are on home call it's no longer really a real genuine autonomous but just and not a chinese city so you know what that means one country to system doesn't work maybe
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it's just one country one system on one country one in a hospice and so right out is something people like grady concerned about and they can actually feel they can actually change. because as we're looking at these live pictures now of the situation outside the not just the same building in hong kong the police have a siren that's that's that warns about the to gas being used now moving towards protesters is that any sense way you are of this action having started out people aware of what's going on outside. but now i am here by the legislative council come site where all of this hotel says
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all they can only inside the complex now all that. they have left are ready. to come back but no. sign of all right there are hundreds up by a police. van also past how many ending on the scene which was always and only you know what happened but you know all this we also busy have to take away from the past and they have. to and. i. think hopefully. amy is yes i do that. that is what i saw like all right what i. perceive in hong kong try and stay safe will god come back to life in
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a sense he becomes a forcing from chinese that teta tree over those. dramatic pictures back from hong kong let's get more on this developing situation from my guests here in the studio should a child also for. sure why this escalation of violence why today because today is where the new protests is so every year when the 1st of july a lot of protests they will go on the straight and forth so peña and say what they're not happy about the government and so the escalation is actually because these protests protesters who are in the front line they don't want to lose the momentum of the huge protests and the support they have been gaining for from the past weeks and so they think that this is the last chance they can use to do something different or to have more radical actions so. generally
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count on there being some sort of action today that the anniversary of the hundreds of usually every year they are peaceful protests but then this year there are lots of different protests leading up to this 1st of july protests and i think a for a tease actually they they were prepared for some actions that are not like how the past years were but i don't know if they are it doesn't seem like they are as prepared as to have this kind of violence or what is happening right now so the pictures that we're looking at a live pictures of the city. can you tell us what we're looking at this is a very busy area in hong kong. is fairly close to the legislative council which is the parliament in hong kong and this is actually where also where. the movement have. been 14 so in that. city in protests lasting for 79
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days and this is a main road that we're seeing so do you see this something. knowing people involved and having watched it do you see this as something that is going to continue to grow is this is as you suggested. is this the best of the last chance to make their voice now this is really hard to take because i think no one will predict they will be able to stunned the parliament and it's all extraordinary yet because they were actually preparing to face a police inside the parliament they thought the police would be waiting for them all to expect them to put tear gas on them but then when they entered the parliament it was totally empty and they just go every way inside and this is very unexpected is this a movement with leaders. like many of the protests in the past few weeks there really no. protests. home they are using
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social media to organize everything they're using telegram day using online forum which is. read it and yet they just message each other and you don't really see a very clear in all these actions but you're watching. a lot of pictures from hong kong the latest news is that the protesters have broken into the turkeys legislature stay for. 3 of the british handover of the territory to china big government the hong kong government has accused protesters of diploid what they called extreme violence police a war and a couple of hours ago they would clear the building reports. in the city has told us that pretty much all of the protesters inside. can see police making good progress moving we've seen 2 guys throw be seen warning
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flags from the police a warning about the deployment of of tear gas they sold of course about legislation that is now actually been shelved this was legislation to facilitate that tradition of suspects. from hong kong to mainland china so we could talk a bit about. sharing so this this legislation it's now been show that people are still hungry and as we can see they're still out on the streets one 1st of all because these protesters they have. from their government apart from the shell of the legislation of the legislature and they want their government to. discharge the rioting charge of protesters who were arrested they also want a resignation of the chief executive and so they are still on the streets to have in months met but also face
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a very core problem of hong kong in general seems to handle is that. people have been trying to get reform to change the. democratic system in hong kong and the latest proposal of the legislation. is just. it's just. how to save the lost cause of their of their anger so the more people problem is actually in the democratic system. but we're dealing with china this is not a regime that the likely brooks position what do you expect to happen next. i really have i cannot predict anything but from what i've heard from all these protesters you're in touch with them yes because some of my friends where not in the front line but they were involved in all of these protests and they were saying
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that many of them were saying that this is really the last thing that is the only thing they can do and mostly they said that they have been trying peaceful protests they have been trying to get international attention but it seems like the government is really not acting and so they really think that they have. nothing to loose and that's why. with a lot of preparation and a lot of planning. just like that. yeah we've been watching these protests for weeks and months the house being covered in the territory. inside hong kong it's. every day news. all the media talking about it actually they have a lot of live stream on facebook just to get the raw pictures of the area which is very rare for hong kong. inside china you see a different picture of these protests of course because a censorship on social media how the chinese media is covering this protest is very different from what the hong kong so what is known about them in china well there's
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the narratives from the chinese media usually saying that this is. these protesters they're causing. a lot of violence inside the city and it's fair be illegitimate. as talking about the problem why they are protesting this is what people seem china mostly of course there are ways to get over what we call it the great files all to see what the international media is reporting so it's very possible that many chinese citizens say inside mainland china they can also get access to some of this for the narrative says definitely different and so as we look at these live pictures from hong kong. i don't know if it's the angle but it seems to be sort of calming down but what goes through your mind when you see a place that you know and love under these sort of situation the be so
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circumstances for me the most shocking thing is that all these protests so yeah just all in secondary schools they're probably about you yeah they are probably less than 18 years old many of them and. it's really shocking what. what's in their mind to push them to take this actions. always see an increase in the sorts of options are left thinking about the umbrella movements the. few months ago is there a growing sort of spirit of rebellion in the territory i would say so because many young people and they're really feeling the pressure and that line of the one country 2 system that's promised in 1971 deadline what will pressure.


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