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tv   Kick off - The Asian Cup 2018 - Part 2  Deutsche Welle  January 1, 2019 8:30am-9:01am CET

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was. that he hates was . my name is schmidt i'm a cellist from cork in our event and i'm currently based in disagree for him study but i are dition for you y.-o. six years ago i. know. that a lot of. you i always with dave's and in value both for training young musicians who hope to become for. sometimes.
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it will be he said if you do something wrong you. know i think it. was for. a long time that if he does. have an opportunity to work with some of the world's best conductors and best soloists in these incredible concert hall it's absolutely invaluable. with me. while. also learning how to tour and how to deal with tori life being on the road today for instance we just flew in this morning from warsaw where performing here tonight before and our last night tomorrow morning we had to amsterdam and that's real life
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as an orchestra musician so you also have to deal with you know balancing your tie and energy and yeah but i feel really extremely privileged to have the opportunity to be a part of this ensemble many people have described it as the best possible of the new we want peace in europe we want to work together we want the future to be a safe place for everyone i think that's that's what we stand for.
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it's crazy nine hundred thousand cops. on the kickoff series on this football event. we check it out because it's on the pa. and so it's inside inside. the twenty nine team asian cup on. the fields. they.
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in just a few weeks' time the seventeenth asian cup kicks off in the united arab emirates. on your bus alone no went to dubai to check out the team representing the host now . how big is football in the country anyway and what kind of role does it play that . is just another in the jury's past or the real question for the sport among the teams who qualified is syria how are the players able to focus on the game with the civil war still raging. try to bring back normal life with football so says ben stein now a reporter a recruit they'll talk to the syria coach and his team. big money and political footballs now on kickoffs. i
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was so i call white and one of the world's richest nations i will meet the syrian national football team perhaps the most controversial team in the world and i will meet their new coach a german like me. i will meet a sports team but all i can think of as politics it may look like an easy job for every porter but if not i'll be watching a football match but in the back of my mind will be one of the worst humanitarian crisis of our time the ongoing so young tragedy in its millions of refugees and girls guys play football the syrian national football team is a team for twenty three million syrians or a propaganda tool for the country's president bashar assad a men accused of committing war crimes is this his team their dictator's team as some have suggested. millions of syrians are refugees because of the
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civil war and still there is something called the syrian national football team who do they represent how does it feel to see no one speaks about politics because everyone is so focused on that job here and. but. can we really separate politics from football. sports is. a long way from home but all presidents in the world even. is joining the changing room is success. it's everywhere in the world it looks like the same procedure when political leaders like. me german football champions. sat chats with the syrian squad but the difference is that former players of the syrian national football team are reportedly missing such as
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defender jihad for example. syrian regime. program. at play and prison for being on the right or wrong side in kuwait the syrians prepare for the asian cup they have a new coach. a german like me his new job seems like a very risky adventure because he lives and works in a war torn country run by a dictator if i start to be involved in politics i get lost i cannot do my job and that i have learned from my first appointment in iraq be absolutely focused for your job. already has experience working for authoritarian make the rules and now syria. i'm focused to do my job as
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a football coach this is my mission and this is my job what other people put in our sport in football if i read all of this nonsense that superstars should not shake hands with putin that should not be a world cup in qatar and. all this. things to put politics in our sport is not very helpful football is similar to ping pong it's just a bit of fun and my game with more us money is free of politics the rookie in the team plays football in the netherlands a very open society now he plays for a country cut off from the world wife was born in syria. so when i come up play for the national team of all and then i will play for the national team of syria to show the people and to give them back also because my parents also from syria and i want to give something back to the people of course i
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don't speak arabic as good as the other ones so. it's really difficult then but the only thing i know is when everyone is together here no one speaks about politics because everyone is so focused on their job here and they want to do so good in this team so i don't see no one speaks about politics now. it's like yes it's mine and more than for all of you to manage this and more of it ok you have enough to convince only the players because our families are very very close together you have to convince families i have had to give a promise that those boys on my sons and i have to take care for them i have been a role model because i live in damascus all the time and i i
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explained there is no no danger to come to damascus the syrian national team's homeless for more than seventy years this team hasn't played a match at home national teams from other countries are not allowed to visit syria because of the ongoing civil war which created the big. refugee crisis time. after this team is surprisingly good they have no money no proper training facilities and still they are very successful they're almost qualified for the world cup in russia . the political situation makes life very difficult for everyone in syria not just the football players bashar al assad's a part of the team is a heavy burden. many people say this team is very political because it's very much linked to one person kind of because nobody should see the head in
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the deficit of but it is good. with that but.


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