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tv   Shift - Living in the Digital Age  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2018 12:15am-12:31am CET

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i was on a shelf. is way decent and you know it's sad to go somewhere every day and see more and more proficient times for the sun gives me everything the waves the wind i have to give something back to me and i can apply and still miss him too many of us are just. one quavers surfers fighting against unseen pollution the seas starting january seventh on t.w. . shift living in the digital age today the future of communications a smart ball for dogs left home alone and a kaleidoscopic vision of cities to come but first promoting integration on youtube
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. there is still plenty of prejudice against refugees in germany a new project is trying to change this helping people who are new to the country make videos where they talk about their experiences. leanna dudu is a originally from damascus she left syria at the beginning of the civil war after living in turkey for a few years she arrived in germany in june last year she wants to launch a youtube channel to talk about the experience of migration. this short stories going to be about like how how you were living in the past and now what are you doing in berlin and why bed and why you chose been an hour and if you are from here what happened in your life what changes you and bet and. she's participating in a workshop called tell your story the project is a cooperation between mutu and an international education platform called the do
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school. movement steinfeld is part of the team that set up the project of fifty individuals who applied online five got a place to take part in a weeklong workshop in the movement once these stories are heard and seen it gives other people a better appreciation of the situation about what it's like but those who got to flee their countries and are now here because she had to dig through to bones and. syrian video artists feed us i shutter a k eight soca is one of the projects mentors and coaches he set up his own you tube channel about two years ago he took part in and filmed the anti-government demonstrations in two thousand and eleven at the beginning of the civil war in syria after being arrested several times he fled his hometown damascus arriving in germany in two thousand and thirteen germany seemed quite alien at first and his videos examined the cultural differences with plenty of humor his most successful post garnered almost
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a million views. i just want to know what these germans are like. most people here are refugees regret something in common. i'm also a refugee from syria. and i was lucky to find my way and now i'm trying to help other people do the same. today he's helping the on a duck to produce around video it's not that easy to acquire an audience on you tube with subjects such as integration the host of the channel german lifestyle toy with clichés to compare germans and norman germans who was against you good idea you are good the feel by the road and his other. the other participants in the workshop have similar projects syrian d.j. rafi xeni combines different musical styles. trying to do here and my project i see and it's
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a fusion between other cultures with the german. who wants to reach audiences with very personal stories without having to resort to spectacular visual effects. have you tried living someone else's life. just running away to find the faith of humanity for the first time in my life i feel more. more sure of what i want to do because yet you give you the really space of a few your own space you know they give you your own space to do what you want. the workshop is just the beginning be an adult do has plenty of stories to tell. bring almost stories. are now in a shift ranking countries with the highest l.t.e. availability. in fifth spot the usa online access has to be
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fast in the home of apple google and other id giants preferably at l.t.e. speed one of the fastest wireless communications standards the british company open signal has rank global availability and speeds the united states came fifth make america great again well this might be true when it comes to online surfing. at number four hong kong the latest smartphone sell like hotcakes in the asian metropolis so users obviously want to be able to surf fast reason enough to party. in third place in norway stunning landscapes and cheerful people dance the cliché instagram users like to perpetuate thanks to those m.v. and using photos can be uploaded in no time at all. second place goes to pan a country that's known for speed like the trains internet access hits record breaking
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speed the only country that's faster is our number one south korea internet accessibility is so good here that some people never go offline the old fart is even have signs reminding people not to forget the real world speed is of the essence and l.t. is simply on beatable. that was this week's ranking up next digital alter egos the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds are becoming increasingly blurred in the future people in different places might be able to communicate in computer generated spaces as if they are right next to each other. scientists advice i must bow house university are working on a new form of communication technology. in the future it could be used to give people the sense they are in the same room as their interlocutors. even if they are on the other side of the world. but this person is going to what i think will be
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great is if we could use this to visit people virtually for example my parents have quite far away and would like to see me more often. this technology would allow that i'd be able to talk about my life and work of course and. the technology is already advanced it now allows several participants to communicate in three d. and real time meeting in a virtual space. they could on special glasses and see the projection from their own perspective regardless of where they are. with all of this virtual information becomes much more credible because this joint perspective means i'm able to perceive my own body and in relation to the presence of others. this way of merging virtual and real
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environments gives human interaction a new quality it's called mixed reality. the technology could also end up being very useful in the communications sector. u.s. i.t. giant microsoft. has created a whole lens to interact with the real world and holograms the glasses have an in-built screen this promotional video shows what potential the technology has. what's certain is that the acceptance of virtual people depends on how realistic they are. we're not that far from having the image quality that we already know from two dimensional videos in three d. and that's our one in. the home a lens in this case is a kind of three d.
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videophone technology a person can be created and projected into another place. the virtual image is very similar to the original. this technology is similar to the one the scientists environment are using. the technology can also be used to create completely new virtual figures like these models created at the max planck institute for intelligent systems in two million. scientists scanned in and analyzed the body shapes proportions and movements of a range of different people. complex algorithms can be used to create completely new avatars their movements are independent of the originals. they are completely controlled via computer and can best be altered. my current or
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not. my virtual alter ego could be beamed to another place without me being that. i could take on any role but i wanted. in the distant future these virtual alter egos might actually be able to converse and it won't be clear who the real person is. a virtual alter egos that can be in different places at the same time a peek into the future of endless possibilities. shifts as fascinating. and now download the shift as shocked. when dogs are left alone by have a tendency to get up to mischief that might soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new smart dog sitter. is a smart with a built in camera pet owners can monitor their dogs all kinds via apps and even play with them remotely the smart bowl is available online for around one hundred
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sixty euros however delivery may take awhile. but just think of all the cute videos you can share with the world of your pets playing with pepe. that was this week sam shot and as always we leave shift through the exit of our internet find of the week this time augmented reality. and a fun way of imagining the future. japanese filmmaker. has created his vision of the city of tomorrow it's all very bright and colorful and a bit intense with people constantly being bombarded with signs and instructions. in supermarkets customers are literally surrounded by special offers. virtual consultants pop up all over.
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what a relief when it all calms down. next time on sheriff to. thousands of swedes have them embedded under. skin microchips have being used in place of trying passes keys all swipe cards scandinavian cyborgs next wage on shift. key costs. for. me as some yeah. yeah someone in a slum is it's a kind of culture war the mysterious anonymous. part two
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if you're a family unbelievable. feeling. good. month long curiosity. thirty minutes. if. he tells us starring stories this. makes us laugh. and cry. tremble and smile a few magical images and emotions in alex
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a few know the magazine every weekend on d w still. i. don't know how they will not succeed in dividing us so i'll not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters d. w. made for mind's.
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