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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  September 1, 2018 2:30am-3:00am CEST

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everybody was wrong to want you to ignore the reality of the whole thing my global female vice of a system that spawned out of control. probable there was a. member of. the current investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on d. w. . l. it's all great to have you on board again before we get started let's have a quick look at what's coming up in today's show. space saver check out a tiny house in albany germany. italian treat up to the soup is a favorite on. and on the ground argile the
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colorful word of stockholm's metro. this week we have shown you some really extraordinary homes from around europe today we stay here in germany and travel to the small town of hits in the us six to me it is ok to about one hundred kilometers from handbook very it did a lake right on the river. that is where you all poets tomo sic lives he's just nineteen but he already has his own house and he even bit himself a tiny house might not offer much room but it's said to be very comfy for today's episode of living outside the box you could say living inside the box. this is nineteen year old male poet tanishaa and this is his house.
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he planted all himself. it has fifteen square meters a floor space you know for him it even has a terrace where you can sit in the sun. a little part time and she likes it this way. his tiny house is parked in the small town of hits saxony. but. i think one of the best parts about living in a tiny house is being close to nature for instance i can feel it when a strong wind blows outside or rain patters on the roof. is tiny house is two meters fifty wide and six meters long. it's equipped with underfloor heating and a good sized stove in the kitchen. likes to cook and lounge on the little sofa in the living room. room for his piano. from living here in my tiny house because i only have things around me that really
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make me happy. he was seventeen when he designed his tiny house he got the idea from a school homework assignment. but new book thomas drake wasn't satisfied with looking at the theory and leaving it at that he wanted to build the house. he started planning it's in december twenty fifth. the year they said he started building his house he went about it step by step learning by doing trial and error that meant a few parents sometimes the weather didn't cooperate other times he cut the materials to wrong sizes when this life you take to your architect keeping track of everything and at the same time the contractor watching the finances. and then you have to be your own handyman looking for solutions to all the little problems. the house cost eleven for. thousand euros to build he paid half unself the rest
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came from his family he's been living in the tiny house for ten months the utility goes on though he pays just forty two year as a month for electricity and the insulation is would find its environmentally friendly and keeps the interior cool in summer. practice what i've found is totally practical about my house is that my fridge is just two steps away step to the stove one and a half back to the sofa for lazy people like me it's incredibly practical. so practice the telly house concept originated in the united states nearly a century ago people started building little houses on wheels to be more mobile now the tiny house movement has spread around the world its fans reduce their material needs to the minimum making a personal philosophy of efficient use of space. what i see is beneficial about the tiny house movement is that it creates a general awareness for the issues that are behind it those being sustainability
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ecology healthier consumer habits minimalism cetera was on the vita. now he's finished school and started his own company little platonic passes on his experiences with his tiny house to paying clients the world over and he's got commissions for more houses like his. occasionally clients david stop in for some advice in person even my own father has plans to build his own tiny house. in this sort of think it's great that people can do this who've never had anything to do with it before it's just pure enthusiasm. put a little house like this somewhere maybe even in my own yard or it sounds like a lot of fun. so i was interested. if i asked you not one tiny how the fascination of these tiny houses into the community behind them if
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you're going to tell you something that runs through all segments of society feed there just as many people interested in them as older people of origin portable gaius other group that i hear and i think that's really fascinating and quite surprising to us and young enough to not return and bring about alternative forms of living like this tiny houses of. the fascination of living in a tiny house mainly in its freedom and independence soon we'll pull thomas shake will set off to see the world in my trenches house to tourists or just take it along with them. well that's nice so you won't get homesick or most of you who took part in are the all said you would prefer to live in a wooden house in the forest or in a beach house by the sea and that is exactly where all of you are michael king from canada i would like to live as a thank you for taking part michael you'll get a human rights watch and now let's find out what's going on in europe in today's
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express. helsinki's new subterranean museum finally opened its doors on thursday in most wrecks took five years to build and is largely located underneath a square that used to be home to a cinema and a bus station. before it was even completed the lavishly designed complex had been hailed as one of the year's most innovative examples of museums architecture. the most wrecks opens with an immersive digital experience created by japanese our collective team lab there exhibition mance let's run through january sixth. also on thursday the official connectors month for this year's october test was presented in munich twenty two days before the first cakes are tapped. it's generated with typically bavarian pretzels and tubas and costs seventeen heroes and the other eleven year olds will fill it with it on the plus side the star in mug
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keeps beer cold longer than the standard last rites the world's largest be abashed begins on september twenty second in munich and ends on october seventh when. visitors to the reimagined street art exhibition in berlin come put their own talk just to murals by five internationally known street artists with the help of matted reality the original law can be altered but surely class smart fun and i think it's interesting to have another point of view in which if you can the void of physics for example and you have. you have no limits reimagine street art is held in cooperation with lin's if a consumer electronics fan exhibition is divided among five galleries in central bolin and runs through september the twelfth. a. simple and meaningful that's how i would describe the style the images the german
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illustrated can be falling in several magazines in advertising and much more but not only the graphics are the essence of his work for him the message behind them are almost more important he's pretty good at getting the message across even when he usually only uses a few calloused for his designs this also holds true for the following picture. spread through. this is the picture that made leonard gay both famous video released during the american election campaign of donald trump stating he could grab women everywhere gave gabled the idea now he's one of the most sought after illustrators. this image was first shown by a german t.v. station. one of the scripts. first i just made a sketch and posted it on social media as in germany t.v. saw it on facebook and told me if trump wins we'd like to post it the morning after
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the election. not there at the time i was quite disappointed because i was sure he wouldn't win every time he'd been following term selection the illustration was often used in protests in the u.s. it's been shared millions of times on social media. become the idea came to me right away what took longer was working on how to depict lady liberty is colossal so how do i get her into the picture if i kept the original scale would he climb a ladder to reach or which elements could i leave out which i could not show. to give those illustrations appear in many leading german newspapers and magazines he originally started working in business administration. but then he felt an urge to do something creative and began drawing he expresses his interest in politics through pictures and he's not afraid to take a stand. you're thirty i want to convince people through ideas i find it really exciting just to throw readers a few pieces of the puzzle. for quite
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a leave out anything superfluous maybe use just two or three colors and leave out some texture. in an illustration capture the complexity of the trade routes between the united states in the e.u. . finds the perfect image of a handshake with one hand wrapped in barbed wire and. you could push the whole thing to extremes by showing the american flag here. i mean accounts for markets. and i still haven't decided how it will end up. this is the final image. deals with everything from german and international politics to social issues he has to react. quickly news stories often stay on line for just a few hours and wind up in the trash still live pictures don't lose their relevance on the contrary they chronicle contemporary history and the spirit of the time.
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and now we've got the person who poured for anybody who is feeling hungry and all we can use siri is like our we show you. from around europe and how you can cook them at home today we're heading to the beautiful italian island of fresh fish and seafood a plentiful there and they pay a very important role in the island's. deep blue sea. and fantastic beaches that's what makes them so attractive to tourists it's located just ten kilometers off the italian mainland the town of couple anybody it's perch the top part of the island's hills and it's perfect for an evening stroll. that's an on the fish restaurants here luciano cassini's he'll kill so it's one of the oldest in town it's been serving up fish
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and seafood delicacies for over forty years with a grilled fried or boiled and most dishes also the pasta. and on the wall was when i first opened a restaurant on nine hundred seventy two it was just one of four restaurants and. there were two very old restaurants for the city in florida where things were very different than tourism was just taking off business was very good now the town square is full of restaurants. luciano cassini says best fish merchant can be found in the harbor town of towards the world which is a twenty minute drive from his restaurant he comes here to buy the daily catch a lot of the morning. coffee. but i think there's a long way and i got to take this more a girl that was caught last night you can cut it down to the little pieces and deep fry them. in the small fish are great for got you goes through there's
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a lobster. great lobster in visual a lot of spider crab great for pasta and this octopus which is delicious to. the octopus weighs about two and a half kilograms and will be on today's menu that cassini plans to make the post you like this that is a typical alibi that. you need to thaw ready rinse and clean the octopus. then it is cooked slightly salted water. off the words you slice to stalks oblique and likely drains them in only boil thing you chop to do large potatoes. but. what i choose this are to post weighs about two and a half with the lotus so it will need to be boiled for about thirty to forty minutes this is supposed to be identical you can feel it when it's ready but just
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how long it takes varies from octopus to octopus people. to sever the tentacles and mix them up in a blend. then add this to the brave. the rose release from the sprigs and finally chop them then at them to the part. of the i delete or of water or fish stalk at the potatoes and meat to simmer for an hour. but i mean is that. even my mother used to make this do i get both of you there's always been plenty of octopus and i see surrounding out. dr bruce well three times a week it was a normal dish for us even though it tastes excellent of course they're all just right up to them. as he.
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opens cuisine is simpler and rustic with fresh ingredients. and if you like fish what more could anyone ask for. and now we are heading to a barn where the beatles and festival is in full swing at the moment the world famous composer luke fix on beethoven was born there in seven hundred seventy and this is celebrated every year the beethoven's us born which starts this weekend as one of the most important classical music festivals in europe and the w. has been a media part of the event for many he is this time not only the music is spectacular humax was on hand to find out more. the three hundred pillow pink grand piano dangles above the foyer of the world congress center in the bomb. it's
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a sound installation created by gong. for the principal venue of the beethoven festival. like the idea of having a massive thing like a piano in this huge hall perhaps the verdict the halls imposing spaciousness. and if you know the law instead of standing around like a concert piano would it's pink and floats in the air so much like a butterfly we commit the link. for the beethoven festival the piano rhys fitted with little motors and magnets that make knocking sounds in various rhythms. the installations german title is a play on words meaning future typewriter or future screen machine. yanno and the typewriter as machines are closely related for the. machine and. then there's the scream. this is also breaking
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with a coven also wanted to break free of that scream of liberation from social and musical conventions was everywhere in his work he met a man. and his colleague christina shirk who spent three days building and to achieve the intended result. it might not always look like meticulous craftsmanship but the installation is a highly complex work of art. technical terms we're knocking on the piano just as fate knocked on the door for beethoven six and to pick up that. the. victim and instead of operating the motors directly visitors trigger a pendulum movement which is scanned by a motion sensor a tilt sensor and that increases the intensity of what's being played at fifty
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intensity at this in both. york north mama lives in vienna and is known for innovative installations most of them connected to music. grand pianos have enjoyed prominent positions in the spammer's installations and seen here in an interpretation of franz schubert famous leader collection vinter guys on. the complained of a i've never done a count of it but i must have used at least fifteen or twenty pianos for alternative purposes and installations and i now know he has his pink grime piano suspended like a gigantic pendulum in the congress center in vaughan. problems installation is a musical instrument and metronome in one. system
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shades of grey that's exactly what will subway stations all over europe look like as i could see for myself this morning on my way to work warring architecture wherever you look but a growing number of cities are going all out to brighten up their subway stations the sweetest capital is one example in stuck on you have to put away your mobile phone and look around i just and other decks have got together to design a large number of the underground station there you could say the motto is i is the new gray. an alternative take on the underground on. ninety full of the one hundred stations on the stockholm subway system had mosaics paintings. and other installations that constitutes what has been called the world's longest gallery said one hundred and ten kilometers long it's a tourist attraction in itself. just because that way and i feel like i mean that
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the field well it's what makes the place beautiful and special so i think definitely there should be more are you know where very very rare i just to go around to see everything and i like the third. quarter around three euros you get to ride on the subway and experience a labyrinth of pots some stations have been completely transformed by the artists charles plan is a throwback to old school video games. now this is the height of the redesign to slash the neil was his pixilated tiles have transformed what used to be a crane room station into a symphony of color. when i saw this space i thought it would be perfect to have his that look like an arcade game because of the stairs of the elevator of the this guy and everything looked like an old fashioned called a game like space invaders pac-man mario brothers. the
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stock of nature has a long history of accommodating aren't the first stations underwent flamboyant facelifts back in the one nine hundred fifty s. the movement was started by all tastes the idea was to take public spaces into forums. together the station's interiors captured the artistic essence of each decade since the nineteen fifties. i mean it started off as that and democratic aspect really bad here. be able to see art in your everyday life and i think it's amazing hearing in the subway because you see art whatever you go and you don't have to visit a museum or art gallery you get high quality artists just by going by the metro.
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some of the stations resemble cain. the earliest was sculpted out of the subterranean bedroom in the nineteen seventies and they now a source of inspiration for many new artists. this study on the station is famous for its rainbow design and its colorful signage . it opened in one nine hundred seventy three and was designed by eno hunnicutt. a professor at sweden's royal institute of arts he's always been fascinated by the vibrant colors of the sky in full its manifestations. even now eighty seven years young. scrub your. four. install called. so.
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if they say older good. story maker. law i would like heard. some people come to stockholm specifically to see the subway essential to us of some of the stations even take place in summer with guys marry on the sun no secret deal about the stockholm underground. personally i'm very fond of public art because normally it's so you lauch and especially in the make choices the stations are so big you sort of feed the art in your body you can't just take it in with your eyes your feet with your whole body and you need sort of to walk around to see all the different angles and things and
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that's different. in this gallery this is no shortage of new angles to explore in stock taking the subway becomes a trip through the history of contemporary art it's. almost all we have time for all this time around but maybe you can join us again tomorrow so don't forget to follow us on social media myself and then tell you might see him here in the german capital. thanks for watching. next time on your romantic stockpiling shot when wacky ice cream concoctions from above area. the only growing success of the right tone strong. been chanting city of odessa on the black sea this summer launch more next time you
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know high not sure. for the.
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money and. move. european stars to move from crossing the formants are. some good his voice is just the soulful and. poison mixes music with poetry. it's. the. concert in fifteen minutes one. more.
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time for an upgrade. our fund which are close all by. house with no roof. design highlights you can make yourself. against tips and tricks that will turn your home to something special. upgrade yourself with interior design channel on you tube. his creations. his brand of. icons of the session. what do we really know about the man behind the dark shades what motivates him how does he think and feel good moments in the life of a great fashion designer. to start september not double. family feel. the scars
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on all. the pain still tangible. the surface for god. for cities edged by the more. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but they also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something. of a new beginning in peace time who are the people making it possible what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance to. fix bugs once a really difficult complicated difficult forgiveness reconciliation forgetting they get stuck in your. outer
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darkness cities can. start september second on g.w. . the queen of soul aretha franklin has been laid to rest in her home city of detroit the joyous funeral service featured big names for music world and the american civil rights movement i'm included a eulogy from former u.s. president bill clinton.


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