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tv   Washington Journal 05172022  CSPAN  May 17, 2022 9:03am-10:03am EDT

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excellency kyriakos mitsotakis prime minister of the hellenic republic only the doors immediately opposite the speaker and those immediately to her left and her right will be opened. no one will be allowed on the floor of the house to does not have the privilege of the floor of the house. due to the large attendance that is anticipated, the rule regarding the privilege of the floor must be strictly enforced. children of members will not be permitted on the floor. the cooperation of all members is requested. the practice of reserving seats prior to the joint meeting by placard will not be allowed. members may reserve their seats by physical presence only following the security sweep of the chamber. pursuant to the order of house of tuesday, may 10, 2022, the house stands in recess subject to the call of the chair.
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>> we will have live coverage of that around 11:00 eastern and i've coverage will be here on c-span. we continue on "washington journal" with open forum for the next 25 minutes or so. your chance to weigh in on topics we have talked about already this morning other public policy and put ago issues. (202) 748-8000 is the line for democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. and for independents and others, (202) 748-8002. we will get your calls momentarily. it is primary day in five states across the country and one state is getting a lot of attention and that is pennsylvania. running us to talk about some of the races in the keystone state is katie myers, political reporter with wh why why in philadelphia. welcome to the program. guest: thanks for having me. host: let me ask you route a
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report you had friday about kathy barnett, surging in polls, trying to avoid mainstream attention and gop attacks. she has almost come out of nowhere to be near the top in the gop senate primary race. guest: she was always there, kathy barnett ran for congress two years ago, lost decisively to the congresswoman, but she has really been campaigning since then so she has been doing a lot of small stuff around pennsylvania, realist shoes -- real shoe stream budget. they just attack each other with ads there at the primary cycle. barnett has stayed under the radar but also was not damaged ike the two of them were after those attacks. so she has really picked up in the last couple days. host: in visually showing some of the surge is the real clear
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politics tracker of polls in the pennsylvania gop race and the purple line is just behind that of women. what is causing the surge in the polls for her there? guest: i have talked to a lot of voters and we always talk to the pollsters and analysts who watch this closely and from voters, the thing i've heard, and this is among people who wanted someone like donald trump, the same thing donald trump did. i've heard from a lot of those people, even though trump-endorsed oz, that barnett feels genuine, she is in these baseless theories that was rampant fraud in the 2020 election, that she searched for that fraud from her own race and those kind of beliefs and the fact she holds those beliefs, that is a factor. oz and mccormick both have
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liability that they only moved to pennsylvania recently. mccormick is from outside of pittsburgh but moved in from connecticut. those things matter to voters. host: on the usa today pages, the election pages, their headline, trump testing star power pennsylvania with a picture of john federman running for that senate slot on the democratic side of pennsylvania. he had a stroke over the weekend. what is the status on the lieutenant governor? guest: yeah. we have been told that he is ok, expected to recover fully, no -- damage. he's taken election night off and his wife will be there, will speak. he is still off trail recovering. but it is expected to be a full recovery, back campaigning,
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if he wins the primary election, relatively shortly. host: what should we know about the republican gubernatorial primary? guest: that has been a very crowded primary. similar to kathy barnett, there's a more fringe candidate who seems to have the base of support necessary may to win. the state senator. he has kept a solid lead through much of the later state of the selection. he is trailed by lou barletta of pennsylvania and in these final weeks, as other republicans -- more mainstream republicans have started to see that his lead is not going away, they tried to consolidate report around barletta, though he is very aligned with donald trump, has said their questions about the 2020 and things like that and it remains to be seen if that is
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going to work. it's a very late in the game attempts. republicans are worried about him because he is somebody at the january 6 insurrections to meet -- insurrection and subpoenaed. he is extreme. a lot of his views are within the mainstream party right now, total bans on abortion, voting laws, things like that. in the republican establishment, there is concern he will not be strong enough to go against josh shapiro. host: what should viewers, washington journal viewers know about josh shapiro? guest: shapiro obviously you can tell a lot about him in the way he manages himself politically by the fact he is not contested. this is an open race for governor, senator tom wolf is term limited and you would expect there would be a bunch of democrats vying for this seat but shapiro is known as an
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astute political maneuver in pennsylvania and he has been planning for this run for a long time and positioning himself in the ways he needed to in order to make sure he was not contested in this election. he goes into the general election with a really strong advantage and not a lot of negatives in terms of can -- campaign ads. he was an attorney general and spearheaded a abuse in the catholic church. there is a record and he was in the statehouse as well in montgomery county commissioner in pennsylvania, so there's kind of a long record and politics for him. i think voters will hear more about it in the general election. host: katie meyer is political reporter for whyy in philadelphia. you can follow her reporting on election night and on twitter at @katiemeyer4.
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it is open forum on "washington journal" until 9:00 a.m. eastern. we want to talk about the primaries and five states including as we talk about pennsylvania, 2:02 a --(202) 748-8000 is the line for democrats, (202) 748-8001 for republicans, and independents and others, (202) 748-8002. any public policy or political issue you would like to discuss, reporting will follow-up that with a look at north carolina and an article in the new york times, the headline gop senate candidates in north carolina profit as two key backers scrap. rick griswold, a 74-year-old republican, does not know much about ted budd, the congressman he plans to support tuesday. but he knows exactly why he will cast his ballot for mr. bud, " trump-endorsed mr. griswold."
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"i like trump. the former president's complete and total endorsement does not guarantee victory however operatives working in senate campaigns this year said playing up his and bravada is the single most effective message in intraparty battles." north carolina mr. bud is comparing the potency with the endorsement from trump's on again off again allies, in influential and i tax group that has been $32 million on federal races this year. open forum, let's go first to mike on the independent line in virginia. go ahead. caller: hello. i am in my 80's and i watched history over the years and i'm just wondering what on earth are
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social scientists and professionals thinking when they keep saying in regards to the mass murders what is the cause and they talk about violence, but never almost a year is for fear and education but to entertain the media are so irresponsible with the use of guns. even after saturday's mass murder, there is a topic of gruesome [indiscernible] and they were treated as entertainment and not digital news. host: right, mike.
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now to warns bergman -- warrensburg, virginia. democrats line. caller: just wanted to let you know republican donald j. trump because the virus in the first place. he lies and lies. we cannot have him come back because if he comes back in 2024, guess what's going to happen? there will be a virus coming back underneath donald j. trump. people should understand democrat democracy comes first. the john lewis legacy comes first in our democrat party. that is why i voted for joe biden and kamala harris so they can get us out of this mess from this virus. that is all i have to say. thank you. host: we will go to robert, gaithersburg, maryland on the democrat line. it is open form here. go ahead.
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caller: i want to say good morning to everybody and i want to say, donald trump messed this society up. nobody will say anything about that so that is all i will say but i will tell you i met this guy named jesus that may be a nice guy. he turned my life around. in 1982i was the espn boxing we champion. so i'm alive to tell the world is what you need is jesus. i don't know nothing about a lot, buddha, or mohammed but i know about jesus because he made me a profit. about robert sawyer. host: it's open form. (202) 748-8000 is line for democrats, (202) 748-8001 for republicans, and independents and all others, (202) 748-8002.
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we mention it is primary day in five states and we talk about pennsylvania and also north carolina a bit. the congressman mentioned it is happening in kentucky and in idaho and in oregon. some reporting on kathy barnett and katie meyer talking about the senate primary. she's in pennsylvania. the article exclusive kathy barnett refuses to support gop nominee for senate if it is not her. kathy barnett in an interview monday morning refused to support the gop nominee for u.s. senate in pennsylvania if she does not win the nomination tuesday. breitbart -- she said she will not. she writes if you do not win tomorrow, do you intend to support the republican nominee whoever it is?
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in reply she said she will not support the republican nominee against the likely democrat nominee lieutenant governor john federman. it is worth noting federman is an about socialist. barnett refusing to support either dr. mama dawes or david mccormick if one of them wins instead of her essentially meaning she would be helping a socialist democrat when in the general election. minnesota, carol on the republican line, good morning. caller: good morning. i do not understand where they say inflation is only up 10%. when you go to the grocery store, it went from $.98 to three dollars. in mean has gone way up more than 10%, so why do they say 10%? host: ok. to florida, it is greg on the
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independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. i just wanted to put in my two cents. i certainly appreciate the opportunity. i do love your program. my only concern and i certainly wish you would consider this is to continue with the eastern/western separation or however but rather than divide us into political parties, which is nonsensical -- i've been democratic and i have been republican in my life, and i certainly would appreciate the more we get divided by outside influences the more we divide ourselves in this country. i would certainly hope you take that into consideration. host: in nevada, it is jeffrey. go ahead. caller: good morning. first time calling about the
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congressman you had on from kentucky this morning. that january 6 committee, nobody is talking about it but i think it is very important and i do not think it is an illegitimate committee. i think we need to look more into that. as a country. to get to the bottom of it. host: more political reporting this morning on the north carolina primary that is happening today, this is the headline from wall street journal. trump battling madison cawthorn, the president through his support for madison -- madison cawthorn after her future was in peril after he lost groups in his district and many republican lawmakers. mr. trump posted on his true social account that mr. hawthorne had made foolish mistakes which i do not believe he will make again. he said let's give madison a second chance.
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in georgia, let's go to the republican line, this time raymond. good morning. caller: yes, sir. [indiscernible] our president trump has been at office for a year so and [indiscernible] we've got biden, he is here, and we need to talk beau biden, what he is doing, and i don't understand the people, why they keep saying all this about trump. he is not in office. we need to look at who is in office and are we better today than we were then and go from here. that's the best way i see it. they tried to impeach trump for
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about three years and beat him down. they did not get that did. i would like to tell the people, forget trump, look at today and tomorrow. host: to joann on staten island in new york on the republican line. caller: hi. i just want to let people know, these comments about it all started with trump with these race relations or whatever, noah did not. this is going way back. the democrats love violence. they're the ones that started all of this. it always comes back to what about trump. this is crazy. how does he start this? this started even with obama when he was in. it is always the democrats. they never let a crisis go
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without starting trouble. host: the hell has a story on one of the matchups in new york, the upcoming primary. they set the square off in redrawn new york house district, two influential democratic chairs are set to square off against each other in new york's redrawn 12 congressional district under a map released monday. jerry nadler and carolyn maloney who chair the judiciary and oversight reform committees said they would vote. this follows a new map a court-appointed new master which was first be approved by the new york court of appeals. we will hear from donald in redford, michigan. go ahead. >> good morning. how are we doing? host: fine thanks. caller: i just wanted to make a comment about abortion. we done made it a political
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statement. this shouldn't even be a political issue. this should be an individual issue. i don't know how it got to be a political issue and it is political, conservative versus liberal, it is like this is a game. like which side are you one. we've got to get back to vote for people for marriage. host: to the independent line, kathy in cuyahoga falls, ohio. caller: good morning. what prompted me to call this morning was seeing the lady running for senate in pennsylvania in philadelphia. i'm a democrat but a lot of things i'm independent on, i agree with the gentleman about issues not being political. i totally agree with that but
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people are taking sides and i think the end result is we are dividing ourselves and it is going to that saying of divide and conquer. that seems to be what we're doing to ourselves and the lady from pennsylvania, i like seeing women run for office and be in office and make a difference, but if she cannot admit it was wrong for the insurrection to happen and she participated, she is not even in the same ballpark as our perspective. people have to be good people to be voted in office. you can tell who's a good person or not so do it. vote for the good people and that is what i wanted to say. host: jerry is a longtime colonist for the wall street journal is returning and was a guest on this program last weekend here is his final column in washington post. his final capital journal after three decades, there is still
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hope is the headline. he writes this column was born 29 years ago this spring. the times were not simple then but it may seem that way in the rearview mirror. president bill clinton had taken office after an election in which he won the states of louisiana, arkansas, georgia, kentucky, and west virginia among others. let that sink in for a minute. the soviet union dissolved, the cold war was over, the u.s. was headed for a period of decent prosperity. in five years, the federal budget would be in surplus thanks to an actual bipartisan stewardship in congress. let that also sink in. he writes from there the road became a bit more wind and bumpy. it has been a privilege to chronicle the whole journey here. you can read that at culver, indiana is next, donald on the republican line. caller: thanks for taking my call. host: you bet. go ahead. caller: i want to make comment
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on these immigrants coming in and stuff. if they got thousands of dollars to give these drug cartels, why would they have to have free health insurance? they should be able to pay their own way. another thing, these electric cars, back in the 1960's, chrysler had the better answer, they had a turbine engine that almost put out almost zero omissions. i don't know why they did not go ahead and manufacture those. that is well alarm got to say. host: robert next in greenville, north carolina, independent line. caller: good morning. host: good morning. caller: i would like to mention a few things to all of these people that supported trump and are still supporting trump. the promises he made the first time he ran, he was going to build a wall and make mexico pay for it, he also mentioned he would never have any time to
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play golf and we spent over $130 million to fly him to his golf courses so he could play golf during the course of his term. the big infrastructure man, he is the best, i'm still waiting for that from the republican party. as far as the grifters come the lying and type of element of people, he has people -- he brought people to the white house i could not get a job at walmart if they did a credit background check on them. it is time to wake up. donald trump is for donald trump and the wealthy and the white supremacist. that is what is going on. wake up, people. host: still to come on "washington journal," ahead, up next, one of congress's newest members, we will be joined by democratic congresswoman sheila
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arnold finaro. watch that on c-span two and find a full schedule on your program guide or watch online anytime at -- at >> "washington journal" continues. host: we welcome representative sheila cherfilus-mccormick who represents florida's 20th district. welcome to the program. guest: thank you for having me. host: we have determined your the newest member of congress. you won the special election. what prompted that and why did you run for that seat? guest: i saw all of the change needed in our district, me being a health-care executive for over 15 years, growing up in the district, serving the district, i felt like there was a lot i could help solve, especially when it came to economic growth. i was able to great summary jobs throughout our school and i
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thought this was the right place. host: your district covers fort lauderdale, west palm beach, a lot going on there. what are some of the number one needs your constituents said when you need to washington -- when you came to washington what they need you to focus on? guest: living wage. business owners up -- owners also having an opportunity and infrastructure. obtaining the american dream is one of the biggest issues. host: you have your own story in that regard. you are the first haitian-american democrat elected to congress. tell us more. guest: that's exciting. one of the things when i got sworn in, my mother said she could not believe everything she worked hard, she was a maid, and growing up she would tell us make sure to get our education, pursue everything we can but always had and believed in the dream and how i could wish forward and even to make it to
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this place where i could represent our district as the first seems like a dream. host: you have a law degree from st. thomas university but you are here in washington at university. ever consider running in the u.s. capitol and u.s. house? guest: i did. i thought it would be beyond me. i wanted to be an international lawyer helping immigrants settle conflict resolutions and i cannot believe i'm here but that shows you if you work hard and you take every opportunity, that you can go past what you envisioned but i never thought a little girl like myself, parents with immigrants who could barely read would be here. host: we will open up our phone lines and let viewers laden with questions, particularly those in your district. the lines are democrats, (202) 748-8000. republicans, (202) 748-8001. independents and others, (202) 748-8002. early on here, what committees work are you doing? what are some of the issues
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you're focusing on initially? guest: right now my committees are economics, educational labor, and veteran affairs. we have been focusing on homelessness in veteran affairs and health care, especially in florida. we see rising issues when it comes to homelessness, especially for our vets, but there is an overarching issue we have right now with housing. housing with inflation is really putting us, every economic in we are having, it is being pulled back because of inflation and housing. those are the areas we can try to focus on. i introduced a bill for homelessness for our vets and that has flexible funds where we can meet their needs. a lot of our vets have issues, so if we have flexible spending so we can help meet their needs and stop homelessness, that is what my phyllis trying to do. host: what about housing? what can congress do in the president and the administration due on the housing front? host: the president had a lot of initiatives embedded in build back better that died in the
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senate. so we are trying to wrench -- reintroduce a lot of those initiatives. we are also looking at inflation and how inflation, especially in prices, is destroying our economy, especially in florida. we see people are overpaying $70 million in palm beach county, so the president bill he has been putting forth, especially dealing with affordable housing, has been a step forward and first-time buyer ship. host: are you seeing evidence in your district in terms of the housing, you mention residents -- mention rents. do you see evidence of rents going higher than they normally would go at other times? is that a result of post-covid inflation? guest: definitely. what we see right now, we have a good number of people who are moving into south florida and palm beach county, fort lauderdale, who work from home in other states. they are coming in with their salary and paying cash for housing and what it is doing is not allowing the people who work
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in the district to work in those areas to have affordable housing. so we put a lot of initiatives into building more affordable housing so we can have workforce housing instead of having them pushed out. host: you came back to congress monday with the news over the weekend of the horrible massacre in buffalo. i wanted to get your reaction. guest: it is devastating. i feel like we cannot normalize hearing and doing moments of silence. we have to do affirmative steps. the president did do funding. putting more incentives toward gun violence and education. we have to put legislation that will actually stop access to all of these weapons, because as we see guns, we see more violence. especially when we saw the toxic culture going on right now, the conversation of replacement. -- are pleasant. -- replacement theory. we see a society of where we see higher numbers of white
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supremacists taking guns in their own hands and fighting against civilians. and people who are not expecting it. we have to stop the rise of white supremacy and stop the rhetoric we see on discord, on twitter, that is fueling the fire, and we have to be accountable with new stations who promote it. host: has your democratic conference in the house met and discussed these issues either formally or informally? guest: we have been discussing it ever since it happened before we got here. this has been an issue we been file -- we been fighting. this is an issue we have been tired of hearing. we took a moment of silence but everyone sat back and we have the same frustration. we have been talking about moment of silence, putting legislation that continues to be blocked and this seems like a travesty against american people because we know it we have to do to protect the american people but the senate is just not passing it and we have republicans blocking us. host: we have calls waiting. let's go to lancaster,
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pennsylvania. -- lancaster, california,, on the republican line, you are on with congresswoman sheila cherfilus-mccormick. caller: i am a proud member of the cherokee nation. my great-grandmother was removed and put in indian school. and she took when she was 16 years old she was pregnant and was removed again. she had to get out of the cherokee nation because she did not want her children put in that indian school. when the civil war was going on, another relative was forced in court -- they tried to make us pick a side and they hung him
9:39 am
for not picking a side. host: that is a difficult history, tom. do you have any reaction? guest: any injustice we see, especially historical is always heartbreaking. it just reminds us of the tax we used to have and that brings us back to the rise in violence of white supremacy. giving rise to that, us going back to that place in history where minorities do not feel safe, where americans do not feel safe because we are all americans at the end of the day. it just feels me to fight the fight we need to right now which is unifying our country to make sure we do not go back and no one has to be subjected to that. host: let's hear from jay in riverdale, maryland on the republican line. go ahead. caller: thanks for taking my call. representative, i'm wondering if you -- i know you are new to congress but -- host: jay, are you there?
9:40 am
i thing we lost him. sorry about that. we will go to our democrats line, romney up next in our independent line. caller: good morning. the one thing that eludes me in this whole thing is why hasn't former president donald trump been imprisoned for the january 6 attacks? he initiated the whole attacks, he had the rally and things have not been the same in this country. we have these issues going on with inflation and prices and gas prices. donald trump separated this country as president and he initiated it and try to overthrow the country. why can't we get him prosecuted and thrown in present? can you asked -- in prison? can you expend that one? guest: we are still in the
9:41 am
hearings taking our steps toward their but i agree with you, the rise in hate that we have been seeing through the country came directly from what was being said during that administration and continuously said by the former administration and trump ian's. it makes our work even harder and more important that we go out and unify this country and i'm happy to see we have more people aware and supporting us that can do that. host: what are the key issues in your campaign for the special election, one was immigration reform. you are haitian back on yourself and the haitian people have been subjected to so much change and up people over the years and so much a part of what they do, what has happened is facing immigration as well. both as the u.s. border and coming in through florida. what would you like to see changed in the american immigration system? guest: one of the biggest problems with american immigration is it is not applied
9:42 am
evenly. when it comes to black and brown immigrants, the process is different rationale. i remember growing up we had the wet and dry foot which did not have -- did not allow haitian people to have asylum. we major tidy -- title 42 was appealed. there is murder and atrocities all day and they should have an opportunity to be able to have an interview and articulate their fear. title 42 blocked them from doing that. especially in the climate in the rationale for title 42 which was covid. moving past that, the post-covid world, why would we still have in place title 42? we have been fighting to not just have a pathway to citizenship but have equitable access and disbursement of immigration policies and access. host: let's hear from west palm beach, desmond on the democrats line. good morning.
9:43 am
go ahead. caller: hi. i just wanted to say i'm wondering what ms. sheila wanted to do about the housing crisis and a lot of the immigration -- not necessarily immigration, but just the change in the whole spectrum of how people view just living in the south and immigrating to the south, whether it is for weather or for getting out of the winter. how would she feel about these raise in real estate prices that come along with the ukraine war and just inflation? how does she feel about preserving real estate prices for local floridians? especially in south florida?
9:44 am
guest: thank you. we are trying to create more affordable housing because as i mentioned, we see more and more people coming in from northern states and overpaying for apartments for housing, which is really not allowing regular residents to rent or even own. as we start building more affordable housing, we are looking at equations. i sat down with palm beach county and looking at the equation because you had so many people overpaying has risen. for example, do you for affordable housing now? the average pay is $90,000 per year. that would afford you a three bedroom at 3300 dollars per month which is unrealistic for our residents. so we're fighting to increase more for it will housing and also fighting to make sure that equation reflects the hard-working people in my district which most families are not making $90,000 a year. host: you serve on house education committee and i want to ask you about your state's
9:45 am
governor, ron desantis. in a recent legislation he signed, the headlines, the tallahassee democrat, stoking fears, writing about the law he signed that would limit school board terms in the state to 12 years. what with the purpose of that law, what is your view? guest: i think our governor is picking a war with everyone in the state. d.c., with the school board, term limits, attacking books aloud to our students, even the don't say gay bill, his idea of critical race theory which is actually just history. it's a continuation of perpetuating this attack and stance on what education should not be like. his view on education is not inclusive. it is imperative we have school board members who understand the district and who could be there long enough to affect change and protect the educational system. every day we wake up to a new attack from our governor on our children and on our constituents and us as americans.
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host: thomas on the republican line, in kansas, go ahead, thomas. caller: i wanted to reviewed some of her ideas on just lights from the sea and january 6 and trump. donald trump, the way he spoke a lot of time upset me. he was not a good speaker and he -- i just wanted to have him hush sometimes but his policies were pretty good. back what happened in the summer 2020, in portland and all of that minnesota and everything like that, that separated a lot of people. joe biden, during his campaign, separated a lot of people. down at the border, he would not even allow press to go down there when kids were packing in. piling on top of each other.
9:47 am
he just ignore the whole situation. that is what he does. he doesn't get blamed for anything going on, because goes back on trump. i voted democratic and republican so let's be fair. we are not white supremacist. sometimes where republican and we believe in those policies that are good for america. host: we will hear from our guest. guest: i do not believe all republicans are white supremacists. i have a lot of good friends who are republican. however, we have to address that certain members of the republican party including trump, fueled and created a relationship with white supremacy and to even called out the proud boys. this validates them as an organization and emboldens them and we cannot and we must hold people accountable who use these tactics because as you are using policies and ideologies to take them to the voting box, it does not end there for white supremacists. they are not just happy goading,
9:48 am
they take affirmative steps and that is what we saw this weekend. we have to hold people accountable who are rallying other groups to go and terrorize our nation. we have to take a stand, not just as democrats but as republicans because lives are on state. innocent people died and we have to call it what it is and make sure no party and no person increases or supports white supremacist or allows them to have a stage where they are spouting that information and we see that in social media, not holding anyone accountable, and i'm tired of watching people die and taking moments of silence where every day we see it growing, every day in my district i've seen people against gay people, against black people, we have a governor who keeps spouting this and putting these bills forward. all it is doing his growing hate and that the price of our lives. we worry about children and neighbors, we worry about our families and this is not the
9:49 am
america we sacrificed for. this is not the america in which migrants work tear and sacrifice their lives for. this is not it. we all have to take a stand and take it seriously and not allow white supremacists to grow any longer, not allow any of those pushing these theories and not allow any kind of social media to push it forth, especially towards our kids. if you look at the children engaging in these activities, they are under the age before their brains or even fully formed and we know this. this is knowledge we know. the only reason the young soldiers in africa were successful when they were co-opting them is because younger kids do not have the capacity to even understand what they're doing or consequences. as adults, we have to step in. anytime there's a white supremacist that kills, we justified under mental health but every time we push a mental health bill to allocate more funding, we are blocked. we have to hold everybody accountable and stop scapegoating it because everybody has a part they're
9:50 am
playing, everybody that has founded it has a part they played and if you're going out to kill people because of their race, color, creed, it is not a mental disease, it is white supremacy and we have to treat them as terrorists and not make any excuses. the more they get the excuses, the more they do it. if you look at how they act after the shooting, it is scripted. everyone has the same behavior because they want to fall under mental health issues. enough is enough. we see through it and let's start saving american lives and stop full is in us. host: let's hear from auburn, washington and let's go to gary on the independent line. go ahead. caller: first of all i want to thank you for your service, c-span. i want to thank the congresswoman for serving our country. i served in the iran crisis and here i am 60 years old. i have had my own issues with regard to law enforcement. i cannot purchase a weapon. i never committed a felony, but
9:51 am
you have 18-year-olds who lives in suburban usa who can go purchase a gun and stock some other people and the end result is for me there is no black, no white, no american, there is none. there are only two differences on planet universe from here to russia to china and those are angel flowers and angels who have accepted jesus as your personal savior. otherwise you have the walking dead out here. when i looked in the crayon box, there was a white crayon and a black crayon and nobody on planet earth fulfills that color. the only thing on a white person that is white is the silver line of god's will shining on them. only black thing on a black person is the black care on
9:52 am
their skin or face. host: all right, gary, two comments about the alleged purchase by the alleged shooter. do you anticipate the house will press for more gun control legislation? guest: definitely. we have to because we have seen the correlation where the more guns on the street being purchased, the more violence we are seeing. we see the violence going in the hands of younger and younger people who are parading these guns in the streets. going back to a punitive effects, i always hate to look at things with a silver bullet. we know with more gun restrictions that will not take away all of the terrorist activity we see in the country. we have to start pushing forward policies and the entirety and that is why we are leaning on us making sure we are stopping whites primacy from growing and that we are leading on stopping the use of mental health for any excuse to justify the killing of
9:53 am
innocent people in this country. host: to atlanta on our democrats line, calvin, go ahead. caller: yes. my question is we color people have been in this country for so long, why do we have to ratify the voting rights over 20 years? another question i have is about poor people. i understand about lifting up or bringing up the middle class, but you've got people living on the bridges in atlanta and we have a bad homeless problem here and it is only getting worse. we need some help here. can you please tell me why this is happening? guest: what i'm happy to talk about is the infrastructure bill. with the infrastructure bill, we have been able to connect poverty to opportunity. as we are pushing more money, we create more jobs and are also making sure that we have more
9:54 am
education. as we have education to allow people to intern into the market, that is where we see more growth. that has been the focus of what the infrastructure bill has been, to create more opportunities for people living in poverty. as a business owner, past business owner, we saw directly the correlation. if you had poor people and you are able to train them through vocational training and coupled them with jobs, they stayed in their jobs and they grew. this is about connecting opportunity to people living in poverty and training. that is what we have seen happening with the infrastructure bill and i'm so proud we were able to push it through and we are seeing the ripple of faqs. in my sick some time to get to rule areas but we are trying to push more legislation that allows us to have more continuing education and job training, especially in the new traits. host: we talked about some of your first thing congress. i want to get your reactions or thoughts on the white house, karine john pierre, the first
9:55 am
african-american, also of haitian descent, taking the podium as the new press secretary at the white house. host: i'm excited about it. these opportunities we see where we see so many firsts, it reminds me of who our nation is. a lot of the times we get caught up in the division and we talk about what is going on and the hate in our country but the truth is we are a great country, where everyone should have the opportunity and does have the opportunity to grow and break ceilings, glass ceilings. that is what has been great and this time. in this time we're living in, sometimes it feels like it is bipolar but winning in this area where we see more minorities and more women and more people being engaged, does not matter who you are or where you come from, but we see inflation creeping up on every opportunity. we see white supremacists coming out and killing people. has we are in between influx, i'm so proud we have people who are waking up, people who are brazen enough to fight because i truly believe we will win this battle and we will redefined and
9:56 am
stand on our principles of equality for everyone and we are finally putting to rest this idea of supremacy for anyone because we are all human beings live in the human experience -- living the human experience. that is what our nation was built on and that is what we fight everything the day to prove who we are. we are just being challenged right now but i believe we will overcome. host: let's go to the independent line, west virginia, barbara, go ahead. caller: the lady things everyone should be held responsible for what they say and do. what about the rhetoric being put out about white supremacy all the time? stuff that she spews out of her mouth is what causes people to go out and shoot other people. when white people shoot somebody, it is light supremacy, when black people shoot somebody, they never say anything. is that black supremacy too? they just keeps -- keep
9:57 am
spewing out this rhetoric. they get fed up with the lie. host: do you see what you are saying or the calls out white supremacy has rhetoric? caller: it is factual. when you look at the shooting that just happened, what he had on his gun, a specific where the said the n-word and when he pointed at a white male, he said sorry because he was aiming for black people. when he talks about replacement theory, a weitzer premises theory. i think denying that racism exists, denying what white supremacists are doing is justification and no one should ever be in a place where they feel like just because you say something i have a right to take human life. if you are in a place where you believe someone said something that offends you and you have a right to act on that, there is a problem inherently and that person's thinking. we have to be honest as a nation of who we are and honesty is the
9:58 am
only way we can get to healing. it is not because people are speaking truth that white supremacists are growing or we are labeling as such, the white supremacists are outlining what they are doing, they are actively recruiting people who are in the military, actively recruiting younger people. as a nation we must be honest if we are going to deal with this or we will continue to lose more lives unnecessarily. host: you are elected in the special election january but you will be up in the midterm election in november. how much time -- not much time between now and then but if you would like to see one thing you could get done for your district in particular or more broadly passed in congress, what would that be? guest: housing. if we can get those bills and initiatives embedded within build back through in addition to that that had embedded in a gun violence, i think will -- we will be in a better place. the housing crisis has become an issue over the country. our district is suffering for more housing issues than any other place in the country and
9:59 am
we are looking at families who are becoming homeless, looking at more and more families living in hotels, so we have a responsibility at this moment and to see this crisis growing to make sure everyone has access . working-class families, not even this poor people, have working-class families who are educated and have school loans who cannot afford to live some place with their family and that is a travesty and one thing we have to work on. in conjunction with ensuring we have initiatives in mental health. host: florida representative sheila cherfilus-mccormick, thank you for coming on "washington journal" in welcome to washington [booing] guest: thank you for having me -- guest: thank you for having me. host: enjoy the day. ♪
10:00 am
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