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tv   Sen. Tim Scott at Faith Freedom Conference in Nashville  CSPAN  June 18, 2022 2:39am-2:55am EDT

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out how to use your faith, how to use your energy, how to exercise your freedom, how to instill hopefulness for all of our fellow man end open doors of opportunity for all americans . the question for you is this, is it worth the fight? is freedom worth the fight? are you willing to go to bat? are you willing to go to bat to defend your faith, your freedom? are you willing to get involved this year so that what you do is make a difference so that next year we celebrate together that we are doing our best to preserve freedom? are you with me?
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all right. have a great 2022. may god bless you all. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> -- thank you. good morning! [cheering] sen. tim scott: i know that there's no better place to be the nashville tennessee. i'm going to talk about politics in a few minutes but before that on to talk about something more important than politics.
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romans 8:31. if god is for us, who can be against us? i was thinking about this the other day. the presence of adversity is not the absence of god. we need to remember that today more than any other day in my lifetime. the presence of adversity is not the absence of god. i say that as a kid who understands adversity. growing up in a single parent household, we had a lot of adversity heard -- adversity. i had two woman on their knees praying to god that he was able to do abundantly, above all that we asked. it was those two praying women,
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my grandmother and mother, who made a path for me. but i see adversity, i know good times are coming. after -- in high school after adversity knocked me down i was not doing well. how many of you had a bad day? i had about seven years. i filled out my freshman year of high school. roja graffiti, civics -- i failed world geography and civics. it tells you god has a sense of humor. i am not the only one failing civics. [laughter]
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i also filled spanish and english. -- failed spanish and english. [laughter] when you failed spanish and english, no one calls you bilingual. [laughter] they call you bi-ignorant. because you can't speak any language. i had my mother who prayed for me and encourage me. she would say shoot for the moon and even if you miss, you will be among the stars. i love the attitude. my mother would work 16 hours a day, three days a week, 8 hours a day, to this week. she would come home at night, look at me, look at my report
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card, shake her head. at the end of my freshman year she came home one night and i gave her a lot of attitude. she said, baby. i said, i know mom, if i just shot for the moon. and she said no, he missed that one. she took me outside and she said, take a branch. she said take the leaves off. and she introduced me to a new form of encouragement. [laughter] [cheering] for those of you, not from the south, a "switch" is a southern apparatus of encouragement. from here to here, i was
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thoroughly encouraged. sometimes i think we need a new form of encouragement in our country today. [applause] when i think about adversity the presence in our nation, i think about the ways we are able to eliminate adversity in our community. they but we were able to see the problems that led to promise. it was because we understood the importance of our truth. america is a solution. marek is not a problem. -- america is not a problem. we need to embrace that and ask ourselves, why is america not the problem? is because the foundation of this country is a judeo-christian foundation.
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[applause] on the rock of truth we are able to build an objective standard. through that, we create the rule of law. all of human flourishing requires the bedrock truth of a judeo-christian foundation. when you adhere to the principles in the gospel, human flourishing cannot be stopped. period. not by anyone, anywhere. today, we're having this new conversation about truth. there is, your truth and my truth. that is called, alive. there is only -- that is called, a lie.
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there is only one truth. and in john -- it tells us, the truth will set you free. in america, your truth and my truth is actually your experience and my experience. we get back to the bedrock of truth, here is what we find. the ability to make good decisions on difficult and complicated topics. without that we can say, no that's not what happened, it is my truth. i will give you some examples of how this is the problem we are the solution. when president biden says, afghanistan was a good withdrawal. we know, that is not the truth.
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we hear that line, we note that when we lose 13 american soldiers and you leave thousands of americans stranded, there is an absence of truth. they want us to believe what they say, in spite of what we see. [applause] we are not buying that. when they tell us that we can't know what curriculum is being taught to our kids in school, that is a problem. that is why the gop -- the great opportunity party, on, now -- [applause] we are the party of parents.
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we know happens when you stand with the parents of this nation. virginia is an example of bringing the blue to the red. [applause] if you watch the news, you would think, according to the latest narrative, that our gas prices are a result of the russia-ukraine situation, but a 60% cost of increase happened before thanksgiving last year. that means that the results of this ear are impacting what happened last your. -- this year are impacting what happened last year. during the trump administration you could buy gas at $1.99.
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today, it is almost $5, and in many places it is over $5. i saw a t-shirt it said give me might need tweets and $2 a gallon of gas. [applause] inflation is crushing american families. the white house tells us that inflation can be good for our economy. excuse me? we need to put john 8:32 someplace where they can see it. we need stability -- we need to
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be the part that saves our economy. we look back, when we were in charge, it was simple. we brought unemployment rates to the lowest rates in six years. african-american unemployment rate was the lowest ever reported in the history of the country. [applause] hispanic unemployment, lowest ever in history of the country. asian unemployment, the lowest ever distributed country. women, a 70 year low. in the overall population, a 50 plus year low. we created 7 million jobs. 7 million. [applause]
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two thirds went to women and minorities. you are talking about the party of inclusion. look no further than the gop. [applause] we produce results for america. we do not do it for black people or white people or red people around people, we do it for america. for americans. [cheering] [applause] we don't care what you look like. [applause] that is what we are so desperately in search of, leadership does not divide us into little tribes so they can sell fear and division. we need a leader that stands up. we need a leader that says "woke no more."
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[laughter] [applause] we need leaders that stand up in the gap because we know that the presence of adversity is not the absence of god. as long as america remains true to the foundation of truth, we will have another american century, we just have to show up at the polls. sorry -- [applause] i believe, that we will win the house and bring it back to the right. i believe we are going to win the senate bring it back to the majority. [applause] "i have a dream" --[applause]
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[cheering] what the white house, the senate back on our side -- [applause] we will show america that we, the great opportunity party, we believe in the future of this nation because we believe in the freedom of view, the individual in america. were not gonna break it down by what color you are or where you live, we are going to support, peering you your money back, that's called tax reductions. let's drill, baby drill, again. [applause] we understand that the economic crisis


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