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this is g.w. news live from berlin tom conch protesters smashed their way into the legislative building they got in after spending hours ramming the window earlier thousands of pro-democracy protesters clashed with police there rallying against an extradition they'll look at the latest also coming up the sleepy summit they talk to the nines but european union leaders still could not decide who should get the top jobs heated talks over the powerful post of commission president have opened up in east west divide. protesters take to the streets of sudan to demand civilian rule but at
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least 10 are reported killed and scores more wounded in clashes with security forces. and japan's whalers are given a big send off as they go out hunting again after a break of more than 30 years japan has now withdrawn from the international whaling commission. i'm sumi so must go to thank you for joining us protesters have stormed it to hong kong's legislature on the anniversary of the city's return to chinese rule pro-democracy demonstrators tore down sections of the glass and metal wall before entering the building over anger over plans legislation that would allow extraditions that to china earlier police used the tongs and pepper spray to disperse crowds would occupy the road near the city's government could. on this day
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22 years ago britain handed the former colony over to mainland china under a deal that would ensure democratic rights for the city people activists now fear that those rights are being rolled back. and let's bring indeed of these and see the kong she's covering these protests for us in hong kong she joins us on the line of t.v. we saw on the scene the protesters have entered parliament now and tell us what's happening for. them standing right next to that it does it count so complex right now on the standoff between the protesters and the riot police has lasted several hours here and there are ok chanelle precious happening because you are was in just 10 minutes ago one protest to try to snatch that glass so i getting like that though it's still intact it's not completely broken yet and all while a small group of protesters clashed with questions but the police earlier today and
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most of them there now are holding him gratis and wearing all the clothes have to see a light moscow helmet and setting outside the door and * they're removing things too far from some of the fences heidi at the same discount so compact and trying to fill up barricades if i become pipefitting and the president of the that's an. issue a red line which means the police will think to call it to protest the income tax and then and he also tasco all this out and all those people inside a classic example i. think do you think. right now t.v.'s are speaking we're looking at live pictures these are dramatic pictures there are outside the legislative building the protesters who have entered what do they plan to do there in the building. if the. so unclear that how many protesters
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had actually and the feuding and somewhere. there was a few of them the antenna building and then later all. * these are failing again and they were unclear right now but obviously most healthy but the majority also have to do outside of puting. all of them have the same thing amount which is not only bodies it's all they do and i. think we and i specially because there are the younger you call it has have come easy to we. have the same the mouth that the pros have before that so these are all pretty take the anger and outrage. and see just briefly if you can amid all of this outrage over terri lamb it's time that we can pressure the government needs to listen more to the people what we see actually change.
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on terrorism have to show up this morning out to. the house i disappear for nearly 2 weeks. controversial i say somebody'll. give me crazy it's all just to have an outline all they can touch with. me on the off at the mouth about it goes past. oh it's a shit they are not expanding till and also to precisely daily say that it already was. the safest of all the physics not going to. the situation right now but coming up we have to keep up the already you gotta get sensitised pension right here all right well we are looking at live pictures here dramatic pictures of the protesters outside the legislative building as you said see some of them entering our reporter phoebe kong
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there amidst the protests in hong kong bringing us today thank you stephen. and let's get some analysis on the story now joel some too from the global public policy institute is with us that's an independent think tank you're in berlin he focuses on global governance and also on governance in hong kong joel thank you for joining us we mentioned that these mass protests that are again we're seeing on the streets of hong kong are taking place on the same day the anniversary of the cation with china how significant is that i think it's tremendously significant if we look back in the past couple of decades since hong kong has been returned to china there has always been these protests come july 1st but this is perhaps one of the biggest ones i recall all the years that i've lived in hong kong and i think this is happening on the back of the extradition bill which has really upset angered a lot of people in hong kong and this is a manifestation of that and it coincides with the 1st of july return and verse 3 this extradition bill has been hugely controversial this is why we've seen these
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protests and the mentum is pretty impressive can carry lamb push ahead with this bill will carry lemons come out and said you know she's apologized she said you know she's missed. reading the sentiments in hong kong and she's already said she's not going to push this through anymore at least not on her watch until 2022 what will just china play in all of this we know that china obviously does not approve of these protests what world you think beijing is playing here i think china's every interest to see a very just a stable and secure hong kong as far as we know that the chinese authorities said this is an internal issue for the hong kong authorities to deal with they obviously are not supportive of riots and mobs in hong kong. but the interesting thing is also there's very little mention of the protests in china there's as far as we know the mention of hong kong has been removed from social media there's very little
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coverage if at all in mainland china about what's happening in hong kong but what is more important a stable and secure. as you said to beijing or quelling these protests i think both i think both it's it's in china's interest to have a safe and secure hong kong because after all it is part of chinese territory and i think if anything the it's on to hong kong government and political leaders to become more sensitive and listen to what how come people have to say listen to their concerns and i think that's where they've dropped the ball and that's why we've had you know up to 2000000 people taking to the streets in hong kong given that context that you've just shared with us what do you see things going from here what does this mean for hong kong's future that's a 1000000 dollar question i think the most important thing is to find a more inclusive way to bring this forward i think it's not just the extradition bill but there are other symptoms behind this huge housing. issues in hong kong
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there's the issue of youth feeling like they're not being they don't have a future. there's a whole laundry list of things and i think the hong kong government would do well if they took the time to listen reflect and create a more inclusive society right more listening to the protesters i just on the from the global public policy institute here in berlin thank you very much. let's catch up now on some other stories making news around the world a powerful car bomb blast in the afghan capital kabul during rush hour has wounded at least $65.00 people with fatalities huge explosion target of the afghan defense ministry the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack and syrian state media say 4 civilians have died after israeli jets attacked military positions near the capital damascus and the western city of homes a footage shows the syrian military responding to the attack by firing surface to air missiles another 21 people were reportedly injured in the assault.
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now european union leaders have suspended talks after failing to agree on who will fill the top jobs following a new parliamentary election 6 weeks ago now in the run up to the summit france and germany a creature to support a common candidate for the key post of commission president of the dutch at social democrat friends timmermans but their choice says met some stiff opposition after all night discussions failed talks will resume on tuesday. and he. is standing by in brussels for us max we hear now that we're going to have to wait until tomorrow for some decisions but we thought that they were getting pretty close so we might even hear a decision today so how close are you leaders on deciding on these important posts . we listened to the german chancellor makeover just gave a press conference and she said that they weren't as close as many people here might have thought she said that there wasn't really any consensus on anything no
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majority the required majority on any of the consolations and she said that a lot of names were mentioned during this negotiating marathon but she also said that it was important to find a broader majority than the one that is required required is a majority that has represent 65 percent of the people of the european union she says we don't want that we want to broader consensus a larger majority in order to have something that we can actually work within the next years and don't have too much spilled milk over that and that's why she said even if it doesn't make us look good right now to continue talking tomorrow and not having found a solution today history might prove that it's the better decision to take that one extra day sleep a little and maybe see things from a different angle on tuesday next what are the biggest lines of division that we've seen open up here over this question of who should be that had the commission and what do they tell us about where the e.u. is right now. you can see that the divisions between the east in the west something
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we've seen in the last years over multiple decisions is very strong we know that the so-called group represented among others by hungary was very much opposed to funds to moments the dutchman that seemed to be the front runner for the european commission presidency but there's also quite some opposition between france and germany here because i call the french president just out right rejected the german candidate for the commission presidency who is also the candidate of the biggest party in the european parliament. for the conservatives and that's of course the party of i'm going to so you also have a division there but among others smaller countries want to be represented eastern western countries you. also need to make sure that you have gender equality of course so finding suitable men and women for the post this makes this in credible puzzle incredibly complicated puzzle this time around more complicated than ever because of the divisions you mention and also the consolation in the european
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parliament where it's no longer enough to have the 2 big parties the socialist and the conservatives work together you need the 3rd party the liberals and that's where i'm on about my call and all this 3 dimensional chess comes into play max just briefly if we can in the year that we're talking about britain leaving the e.u. when there's been a lot of contention over migration in the block as well what do you take away what do you think of this wrangling over these posts what does that say about the european union right now. you know that's because. because we have this huge problems ahead of us and she specifically mentioned the u.k. exiting the european union they want to find a solution where there's a large majority she said we probably won't have unanimity but at least we want something that's put on a sound foundation all right our correspondent max foster been following the latest for us there in brussels thank you max. now in sudan at least 10 people are reported to have been killed and almost $200.00 injured in clashes between police
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and protesters thousands took to the streets across the country to demand that the ruling military council hand over power to a civilian government the demonstrations the biggest since security forces opened fire on a protest in the capital khartoum almost a month ago killing dozens. these demonstrators made their way to khartoum's defense ministry to appeal to military rulers it was one of several rallies in cities across sudan protesters were eager to make their voices heard. god punish these oppressors ready. we want a civilian government a civilian one. and some marches carried photos of family members who were among dozens killed when police broke up a peaceful sit in protest outside army headquarters in early june that violence coincided with the collapse of talks between military rulers and protest leaders
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about who should head a new governing body sunday's rallies marked the 1st return to the streets since then. as protesters in khartoum neared the presidential palace officials made it clear that they were unwilling to listen to the voice of the people on stirring the chants with tear gas. military council justified his actions and a special t.v. address. when i came on that man with troops mission is to protect protesters but we don't trust the vandals. in front of the youth center in the medical headquarters there are snipers shooting at people they have hit 3 members of the rocket support forces and about 5 or 6 civilians that's why we were upset and trying to get things under control and that i don't look at. sunday's demonstrations also mark the 30th anniversary of the coup that 1st brought president omar al bashir to power in 1909. that coup talk of the last democratically elected government here the demonstrators have vowed to continue
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their protests until sudan has a civilian leadership again i for more on the story we can speak to d.w. reporter abraham she's with us here in our studio hi i thank you for joining us you . words down in may during the mass demonstrations then and this is the 1st big protest since the government's bloody crackdown on protestors last month you've been in touch with your contacts on the ground there aren't they worried about getting back out onto the streets quite ironically what i sensed yesterday and today from people on the ground is not fear but relief i feel like i sensed more fear from them between june 3rd and the events of yesterday because as we mentioned the report june june 3rd was this bloody brutal crackdown it wasn't just fired shots there were also reports of men and women being raped tents burned just insane just unimaginable brutality a lot of the people that i spoke to have called this a massacre that this was a massacre on an epic scale it was an assault on
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a protest camp and since that crackdown the protesters have been forced to go underground there were militia men and police and military terrorizing people on the streets and in that period between june 3rd and yesterday i sense a lot of fear not just for their lives but also for everything that they've accomplished up until june 3rd you know through overthrowing of bashir who had been in power for 30 years so there was there was fear on many levels but yesterday was this visit since you know for the 1st time since the crackdown this impressive show of power for a protest of that size to be organized without the internet with a near internet blackout with the headquarters of opposition groups being raided by the military 2 days before the protest and one day before the protest the military council going out and saying outright any death on the streets is the responsibility of the opposition and for against that against all of these odds the people were still able to to to to galvanize themselves as they did yesterday now
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there's now there's more hope now i'm sensing a bit more relief in the words in the things that they're telling me actually what about on the diplomatic level what about the efforts to bring the military council together with protest organizers with civilian leaders has there been any progress . on that front since the crackdown on june 3rd the opposition to for some freedom and the forces of freedom change which is this coalition of opposition groups that has been negotiating with the military council has not had any direct contact they have been communicating over a draft basically of an agreement through the fuel paean and african union mediators be the demonstrations of yesterday and today are perhaps not going to ease the tensions between between the 2 parties however they now put the opposition back in the place that they can negotiate from a position of strength because they have shown that they do commend the streets and that they can really gather the masses because basically this camp for our viewers
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just to give them some context this was a sit in that had been there since i'm going to bashir was overthrown they had occupied this essentially with the traffic juncture in front of the ministry of defense barricaded it and this was their physical leverage on the ground on june 3rd they lost that and yesterday they regained it somehow and so you know the demonstrations might not ease tension but it certainly gives more bargaining chips for the opposition should negotiations move forward and they have to come to that at some point very very important context there our reporter avraham thank you very much for joining us. now whalers in japan are back out on the waters today they're setting sail on the country's 1st commercial hunt to since 1986 despite a huge international backlash conservationists say whaling is cruel and outdated but in japan it's a tradition. it was all hands on deck before setting sail on
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a hunt that's been 3 decades coming these are the men that will bring fresh local whales back to japan. are ready and sort of the crew. bigger and fatter whales means better meat but you know you would have to transport it as fresh as possible so that old people can taste it and remember the old days of. communities like stand ready to cash in this japan defies international outcry and pushes ahead with the practice. to send off commercial whaling ships for the 1st time in 31 years is very emotional for those of us who've been working for the resumption of the hi i'm happy from the bottom of my heart. in recent years japan has got its fill of will meet through scientific concepts but never produced enough many traditionalists in japan see whaling is more of culture
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than conservation though not everyone agrees. on the i've never eaten a whale before i don't know if it tastes good so i'm wondering if i should buy them or not. to. knock them a bit i don't really need to eat whale. it's another major whaling town this time and prime minister shinzo own constituency there were celebrations the crew set off in a bid to help revive japan's controversial love affair with whale meat. let's bring in nicholas and trip from ocean care of marine conservation organization in vienna nicholas thank you for joining us we should mention that japan has still been whaling of the last few decades but officially for scientific purposes so what does today really change. ok 1st of all the name of the way home changed from scientific to commercial because actually the vessels they using are just
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saying this is they have been using how they vote there is a huge significant difference now is japan has left international whaling commission they've left the situation that is responsible to regulate whaling and that has decided in 1902 whales fisa should no longer be hunted for commercial purposes japan hasn't got what it wanted over the years so it left his institution and is now whaling outside the international body that should regulate it so that's quite a devastating situation what has happened over the last 30 years did the whale population recover sufficiently in that time. it's a very good question because some way species in some way populations did recover actually but not those we are talking about in japan i gave an example the most abundant way species in those waters is to make you a minimal stress pacific however science tells us that to make you a least divided in certain populations and one population is highly endangered so
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when the whale approaches them into a long the watering kills it it cannot different say is this an endangered whale or is this an on endangered whale it's dave and you finally will will find out about the genetics so very often you find endangered whales or waves from endangered populations on the market and that's quite an appalling situation nicholas the japanese perspective here is that this is a long running tradition and part of their culture can you understand that perspective. no i don't because actually i think i think it's kind of a rhetorical because the whaling we see today is kind of a product of the 2nd world war when there was and need in terms of providing protein to the people but what we've seen over the past decades has been dipped in a significant decrease of interest in demand it's septra so what do what the whaling to pro weight loss to face thing is in long existing market and what will happen now is that the government will spend lots of money to create an artificial
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demand you know they will promote way products in schools etc and i think that's read it the wrong way to go what we would like to see his face out of that of static to vittie but nicholas why would the japanese government want to do that create an artificial market where there isn't one. well it's very simple because they've talked to people for 30 years to discuss what they want and this is you know at the end it gave it a kind of an artificial cultural identity which we believe doesn't really exist in that respect you know for the young people the lungs the young citizens in japan you would not see much support for it and i think the big question is well on one hand with a chap a nice public you know give a blind eye to whale products in a really hope so but the other thing is japan has left internationalization table and that's a really boring trend the u.s. is left to purchase a green meant japan leaves the way the commission what's next all right nicholas center promotion care in vienna thank you very much for your analysis. thank you
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for the invitation. to sports now and our red bull's max 1st stop and has won the austrian grand prix after a stunning comeback from a very bad start the dutchman came up with one of the best drives of the season to claim his 1st victory this year. the duck trans were out in force to watch their man max for stop and give a lesson in recovery starting 2nd on the grid on the left he slipped down to a place where he was slow to get away pole sitter charlotte clare the nearly man this season streaked ahead in his ferrari but for stop and was on a march he inched into the podium places after passing sebastian fret so i fixed up for them and him out for a boss ass no problem for stop and again making it look oh so easy the was the red bull driver was eating intellect prayers lead and before too long this
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happens. for stop and forcing the ferrari wide with just 2 laps left he was away and though they'd been in contact the stewards would later ruled this was simply a racing incident that decision taking longer than the race itself to stop and rewarded for his determination. to come up with. a 1st win of the season in the 1st time this year someone other than a missing eighty's driver has stood on top of the podium i. a reminder now of our top stories here on d w how can protesters have now stormed their way into the legislative building after running through a window earlier thousands of protein mark received protesters clashed with police and fresh rallies against an extradition belt. and european union leaders talk through the night but they still could not decide who should get the top jobs he
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did talk of the powerful post of commission president has opened up and east west divide talks will resume. tomorrow. coming up next a global 3000 will be visiting crude to see how in n.g.o.s they're trying to slow deforestation that's coming up in just a few minutes right here on g.w. don't go away. mother.
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climate change. sustainability and. environmental pressure. biodiversity species conservation exploitation polity. human rights displacement the toll. current local archery. global 3000 next on g.w. . eco india.
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how can a country's economy grow kaminey its people employment when there are due course look at the bigger picture india a country that faces many challenges engines people are struggling to create a sustainable future clever projects from europe and india. in 69 d w. that are shit shit shit. there are you know this 05 minute for minute. noise has an hour and a beauty. pageant all. the feats in the
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pantheon of the great tenors certainly he's one for the ages of. up. to sculpt a tenor for the ages starts july 10th on t.w. . live. hello and welcome to global 3000 today we meet the out of that i he met mayor of tunis an unusual position for a woman in the arab world. we visit the peruvian rain forest where traditional farming methods are enjoying a modest revival. and we go to norway.


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