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tv   Doc Film - Georgias Dream - All Eyes on Europe  Deutsche Welle  October 11, 2018 5:15pm-6:00pm CEST

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plays in amsterdam on saturday jim you will hope it's has his shooting the song. all right a reminder of our main headline that we're following for you this hour a russian rocket carrying crew to the international space station has failed shortly after liftoff from kazakhstan the two men on board a russian and an american were forced to make an emergency landing they were unharmed. only after the entire new scene thank you so much for watching the news continues at the top of the hour see that. we make up oh but we watch as of a few hundred of the two types we are the sum of the surface of. the continent's future. part of enjoying some stars as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the same seven percent platform for charting.
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a region coveted by russia and a country that wants to join europe. i definitely want to be part of europe culturally and economically as well. georgia's objective is clear and most people that agree with that's for sure you've known. entrepreneurs like that idea. person is not like first join some club and then improve life for me it's more. becoming like europe.
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this is but to me george's second largest city situated on the black sea coast. no other georgian says he better represents the country's aspirations to join europe. during the nearly ten years that president mikheil saakashvili was in office his administration invested heavily in development projects today but to me seems like a cross between dubai and needs. when georgia was part of the soviet union these speeches drew crowds of workers on vacation it was a chance to get some sun and forget their cares for a while. today the tourists and queue turks armenians and azerbaijanis. many of the
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visitors especially the turks are drawn to the casinos which are banned in turkey. many older georgians prefer to play dominoes card games or nobody a game that's like back iman and dates back centuries. ago both more got a career on earth to. do to get it they don't have much money to bet so they keep their wages low words but even i can't afford to play. all the long mert turning around that's not georgia goes to attract a lot of russian tourists but tensions between russia and georgia have been strained since the two countries went to war in two thousand and eight. jamie oliver it. you know we should be able to go our own way and make our own decision as to how to get out of this we should have good relations with both europe and
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russia russia is our neighbor europe is far away. but a lot of young people think differently it's not like they want us to turn towards europe but you can't ignore your neighbors because of anything that we know that they also. hoped we decide to talk to some young people about that. twenty three year old tamer walesa of is an artist who makes a little money drawing portraits of tourists. he specializes in caricature. i think i'll have him do a picture of me with. my team or has been drawing since he was a child. he grew up in moscow. timorous father used to paint portraits of tourists in the famous are back to strict.
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relations between georgia and russia are still strained his father says and that's why people here want to join europe. georgia must be european absolutely there's no other choice for us. and the continuing crisis in ukraine is also a focus of attention here and has contributed to georgians desire to move closer to europe. these other famous lakeside dancing fountains of but to me of water and light show set to pop rock and classical music. it's like a french park or street here everything's lit up we've got fountains to. timar and his brother say that president saakashvili made sure that a lot of historic buildings and other sites were restored to their former glory. and he made
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a lot of other improvements as well. on the ground. before saakashvili we had only three hours of electricity here during the day. now everything looks great. with. some georgians cause that has really the kennedy of the caucasus. he brought new life to this former republic and especially cities like but to me. really would eventually be accused of corruption abuse of power and the intimidation of political opponents. but without him georgia would look very different today. the next day we drive to a region that is contested by both georgia and russia south as. we
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pass a settlement where ethnic georgians who were displaced from the region now live we can approach the border area only with georgian police protection. this is part of the border fortifications that the russians put up after the two thousand and eight war. georgian troops say that russian soldiers keep moving the fence into georgian territory a few centimeters at a time. journalist really has been reporting on this conflict for years on one occasion as she was doing a live report she and her crew were threatened by russian soldiers. given a russian occupation troops installed closed circuit cameras in the trees i mean they saw that we were here without police protection start you come here to be done but i told my cameraman that if you took pictures in that direction they'd open fire on me and me i will never die that's about what's new even in both the old and
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then. we approach the fence a company by george and border guards. here comes here often to visit dottle a georgian farmer who refused russian orders to leave his home. says the border went up he hasn't been able to tend his fields on the georgian side. were kind of you know. two women came to visit us the other day. my wife and i shared a meal with. the russians found out about it i have no idea how. but later they came by the house late at night. one of them a sat down on my bed. and i want to look under the bat. darters grandchildren are not allowed to visit him he says the situation is
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literally making his wife ill the couple feels isolated. they just one things to return to normal here. my daughter lives on the georgian side. she somehow managed to visit us once you know on the second day some people showed up and said that if she came back better arrest her i said that's ridiculous she's my daughter. we are pulled out i am a dummy and he's my golly they're all more we were these people are georgian citizens. are the ones after all of us they can't even come back their pensions. are all about like if you know closely at the situation you'll come to the conclusion that this is occupied territory you know. data has not yet given up hope. he still looks forward to the day when things will go back to the way they were. but he says that every day he looks at his fields
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through the barbed wire and it makes him sad. not far away about eight thousand people most of them ethnic georgians have lived in this settlement camp since they were displaced in two thousand and eight yorkey used to be a prosperous family today he lives and works on land that doesn't belong to him he has just one cow. compares the russians occupation of this area with the intervention in eastern ukraine. in the middle of the russians destroyed my house right down to the foundation you can even tell there was a house there. but when i saw a picture of the sign on the internet it would be read you are not now seasons and russians living that area who took a shit in the media. says he would fight for his country if he could but he
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knows that this conflict cannot be won with weapons. he realizes that his old way of life is probably gone for good still his wife continues to hope. america mcnasty god willing we'll return to our land one day there's nothing better than having your own land it's a free choice and hope keeps us going maybe i won't live to see us get our land back but she might. so she'll continue to remember her life as it once was and to share her memories with her grandchildren. here in the settlement the houses all look the same but the people are trying to make the best of things. the people in the settlement come from all over south ossetia.
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mina has finally come to terms with her situation so my little glimmer of the hardest part was to leave home and start all over again some who are else. raised. me no hopes to return to her home region one day because here even after all these years she still feels like a refugee but she's not going to give up and always tries to look on the bright side. you can grow all kinds of crops here apples corn and beans you move it up if you work hard you make it would you know. the people here were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time so they were forced to leave their homes. of these georgian troops are simulating an enemy attack on the capital tbilisi and
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preparing their defense strategy and tactics. these may be small scale war games but many georgians believe that the threat is very real on walmart's of what it was all about they're well aware of the conflict in eastern ukraine and russian troops are still deployed in south ossetia about fifty kilometers away. for years georgian troops have taken part in nato exercises three thousand of them are taking part in these maneuvers. an estimated eight hundred and seventy georgian troops are taking part in the current nato mission in afghanistan many georgians are proud of that. some of the georgian soldiers were trained in germany. they're going to be doing we enjoy working with them it's an interesting and important mission where working together in the name terrain under extreme weather conditions thirty nations are
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involved and we all communicate in english not all and. in two thousand and eight nato promised that georgia would eventually be allowed to join the organization but that process is on hold in part because of nature's complicated relations with russia. still most georgians believe that a military alliance with the west is the best way to protect themselves against aggressive nevus young people want to see closer ties between georgia nato and europe. germany but the fight at least that would prevent a direct conflict between russia and georgia. gritty with the polish it would be useful to join nato but i don't think it'll happen they'll never keep their promise . parliament member severe cuts are over is working to move georgia closer to nato and the european union. when we
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say we will already be forms about democracy about paris about really in security. of our national interest and our national interest directly our lead we need to win situation. most georgians especially young people believe that their country has always been part of europe and that's where their future lies. now are on patrol with a tbilisi police unit they're going to investigate a traffic accident levin and tomorrow are part of the new generation of georgian police offices when president saakashvili took office georgian police had a reputation for corruption an estimated thirty thousand were fired in short order today the police are here to protect and so. we're proud of that
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mission it's an important step forward for our country. and we don't take bribes that's a source of pride for us we serve our country. in the past traffic police often pulled over motorists for no reason and demanded bribes. that may still be the case in other former soviet republics they say but not in georgia. or thought about. public servants who take bribes should be fired. and charged with a criminal offense for some of. the reform of the police force is a massive project and there's still a lot of work to do. but at least the offices have new equipment to work with their especially pleased with their patrol cars.
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while the old school does these are brand new vehicles i'm not like the ones we're used to the most cherished and there are fitted with the latest technology sure new phone so that we can do our jobs properly such a warning that's the onboard computer. i did watch the supposition through to the next the radio which letters communicate with headquarters and call shoplifter to understudy saved about what was it. but there aren't any more calls tonight from the dispatch center everything's quiet. since the police reforms began there's been a big drop in the crime rate. releases especially beautiful at night.
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k.g.b. still watching you. this is a trendy club that's popular with local young people and tourists. the k.g.b. angle is a reference to georgia's much larger and more powerful neighbor. in europe you have missed go through the fuck ups at the clubs name isn't up. publication it's a joke. we don't want to forget our past decisions those were difficult times of the world and we don't want to go through anything like that ever again us three. new country was shot. during. the club's policy is to poke fun at the soviet era as we can see in this post is today's young georgians have no idea what life was like back then. i believe that georgia is a part of europe. we've always dreamed of joining the european union.
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is understandable and i hope that this dream will come true one day the more. of your system when the phrases form a spirit the first. these young georgians are discussing their country's future relationship with europe they all learned russian in school but many of them speak english as well and i definitely want to be part of europe culturally and economically as well. and not because of the benefits but because of the way of life you want paris and. the south way of life is very close to me. she says that russia will simply have to accept that. downturn to b.c. is popular with backpackers and other young people from all over the world.
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they're tracked it to the relaxed atmosphere and the clubs and cafes the music and the delicious georgian food. the next day i meet georgian pope. it's ratty i'm a globe ailie at europe square. in twenty fourteen there were celebrations here to mark the signing of the association agreement between georgia and the e.u. . he says georgians want their country to become a full member. and that hasn't happened yet mostly because the e.u. doesn't want to stir up trouble with russia in this region. runty says the problem is not with the russian people themselves but with the leaders in the kremlin. got out of second city i love russia very much i love the russian people and the
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russian culture. but i have a problem with the people who run the country if they want to have to learn to respect other cultures. this soviet era statue was intended to symbolize the georgian character the figure holds a bowl of wine to welcome friends and a sword to ward off enemies. reality says that in today's independent georgia artistic and intellectual life is thriving georgians love to read most homes are filled with books and even the smallest village has a library right he says that georgians respect their literary heritage and this allowed them to preserve their national language in soviet times. statues just grotesque. it's an expression of soviet fantasy. georgians don't like it you put it is no femininity whatsoever. and that sword shows just how far apart
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georgia in the soviet union more of the time. but if not it points out a big white building near the river. that's the city's public service hole. we visit the building the next morning it's about as far removed from soviet era structures as you could imagine. there's lots of open space and the staff are committed to providing fast and efficient customer service. and it's like checking in at a luxury hotel. the clerks are courteous also break with tradition. this is mega because it tugs a. an attorney who needs a new passport she doesn't have a lot of time but that shouldn't be a problem a cloud asks her to come back into alice. q ok
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to be today is the director of the agency that runs the service will he predicts that soon every city in georgia will have one. these are all new public service roles which were opening during the next one year these are the architecture should be compliance with the architecture of the sea here or in the architecture of this region for example this is for germany i mean this one is. not because people would be similar to the old. railway station of for germany it was the first oil railway station which was built in georgia during the nineteenth century we created a new brand we created new brand because we wanted to make it totally different from the past for the different because the past. civil service delivery was. associated to the bribery associated to the corruption a source if the many other things. back then citizens had to stand in line and
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rundown offices and deal with surly bureaucrats. and now make these passports this ready in just ninety minutes. a truck takes care of the details on a laptop computer she sent me a text message saying that she could come by and pick up the documents they meet at the service halls cafe. and that. you know me i think this service home reflects our new democracy you can get all your documents in one place so it's fast and easy task. but i guess that shows that the government actually cares about its citizens. in the old days it was really difficult to get those documents there were long lines at the office apps and you
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had to pay bribes and a lot of props. most number of like to see him you know. and for those in a hurry there's even a drive through window. not the one at the bottom line that i. used to cost all that for plus all functional printer constantine the cool says george's new transparency has helped him to expand his business. constantine didn't have to pay bribes all way through red tape to get started and he quickly managed to develop a thriving through farm. system compared to other soviet republics. except politics of course which we already have the us compared to others georgia is great there really it can change a bit but at last into the distance. to the course your story
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associated with the rest of the soviet union there is still a lot to be done. constantine says georgia is still finding its way in the world. has provided his workers with bicycles as you might find on an organic farm in europe. people said he was crazy for trying to grow kiwi phrase here but constantine ignored the critics. the climate in this region between the black sea and the caucasus mountains is ideal for growing fruit his kiwis are sweet rich in vitamin c. and have a robust color he's put a lot of work into this project that we're here for a very. first let me tell you a bit curious brains as they grow very fast but they are also very fragile so what now our one of our employees is doing is bent he's tying them to wire with
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a special tool which is called top and if he doesn't do it the wind will break. constantine was able to find a market for his favorite fruit edge him in part they helped him with evacuations that apply to fruit imports. many people think that it's better to in all stay with the russian market and the soviet former soviet countries this is easier to search for there are many pessimists like there it's not that we. paid any attention to them we just we had this many times that we just didn't care what they said and we just relentlessly pursue it our dream we knew that we can make it and we proved it in january two thousand and fifteen then our cue for all the cure for these not traditional words for georgia it became first fourth earlier than any other georgian traditional thought to go to europe. constantine believes that georgia
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will succeed if it follows the path of western democracy. he says georgians have always considered themselves europeans. when we were part of europe or real integrity part of you out of bed time europe was. in the roman and we were like integral part of debt europe all over centuries center of europe moved from roman constantinople to berlin are still down london and then we sort. constantine like many georgians hopes that one day georgia will become a full member of the european union. it with a georgian luncheon is not like first joining some club and improve life for me it's more gradually becoming like europe and constantine's business is thriving and is planning to expand his farm. you know his bases are and usually vigorous pollinators they come from the caucasus
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mountains and are healthier than most european bees because they've been exposed to less pesticides. we're now traveling through the caucasus mountains in wintertime some villages here are snowed in for months. this is the lady region is located in a remote corner of northwestern georgia. the region was first mentioned in the writings of ancient greek and roman scholars feel in modern times this fantasy became a popular destination for soviet tourists especially high finance.
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in the middle ages these towers provided protection against invaded they used to be thousands of them but many were destroyed during the soviet era today there are only four hundred. in the town of mystere some towers have been converted into hotels. gesture this is technicians are planning an expansion of the local power grid so they have come all the way from tbilisi. the project includes putting up new transmission lines but how did the city where right here on the map it. was would. be noise should get really good we're going to build a new ski resort here. so they'll need a lot of electricity. on the new year they're expecting
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a big increase in the number of tourists. and that's why we have to put in a new power grid. over the lists right those and oxenham we hope to have the new great finish before the ski area opens and then we'll get a lot of tourists here. in the coming up matthew was in. this area is popular with backpackers from europe. that. a lot of russians used to visit mountain god so we're sad to lanny says they simply cross the caucuses on hiking trails and thank you very much much more than with the banks the two thousand and eight more the number of russian tourists has declined sharply in the most all of the much needed we're extending the hiking trails into
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the smaller villages. we've built guest houses and that creates construction jobs for local residents. were also training new guides you know my people be used to just what does the word think about the current state of relations between georgia and russia as. well as the hostility between our two countries has got to stop and that will make life easier for both georgians and russians us but our main goal is to move closer to europe. and to embrace european style democratic values. even people who live in remote. mountain villages one closer ties between georgia and europe. my egypt.
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this is closure on me as far resort known as the pole of the caucasus version is mineral water springs are said to have medicinal powers. the springs were found by russian troops after the russian empire and next the region in the early eight hundred s. bush really is a popular tourist destination. and these days there are more and more russian visitors. for many of them a trip to brazil me is like making a pilgrimage. but. like. tatiana area lives in siberia his daughters suffers from asthma. because like me much i come here because i love the climate the mineral water the natural surroundings the food and the people there are very hospitable ortigas to be made with it is my husband
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and his dirty owner hopes that the mineral water treatments will help her daughter . you're going with barack and in your will it's like a dream for us russians to be able to travel to georgia again i was a boy yesterday man there are a lot of us come down here. and we visit often. everything i've talked to many russians here once they've seen this part of georgia they want to come back again and again because that book i mean that's how much they like georgia yeah they're intrigued out of the screaming of. this reason was popular with russian zines and later was prominent visit is included talk of ski checkoff and go ok but these days most of the visitors are young russians. underway to kitty region in eastern georgia the area is famous for its vignettes.
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this road leads through many small villages and each produces its own variety of wine. georgia is one of the world's oldest wine growing regions. wine stored in these earthenware vessels is drunk only on special occasions. home today they're celebrating the opening of zura sees new wine factory out of the south. syrup used to export wine to russia but after the war wine sales were suspended until twenty thirty home on. the the air.
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but the wine embargo turned out to be a blessing in disguise zero of use that time to improve his wine production methods so he could start exporting to europe. this high tech equipment was imported from france and italy. is there right now makes better wine and. he's expanded his export market. we're very happy with the way things have turned out and the russian market is open again with. the rich articles we've bought a lot of money into this new facility. the wind meets russian standards but more importantly it meets european standards as well. we produce a quality product here. ali part of. the european market is important but zurich also knows that russians love georgian wine
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he believes that his country should have good relations with both russia and the e.u. . if we go over all of the bitter little by believe the georgians were the first europeans. our geographical location dictates that we should be part of europe through a degree of will but we also have to be able to get along with the russians. if you will resume their force. almost everyone in the village now works at this factory. it provides young people with job training and a steady income. but before they built a factory there were no fulltime jobs here just part time. ends up. with dual i don't like to see georgia move closer to europe because in europe they value knowledge and education how did they see him eat almost over you know that wasn't really the little forward that more all of us come from this village. shop.
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when the factory opened we all came to work here it's great to have a full time job. have you ever felt that. we georgians have preserved our independence even in soviet times. the results received the inspectors would come down from moscow and the georgians would serve them lots of wine or the russians would go back home in a good mood and say everything here was fine and. zero says his grandparents considered themselves european. we're going to be really true is that they were very modern people and felt close to europe but they also respected georgian traditions who. will be. the georgians are famous for their toasts zira doesn't want to talk on camera about georgia's relations with russia
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after all he has a lot of russian business partners but he does say that moscow should do more to improve trade relations with neighboring countries rather than engaging in aggressive military behavior. russia can no longer dictate policy to the states on its borders without the. cigarettes wife put it like this. we never thought that we think that bible is the stuff of the georgian people have always fought for freedom. now we've achieved that freedom that we are a free people. when we would like all post soviet states to live in freedom like we do the ruga still not we hope that we will become part of europe. we've always belonged to european civilization anyway the. the and the.
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the. we're on our way to visit the other verdi monastery and cathedral. chair is seen tens the vignettes here. parts of the monastery date back to the sixth century. father terry's scene is proud of george's wine tradition in general and of the wine produced at the monastery in particular. was great finds from georgia have been exported all over the world and that includes europe although was it georgia is the traditional home of wine making while his father and our one culture can now be found everywhere you know what is
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called the. georgian monks played a key role in developing that culture by blending in various varieties and vintages . three sisters from the georgians have done a splendid job of preserving them on histories and churches despite repeated invasions by the persians the ottoman empire and the bolsheviks. in europe has always been christian and we've always been part of that culture. there was a time when our ties to christianity were caught off by the atheists. but many people in their hearts maintained that faith even though they did not have the
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opportunity to practice it openly. in. the georgian people are returning to their roots. to the origins all want to know why of course part is personal remember that christianity has been part of georgia for two thousand years. earlier now we are trying to rebuild what was taken from us by force. and. the people of georgia are doing all they can to move closer to the west. but at this point europe doesn't seem to take them seriously. the ongoing crisis in the ukraine appears to have strengthened the georgians resolve but they are concerned
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for their future and about current developments in europe. still even during soviet times the georgians have always charted their own codes. what keeps us in shape what makes us sick and how do we stay healthy. my name is dr carson i talk to medical experts. watch them at work. and then discuss what you can do to improve your health. state use and
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let's try to stay. the change and thirty minutes. the armed forces are under pressure they're battling recruiting. outdated and broken down equipment and limited budgets. all the challenges a huge this intersection of planes are not enough transport helicopters or national tanks we have ten divisions that don't have tanks up the way so don't sourcing and tribe which is asian are the order of the day in all areas but not composed dangers led to me tell you that a war zone private sector business is making money with everything from reconnaissance drones to laundry facilities firms are keen to treat the horse's
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feet transplants just plain military industrial complex starts oct twentieth on t.w. . blazing . a close call a rocket carrying crew to the international space station fails in mid air but the astronauts make it back safely to the launch in kazakhstan appeared to go well at first but minutes after blast off the two astronauts reported a problem and were forced to make an emergency landing we're in moscow also coming up cyber attacks germany's government announces new measures to protect its systems after two serious hacking breaches in twenty fifteen and twenty seventeen.


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