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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 22, 2018 3:00am-3:03am CET

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but i also admire people who want to stay here who decided to create something. in peace time what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance darkness after war starting march tenth w. . u.s. president donald trump says that arming teachers could help prevent mass cool shootings he made the comment during an emotional white house meeting with students who survived last week's massacre at marjorie stoneman douglas high school in florida thousands rallied at the state capitol in tallahassee as another group of students pleaded with legislators to pass tougher gun laws. u.n. secretary general antonio gutierrez has called for an immediate suspension of all
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war activities in the rebel held damascus suburb of eastern ghouta he said four hundred thousand people are living hell on earth the britain based syrian observatory for human rights says at least three hundred ten people have been killed there since sunday. gunmen have killed five police officers and an off duty soldier in an attack on a police station in south africa police said the gunman entered the building in the town of nicole and opened fire before stealing weapons on a vehicle. at least forty four people were killed in peru when a double decker bus plunged around two hundred meters into a ravine the crash occurred on a curve of the pan-american highway in the south of the country officials say about two dozen people were injured. waiting to die the syrian gover. an onslaught on
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a rebel held damascus suburb of eastern ghouta intensifies monitors say that hundreds have been killed and civilians are in a state of panic without food sanitation or safe haven humanitarian calls for a cease fire once again hit deaf ears i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day. the at. least use a human tragedy that is unfolding in front of our eyes. the issue of who up front there are. four hundred thousand people that leave do. you know held on to. carry.


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