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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 5, 2019 4:00am-4:03am CET

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frank food. international gateway to the best connection self and road and rail. located in the hunt a few of you are connected to the. experience outstanding shopping and dining office and try on services. be allat guest at frankfurt. managed by from. the personal data and documents of hundreds of german politicians and public figures have been published online following a cyber security breach the government's cyber defense unit has met to discuss the leak which includes credit card details and phone numbers all of germany's parties in the bonus start have been affected except for the far right a.f.p.
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. us democratic leaders say their latest round of talks with president donald trump over the ongoing government shutdown has failed to produce results trump has refused to sign any legislation that does not include funding for a wall on the u.s. mexican border a quarter of the country's federal government has gone without funding for two weeks. five teenage girls were killed and one man injured in the northern polish city of course shailene after a fire broke out at an escape room game we have objective of the popular game is to find clues to get out of a locked room and vesta gators are examining the cause of the blaze. thirteen foreign ministers from the americas meeting in the proving. not to recognize the recent reelection of venezuelan president nicolas maduro the so-called lima group said it would consider additional joint measures to restore democracy in venezuela and stop the outflow of refugees.
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a surprisingly upbeat jobs report for the us in december is welcome news on the new york stock exchange where shares short up also an interest in patient of no more rate hikes from the fed. and we want to stay in the e.u. but with less austerity and fewer rules that's what many italian entrepreneurs told us here on d w. this is your business update on how that home glad you could join me wall street stocks are off to a monthly labor market report showed that some three hundred twelve thousand jobs have been added to the u.s. economy in the month of december those figures far outweight analysts expectations and investors were also feeling upbeat after a photo reserve chair powell implied that there were no imminent plans for further
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interest rate hikes he also said he had no intention of resigning over the fed's previous decisions to increase rates that's despite facing fears.


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