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tv   Doc Film - Christmas in Vienna - From the Vienna Konzerthaus  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2018 4:15am-5:01am CET

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there. there my i was. even. thinking.
4:16 am
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thank. you. my. my. my my my my. my. my my.
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my my my. thanks. thank you.
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thank you.
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my. i think my i. i. was. and. i. i
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was. i am. i am. yes. i was i was my. son i. was. my. i. i i i.
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i. i i was. i. i i i. i. i. i. i. i i. i. thank. you
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you. thank . look. who. was. oh.
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let lolo the little. the overflow. good. her good. her. her. her her.
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little. little. bitch. was.
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new to.
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live. and. it'll.
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you. don't.
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don't. hear. you're. oh ok.
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oh i am. the.
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it looked like. this so. you know the. load oh yeah you love a little. bit
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but it became the above zero. zero. zero love it was a little over the live. let's listen to cook. book though because i was. loading the lyrics the sun was low blow.
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oh oh. oh oh oh. good it was slow. say low through a wood it. was. told . so. oh it was they were very aware of it. i was.
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there with. you. was that.
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this. week. you. was. was a. narrow
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her. the it the the the. the the the the the the. the. the
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whole. world saw the. the the. the. the. world of a. god. world. were the book the the world what. was.
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or world. the was. old. girl. or the day. when. a. world. oh oh
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. here is a little. piece. of it. who will.
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resist. we want to. see if. it's. easy. to test it. was.
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a or her. hair. i am. i am. i am.
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i am. this.
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nobody. else really stayed. home. her. love. was. lovely. it was. a
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little overload. on this life. i am steady. and easy. to hate. lisa mullins i love love love love love love love love. love wish she would. say we won. his spots. i just missed. oh ah. oh are. you.
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i. i. i i i. i i i i i. i i. oh so. bad.
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oh. ye ye ye. was was was was. was was a a. week you. can.
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was. was. was. was. pleased i am. was. i.
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was. please. please. liz. was. really. was. glad. i was.
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i. was. a guy. to get to see if it please please like the least i. likely. explain. thank you you.
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thank . new.
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home. home. home home. home home. home home.
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during. the old. will rule. or law. the.
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oh. oh. oh. oh. the oh oh oh. you hit it was. you it was you. was a little. oh. yeah. yeah.
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you say. the. oh. oh oh oh oh. oh . enter the conflict zone this week conflict zone is at the u.s. on the swollen face training area is bavaria oh a guest is lieutenant general ban hutches commando of the some thirty thousand u.s.
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soldiers in europe with such concert c'mon that in chief in washington many people in europe are wondering is america still a reliable. in forty minutes d w. the top stories followed across social media to share your comments and content welcome to. climate change. waste. pollution says. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing no one fireman for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's in spite of. the commit a flick of the environment magazine. d w.
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i should maggie has no children which makes her feel worthless and incomplete. in a society that expects them to be her children this is a burden many married childless women in niger suffer from. a wife is only fully accepted upon motherhood. a very personal film about the suffering of childless women in the insurance. industry starting january fourteenth on t w. u.s. president donald trump has launched a scathing attack against his former chief strategist steve bannon saying he has lost his mind in a new book banning describe the twenty six thousand meeting between.


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