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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 21, 2018 11:00pm-11:03pm CET

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and it's you know what i'm with what it took and i said i know what it's a term. this you know i mean you're going to race in crimea again and when you cry i don't want to. i mean i'm going to and unanimous. the show could go as if. i should. put out i've only said but i thought going on more than a fun thing. was here because as if to say i said. that in syria government backed airstrikes in eastern ghouta have reportedly killed more than two hundred seventy people since sunday the w. hite show describes widespread destruction of civilian infrastructure in the rebel held on klav on the outskirts of damascus the u.n. is warning that due to its on the brink of becoming a second aleppo. billy graham the man described as the most widely heard
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christian evangelist in history has died aged ninety nine the us preacher rose to fame in the one nine hundred forty s. holding huge revival meetings across the country he served as a spiritual adviser to twelve u.s. presidents and to travel to north korea on a peace mission in one thousand nine hundred ninety two. gunmen have killed five police officers under an off duty soldier in an attack on a police station in south africa police said the gunman entered the building in the early morning and opened fire before stealing weapons on the vehicle the country's police minister called it a national tragedy. in bahrain a court has sentenced human rights activists to not be able to another five years in jail rajab had criticized the saudis involvement in the yemeni civil war on twitter he's already serving a two year sentence for voicing criticize. some of the bahraini government on
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television the war. waiting to die the syrian government onslaught on a rebel held damascus suburb of eastern intensifies monitors say that hundreds have been killed and civilians are in a state of panic without food sanitation or safe haven humanitarian calls for a cease fire once again hit deaf ears i'm sara kelly in berlin this is the day. before. these views a human tragedy that is unfolding with in front of our eyes. the arabs who grew up thank god. four hundred thousand people there please do. you know held on to.


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