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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  November 7, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm CET

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granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made for mines. freedom of expression. a value that always has to be defended in you. all over the world. of freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com to freedom. everybody welcome to another week of your own max we've got
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a whole range of exciting stories for you without topics today including food film and fantastic feats let's take a look at what's coming up on the program. stunt show fabio is a street trials bike up from austria. cuddly comeback adding to into hits the silver screen. and fruity flavors and i'm some restaurant pays homage to the avocado. well first we travel to austria to meet a twenty two year old who is a professional street trials bike and you tube star fabio vigneault regularly uploads his stunning stunts to the video platform where he has almost eight hundred thousand subscribers in fact his clips have attracted over ninety million views in total it's no wonder he basically does pacu on
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a bike jumping over walls hopping from roof to roof and performing gravity defying stunts we paid him a visit and the austrian capital vienna where he was filming his latest extreme sightseeing tour. margetts is kicks from exhilarating downhill rides and somewhat unusual routes as residents of cities across europe in this case vienna can testify. the bike he rides is smaller and more maneuverable than a mountain bike making it ideal for starts. and then try back to a trials bike and do almost everything back flips. whatever. you have complete creative license and that's what i find fascinating about trials biking the freedom to do what you want. there are no real stipulation ice like there are another sports. fabio often
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practice is his stance on this square in his hometown of austria. he's been honing his skills almost every day for the past seven years. the biggest and most dangerous challenges in his repertoire are back and front flips. crashes and falls are inevitable in this sport some critics take years of practice to perfect. when i want to overcome a new challenge first i think over what i need to accomplish the trick. what position do i need to put my body. move around on the bar. when i go through the moves in my head and then all i can do is practice practice
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practice. you also upload to stunts to youtube for over three quarters of a million subscribed. get updates on his thrills and spills he also embeds the videos of his adventures in stories his breakneck bike tour of vienna for example is his way of getting to the world volleyball championships as quickly as possible . and when he's in the saddle two wheels are definitely faster than four. gets an emotional reaction from people and a more intense feeling than if you just did a series of tricks. in riding down the he moved to a mountain bike hitting speeds of up to sixty kilometers per hour he thunders down impossibly rocky landscapes in northern italy.
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for truly perilous rides like this you need more than skills physical fitness. i'm the kind of guy who always looks forward to how i'll feel afterwards when i've completed a trickle line that's a big motivation. but sometimes i'll need. fifty minutes preparation time for mental preparation mental strength is an extremely important factor. so far the only injuries he's picked up are a few bumps and scratches some sprains and a broken finger but twenty two year old is considered a rising star in the biking world and thanks to his sponsors he can now focus one hundred percent on his forty ambitions.
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i always want to push myself further and try new things that nobody has done yet. so i provide my own motivation. goodman's ambition is to do every project and every video better than do have fun in the process and one way or the other to make a splash. now to a movie featuring hugh grant hugh bonneville and a huge teddy bear who steals the show i'm talking of course about this fellow here and his new film paddington two the sequel premiered in london this sunday but the origins of paddington bag go back quite a lot further than that fifty nine years ago michael bond created this cult figure they also sadly passed away earlier this year at the age of ninety one but his most famous creation lives on for all to enjoy on the silver screen.
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it's red carpet time in downtown london and fans are flocking to see the stars of the new paddington bear movie the baddie is played by hugh grant i was watching the film the completed version yesterday it's strangely moving paddings positive attitude seeing the good in people and all that special speaking as someone who's very bad at doing that i found it impressive what's this. number one on lucy who is dreamed of coming to london. the talking bears latest outing again mixing real actors with computer animation centers on a beloved pop up book that has stolen quite sure you'll read at the fairgrounds paddington meets impoverished phoenix piano. at the blues you know oh yes you're a very famous actor the ip with celebrity all used to be now you do dog food commercial. the tolerance and the inquisitiveness and the excitement of patting
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divides in life this ability to reset the dot always to positive i think is probably why one of the reasons why the characters resonated sixty years i had a brilliant idea i'm going to get a job and buy that book wrong who says but the last. no window cleaner. no. paddington bear figure was created in nine hundred fifty eight by british writer michael bond who died earlier this year the series of children's books starring the character has been translated into over forty languages and sold around thirty five million copies the creator found the inspiration for his lovable bear in the london department store selfridges he bought the book and he took him home and he gave him to my mother my parents live quite near paddington station at the time and every
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time my father passed through paddington he thought that it would make a very good name for a character and one day he sat down at his typewriter and he looked to the best sitting there and he remembered this name paddington that he had in the back of his mind and he thought i wonder what would happen if a bear was found when putting it in station after his adventures were turned into a british television series in the one nine hundred seventy s. paddington finally made his big screen debut in twenty fourteen he's now a london mascot and become such a celebrity that he once danced with the duchess of cambridge. his pop up book. mr group is empty. paddington too is another exciting and funny film for all the family. but i'm not the grief essentially i think it's a really. really light hearted. funny beautiful film
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without its you having. to look for the good in all of this. mommy. thank you seat. well it doesn't get much more british than paddington bear and some orange marmalade now we stay in the u.k. for our express where we show you what britons do to remember remember the fifth of november. thousands of people have celebrated bonfire night in the town of lewis in southern england the highlight of the event after a torch procession was the huge fireworks display bonfire night is held across britain and commemorates a failed attempt to blow up parliament by catholic classes in sixty five it's also known as guy fawkes night after the man arrested with the gunpowder the festivities in louis are among the biggest and best known in the country.
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brave. little hammer norway is hosted this year's world timbers sports championships participants competed in a range of disciplines armed with axes and chains and. the winner was new zealand's jason wynyard defending his title from last year. french d.j. music producer david guetta is turning fifty he started making music in his teens and today while as the crowds at clubs and festivals around the world his big commercial break through came in two thousand and nine when he teamed up with well i am to produce i got a feeling for the black eyed peas. on. that night. that it's good to track topped the charts in over
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twenty countries. now i'm quite possible to an avocado as is the rest of the world judging by instagram food pictures the fruit has seen a huge boost in popularity in sales in recent years so much so that wrong simpson has opened a restaurant that serves nothing but the fruit whether you enjoy. avocado on toast and a shake as the main ingredient in guacamole this place has it all in a new series indulging experiments we examine unusual color narry concepts so let's take a look at the aptly named avocado show restaurant and amsterdam. these dishes are works of art that are feast for the eyes as well as the palate. the
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avocado is the star in this restaurant dedicated to discovering new uses for the trendy fruit the avocado show is a top food spot in amsterdam since it opened in april twenty seventh teen it's been trending high on social media and is packed with customers every day. we're standing here and there are some thirty year waiting so that's that's that's new for me like i never went to a restaurant. for avocado fans it's a paradise here the green super food is the star of the show. the menu even features green shakes and judging by the prevalence of smartphones every customer seems to be an impromptu food blogger. the avocado show is the brainchild of cohen around marketing manager ron sims. but this is not for budget diners an avocado sandwich will set you back twelve year
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olds fifty a salad or a burger cost fifteen. food bloggers in here that really love the fancy this is we have boyfriends that have been tagged along that really made us man see this you know everyone's welcome here we have young we have we have all countries in the world. whether you plump for the fancy or the schrans the side of the menu there is no escaping the avocado. in this man's. side is when you just love avocados that you want to eat so we put those on toast we put them in the salad we made a club sandwich like real food the fancy stuff is all those this is you see people taking pictures of the roses it's the bun it's all that kind of stuff which is very food stylee. transoms and focuses on great presentation that's a key component of his concept of the garden with how's that working out.
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yeah you like the way it's presented like you can really do. the menu is constantly adding new dishes. and they're tried out at a kind of test laboratory the kitchen never claimed chef jamie tonight. this new ideas and avocado pancake day may be coming soon to the avocado show. you. think is a really green this call. it was. because of the show over the savory because of the avocado and there's like this fruity little bit acidic and sweet from the blueberry it's it's balanced it's perfect. now here comes something hearty avocado slices battered and deep fried if you're chewing on the inside and crunchy on the outside and alternative to french fries. that's really fun for me i can create everything i like with off gotto and most of the things
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everything becomes green and it's very cool. experiment number three is a chocolate milkshake topped with whipped avocado cream a perfect these are. the fruit is native to mexico but now it's grown in israel brazil chile and south africa to. us. it has healthy polyunsaturated fats. it was can lower cholesterol and are good for your heart in circulation that adds to the fruits popularity. these customers from germany are also avocado fans by day and has decided to have a burger with two avocado halves instead of a bun and overall feeling the economy not so the combination of meat and avocado i never would have occurred to me it's really delicious. it's not something i eat every day but i would like some avocado ice cream to follow up with. the op ocado
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a new hit on the amsterdam telenor you see. well let's hope they don't get bored of the avocado then do you have a favorite ingredient you just can't get enough if so send us a picture of the one thing you just can't stop adding to every dish and you could win your remarks wristwatch just like this one by the end of the week just visit our page to enter the competition. now many of us dream of turning a hobby into a profession and man it's just that after he went from sharing photos on his instagram to being shared by tyra banks and ashton kutcher he now has over one million followers and sells his prints online and it all started with him doing what many of us do every day taking pictures with a smartphone. from the
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haunting and romantic to the phantasmagorical these images were created by a whole bunch. including the editing process it started as a hobby while he was working as a media graphic designer for an advertising agency. what appealed to me was the flexibility of the smartphone enabled me to work on images after work before work on the bus or train it was really new and most people weren't aware that this kind of thing was even possible. loads his work on instagram under the pseudonym noise seven. hamburg based artist quickly had around three hundred thousand followers. connecting boyishly and germany had no platform of its own propulsion material and
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instagram had people posting from all over the world you're going to venture away i noticed a growing interest from the media i was being asked to do interviews i was being featured on t.v. shows and that showed me that people were interested in my work. with him to see him. as yawns output of high resolution photos grew so did his fame among celebrities to such as actor ashton kutcher. tyra banks commissioned this picture from him for her t.v. show. america's next top model. when tyra banks got in touch i went a bit crazy because she's so well known. and here i was a little artist from a little village in germany. with a chance to work with her it was insane i was overjoyed. has since become a full time freelance photographer although he now works with professional camera
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equipment instead of a smartphone. i switched to high end equipment simply because of the options it gives. you have a wide range of lenses that each translate into a particular look. and on the printing front i'm now able to print out the data on huge billboards which are displayed in house angeles and new york city and all around the world. he often spend several weeks manipulating his pictures in a process involving up to forty different parameters. i have to consider things like color composition the time of the day when i take the picture perspective and shade. they're all vital when it comes to creating a picture that ends up looking like a realistic photo. of an eye and i want my work to bring a smile to people's faces. because it's all one kind of man hours and he manages thanks also to some spectacular motifs which have earned him over one million
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followers on instagram. a well executed artwork evokes an emotional response from the viewers and tells a story so when people look at the picture they become involved in it and personally relate to it for a few seconds it might give them an escape from the real world like a dream. that's my big objective. and objective that he has lost. spectacular stuff time now to take a trip that's been requested by one of our views mario billy-o. got sia is from many that in mexico and he got in touch with us because he wanted to know more about the german city of dresden the state capital of sex and the life some two hundred kilometers south of berlin it's a major tourist destination thanks to its cultural and artistic heritage. much of
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its baroque and rocco architecture was destroyed in world war two but the city's main historic sites have since been returned to their former glory. dresden the city on the river elbe are both stunning architecture from the renaissance and baroque periods as well as the nineteenth century many buildings reflected talian influences hence the city's nickname florence on the album trace net and it would get dressed in as a wonderful old town with some amazing museums of world renown. and. man the zambo is a marvelous opera house i know. the opera building was designed by german architect got to trade center. nearby is the mcniff isn't landmark church of our lady the eighteenth century house of worship
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was destroyed in world war two now completely restored it is a symbol of peace and reconciliation. art historian klaus camera shows visitors the city's highlights. before going to church of our lady consider the center of the city it is an essential part of dresden survival as a modern city after the ravages of war with. this mural dating back to nineteen zero seven commemorates the rulers of saxony over the previous eight centuries among them augustus the strong he was a great collector of art and commissioned a range of grand buildings including the palace. the intersection was modeled on a roman amphitheater. i'm seeing a theme of the spring has from the most glorious period of presence history in the eighteenth century old gus just the strong was both electro of saxony and king
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opponent we built the singer as a ground space in which to showcase his pile with lavish parties. the complex also accommodates museums such as the old masters picture gallery which comprises three thousand works the highlights include raphael sistine madonna from fifteen twelve. but across the album and you'll find that dresden has an exciting and modern side to. its home to numerous cafes and design workshops clubs and art galleries like the pull. of the newtown district was always where ordinary people lived here apartments were small and simple rents were low so it's traditionally drawn lots of students and
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young creative people who've moved down from a concrete housing project and downtown their own tiny apartments so this is the cool parts of the city but downtown has its contemporary attractions to an old power station turned into an art center it opened and twenty sixteen. now it's a focal point for dresden as art scene. the state operetta has also found a new home here. with music has always been very important for dresden it was already a hub of music when the electors and kings ruled supreme and it remained so after that to. dresden. a veritable treasure trove on the river album. well that's all from us for today but we'll see you again tomorrow for me and the entire max crew here
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in berlin thanks for watching live from now. the. next time on your own max fancy trying sushi wrapped in pork fat a restaurant in ukraine is devoted to a slavic specialty all the dishes are made with sato it's even shaped into sculptures and forty's or ice cream fruit and pork fat of course the taste of ukraine next on your own facts.
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they're black and living in germany. she's reminded what that means on a daily basis presenter young up like this not being able to blend in and i
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was. taking a holiday group and being you know different than the rest. she travelled across germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories. it seemed as. i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption is not. the main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all these stereotypes about africa if you can't see it. you do something for your country but you're still the black young man with a. afro germany starting december tenth d.w. . this
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is a fifteen year old girl. being gang raped. this teacher is beating a boy for talking back in class. by the rest of the class watches. and here is toddlers being hit by his mother. breaking up lines. as a child sleeps in the streets because her family through right. here. online bowling. pushes a teenager over the edge. just because you can see violence against children doesn't mean it isn't there michael the invisible visible of us might violence against children disappear.
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this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin president trump calls for a world wide action in response to north korea is being south korea on his asia tour trump says that every responsible nation should push for an end to to north.


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