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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 26, 2017 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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like germany and the prospects for those returning home. join the discussion on g.w. dot com and on facebook. specs for returning. to make. as did every news coming to you live from berlin germany's chancellor under pressure from all sides as uncle americal seeks to build a stable governing coalition the leader of the barbarian sister party says things have to change following the conservatives huge election losses also coming up just
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two days at the germany's right wing a up to celebrate a huge election gains the party's co-leader says she's resigning. and france's president calls for more european unity among well not calling says the e.u. is too weak he wants a joint budget of the eurozone and a shared military intervention force but how will that go down elsewhere in the e.u. . and sarah harman welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel is coming under increasing pressure as she works to cobble together a new government her bavarian sister party the c.s.u. insists that policy changes are needed and lessons must be learned at the conservatives major election losses but the chancellor already has her hands full as she seeks to build a coalition with the pro-business free democrats and the environmentalist greens
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two parties with little in common. two days after the election news paper headlines showed just how difficult it will be to form a government. has to fight chancellor looking for her course for the conservative bloc c.d.u. c.s.u. finding the right course will be a major issue but anglo-american doesn't see flaws in her party's priorities if. you can see what we now need to change. from actually building a coalition will be a tricky task she has to bring together how conservative variances to party c.s.u. with the greens and the liberals all three want their own demands to be met. in my view it's absolutely essential that we set out a clear commitment to stemming the influx of refugees in other words a cap on number. that's what we've promised people. to do cause we and
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we present a humanitarian refugee policy the business friendly f.t.p. has already described its main goal to avoid the traditional language the direction of politics this needs to be a turning point and if that's impossible then go into a position. it was it's your for the german bundestag difficult times might be ahead. or difficult times lying ahead and to help us understand the political situation i'm joined now by political correspondent simon young simon we were talking during that piece because there's just so much to dig into how much room does narco have to maneuver here which is under a hell of a lot of pressure because there are there's the expectation that she might be able to form a jamaica coalition this is a this unprecedented coalition with free democrats and greens it's been tried at regional level here and working quite well in stein but at national level and.
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something very new very difficult to put together because those two smaller parties are you know there's a lot of blue sky between them in terms of policy particularly on things like europe on migration on tax cuts for businesses now but it's also a problem because of course america's party has sort of two parts christian democrats and the bavarian conservatives and they're saying they want to push to the right in particular on the immigration question have a much clearer tougher policy in particular also to deal with the rise of the far right and so she's she's kind of under pressure from all sides it's going to make it extremely difficult to put together a coalition in these circumstances and don't forget her party has just brought in the worst results it's had since nine hundred forty nine so there's a real expectation that miracle has to do something to get a party and her country out of a crisis america has to do something and something she could do is try to win back
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the social democrats as a coalition partner now their leader martin shots that he's not interested in a coalition but could miracle possibly entice them to rethink things well you know you can never say never i mean martin schultz has been very clear right from a just a few minutes after the results were announced on sunday night that you know opposition is the place for him he says the continue the continuation of the grand coalition of christian democrats and social democrats is not right for the country it doesn't take things forward that hasn't been enough of the kind of policies that he would like to see over the last four years and that's why he says opposition is the right place for his party to be they can regenerate and get back in touch with their base of course it's very important for them to do that because they've got a very bad result as well what will happen down the line if this jamaica coalition doesn't happen i think it's possible that rather than go back to new elections people will say the social democrats in the interest of the country must come
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together and form some sort of. unity government in particular again to deal with this question of the rising far right that we've seen all right let's talk about that rising far right two days ago they were riding high taking almost thirteen percent of the vote today their co-leader for a compatriot left the party how much turmoil is there behind the scenes and how is that going to affect their ability to be effective in parliament yeah i was i'm questioning how much turmoil it really means because this was not an entirely unexpected turn of events admittedly the way it played out with front pages suddenly announcing in the middle of a press conference and walking out you know exactly that she's not going to join the problem entry group today she's left the party that was really the logical next step for several of the people from from around the country from the f.t. organizations across the country but also withdrawn but i think most of the parliamentary party is solid in this sort of behind the leadership to the all right
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there's plenty to watch out for in the days and weeks to come simon young thanks for taking us through some of the points where european council president has said that sufficient progress has not been made on bracks that talks in order to move ahead to the next stage but he did welcome what he called a more constructive and realistic tone now coming from the british government his comments came during his visit with prime minister trees in may in london may says a solution beneficial to both sides can still be found well as breck's it looms over the european union french president manuel mccrone is calling for greater cooperation within the bloc speaking at the store bone in paris across delivered an ambitious vision for europe calling on the e.u. to unite in the face of domestic and foreign challenges. at a time when the european project is under attack as never before in manual mccall spent nearly two hours laying out his vision for
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a united europe. the europe we know is too weak to slow and too inefficient but only europe and europe alone can give us the capacity to act against the big challenges we face now. flanked by french and european flags he said europe needed to relaunch itself with greater cooperation on issues including asylum seekers border protection and intelligence. what's missing in europe today particularly with regard to defense it is a common strategic culture in our incapacity to act together in a convincing manner puts our credibility in question. as well as strategic issues he also called for the creation of a transnational agency to foster european innovation financial stability and corporate tax were also in areas where he said much deeper cooperation was needed. for you to. instead of concentrating all our energy on our internal divisions as
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we've been doing now for far too long instead of losing our way in arguments in a european civil war arguing about budgets finances politics or whatever we need to consider how to build a europe that strong. but at a time when tensions between eastern and western europe are stressing the union and member states are still battling to overcome nearly a decade of economic crisis calls idealistic discourse was not going to please everyone outside the venue several hundred students protested against his planned reform agenda in the countryside to his speech will have received a less than favorable response rural france is where far right leader. has her support base and the future of your. the prison entity will depend on whether the union's two strongest members france and germany can work together to defeat the common enemy with the. let's see how microphones mission is going down here in
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berlin i've got our chief political correspondent a crane with me here linda macron envisions a europe with greater cooperation at all sorts of levels does he have uncle americal support. well after his own election she was mildly if nonspecifically encouraging saying that she certainly did want to work together with france to reenergize europe and following the german vote on sunday she said that she can in visage more europe if it leads to a more competitive e.u. and also to more jobs and more clout for europe abroad she also said that she has no red lines when it comes to e.u. policy and interestingly enough president mccraw used a similar phrase in his own speech saying that there need be no red lines when it comes to discussing what's good for europe so what's all the talk of red lines well
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it has everything to do with the fact that one of america's potential coalition partners in a new government has said that his party does have red lines he is the leader of the business friendly free democrats and he doesn't at all like the notion of a common euro zone budget or a common finance minister believing that both would leave in the lead in the direction of germany footing the bill for various issues and problems of the indebted to southern european countries and interestingly enough a second potential coalition partner of the chancellor namely her own bavarian sister party the christian social union they also raise their voice after mccrone speech today saying that they too see some red lines when it comes to that common budget and the common finance minister so with this point she may be mildly receptive to mr message in this area of common economic policy but she's going to
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have some tough persuading to do with those potential coalition partners he's got to get her potential partners on board the timing of the speech though is so interesting why is that wrong doing it now after the german election before the weeks of coalition wrangling make in. we're told that he absolutely intentionally timed this speech for this particular moment the reason is he absolutely must have germany on board germany is the country that pays most into the e.u. budget if he wants a common budget and they don't go along the idea is dead in the water so he must have german support apparently the idea in paris and he did speak to the chancellor twice in the past two days is that he wants to get that plan out there before there's a coalition agreement in place before any coalition partners have locked in their policy on europe in other words he's hoping to influence the debate and get a foot in the door right now at this crucial juncture ok now merkel opened
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germany's doors in twenty fifteen and a lot of people say it's one of the reasons for party suffered such losses in this election because many voters disagree with that decision do you think the chancellor would fight for a european asylum office. of the type that he is proposing. let's say i think she could be receptive to the idea if it were to lead to a fairer and more equitable distribution of refugees within europe as is actually foreseen by e.u. law all of the euro your european union member countries that subscribe to the dublin treaty are actually obligated to take a proportional share of refugees but a number of countries such as hungry for example have made clear that they don't intend to comply with that obligation so if this agency could somehow push that process forward could truly lead to implementation of that law or to
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a better system a fairer distribution i think that many people here in germany would be very very receptive briefly melinda macron has proposed a european budget in germany we've just seen a party which began as a euro skeptic party capture nearly a hundred seats in the bonus on how do you think those plans for a european budget will go down here in germany germany is very divided on this as many other issues yes we have some strong euro skeptic voices though that part of the that you mentioned of the far right alternative for germany party will be in the opposition so it will not be shaping government policy but government policy may get shaped partly in reaction to this presence of the party on the political spectrum amongst the potential coalition partners that america was looking at as i said to our very very skeptical but there is one that's very supportive of mr micawber's idea and exactly this area that is the green party so we will see how it
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plays out in coalition negotiations but it is a very very tough moment for these kind of far reaching visionary proposals to find of this on audience here all right melinda crane thank you very much for your and house. a quick reminder of our headline this hour german chancellor angela merkel is under increasing pressure but she works to cobble together a new government the leader of her bavarian sister party is calling for change following huge losses for the conservatives. and state of the news you're up to date i'm sara harman in berlin thanks for watching. over.


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