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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 2, 2019 4:00am-4:02am CEST

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love ones i'm going to have that one little bit of i have serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live their lives i'm going to. want to know they're storing away grid secure a florida woman from a former grants. venezuela's president nicolas maduro has said those conspiring against him will go to prison supporters of self-proclaimed president one glide zero have clashed with police in the capital caracas sizes have taken to the streets again after quite called for a military uprising against. u.s. attorney general william barr has defended his handling of the miller report into russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election speaking at a heating of the senate judiciary committee barr rejected accusations that he
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misrepresented the report when he declared in a memo that it did not support criminal charges against trump. a british court has sentenced wiki leaks founder julian assange to fifty weeks in jail for violating bail conditions and twenty twelve last month he was dragged out of ecuador as london embassy where he spent seven years to avoid arrest he still faces a separate legal fight against a u.s. extradition request. the court of arbitration for sport has ruled that south africa is a live picture caster semenya will have to take drugs to lower her testosterone if she wishes to compete against women the judges dismissed her appeal seeking to overturn a new i eighty f. regulations cement his body produces higher levels of testosterone which the i.a.f. says gives her an unfair competitive advantage. when the four hundred page report on russia in the twenty six thousand election was
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released the public assumed it already knew what was inside thanks in part to a summary of the report written by this man the u.s. attorney general william bard now if you read the report you know that mr barr summary was off the mark and you're not alone tonight the u.s. congress questioning the attorney general did he purposely mislead the public did he lie to congress to protect the president i'm bringing off in berlin this is the day. psalms here's the miller at fort. can't say i've read it all but i've read most of it. but he was very clear.


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