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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 6, 2017 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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it's up to us to make a difference let's explain each other. to do it in the farming magazine. long d.w. . this is t.v. news coming to you live from berlin the call for urgent action as the u.n. climate summit opens in bomb zero zero zero conference host fiji kicks things off the island nation has been hit hard by rising sea levels it warns delegates that time is running out in the fight against climate change
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also coming up a small town in texas mourns after a mass shooting them leaves dozens dead the victims reportedly include a pregnant woman in several children. u.s. president donald trump fires off a repeat warning over north korea's nuclear threat saying the era of strategic patience is over trump is in japan on the second day of his marathon asian tour. hello and welcome i'm terry martin thanks for joining us. the latest u.n. climate summit has kicked off in ball on with representatives from one hundred seventy eight hundred ninety seven countries joining talks on how to tackle climate change the conference opened with a traditional fijian welcome ceremony the tiny pacific island chairing the conference already it's. he's suffering the effects of global warming and lacks the
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resources to host the event on the island itself go shares are working to cap an expected global temperature rise at two degrees or less in his opening remarks fiji's prime minister pleaded for urgent action to stop the pace of global warming we must not fail our people. that means using the next two weeks in the head to do everything we can to make the planet's agreement work and to advance emission and support for climate action before twenty twenty. two meet our commitments in full not back away from them. and to commit ourselves to the most ambitious target of the plan is a given. to kept the global average temperature at one point five degrees celsius over that of the pre-industrial age. as mentioned fiji is particularly vulnerable
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to climate change our correspondent in heartache sent us the following report on how the island nation is dealing with rising sea levels. when enrico goes out fishing this has become a familiar sight. myths. you know. when i was small i usually went out to sea with my grandfather and father but we didn't have to come as far as we are now we would only go as far as the closest reefs get a good catch and then go back now it's different we have to go from one reef to the next because there's nothing that the sea is getting warmer. to me. but changing climate is also taking its toll on. enrico's village. the sea level is rising and. is slowly being swallowed by the ocean.
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the salt water makes the soil and fertile leaving behind only sandy barren land. it also corrodes the foundations of the houses. eventually the villagers have no choice but to give them up. when we built our homes we thought we could live here forever. we never thought of such a thing as climate change and that it could impact us like this and so quickly and now we're seeing what it can do it's really sad for everyone in the village. i don't know why. over a bowl of cava a traditional mildly narcotic drink in the pacific they discuss their future. just a few hundred metres further up in the hills there's enough space to relocate a whole village permanently but most of the villagers refuse. to them the land they
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live on is sacred. it is these stones they cherish they mark the original home of the first chieftain to rule over the whole island and large parts of eastern fiji some two hundred years ago because of tribal wars he himself was forced to leave but he sent the villagers and sisters to keep watch today his successor lives on a different island but the villagers obligation remains. at the use our military we were supposed to be relocated to but we said that we can't move because first we have to consult our paramount chief. we asked him but he didn't agree to the relocation. he told us we had to stay here because the duty bestowed on us is of great importance. and yet the rising seas might leave them with no choice but to abandon this sacred place. for the people of. climate change is more than just an abstract threat for them
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it's real and they need real answers before their home is lost forever. i say look now at a couple of other stories making headlines around the world today vietnam has been hit by heavy flooding after a powerful typhoon killed at least forty four people and left more than a dozen missing over one hundred thousand homes in the country's south central region have been destroyed or damaged. and australia's prime minister malcolm turnbull has proposed making all lawmakers prove they are not dual citizens and that's after several politicians were disqualified for failing falling foul of an obscure rule that bars dual citizens from sitting in parliament if the measures are passed m.p.'s will have three weeks to declare where they and their parents were born or. place in the us are investigating a mass shooting that left dozens of people dead at
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a church in texas witnesses say the victims include a pregnant woman and children as young as five years old police have said that the gunman pled the scene then died of a self-inflicted wound sunday's tragedy in a small texas town has opened another chapter in a years long debate over america's access to guns. a candlelight vigil for the victims of the fatal shooting at the first baptist church of sutherland springs residents of this small texas community struggle to make sense of what happened. here. authorities say twenty six people were killed and about twenty. others were wounded sunday after a man dressed in black combat gear opened fire inside the church the attackers believed to be a former member of the u.s. air force who received
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a court martial for assault after leaving the church the gunman was shot at by an armed resident the attacker than fled in his vehicle and was chased by another local man who'd been driving his truck nearby soon afterward the suspect crashed and was found dead we just take pursuit we we speed over eighty seven through traffic and we like i said we had about ninety five going down five thirty nine trying to catch this guy until he ventured he lost control on his all and went off in the ditch u.s. president donald trump sent a message of sympathy from japan and suggested the gunman had psychological problems and i think that mental health is your problem here this was a very based on preliminary reports very deranged individual a lot of problems over a long period of time we have a lot of mental health problems in our country as do other countries but this isn't a guns situation i mean we could go into it but it's
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a little bit soon to go into it but fortunately somebody else had a gun that was shooting in the opposite direction otherwise it would have been as bad as it was it would have been much worse now law enforcement officials and this tight knit community want to know why this happened it's been just over a month since another gunman killed dozens of people in las vegas with the same question left unanswered. well for the latest on the texas shooting let's cross over now to jenny hoff she's a reporter standing by for a sign the texan capital joins us now actually from austin jenny what can you tell us about the attacker and his possible motive. well as you just heard he was a member of the air force the u.s. air force he was twenty six years old and he had been court martialed and discharged after a two thousand and twelve assault on his wife and his child he served a year in confinement we don't know what he's been doing since then we don't know what the motive was so far he did not live in that area he lived in
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a nearby county so we don't know if he personally knew the people at that church or if he had planned specifically to target this church or just target some place so that information should start coming out as they talk to his family members maybe go through his house and get more information of what that motive might have been but we don't know at this moment in our report we heard president trump blaming the attack on mental health problems if the attacker really does have a history of mental health problems how could he possibly purchase a weapon well all we know is there was no disqualifying information on his background check that prohibited him from buying this weapon as you know this has been a big debate united states for many many years about if there needs to be more restrictions on the background checks in order to stop people from buying weapons but all we know is there was nothing on his background check that would tell the person who was selling him the weapon that they weren't allowed to so he was allowed to purchase the weapon and i'm sure that this will come out even further in the coming days and weeks as this debate flares up again now i understand that neighbors early
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residents intervened shooting at the attacker and pursuing him in a vehicle tell us more about that. and what we know is that a local resident who must have heard the shooting or seen the shooting confronted the attacker when he left the church with his own gun he had it out he had a gun as well and the attacker what we hear dropped his gun gotten a vehicle drove off that resident then pursued him with another person who had been driving on a chase a short chase that attacker then you're off into a ditch according to the person with driving the car the resident who had initially confronted the attacker got out of the cold aiming his own gun at the vehicle telling the attacker to get out there was no movement now later investigators found the attacker in his vehicle with a gunshot wound in a press conference yesterday they didn't say if that was self-inflicted or if the resident had actually shot him but they did stop the chase and they did stop the
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attacker from going on and killing more people are doing more damage journalist jenny hoff in austin texas thank you. and it has since emerged that the shooter in texas did indeed kill himself u.s. president trump is currently in japan on day two of his tour of asia he's meeting with progenies prime minister shinzo to discuss trade and the standoff with north korea the u.s. president to push japan to buy more american military equipment saying it would help protect against north korean attacks after trump said he'd be open to sitting down for talks with north korean leader kim jong un despite high tensions between washington and pyongyang. promised to stand with japan against what he called the north korean menace let's listen. we're working to counter the dangerous aggressions of the regime in north korea. the regime
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continued development of its unlawful weapons programs including its illegal nuclear tests and outrageous launches of ballistic missiles directly over japanese territory are a threat to the civilized world and international peace and stability we will not stand for that the era of strategic patience is over. and sports news no catch up on all of it latest buddhist league a soccer action lots of games over the weekend on sunday cologne slipped to another defeat this time at home to hoffenheim germany striker scored twice for the visitors in their three nil victory cologne remain rooted to the bottom of the bundesliga table with just two points from eleven games. nine minutes in a lackadaisical defense seem to stand by and watch as denis geiger put hoffenheim
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in the lead. geiger's first shot on wittingly turned into an assist for himself as he powered the ball in with his second. chorus at the back and ineffective up front cologne had scored only four goals in their first ten outings. and then they had some bad luck. hit the post shortly before the break colognes best chance to get on the board. after the restart hoffenheim continued to dominate after this scene the referee awarded them a penalty a decision confirmed by video replay even though seem to go down without much help . stepped up to the spot to make it two nil for the visitors in the fifty six minute and he added another to round out the scoreline shortly before the final whistle. there are games where we show we've still got some life left in us but
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today there was way too little of that time ran rings around us they could have scored even more goals. the last not only keeps cologne buried in the bundesliga cellar but also deals yet another blow to dean morrell. next hour with more with you in just a moment to bring you up to date on the latest fallout from the pair of pay fors for tax havens stay with us for the. learned german with. any time any place.


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