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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 1, 2019 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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this is t w news coming to you live from hong kong protesters tried to smash their way into the legislative building the angry scenes of ramped up tensions in the chinese territory earlier thousands of pro-democracy protesters had clashed with police during fresh rallies against an extradition bill to get the latest also coming up up all night and european union leaders still can't decide who should get the top jobs 3 eastern european members objected to a franco german compromise over the powerful post the commission president. and
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protesters take to the streets of so done to demand civilian rule but at least 7 reported killed and scores more wounded in clashes with security forces. plus on the 50th anniversary of the stonewall uprising in new york gay pride parades take place around the world but in turkey's biggest city istanbul police move in and break up the parade dashing hopes that recent political change would bring an end to spend on gay pride march. oh i'm sorry martin good to have you with us protesters have been trying to storm hong kong's legislature on the anniversary of the city's return to chinese rule pro-democracy demister. leaders have been using
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a metal trawl only to smash the building's windows amid overplanned legislation that would allow extraditions to china police used the toms and pepper spray to disperse crowds who head off to ply the road near the city's government complex on this day 22 years ago britain handed over the former colony to mainland china under a deal that would ensure democratic rights for the city's people activists now here those rights are being rolled back. for the very latest now from hong kong let's cross over to do phoebe kong tell us what's happening on the streets there right now. we seem to have lost phebe the lines of the view right now is frozen tone color perhaps we can go back to her later in the program 30. so anyway the thing going catch up with fabian just
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a moment but before that let's take a look at what is happening with those protests in hong kong in many ways they are unique let's take a look at just how they are being organized. tin is a 21 year old student who runs a supplies is stationed outside hong kong's legislature it's been the scene or frequent demonstrations in recent weeks it all started on line and real world results that's what they don't we recruited over a 1000 members on the 1st day when i launched the telegram group and i also cooperate with an online forum that whenever i post a message i always receive the 1st response within a minute i know. these are the most popular tools for protesters by using telegram and encrypted messaging app along with an online discussion forum people respond to calls for mass gatherings in order to block roads and government offices
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on short notice. was. in the other activists also response with glee by delivering protective gear and mobilizing helpers to the front line. in the latest wave of demonstrations the protest leaders themselves are often just a few of the many key players. was a lot of will resist any affiliation with political parties and online platforms are the most neutral medium because all initiatives are spontaneous that reflects the will of the people but not any organization that's why people are keen to join . the was a leaderless movement as led by nobody but the crowd. while hot topics on forums spawn protest action on line polls are also taken before or during demonstrations to let protesters make collective decisions. compared to his own experience ne
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umbrella movement as the new tactics can attract supporters beyond hong kong's traditional activist scene. this movement hasn't succeeded yet because top leaders of the government still reject our demands we learn from the failure of the movement and developed new strategies to pressure the authorities we will continue to fight until all our goals are achieved. many young protestors like to believe that by expanding beyond conventional rallies a multi-pronged approach is harder to defeat and even has a chance of bringing the change they desire. and i'm told now that we can go live to hong kong where our correspondent phebe kong is standing by for a favor. if you are with this tell us what's happening on the streets of hong kong right now. i know
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my house. i. bought my house up. last night it. right. here. i. feel. right. now ha ha ha ha. ha ha ha ha. yeah. oh. yes this is fight to stop. backing out of my day with. something oh it's not. like if.
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they. are still. gathering outside. we're seeing some live pictures from there phoebe right now those demonstrations taking place in hong kong in front of the legislative building i know the protesters have been trying to break into the building tell us about what these protests are actually about because they are taking place on the anniversary of hong kong's reunification with china what are the protesters demanding. their money and this office not that it. has nothing to do us happiest. given that it's in this complex.
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so we seem to have lost the line again to phoebe kong that was our correspondent david kong who is it covering those protests for us if you can still hear me phebe thank you very much for being with us so. it's always take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world japan has restarted commercial whaling for the 1st time in 31 years japan withdrew from the international whaling commission 6 months ago and decision took effect on sunday whale hunting is condemned by conservation groups who fear many species are facing extinction. syrian state media says 4 civilians have died after israeli jets attacked military positions near the capital damascus and the western city of. footage shows the syrian military responding to the attack by firing surface to air missiles another 21 people were reportedly injured in the assault. in libya turkey says rebel commander. forces will become quote
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a legitimate target if they don't immediately release 6 turkish citizens that came after have tars troops said they would attack turkish targets over turkey support for the internationally recognized libyan government they also claimed they had destroyed a turkish drone at a libyan air base. and activists in germany and italy have helped raise over a 1000000 euros for the captain of a migrant rescue ship arrested by italian authorities. was detained after forcing her vessel carrying 40 migrants into an italian court following a week's long standoff with officials. european union leaders have been locked in all night discussions over who will fill the top jobs following e.u. parliamentary elections 6 weeks ago in the run up to the summit france and germany agreed to support a common candidate for the key post of commission president the dutch social
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democrats on still months but their choice has met some stiff opposition. i think it's here but it's top secret. that's how a night of marathon talks to pick the next e.u. commission president began ahead of the summit french president emmanuel mccrum was maybe too optimistic about a breakthrough. is confused it's important that we come away from the summit with answers and a new team really for macron leadership experience is key. to the name one of the criteria is competent and i can name some names you know my great best to france to my mom's. the goal is a candidate e.u. members can agree on and one who doesn't divide many eastern european countries are opposed to the netherlands frantic moments to use criticize poland and hungary for lapses in the rule of law something they haven't forgotten i'm afraid that these 2
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summits nobody believes the right one. you know this is the boss when you have a feeling that the it was much more a number of both people in our region. it's a complicated equation to balance with all players seeking to weigh in the e.u. leaders should represent interests across the block east and west gender equality and both big and small countries. from us though the site is just very important to also this see that your graphic copilots 28 e.u. members including the united kingdom that means 28 national egos to balance and then there's the european parliament which also wants to have it say german chancellor angela merkel want a difficult compromise lay ahead sylvie's the sitting and also way things stand the talks are going to be easy to put it mildly the european parliament or at least 2 of its political groups are committed to the principle of selecting one of their
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candidates so i think it's going to take a while to invited on the seats from us and this balancing act to cool night e.u. council president donald tusk met with leaders individually and in a group and still could not broker a compromise the clock is ticking the new european parliament meets this week. was cross over now to brussels where our correspondent max hoffman is standing by for us at the council building max the air leaders have been negotiated through the night there i understand are they any closer to reaching an agreement. terry the people behind me here sure hope so because they've been up all night too and if they had made any progress the leaders that would all be for naught but we do know that they have now convened for breakfast so that's not a break up it's breakfast and that's a good sign because if they had the feeling that they weren't getting anywhere and they probably would have called it quits already but we don't know how much longer
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it will take as we just heard in that report by cutting martin's 16 the difficult what are the sticking points here max they're trying to agree on candidates for the top jobs is that right. that's right and normally you always have the difficulty of balancing out the regions making sure you have or trying at least have equal parts men and women on that top jobs you want the smaller countries the bigger countries the east the west so those are the usual do. occultists but this year it's even more complicated because more parties have their say if the big 2 parties so the conservatives and the socialists don't have a majority of money themselves you also have the liberals that are in the fold and to a certain extent the greens and that means a minor and i call the french president who represents the liberal camp of minor others here really has its say and he was blocking the candidate from the most successful party the conservatives which is represented so for the 1st time you might not have
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a commission president from the strongest party from the conservatives and of course within the party there's a lot of rebellion against that plan so there are several jobs that are up for grabs here the head of the european central bank the president of the e.u. council but more importantly the president as you say of the e.u. commission that's the real tough one it's always difficult for a large group of countries to agree on a candidate here but are these divisions in the e.u. deeper this time than usual. maybe slightly between the east and the west you have the 4 visa crowd states among them for example hungary who usually oppose what you would have called the western european look on things in the past but not so much i would say that the top difficulty of this time what makes things so complicated is really you do not have a majority in the european parliament among the 2 big parties or the former 2 large parties the socialists and. conservatives and to have somebody who
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actually goes through as the commission president you not only terry need a majority in the european parliament you also need a majority among the leaders right here in the european council so you need a double majority you can imagine how how complicated this is it might really for somebody who's not here in brussels might sound sound strange and it is but it's the only way at the moment to balance out things between the different countries and the different e.u. institutions tough nut to crack there in brussels max hoffman thank you so much. now we're at least 7 people have been killed and almost 200 injured in clashes between police and protesters thousands took to the streets across the country to demand the ruling military council head power to a civilian government the demonstrations are the biggest since security forces opened fire on a protest in the capital khartoum almost a month ago killing dozens. of. these demonstrators
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made their way to khartoum's defense ministry to appeal to military rule as it was one of several rallies in cities across sudan protesters were eager to make their voices heard. god punish these oppressors. we want to civilian government a civilian one. some marches carried photos of family members who were among dozens killed when police broke up a peaceful sit in protest outside army headquarters in early june that violence coincided with the collapse of talks between military rulers and protest leaders about who should head a new governing body sunday's rallies marked the 1st return to the streets since then. as protesters in khartoum neared the presidential palace officials made it clear that they were unwilling to listen to the voice of the people on throwing the
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chants with tear gas. the military council justified his actions and a special t.v. address. when i came on that man with troops mission is to protect protesters but we don't trust the vandals. in front of the youth center and the medical headquarters there are snipers shooting at people they have hit 3 members of the rocket support forces and about 5 or 6 civilians that's why we were upset and trying to get things under control much in that i don't look at. sunday's demonstrations also mark the 30th anniversary of the coup that says brought president omar al bashir to. in 1909. that coup talk about the last democratically elected government here the demonstrators have continued their protests until sudan has a civilian leadership again. for more now i'm joined here in the studio by d.w. reporter jane good to see you and you were in sudan in majoring mass protests there
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and shortly after that there was a bloody crackdown dozens of people killed apparently now we've just seen another demonstration more people killed what are your contacts on the ground there telling you yesterday it was a huge day for the opposition and a huge day for the protest movement as as you mentioned on june 3rd there was a huge crackdown on actually a protest camp and this was the main physical gathering of the protesters that they had occupied actually since they removed on one of the shia from power on april 11th and they had vowed not to leave this protest camp until their demand for a civilian government. was was met this was very traumatizing day for the protesters attack happened at 5 am it was in the last hours of the holy month of ramadan is like attacking someone on christmas eve you know it's such a moment of spirituality it was very unexpected and a lot of the protesters that are human touch with on the ground this this was a this was a traumatizing experience so yesterday it was
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a huge comeback for them especially that they were able to organize this protest in what is a near internet blackout so it was really organized with paper pamphlets going door to door graffiti replacing hashtags for the people that are on the ground so this was a huge. comeback moment after large moment of grief mediators there is some mediation going on understand the african union is playing a role during the ethiopian prime minister also trying to broker a return to direct talks between the military council and the protesters as any progress been made so. so there since that. hasn't been any direct contact between the military council and the freedom the freedom. of see the coalition of opposition groups that are currently negotiating with them there has been a lot of finger pointing on both sides even before the planned protests yesterday the military council put out
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a statement already before anything happened blaming the opposition for any loss of life and saying that they would be responsible yesterday at around 3 am they came out again and said that you know them organizing these mass demonstrations is a sign that they're not looking for compromise the opposition on its side has has put the full blame and full responsibility on the military the military military council the transitional council so whether or not the protests of yesterday with the negotiations it's unlikely but it definitely has given back more confidence in the opposition that they are able to galvanize these these masses on the ground and giving them more leverage should any negotiations move forward now they are a force to be reckoned with again after they lost their physical presence on june 3rd ok now the protests are expected to continue to day what can we expect there
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is more about 6 picked. i mean right now all cards are on the table it could be that you see that the now this is now we're going in the area of analysis maybe the masses will be so large that there will be sort of internal disagreements within the military transitional. council that some younger officers might want to then take the side of the of the protesters that have been signs that there are disagreements within the military council the military council itself as it has boarded a number of internal coup attempts from other officers there is a division. between them perhaps it could result in another sit in possibly and. in front of the presidential palace that's what the opposition was calling for yesterday that the march go goes directly in the area in front of the presidential palace and it could always it could always turn violent although i will say that the violence yesterday and the loss of life of course and the loss of life is precious was much less than expected and the protesters have committed themselves
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to a peaceful movement and so far they've stood by that i thank you very much for filling us in the w's. now millions of people took part in l. g.b.t. celebrations in cities around the world at the weekend in turkey police broke up a gathering of activists in the largest city istanbul dashing hopes that a recent political change there would bring an end to a ban on gay pride barges demonstrators insisted they would not be silenced. the end of what demonstrators hoped would be a change of heart after several 100 supporters amassed in istanbul police were sent in to clear the streets of activists. the protesters had gathered in spite of a ban hopeful that the city's new mayor could convince authorities to allow their rally to go ahead. and spite of the setback activists say they're determined to speak out. i we will continue to shout out for our identity we came
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today despite the ban to make our voices heard on a get it under your dish to become what fighting to live on a free in a free country for me the pride march isn't just a celebration it has a bigger meaning i don't understand why a gathering like this is banned in a country where people are supposed to be secular and phrased the innocent. people living open and free that struggle was launched in new york crowds gathered outside the landmark stonewall inn where the modern gay rights movement was spawned half a century ago after police raided the popular meeting place the fight for equal rights isn't over. today still in much of this country you're going to marry to a person of the same sex on monday and then go to work on tuesday and be fired because now they know you're gay and that's perfectly legal. so while america's community celebrates major advances in the past 50 years here too protection remains incomplete. well some water sports and red bulls max flushed
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up and has won the austrian grand prix after a stunning comeback from a very bad start the tough. went eventually produced one of the best drives of the season to claim his 1st victory this year. the dutch fans were out in force to watch that mad max for stop and give a lesson in recovery starting 2nd on the grid on the left he slipped down to 8 place where he was slow to get away pole sitter charlock left the nearly man this season streak to head in his ferrari but for stop and was on the march inched into the podium price's off to posses sebastian fret so i mixed up the dam and him free bus pass no problem or stop and again making it look oh so easy. the red bull driver was eating into nick clegg's lead and before too long this happens. for stop and forcing the ferrari why with just 2 laps left he was
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away and there'd been contact the stewards would later ruled this was simply a racing incident that decision taking longer than the race itself to stop and rewarded for his determination. sky. high the 1st win of the season and the 1st time this year someone other than a missing eighty's driver has stood on top of the podium. the bowls africa cup of nations now in madagascar a shock to former champions nigeria to qualify for the last 16 but augusta had never even qualified for the tournaments before this year and now there is the ants through as group winners nigeria had already been assured advancement for finishing 2nd hosts egypt had already had bets to but they beat uganda in group a and the democratic republic of congo not zimbabwe out of the competition with the 4 until
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when. germany's men's under 21 footballers have lost the european championship final to spain spain went ahead early on go on a goal by fabio and ruiz the sides then traded goals in the 2nd half and spain gained revenge for a loss in the 2017 final. just reminder the top stories we're following for you here today on d w news hong kong protesters have tried to smash their way into the legislative building in angry scenes that of ramped up tensions in the chinese territory earlier thousands of pro-democracy protesters clashed with police during fresh rallies against an extradition bill. and european union leaders have been locked in debate all night over who will fill the top jobs following parliamentary elections france and germany did a deal over the powerful post of commission president but their choices methods default position from eastern european. watching to w.
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news up next our site showed more today heading to the ocean to learn all about the great stuff you're forced to get all this news information around the clock call our web site that's at t w dot com i'm terry march thanks for being with us.
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the only way you can stuff for all. your sons in. how can we test harness their energy. and why do we find the sound waves to not say the transitional assistance from. one to the way on. to. g.w. .
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where the real power resides. i come from there lots of people in fact know the ability to do but not is democracy give me that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can sense. the truth and the mission the book is right here in berlin after the 4th of the flood in 1 am member thinking at the time because of bali in bulk and what anything can happen if people come together and unite for a call. but i do the news often confronted difficult situations more conflict being discussed out i see despite my job to confront a good leader as on policies and development to put the spotlight on issues that matter most hunger food security oppression martian isolation. or
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not has been achieved so much more needs to be done and i think people have to be at the heart of solutions my name is a mcclatchy don and i work at the delta. well come see tomorrow today the science show on t w. this time we go to the beach where surfing physics teacher explains what waves are all about. we'll hear from an acoustics experts why the sound of waves is so relaxing. the waves can also have huge destructive power scientists such.


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