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tv   Pres. Biden Remarks Departing Buffalo NY  CSPAN  May 17, 2022 10:24pm-10:28pm EDT

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>> reporter: mr. president, what was your message to the families?
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what was your message to the families? pres. biden: my message was, they are going to be pain -- going to be in pain for a long while. but they will get to the point, open a closet door, ride to the park, eating ice cream, and they will think about the person that they lost. and they will smile before they cry. and that is out of the know they will make it for sure. it will take time, but it will come. reporter: [no audio] pres. biden: eight is for no purpose, no purpose, except profit and/or political benefit. and it is wrong. it is something wrong. . reporter: what can you do with
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executive action? pres. biden: not much on executive action. i have to convince congress to go back and pass what we passed years ago. reporter: what about next steps in congress? pres. biden: it is going to be very difficult. very difficult. but i am not going to give up trying. reporter: [no audio] pres. biden: we have enough laws on the books to deal what is going on, we just have to deal with it. part of what the country has to do is look in the mirror and face reality. we have a problem with domestic terror. it is real. i know people don't want to hear me saying it, they said the president is a democrat, but it is what intelligence has been saying in the military has been saying for a long time.
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republicans knew about this. there is a lot of people like this murderer who committed this act, who are deranged, who are susceptible, lost and don't know what to do. and they are easily taken, easily sucked in. we have to admit it. i don't know why we don't admit what the hell is going on. anyway, thank you. reporter: [inaudible] >> shortly after returning to washington dc, senate majority leader chuck schumer spoke about his trip to new york with president biden donner victims of the recent mass shooting in buffalo. sen. schumer: madam president, it has been a


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