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tv   Campaign 2022 Rep. Ted Budd Primary Night Remarks  CSPAN  May 17, 2022 10:39pm-10:54pm EDT

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public service along with these other television providers, giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> next, north carolina representative ted budd speaks to supporters after being declared winner of the state's 2022 senate primary election. he was endorsed by former president trump ed goes on to face democrat sherry beasley, former justice of the north carolina supreme court. >> -- ♪
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rep. budd: dan, i was listening to you, and we do like to go to bed early in davie county. [laughter] my friend, dan bishop, you were my first endorsement and i am honored to have your support. lieutenant governor mark robinson, you are a dear friend i and your support is something that support is -- support is humbling. i can't wait to see you achieve even more in the great state of north carolina. [applause] give thanks to the lord, for he is good, his steadfast love endures forever. and north carolina, we certainly give him thanks tonight.
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[applause] i want to begin by thanking my wonderful wife, amy kate. [applause] her love, encouragement [indiscernible] her hard work, and for blessing us with three fantastic kids -- joshua, catherine and amy. [applause] y'all cap this primary fund and kept me grounded because when i got home, there are still dishes to do and tries to take out. i am eternally thankful god has blessed me with an amazing family.
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that includes you, mom and dad. that includes my brothers and their wives and my nephews and nieces and cousins and extended family. many are here tonight. i want to thank my friends and neighbors, especially those who have known me for a long time. it is a joy to look around in this room and see so many familiar faces. we have always stood by each other and i treasure our friendships. i thank my campaign team and the work of our volunteers in all 100 counties. [applause] because without your hard work, we would not be here tonight. and i want to thank president donald trump. [applause]
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and is entire family, including lera trump, -- lara trump. she helped me in 2018 would nancy pelosi targeted me in a tough district ended 20, we worked together to elect other republicans across our state. when president trump-endorsed me, he said this, i am endorsing you because you never wavered on america first policies. the america first agenda led to historic wage growth and prosperity for americans. i pledge to my fellow north carolinians, i will never waver when it comes to fighting the forgotten men and women in this state and country. [applause] you have often heard me say that
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primaries are awkward. yes, they really are coming because you have to run against people that you might have afforded in -- you might have supported in another setting and another race. i want to recognize those men and women right now. governor pat mccrory, i thank you for your service to our state as governor and mayor of charlotte. you made charlotte better and north carolina better. thank you. congressman mark walker, please give him a hand. [applause] congressman mark walker, you and kelly were the first ones i reached out to in 2016, before i was sworn in to office. the four of us had dinner not far from here, so i want to thank you for your early help. your loyal support will be critical to helping us take back the senate and i humbly ask for
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their prayers and their vote. to marjorie eastman, i thank you and your husband for your service. your citizen services a model for us. there were 14 republicans that put their names forward in this primary and i am honored to be the republican nominee. [applause] but now, we need to pull together and look to the real race in november. i was glad to see that at the many events we participated in, each of us took the unity pledge to support the eventual winner of this primary. that sent a message to democrats that this party is united to take back the senate and save this country. [applause]
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i told my team i wanted to visit each and every of our state's 100 counties, not just the ones with high populations or the big tv markets and i got a view of politics a candidate needs to look voters in the eye and ask for their vote. that is what we did. we got a little criticism, but our 100-county tour made me a better candidate with a deeper love for the state. in every county, i heard stories of high grocery costs, skyrocketing fuel prices, shortages of basic necessities like infant formula. families that have been ripped apart by deadly drugs. we know fentanyl came across a chaotic and open southern border. i heard of crime waves that turn
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neighborhoods into deadly battlefield. i am sure all that is completely unacceptable to you and it is unacceptable to me. [applause] my opponent, sherry beasley, it doesn't seem to have any problem with joe biden' agenda -- joe biden's agenda. sherry beasley is the most radical liberal candidate ever to run for u.s. senate and north carolina. she would enable every element of joe biden's agenda and if we think it is bad now, it is going to get worse with sherry beasley in the senate. $5,200 may not sound like a lot of money to check schumer, joe biden -- chuck schumer, joe biden or sherry beasley, that is
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a lot of money to most folks in north carolina and $5,200 is much extra working families and our state have to pay this year to the biden/beasley inflation that is what voters are going to be thinking about when they vote in november. voters in north carolina our going to be thinking about chaos at our southern border. some folks will say you are not a border state, why do you even care? law enforcement across this state have told me that every county in north carolina because of the biden/beasley lalas, open-border agenda -- lawless, open-border agenda. heavy drugs are flowing again, human trafficking is increasing on cartels are trying to gain more control of our borders. even my democratic opponent is talking about it, but is not
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holding joe biden accountable and she won't hold him accountable in the senate either. that is why working families are going to send a conservative fighter to hold joe biden accountable in november. [applause] we have an amazing crowd tonight. i bet some of you drove a long way. this is a big state. anybody fail up their gas tanks? i hear you. let's talk about gas prices. one of the first things joe biden did as president was to shut down domestic energy and now, we pay some of the highest fuel prices in history. because of the biden/beasley agenda, farmers are facing
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skyrocketing input prices and that is raising prices for everyone trying to put food on the table. president biden's america is woke and broke. [applause] and sherry beasley would be nothing more than a rubberstamp for everything that is wrong with joe biden's woke and broke policies, so we need to put the brakes on this agenda for the sake of north carolinians. that is what i am going to do. i am ted budd. i am a small businessman. i am america first and monitored to be your republican nominee for the united states senate. god bless the united states of america. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2022] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> after months of closed-door investigations, the house january 6 committee is set to go public. starting tonight, do any and as committee members question key witnesses about what transpired and why during the assault on the u.s. capitol. watch our live coverage beginning thursday, june ninth on c-span, c-span now, our free video out, or anytime online at the >> officials from the internal revenue service and government accountability office testify wednesday on how the irs treats taxpayers based on their annual income. watch live on c-span, c-span now, our free mobile video app, or anytime online at >> c-span has unfiltered coverage of the u.s. response to russia's invasion of ukraine. the latest from the president and other white house officials, the presiden -- the pentagon,
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democracy. >> next, the house and senate holding a joint meeting of congress to hear an address from the greek prime minister. he talks about the importance of equal rights for women as well as the ongoing war in ukraine. this is about 50 minutes. >> madam speaker, >> matta speaker, the prime minister of the hellenic republic.


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