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come out on top. d. w. your expert on germany's bundestag election two thousand and seventeen. tag germany decides german bundestag election two thousand and seventeen on d w. you're watching david lee news live from the lead hope and heroism in mexico as efforts to find survivors the next the bubble of tuesday's powerful earthquake continues rescuers have worked through the night to disaster sites including a primary school we'll take you to mexico city for the latest also on the program
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diplomatic efforts to save the iran nuclear agreement are being stepped up as the negotiating parties me to the united nations deal future has been called into question after president trump told the u.n. it was an embarrassment so is the iran nuclear deal not effectively dead. thousands of supporters of catherine independence rally in barcelona to protest against a crackdown by spanish police that's the national government tries to prevent catalonia from holding an unauthorized independence vote. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program. more than two hundred forty people have now been confirmed dead following tuesday's earthquake in mexico rescue workers are still searching for survivors amongst the rubble of collapsed buildings one of the most desperate efforts is at a primary school in mexico city where rescue crews have been working through the
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night. a sign of life under the rubble rescue work is sickening for quiet as they search for survivors they've spotted a little hand it's a good show they ask her to move it she can now the kids to painstakingly slow process of freeing her. rescuers say they go has told them the name is frieda. just her name she told us there were two other children and that there were more bodies but we don't know if the others are alive. it's a race against time to find people trapped under the rubble and to clear the way to where they lie. there are still people in there. there are still people groaning i have to clear the rubble from three more floors and you still hear people inside. the capital city has seen a number of traumatic rescues this man was rescued after spending more than twenty
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four hours under the debris of his partly collapsed apartment building others however were not so lucky and with every hour that goes by hope that more survivors will be found one of those in a crew twist of irony the seven point one magnitude quake struck just after many in the city peteri doubt and earthquake drill like every year the search area was on the anniversary of a nine hundred eighty five earthquake that killed more than ten thousand people this latest adversity has united a city in both grief and determination people from all walks of life have formed human chains to help. because you want to help out but you can't do anything. you want to do everything quickly it's like a human survival instinct but you can't do anything. but the sheer number of people involved it's also complicating efforts. rescuers regularly
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cowrote for silence any sound midst is a possible life lost. as the search for survivors continues many in the city have taken refuge on the streets the second quake to hit the country in just two weeks has left them with nowhere else to go mexico's president and leak a penny any at all says mike sicko is facing a new national emergency his declared three days of national mourning to own are the victims. straight to mexico city then where correspondent jim moret is standing by welcome carolyn. with the current situation regarding that little girl freed the other children who may still be alive and collapse.
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well frieda is actually not her real name that is the name mexico has given her and that already shows how this little girl has become the symbol of the people who are under the rubble after this earthquake she has become not only the similar so the whole mexicans are waiting for her to be found hopefully alive and of course it has also become a political symbol for a president enrique pena nieto who looks forward to two are having good news for mexicans at the polls i have to really support him during the last days here in mexico mexico city of course is one of the world's biggest population centers do we have a clear picture of the extent of the damage yes the major. told today that around forty to fifty buildings have collapsed here in mexico city and he also talks around about two hundred to two hundred fifty people
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who have lost their lives and here. earthquake to days ago it is very important also to underline that rescue teams say that people can survive the rubble up to seventy two hours after the earthquake but time is really running out because the earthquake already took place forty five hours ago so it is very tense here the atmosphere is very tense and people are really running against time and what is people been telling you about their experiences over the last two days. well lots of mexican so i have been talking talking to them already experience of the earthquake thirty two years ago back in ninety eighty five and they were telling me it was it felt exactly the same as strong as the one in ninety eighty five although this earthquake was not that strong and were really is impressive is
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the solidarity here even restaurants are making food for helpers for a ski team and they're not selling anything there is a big big solidarity a human chain and everyone is trying to have where they can how. the seeing behind you looks relatively unscathed discern a sense that parts of the city are all getting back to normal. sorry again please i didn't get the question that the scene behind you looks unscathed is mexico city getting back to normal. well they're trying to schools for example are not working because there is a very big danger that they could collapse so there are lots of pupils also at home or even helping out with the rescue teams and it is very difficult to have a good internet connection that's why i'm here and that's why we can see that the rubble behind me because we have your internet connection down there try and i will
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try to show it to you during the next connection we'll have. there's not a good internet connection but people are mexicans are trying to get back to normality but there is still this as i told you i hope saudi diary everyone is talking about the earthquake it's the main topic here and frieda is the main symbol catalina chamorro in mexico city thank you. meanwhile maria is back over open sea and regaining strength a day after devastating puerto rico the u.s. national hurricane center has issued a warning for the turks and caicos islands and the east and beyond this area hit the rico was a category four storm it will only just beginning to assess the full extent of the damage. picking up the pieces after puerto rico's storm of the century here in san juan and across the island people are just beginning to come to grips
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with the aftermath of maria downed power lines uprooted trees and shredded roofs litter the streets it's just some of the damage from a storm that officials say a battered everything in its path. meanwhile tens of thousands remain in shelters they're still uncertain when they'll be able to return home what awaits them when they do. the storm roared ashore on wednesday morning on puerto rico's southeastern coast torrential rains and winds of two hundred fifty kilometers per hour destroyed homes flooded streets and knocked out power to nearly the entire island residents described the scene as the strongest storm in over eighty years neared its peak. like i'm in the middle of a war story. there where. you can hear the crowd you know the wind the doors are sherry and it feels great pellets are being thrown at my windows. northwest mousy
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being the worst of this storm and i'm hoping that my. puerto rico literally can't afford this disaster the united states territory declared bankruptcy earlier this year and maria will likely plunge the island deeper into financial crisis u.s. officials have promised aid. first of all i'd like to see the same thing which is to our fellow citizens in puerto rico they are right now front and center in our thoughts and our prayers we want them to know that the federal response will be there we want them to know that we are thinking of them first and foremost right now as they combat this very very dangerous hurricane. meanwhile others in the storm's path are bracing themselves people here are taking no chances preparing for it but hoping to escape the worst of the storm. now germany's chancellor has spoken
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out on the north korea crisis saying that she disagrees with the president to donald trump's ministry ultimatum on tuesday the u.s. president to told the united nations that america would destroy north korea if forced to defend itself or its allies against their nuclear weapons program in an exclusive interview with the w i'm going to mak holes and that's it germany would be willing to leave the search for a diplomatic solution. even if this conflict is far away from germany it's one that also affects us that's fine i'm prepared as is the foreign minister to assume responsibility here. we took part in the go sheet in the iran agreement which i think is good and better than having no agreement at all. it took many years but in the end it did limit iran's possibilities for nuclear armament. meanwhile germany's foreign minister signal gabriele how spoken out about the iran nuclear deal another of donald trump's targets is
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a guardrail is due to address the u.n. general assembly later we will carry that speech live from the sidelines of the event he said the current deal with iran was necessary to prevent nuclear proliferation and suggested that it might offer a model for resolving the current crisis with north korea since first target. it's almost tragic when the only functioning agreement to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons is in jeopardy at a time when we're seeing other countries like north korea acquiring nuclear weapons and we're got to live in that under the lens of the north korea. we now need these kinds of negotiations more than ever i know it's annoyed. well president trump is meeting today with the leaders of south korea and japan to discuss what to do about north korea ahead of an initial meeting with south korea's president when jay and mr trump said his administration would see tougher sanctions against the north he gave no details about what those sanctions might include saying that saying only
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that talks are making great progress south korea has sought to strike a more conciliatory note on the standoff warning of the risk of anti accidentally igniting a war. we do not desire a collapse of north korea we will not seek reunification by absorptions or artificial means if north korea makes a decision even now to stand on the right side of history we are ready to assist north korea together with the international community. europe's muslims face widespread prejudice and discrimination those are the findings of a new survey by the e.u. fundamental rights agency and canvas more than ten thousand mostly migrants and descendants of muslim migrants in fifteen e.u. member states despite their negative experiences seventy six percent of respondents said they felt strongly attached the country they live in reporting higher levels of trust in democratic institutions than the general public thirty one percent of those seeking work said they had been discriminated against in the last five years
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people who face such apparent prejudice showed lower levels of trust in the country's legal system and the police and forty two percent of those stopped by the police over the last year said this it happened because of their migrant or ethnic minority background for the survey showed increasing levels of discrimination compared to a two thousand and eight survey a high proportion of respondents were adamant adamant that they would not respond with physical violence if insulted. well cut and rushed to speak for the u.s. agency for fundamental rights and joins us from vienna welcome to day w so what does this survey tell us about the state of muslim integration within europe. well i think to begin with we need to understand that integration isn't simply a task for immigrants to fulfill i come to gratian is always a two way street whereby those settling in the e.u. are those of the migrant background agreed to play by the rules and the receiving
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countries in their turn ensure that the conditions that are met for the newcomers are of the minority has to receive education training enter a labor markets and not be discriminated. and so we see from our survey that the strong sense of belonging and high rates of trust in the police and the justice system are really very positive and above all they demonstrate that it's completely absurd to say that muslims don't want to or can't integrate into the european society but we also see it as some of the figures you just mentioned show that we can't be complacent we need to build on we need to capitalize on this sense of belonging and trust in the democratic institutions and for this we urgently need to combat this to tackle the negativity that we see in political and then much of the public discourse and we need to make sure that the laws that we have are
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a blood flow crack so that the survey was across fifteen member nations that didn't show any of regional variations. yes it did and we looked more at the overall picture that it presented but there were important. differences of course these fifteen e.u. member states have very different traditions and experiences with migration and that partially explains the differences but. certainly some very interesting and they show also for policymakers that we can't see integration as a one size fits all policy research and briefly give us an idea briefly give us an idea of end of what those different regional differences were. well in germany to take one example the. sense of trust in the police and particularly and the justice legal system was higher than the average of the fifteen countries which
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is extremely positive. more like it if it would be in france in the netherlands the proportion of those who sense that discrimination was very widespread in was a problem in that country it was much higher than the average so you know what are you for that catch your answer from the u.s. agency for fundamental rights there in vienna we thank you. this is day w.h.y. from birth it's still to come protests by supporters of cattle and independents in barcelona how far will the spanish government go to stop plans to hold a separatist referendum and in business decision time for live sure is time is running out for the bankrupt carry its creditors looking at the office of seven because the committee is making a preliminary decision today on how to proceed a final decision is expected monday the day after the german election that this was
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political. our layoffs just around the corner air berlin ground crews could soon be out of jobs what were outs will remain how many flight attendants will still be needed in a few weeks or months press reports now say the bankrupt airline is dropping all of its long haul flights beginning october fifteenth. the situation for air berlin staff has grown precarious we don't know which jobs are really secure in the long term and we've been aware for a while that in ministration in technical staff in particular don't seem to have any future here kind of talk and that's why both unions and the airline are now demanding that german government set up a temporary employment agency as a safety net for air berlin employees left jobless after the dust settles they would be offered financial aid during a transition period while training for new positions in other words air berlin
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appears to be preparing for an undesirable outcome that the airline can't find an investor to take it on lock stock and barrel carving the carrier up is sure to cost many more jobs on my spine shares a surging again amid rumors of a merger the government said to be looking to shed its close to sixteen percent stake in germany second biggest landa the magazine here is reporting that burden would support to tie up between france's b.m.p. power comments about italy's unique credit is also reported to be interest in the german finance ministry says the government is not in a rush to sell its stake. is a new european banking giant following let's go to the german financial capital frankfurt what daniel corp is standing by what truth is there to the rumors. well when you talk to experts here on the trading floor they're pretty sure those rumors are actually true even though we're hearing from the finance minister you just mentioned that no clarification yet but actually you know it makes sense the
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german government was jumping in when all of the banks were in this big financial crisis they jumped in by that time with more than five billion euros now we're hearing that by selling shares they could at least get some of their money back around three point two billion euros are in the discussion and you know when you talk to investors here on the trading floor they are very much excited about this new shares of. where one of the strongest winners today here on the trading floor they were up at some time with almost four percent and this is also happening of course after the latest decision yesterday for higher interest rates in the united states coming up most likely in december so daniel how keen would the german government be to get rid of its shares that in comments about. oh very keen because you know as i just mentioned they paid a lot of money during the financial crisis and they're you know they're thinking
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that you know now it's time you know to chew over to give those shares back and you know with this merger at least some of the money would go back to the german government the new gold thank you very much. wall street regulators say hackers broke into one of their databases in twenty sixteen and may have used the information to make insider trades the securities and exchange commission said the database held confidential reports like earnings statements and corporate transactions from the companies that monitors the vulnerability was because shortly after the discovery in twenty sixteen according to officials they say they learned only recently how the story may have been used. the state of free trade agreement comes into effect today the deal aims to boost trade between canada and the european union it makes canadian seven cheaper for example by getting rid of import duties but it's not all good news in canada there's growing resistance to the fish
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farming industry especially among the country's first nations. career said glendale is a member of the nam just nation and indigenous people from the west coast of canada she's now fighting against industrial fish farms like this one which raise hundreds of thousands of salmon in the region glendale another demonstrators have set up camp in the middle of this farm and they say they've occupied it they want to send a clear message we're done with this fish farm industry they have never had our permission to be in our territories and we've had enough for not now let them destroy our environment our daughters take our salmon away from us worked on these guys need to get out i need to get out now. the occupied facility was built by a norwegian company marine harvest the largest salmon farming firm in the world. it
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has sales of around three and a half billion euros a year company representatives refused to speak with us the industry is profiting from kind of his new trade agreement with the e.u. which is gotten rid of tariffs and increased production and exports but environmental activists say aquaculture is damaging wild stocks of fish. when they migrate upstream from the pacific to reproduce they swim right past the fish farms and critics say that has spread disease and infection canadian authorities however play down the issue and say the cage salmon pose no threat to their wild cousins. when atlanta examiner actually put out into the ocean they go disease free their race in hatcheries a land based facilities and fresh water and we actually have a large suite of vaccinations that are given to the fish to guarantee that they're entering the water in a clean and healthy way that may be true but why are fishermen in british columbia
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catching fewer and fewer wild salmon many factors could be playing a role not least climate change or pollution but most locals blame the fish farms for their empty lines and nets. going into the season we knew it was going to feel for one minute because you were there with a project that would get isn't coming. good at all here and not only this area but up in the northern areas has been weak runs through. the first nations activists are planning to continue to protest the industrial agriculture facilities in their waters and say their rights are being violated even the coast guard is now involved and there's no end to the impasse in sight the nam gets say the only solution is for the fish farm to shut down. my colleague monica jones talked to jason toland about the deal he's missed the counsellor the canadian
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embassy here in berlin. comes into provisional effect today that means that effectively behind the scenes for several months there has been art to preparations regulatory changes discussions amongst officials. review of the agreement and of specific provisions in canada provincial legislation regulations as well and effectively you see a drop of goods ninety eight percent of tatars go to zero effectively that humans all today just want them to shut up but there is already whole lot face no you haven't seen it's been behind the scenes but ninety percent of tariffs come off. overall there is no with immediate effect provisions to a low for labor mobility for protection or ventilate your property for access to government procurement across the board for canada and the. there are standards commitments technical barriers to trade members commitments that for instance would affect issues like salmon discussions on environmental standards all of that is
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already in effect there only some small elements of the agreement are in effect just one of those investment provisions for instance which were of the something that in some considerable discussion here in germany. those are not in effect as are for instance small things like camcorder rates you know i'll give you don't want as an example but the bulk all substantive trade between our countries between her canada and the european union for instance with germany are no liberalized effectively was used as a limitation provisionally and now we switch topics spain catalonia protests fail then thank you. supporters of catalonia in independence in spain are continuing their protests in barcelona the capital of the autonomous region this follows wednesday's police arrests of cattle and officials and raids on their offices there is anger in the region over the spanish government's efforts to prevent catalonia from holding an authorised independence vote on the first of october. for
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a second day pro independence supporters gather in front of his highest court they want the spanish government to release catalan officials detained in connection with the referendum. if they send tanks then we won't be able to vote but the images will be all over europe and everyone will know what's happening here. they've raided their offices and the rest of our elected representatives we can't allow that to happen. there hating us if spain is a dictatorship they're violating our fundamental rights especially. this situation escalation on wednesday evening with the national police shooting rubber bullets and clashing with protesters and spanish authorities have confiscated some ten million ballot papers and arrested more than a dozen cattle and politicians and officials the spanish government says it had a right to do this because the constitutional court ten declared the referendum
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illegal. because we have the necessary instruments to stop the referendum if they think those who don't want to play by democratic rules won't get away with it. so now the two sides look like being on a collision course with nine down willing to back down. here's a reminder of our top stories at this hour here on to dublin emergency workers in mexico have worked through the night to rescue a girl trapped in the rubble of a collapsed school or than two hundred and thirty feet below are now confirmed dead as a result of tuesday's earthquake. germany's chancellor i'm going to morocco has spoken out in favor of keeping the iran nuclear deal in place concern over its future has been growing in europe after u.s. president donald trump criticized the agreement during his speech the united nations in an exclusive interview with a tough new chancellor said that they'll has been effective in curbing iran's nuclear program and you can watch
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a full interview with that chance when i come back up right here on in just about. a day. after germany decides meet the candidates. d.w. xena's pool and karim have interviewed almost all the front runners in germany's upcoming parliamentary elections. and now we're looking forward to the chancellor and the amount of. cash that germany decides need the candidates. d.w. . hash tag germany decides the day of decision is near the coast he want germany to follow impatiens is right you know that we are ready to take responsibility and. we have more than enough parties participating in
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incumbent governments but not the next morning germany can do better. polls in germany open on september twenty fourth what do germans want for their country. what do the different parties stand for. and which party will come out on top. direction germany's bundestag election two thousand and seventeen. german decides german bundestag election two thousand and seventeen on d w. i'm going back and that machall has been general john seven twelve years and is running for office for the full time was mad away delighted to have the chance to speak to you here at the johnson i mean and in the german capital expense i can go
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i'm pleased to welcome going to hello madam chancellor magnifies the gun.


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